After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 604

A caravan, full of cargo, has just set sail.

This caravan has a total of three armed merchant ships. It was jointly funded by two sea merchants. They are best friends and friends. They have been running business in the lost city before, but now they have moved their base camp to the seaport of the Gran Kingdom. city.

This time the two went to sea together to the new continent, bought a lot of cocoa beans, and planned to make a fortune.

The two captains, who each had a daughter, also went out to sea. They were the two dark nuns in West Wind City. However, since the last Dark Holy See rebellion, the two young The nuns began to doubt life, and now they have returned to the vulgarity, wearing ordinary women’s skirts, they look very sweet and lovely.

At this time, two captains, or two fathers, were commanding the sailors, while two little girls were lying on the bow of the flagship, looking at the vast and wide sea, He also had two chocolates in his hand.

A little girl said: “The new continent is really an interesting place.”

Another little girl also said with a smile: “Godafather made it here. Chocolate is so delicious, I’m in love with this kind of snack.”

“It’s expensive!”

“It’s okay, it’s quite cheap to buy in the new continent, Especially the chocolates made by the Mayans.”

“These Mayans are smart enough to know to buy sugar from us, make chocolates, and sell them to us, this is definitely not their natural It will, Godafather must have taught them.”

“Hahaha! Godafather likes to teach others all kinds of strange skills.”

The two little girls said here , I miss Godafather a bit.

One of them pouted: “I haven’t seen him in the new continent this time.”

“I heard that he went to Shuangqing City, which is far in the west. I really don’t have a chance to meet in the mountain range.”


The two little girls looked towards the west, but at this time the fleet had already set off. , sailing towards the vast sea, the new continent to the west is getting farther and farther, not to mention the western mountain range, even the coast of the new continent is not quite clear.

The two felt very melancholy…

“Forget it, I’ll see you next time I come to the new continent.”

The three armed merchant ships went all the way to the Dong, I soon sailed for hundreds of nautical miles. It was originally calm and tranquil along the way. However, at noon this day, when two little girls were fishing on the side of the boat, they suddenly heard the sailor in charge of watching shouting: “Not good Now, the battleship of the kingdom of Norma! There is a battleship of the kingdom of Norma, five galleons.”

The sailors on the ship were suddenly nervous!

The battleship of Norma Kingdom is not a good thing. Until now, Norma Kingdom has more wooden sailboats than Gran Kingdom. It shows off one’s military strength near the Sea Territory near the new continent. When you see the merchant ship of the Gran Kingdom, you will rush to burn and loot.

It is said that King Norma even gave some warships “private licenses”, allowing them to plunder any ships that were not their own. Under this premise, most of the ships of the Dark Holy See and the Kingdom of Gran traveled together, or went out to sea under the protection of their own fleets.

However, recently, the voyage of the first fleet of the Gran Kingdom and the fathers of the two little girls could not be matched, so the two fathers decided to take the risk and sail a wave by themselves. Meet the Norma people.

However, their luck is obviously not good.

“Turn the rudder, always run away…”

“It’s too late, the other party is a battleship, and the speed is much faster than us, here is hundreds of nautical miles from the port, we can’t escape Yes.”

“Ready to fight!”

“Where’s the cannon? Our cannons are set up.”

“Fight and run.”

All the sailors on the boat began to act, and the two little girls were also terrified. However, they had experienced many things in West Wind City, and they were not completely panicked. The two followed behind the father, loudly said: “father, we can also help, we will heal magic.”

“Okay, you are in charge of healing wounded sailors.”

Chapter 840 Steel battleship is coming

The sailors fought bravely!

However, the difference in strength is really too big. There are five warships on the opposite side, but three armed merchant ships here. The firepower is not at the same level, and the battle strength of sailors is not comparable to that of real soldiers. , it didn’t take long for the three armed merchant ships to be riddled with scars.

