After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 605

The dwarf craftsman was very respectful to the two nuns, because he knew very well that the two nuns had a good relationship with Godafather, often eating and drinking at Godafather’s house, and defending tofu with Little Sister Bright The salty and sweet brains, and there has been a war of words that is not clear, these two dark nuns are also celebrities in West Wind City.

He couldn’t help but asked curiously, “Miss two nuns, why are you here?”

The two little girls hurriedly said, “We are no longer nuns, and we have all quit. The Dark Holy See, now it’s just an ordinary girl. We went out to do business with the father’s merchant fleet, and didn’t expect to meet the Norma people here.”

The dwarf craftsman understood.

The two little girls hurriedly asked: “Why did the steel battleship come here? Isn’t it impossible to replenish coal in the new continent?”

The dwarf craftsman happily said: “Godafather is in The new continent has found a coal mine, and now the fuel problem of the steel battleship has been solved, and the two steel battleships will be able to fight back and forth between the Fengmo continent and the Maya continent. This time, we are going to follow the coastline of the new continent. Run a circle around the port of all the Norma people and let them know we’re here.”

The two little girls were overjoyed: “so that’s how it is!”

Although they don’t know much about politics, economy, and strategy, even the stupid people understand that once these two steel battleships can travel back and forth between two continents, the merchant ships of the Gran Kingdom will no longer have to worry so much. The battleship of Norma Kingdom is guarded.

In the future, Norma ships should be careful not to encounter steel battleships at sea.

“In the future, when we do business at sea, it will be much safer.” The two little girls smiled.

“That’s a must!”

The craftsmen repaired three merchant ships, charged only the most basic fees, and then continued to set off for the new continent, while the two little ships The girl followed the merchant ship and continued to return to the Fengmo continent. The landscape of the world is about to undergo new changes.

Chapter 841 The Year of Black Dragon Flying is coming again

Every year 1351, the New Year is approaching.

White snow armor covers the earth.

The entire West Wind City has once again become a world covered in silver makeup, with white hats on the treetops, roofs, and street lamps.

There are many snowmen on the roadside, and each snowman has a happy and sweet smile on his face.

The snowmen built by people in West Wind City are almost all smiling, because people in West Wind rarely have troubles and worries in life.

It is said that wealthy people increase their expert EQ and IQ, making them more likely to laugh. And those who are prone to violent outbursts and torment with people everywhere are often poor ghosts.

There are very few poor people in West Wind City, so everyone loves to laugh.

The New Year is just over ten minutes away…

In other words, in a few hours, it will be the year of the Black Dragon.

But this year’s West Wind City, no one moved out of the city alone, and no one moved the gold and silver treasures away. Everyone is enjoying the new year with peace of mind. Even many people from other cities have come to West Wind City.

The reason is very simple, West Wind City proved itself to be able to repel Black Dragon four years ago, just by virtue of this, West Wind City will become The safest place in the world.

From big cities all over the country, many rich aristocrats came. They not only came to West Wind City themselves, but also came with a lot of wealth, even the nobles from Bright Road came. a lot.

Robb is still sitting on the stone chair at the entrance of the church, wearing a T-shirt and denim Krypton skin. No one knows that under this skin, there is a set of top-quality Titan steel essence. Armor, each part is enchanted with a large number of defensive power, physical strength and other attributes.

In addition, Robb also wears one-handed swords and shields made of Titan steel essence, bows and staffs made of wood of life, and the highest equipment that can be obtained anyway. All in one.

Beside him, Sofa, Lars, Little Yi and other girls with battle strength also wore the top armor, and then covered them with very ordinary decorative clothing.

The crystal ball on the table is shining with rays of light. Opposite the crystal ball sits Young Lady Wang and Madeleine, both of them are wearing the highest full set of equipment at the same time. In the hall of the palace, and in the garden outside the hall, the Black Soil Knight Regiment and the Court Magical Regiment, the two most important troops of the Gran Kingdom, were prepared.

