After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 606

She glanced at the clock angrily, and sighed, “There’s only one minute left, and the year of the Black Dragon is coming, so you’re still in the mood to say this?”

Chapter 842 This Black Dragon is a pigeon

The New Year’s bell is about to strike, the bell ringer is standing on the bell tower, holding a big hammer in both hands, looking nervously at the big bell in front of him, and then turning his head to look Behind the dark Black Pine Mountain Range.

Four years ago, he knocked it down with a hammer like this, and the Black Dragon came. At that time, he was scared to death, throwing down the hammer and running away, but this time, he was not afraid at all. , my heart is more excited. What’s so scary about Black Dragon? It dares to come again, at worst drive it away again, maybe even kill it.

“Yes, there is nothing to be afraid of.” The bell ringer swung his hammer.

At the same time, countless people in West Wind City were waiting for this moment to come, and everyone stretched their necks and waited quietly.

Elsie was the only one still busy, checking the pile of Katyushas and grenades at the back of the church to make sure they were ready to go.

These demonic path tools are all powered by Godafather himself, and their formidable power is terrifying for the ordinary person, but Godafather himself is very dissatisfied. I have been nagging that the magic power capacity of the demon path is limited, and it can’t hold the really powerful magic.

Anyway, Elsie finally understood only one point, and that is that these demonic path tools are not enough to defeat Black Dragon.

He turned around and looked at a large number of tanks parked not far away. Although there were already dozens of tanks in West Wind City, Godafather had been hooking them a few days ago. the head, sighed that the level of the goblin bazooka was too low and the formidable power was too weak.

In short, only Elsie knows that even Godafather is as cautious as an enemy when facing Black Dragon, so as Godafather’s number one subordinate, loyal guard, he must be more cautious. .

β€œdong! dong! dong! ”

The New Year’s bell rang…

The moment when this wonderful voice sounded, everyone deserved Cheering excitedly together, however, this time everyone is quiet and everyone’s eyes are turned to the Black Pine Mountain Range in the back, as if to see if there will be a huge brush like four years ago. Black Dragon is coming.

Even the queen on the crystal ball side was nervous for such a small moment.

However, everyone was disappointed. Black Dragon did not appear. On that mountain, nothing appeared.

It’s just an ordinary new year!





“Black Dragon is a pigeon!”

All kinds of scolding sounded together, and the queen on the crystal ball side couldn’t help but stunned and slapped the table: “Really Why don’t you come? My well-prepared army is a waste of expressions.”

Robb said to the crystal ball mystifying: “Look, have you lost your Black Dragon milk? Let me tell you, last year Black Dragon The reason why it appeared in seconds is because I set up a streaking flag, but this year, my thief was witty, and I didn’t set up this flag. If you have another sip of milk, it will be strange.”

“Is that so? Can you still blame me?” The queen patted the table angrily: “Since you can make it stand up with a Flag, you should stand up quickly.”

Robb shook the head: “To be honest, it doesn’t. Come on, I am relaxed. Although we have made a lot of preparations this year, I don’t think we can win it, maybe because we are well prepared, it will cause heavy casualties.”

Queen I don’t understand: “Why? Last year’s unprepared hurried challenge could drive it away. Why is it possible that this year’s adequate preparation may cause heavy casualties?”

Robb said: “You don’t know The designer of this kind of game boss is very skinny. Like this kind of research-level boss, there are often more than one stage. When the blood volume is more than %, there will be a stage, and the blood volume will enter the second stage. Stage, when it is about to die, it will enter the third stage or something… Each stage, it will become stronger, the skills will become more perverted, and it will be more difficult to hide.”

Robb Speaking of this, the Queen couldn’t understand it at all, and she was dumbfounded.

Robb sighed, so I won’t continue to explain.

Last time, instead of driving the Black Dragon away, it was more time to drag it to the retreat time set by the game, it simply didn’t cause much damage to it, and this time, a well-prepared army It will definitely cause a certain amount of damage to Black Dragon, stimulate its second stage, when the time comes it will have a lot of skills that are difficult to dodge, but the equipment level on his side is still the equipment level of the 80s, and he can beat it. It’s weird.

On the contrary, it is extremely dangerous because it enters the second stage. Maybe Black Dragon will die after one AOE.

