After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 607

Sofa only stared at the crystal ball for less than five seconds, his face turned pale, too miserable, the picture was shocked, the terrifying Black Dragon raging scene, as if the end, those The compatriots of the same skin color and race as Sofa died tragically under the attack of the Black Dragon.

She felt her breathing start to get heavy and her whole body trembled.

Robb shoved a Transmission Gate scroll into her hand: “Open the door! I’ll go over to deal with Black Dragon.”

Sofa shook the head: “Can’t open… I… I’ve never been to the Oasis Capital, and I can’t open the door to it.”

“Scared?” Robb was stunned, and then he realized that this is ancient times, not modern times. In the era of inconvenient transportation, it is impossible for anyone to have been to the capital. Even in the world where you live, in an era when transportation is already extremely convenient, there are many people who have never gone to the capital to play in their entire lives.

Robb suddenly remembered something, and called to the Madara in the crowd: “Madhara, have you been to the Oasis City?”

Madhara nodded: “I’ve been there!”

Robb said: “Very good, hurry up to the Transmission Gate in the desert kingdom.” The Transmission Gate scroll comes standard in West Wind City, and every important figure has this thing on it, which can be used to escape back to the Divine Item in West Wind City at any time.

He held the Transmission Gate scroll, silently thinking about “use”, and then a transmission watch opened, however, Madara quickly looked at the watch, but did not find ” Oasis City”.

“Godafather, the situation is wrong, I can go to all kinds of cities, but I can’t go to the oasis capital, damn it.”

Robb Daqi: “The oasis capital does not have churches and A cemetery?”

“Although we don’t have a church, we have something similar called the Temple of Seth. There is also a cemetery behind the Temple of Seth, which can also be teleported.” Luo said: “The Transmission Gate in the city where my family is located can be opened.”

Robb said: “That’s strange, then theoretically, the Oasis City can also open the Transmission Gate, unless… …”

Speaking of this, several smart people have thought of it at the same time, Robb, Queen, Elsie, Elf Elder, Noren Baron and the others, almost simultaneously opened the mouth and said: ” The Temple of Saichi has been destroyed by the Black Dragon.”

Everyone: “…”

This is very embarrassing, the Black Dragon is making trouble in the Oasis Capital, its hands and feet are heavy, The first shot is a large-scale magic. Inadvertently, the Temple of Set and the cemetery behind it were blasted to ashes with an AOE magic. This is not a very strange thing.

Sofa sat on the ground with a “pu tong” and said sadly, “It’s too late.”

Robb also knew it was too late, even if he teleported to the crystal canyon, If you use the flying technique to go immediately, it is too late. Although the flying technique is fast, it will take at least one or two hours to fly to the middle of the vast desert, and this time is already the time for Black Dragon to retreat. At the time, only a destroyed city could be seen.

Everyone had to use heavy eyes to watch the Black Dragon raging in the crystal ball, the fireballs flew around on the screen, the doomsday meteors fell continuously, the oasis seemed to be pulled up by the roots, miserable The people of the desert country and the camels in panic, the houses fell, the flying sand running stone, the sphinx was torn in half by the Black Dragon, the sphinx and the human face were separated…

This terrifying scene lasted for several minutes. The spy with the crystal ball escaped from the oasis capital. The plume of smoke rose, the fire blazed into the sky, and then nothing could be seen.

Afterwards, what he saw was the face of the spy. He looked pale and said to the crystal ball with a trace of fear of avoiding a catastrophe: “Your Majesty, your subordinates escaped…” After he finished speaking, He couldn’t help bursting into tears: “I finally escaped…”

Beside him, there was a group of people from the desert country who escaped together. They turned around and faced the oasis in the distance. The capital, poof poof, knelt on the ground.

The Zephyrs on the side of the crystal ball were all silent.

It took a long time before I heard Robb say in a cold tone: “If you don’t get rid of the Black Dragon, there will be no peace in the continent. It’s time to work harder and let everyone step up their search for rare mineral resources. We can’t wait another four years, this time, we must prepare enough as soon as possible, and then go to the Jinghong mountain range, find the Black Dragon’s lair, kill it directly in the lair, and let it come out to harm the world.”

Chapter 844 Refugees are here

On the New Year’s Day in 1352, the capital of the desert kingdom, the capital of the Oasis, was razed to the ground by Black Dragon.

This tragedy came too suddenly. The desert kingdom, which has never been visited by Black Dragon for more than a thousand years, was unprepared for Black Dragon’s attack, not only in combat preparation, but also psychologically. There is no preparation at all.