A lot of wounded people fell on the ship. Although the two little girls tried their best to treat the sailors, it was to no avail. The number of injured people soon exceeded the limit that the two little nuns could treat. The Human Demon was exhausted and sat down in the cabin too tired to get up to cast spells.

The five Norma battleships are still approaching continuously…

Everyone on board felt a sense of despair!

At this moment, the warring pair suddenly heard a very loud whistle. It is all too familiar. This is the kind of sound that the steam train makes every time it enters the railway station in West Wind City. However, the sound heard now is thicker and heavier, indicating that the scale of this steam engine is larger.

The two little girls suddenly regained their energy, jumped up and down, leaned against the window, looked towards the direction of the sound of the whistle, and saw two huge ships appearing on the distant sea. Yes, a battleship made of steel, with the flag of the Kingdom of Gran fluttering in the wind.

The two little girls recognized it at once. These are the two steel battleships originally moored in the harbor city. They were built by dwarf craftsmen in Westwind Town and sold to the young lady Wang. sister’s.

As soon as they saw the two ships, all the sailors on board cheered at the same time.

At the same time, the Norma people were so frightened that the soul flew away and scattered. They were happily besieging the merchant ship, preparing to snatch the goods from the three merchant ships to enrich their own pockets. When I turned my head, I saw the famous steel battleship of the Gran Kingdom.

These two battleships are more famous among the Norma people than they are among the Gran people, and are affectionately called by the Norma people – the demon battleship.

Norma sailors screamed in horror: “How come the demon battleship is here?”

“It’s impossible, these two battleships have not been wandering around the mainland of Gran Kingdom all the time. Did it?”

“The spy said that this thing does not rely on wind and magic to drive, but relies on coal, which requires a lot of coal to operate, how can it dare to come to the new continent?”

“It’s impossible! They’re impossible to come to a new continent.”

“It must be an illusion!”

“Is it a mirage?”

In In the horrified roar of the Norma sailors, the two steel battleships opened at full speed and approached a large distance in a blink of an eye. Then, with a loud explosion sound, the bow gun “Thor’s Roar” opened fire.

Lightning, thicker than a bucket, came through the sky and hit the side of a Norma battleship accurately. The Magic Defense Formation drawn on the ship was useless, and was instantly destroyed. Thor’s roar pierced through, and a large hole was blasted out of the sideboard, countless small electric sparks, and there was a ring of kasikas around the hole.

“Fake, that’s not a mirage.”

“It’s the real thing!”

“Run, we’re no match for this thing.”


The Norma people panicked and hurriedly turned the rudder. They didn’t even dare to run directly to their own port, because running to the port must be sailing on the sea route, and they would definitely be chased and beaten by others. They can only flee towards the south, deviating from the channel and scurrying. This is the best way to get rid of the pursuit of enemy ships. Generally speaking, the enemy with normal thinking will not randomly run outside the route to scramble, that is too much Dangerous.

The two steel battleships did not intend to deviate from the course, but just fired two guns indiscriminately, watching the five Gran battleships flee, they sailed towards the three armed merchant ships, behind them, A large number of wooden battleships of the Gran Kingdom appeared again, as well as some protected merchant ships, grandiose, and a big fleet.

The people on the merchant ship finally breathed a sigh of relief.

After a while, the merchant ship leaned against the steel battleship, and the two ships connected to the side. The sailors on the battleship came over and brought some supplies for the repair of the hull, helping the three merchant ships to repair Okay, the big hole on the side of the ship that was blasted by the cannon, a group of military priests came over and helped the wounded sailors heal their injuries.

A dwarf engineer who came with the ship recognized the two little girls and jumped over excitedly: “Ah, they are two nuns.”

The two little girls Looking closely, I recognized that the dwarf engineer was originally from West Wind City. Later, he went to Harbour City to participate in the construction of the new port. He never returned to West Wind City, but his family moved to Harbour City and became the The high level mechanics there, didn’t expect to join the military’s steel battleship repair class now.

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