“Forget it, that’s it for this year.” Robb said: “In the days to come, don’t deliberately guard against it, anyway, when it appears in West Wind City, the people here will immediately give it to you. I call, no matter where I am, I can come back immediately, and you can also immediately know by phone that Black Dragon is here, everyone will open the door and come to support, that’s all.”

The queen is quite sorry. , I thought I would be able to avenge my parents this time. Madeleine next to me also sighed and looked at the head: “It’s a pity…”

At this moment, archmage No. 1 suddenly walked quickly to her daughter. In front of Young Lady Wang, she handed out a crystal ball: “Your Majesty, our spies stationed in the desert kingdom have emergency military intelligence.”

“oh?” ball.

The crystal ball lit up, and the queen was about to ask, “What happened.”

However, before I could ask this sentence, I heard the opposite of the crystal ball. There was a scream, and then there was a sound of “pu”, and a puddle of blood splashed on the crystal ball on the opposite side, and the picture passed by the crystal ball was covered with a layer of red mist.

The queen was so nervous that she thought her spy was dead.

Unexpectedly, at this time, he saw the face of the scout appear on the screen, but after covering it with a layer of blood red, the color of the whole face was strange, and he said with trembling: “Your Majesty , it wasn’t me who died just now, just a passerby who happened to pass by me…Black Dragon…Black Dragon came…just now it threw a stone and killed a passerby beside me…I…I I’m so scared now…I want to apply to leave the Oasis Capital temporarily, please approve it from Your Majesty…”

He finished this sentence in a stuttering voice, only to hear “hong” next to him. With a bang, the Queen saw a charred corpse flying past the spies, apparently blown away by the fireball vomited by the Black Dragon.

On the street behind the spies, countless people were running wild… Black Dragon appeared in the picture of the crystal ball, stepping on the crowd running around on the ground with his feet.

Then, a violent sand wind blew across the desert, and the Guardian God beast of the desert, the Sphinx jumped out of the wind and rushed towards the Black Dragon…

Black Dragon flapped its wings lightly, and the Sphinx fell a hundred meters away.

Chapter 843 Can’t Let It Do It Anymore

The Queen was startled by the scene in the crystal ball and forgot to speak for a while.

The spy was shiver coldly opposite, crying: “Your Majesty, Your Majesty…Black Dragon is beating the Sphinx behind me, what should I do now? I…I am loyal Another brave spy, I am willing to give everything for Gran, I have the courage to face death, but… but it is wrong to die under the claws of Black Dragon, I apply for retreat, apply for retreat…”

The queen’s eyes suddenly returned to clear: “Get out, don’t make a fearless sacrifice.”

The spy was relaxed, grabbed the crystal ball quickly, and ran away.

When he was running, he also raised the crystal ball, trying to lift it as smoothly as possible to prevent the picture from shaking.

The queen saw behind him like a doomsday scene, the earth trembled, the flames were raging, countless desert warriors were running around, some were rushing towards the Black Dragon, and some were running towards the distance.

A group of shamans and witch doctors threw all kinds of magic at Black Dragon in the distance, but it was useless.

From time to time, a fireball flew over and landed behind the screen, or on the side of the screen. After a loud explosion sound, a charred body would fly past the camera, sad and pitiful.

The houses in the distance kept collapsing, and the Sphinx was so beaten by Black Dragon that he couldn’t stand up.

The dragon wings swept away, the wind raged, and the people around were flying like kites with broken strings in the wind.

The queen couldn’t help secretly sighed: It turns out that there is no ghost man who just lived in front of the Black Dragon, so terrifying. The last time it attacked the West Wind City, all attention was focused on the ghost man, and many magics were interrupted by the ghost man, otherwise… The West Wind City at that time would become the same as the current Oasis City .

The queen took a deep breath first, and then placed the communication crystal ball that contacted the spies in front of the communication crystal ball dedicated to Robb: “Ghost man, look at this.”

Robb took a closer look and couldn’t help but stunned slightly.

Standing behind him, Sofa, cred out in surprise: “Hey? Hey? Hey? This… This is the capital of the oasis! The capital of the desert kingdom. Where is the Black Dragon?”

It’s been 1352 years in the magic calendar, and it has been through 338 years of Black Dragon flying. The desert kingdom has never been attacked by Black Dragon. No one didn’t expect, this time Black Dragon actually ran there, This is a big surprise for everyone.

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