Every soldier is armed to the teeth!

The Queen said in a calm tone: “I’m fully prepared here, how about yours?”

Robb said with a smile: “I also prepared , but, from my point of view, the level of these equipment is too low.”

The queen said: “But I passed the crystal ball, and I couldn’t see the army beside you.”


Robb said: “The army is now in the new continent. If something goes wrong, I will immediately call them over the phone.”

The queen sighed, she knew Robb’s men Everyone can draw a Transmission Gate scroll at any time, and there will definitely be no problem in terms of support speed.

But she still couldn’t help but asked curiously: “Isn’t it better for them to be there early than to make a phone call?”

Robb shook the head and said: “Last time, Black Dragon came at the moment when the New Year’s bell rang. It doesn’t mean that it will come so quickly this year. What if it is stuck until the last day this year? I will let the warriors prepare in advance. , isn’t it a waste of expression.”

Queen: “…”

She thought about it carefully, it seemed that it was really the case.

He turned his head and looked at the palace Knights of the Black Earth Knights who were waiting outside the hall, and couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.

She had no choice but to say angrily: “Black Dragon will definitely arrive on time, and my preparation will definitely not be a waste of expression.”

“Wow!” Robb said: “I Originally thought that Black Dragon would be very likely to come very quickly, but if you take a sip like this… it’s hard to say.”

The queen didn’t understand what “a sip of milk” meant, but she told her intuitively. Not a good word, this guy must be spitting on his own groove, coldly snorted, and simply ignore it.

At this moment, Robb suddenly tilted his buttocks and took out a small crystal ball from his trouser pocket. It was his “mobile phone”, which was different from the queen’s dedicated communication crystal ball. The “phone” can talk to anyone with a phone, so Robb doesn’t know who’s calling until he gets through.

He took out the crystal ball, put it on a plate, said with a smile: “Who is it?”

Sara’s voice immediately sounded from the crystal ball: “Also has several points of bell, it’s the year of the Black Dragon.”

“Yes!” Robb said with a smile.

“I wish you a Happy New Year in advance.” Sara said with a smile: “Also, if the Black Dragon guy comes out, immediately call me and I will reply in seconds.”

Robb said: “Where are you now?”

“I’m still in the new continent.” Sara said: “It’s farther west where you defeated the Titans, and further west to explore, here It’s funny, there are many… Aiya, a group of Mayans who want to eat people rushed over, I’ll hang up first, remember, Black Dragon must call me…”

Phone hang up.

Robb: “…”

The queen listened to the two of them on the phone and didn’t hear any flirtatious words, but her face looked a little better, she Seizing the point, he said, “Are there Mayans who want to eat people on the new continent?”

“Yes!” Robb said, “Although the Mayans are not a country, there are countless small tribes. , There is a big difference between the small tribes, even the culture is different. Some Mayan tribes are very primordial, primordial can eat people, not only to eat white people, even other Mayans were caught by them When we arrive, we will also eat.”

The queen frowned: “To this kind of person…we also want to live in peace?”

“no!” Robb shook the head and said : “Kill people who eat people, don’t hesitate.”

Queen: “…”

Robb said: “Most mammals don’t eat the corpses of the same kind. , this is not just from moral constraints, but also from physiological reactions. When you see the death of the same kind, you will feel sick, you will want to vomit when you see the same kind of corpse, and you will reject the same kind of meat and don’t want to eat it. , these are instincts, not morals.”

paused, and then explained: “This is the instinct engraved in the genetic base of the biological group in order to reproduce, and human beings who do not even have this kind of instinct. , maybe it hasn’t evolved completely, or the genetic gene has mutated, in short, it’s better not to treat this kind of person as an adult.”

The female Young Lady Wang has a lot of nouns that she doesn’t understand. , but she understood the conclusion, and she would clean up after eating Human Race.

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