The Norma Kingdom, Gran Kingdom, and Great Tang of the East Rabbit have learned their lessons. Every New Year, they will move their property, evacuate the population of the metropolis, remove important gold and silver treasures, and even timid people. The king will also go to what XX summer resort, the next Jiangnan kind.

But the desert kingdom has nothing to prepare!

Pharaoh died tragically, the palace was burned down by Black Dragon, and all the gold and silver treasures hidden in the palace were taken away by Black Dragon.

Of course, this is not the worst.

The worst thing is that the biggest oasis in the desert kingdom has dried up.

Because Black Dragon put a terrifying ground splitting technique, which destroyed the geological structure, the underground river that originally flowed through the Oasis Capital did not know where it went, so the lake in the Oasis Capital , dries up instantly.

“Marquis Robert Smith!” A courier from Crystal Canyon came to the chapel in West Wind City, stood outside the church and shouted: “I have an emergency report.”

Robb, who was sitting on the stone chair, had to stand up: “Don’t have such big ears, it’s deafening my ears. I’ll go in and help you get him out.”

The soldier quickly said respectfully: “Sorry for disturbing Godafather’s silence.”

A few minutes later, Robb disguised as Robert Smith and walked out of the church. He stopped, put on a serious and down-to-earth face again, and said to the soldier, “What happened?”

“Marquis!” Countless refugees from the desert kingdom have come, and the scale is so large that it scares people to death, and everyone dares not make an assertion, so I am here to ask for your instructions.”

“en?” Robb was slightly stunned, then immediately understand. The desert kingdom is very different from the Gran kingdom. There are not many places for people to live in the desert, and it is supported by a few large and small oases.

In the Kingdom of Gran, if your city is destroyed, it doesn’t matter, just move a little bit to the side, and you can still live on the wasteland.

But it won’t work in the desert, the oasis is gone, you try to move to the side! Moving around is all sand, how can you live without an oasis?

And now, the largest oasis has been destroyed by Black Dragon. Hundreds of thousands of people have left their homes and scattered to various oases, but ordinary small oasis cannot accommodate the influx of so many people. Can move towards the edge of the desert.

To the north of the desert kingdom is the kingdom of Norma, a country controlled by the Light Church court, cruel and ruthless to the infidels, and they dare not go north at all. To the east is the majestic Jinghong mountain range, the home of the Black Dragon and the demon family. Humans are afraid that they will not die if they enter. To the west is the sea, and it is not a good place for people to enter.

In the end, the group of refugees had to flock to the south, leaning on the edge of Jieshan, this area can barely survive, at least they can dig some grass roots or something to chew, and some from the mountain. The stream that flows down can quench thirst, and even a little bolder, climb up to the top of the mountain. If the border guards of the Gran Kingdom don’t notice them, they can still go on the top of the mountain to see if they can hunt any small animals. Or dig up some edible fruit.

Robb didn’t look very good after listening to the soldier’s report.

He said to Sofa who was beside him: “Go and call Conte, we are going to Crystal Canyon.”

Sofa nodded, hurry up, and after a while, all over Conte, who was wearing Titan steel essence equipment, ran over quickly, first saluted “Godafather” on the stone chair, and then turned to Robert Smith, said with a smile: “Brother, you finally got out of retreat. Has your status come out? I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Robb said with a smile: “You had so much fun playing in the new continent, what did you see me doing.”

Kang Especially laughed heartily: “Yeah, yeah, I’m really happy to go to the new continent this time. The equipment Godafather gave me made me feel wiser, really strong, and now the magic I unleashed is too strong. Friend.”

Robb really wanted to complain about him saying “Wow”, so he forcibly held it back until the tendons on his face almost twitched.

Conte asked, “Are we driving the Transmission Gate to Crystal Canyon, or by train?”

“Of course by train.” Robb said earnestly: “Godafather often Warn us, try to use normal methods to solve problems, his tricks like cheating are only used when they have to.”

“Oh, well, I’ll go buy tickets first .” Conte laughtered to the train station.

The train doesn’t have to sit on it if you want, you have to wait for the train.

Taking advantage of this time, Robb instructed the girls at home to call him to switch back at any time by “patting” his Avatar on the shoulder. But she saw Sofa put together a small bag and followed: “I’m going too.”

Robb could understand her desire to see her compatriots, nodded said: “Okay, you Let’s go together.”

The three of them waited for the train to arrive at the station, and suddenly saw Madara walking from a distance, and behind him, a large group of dark-skinned desert kingdom people followed. Most of the people are domestic slaves and followers of the Maduo Luo Family, and some are people who were originally arrested by Robb and sent to the West Wind Prison and released after labor reform, speaking of which, they are also old subordinates of Madara.

Robb greeted them from a distance: “You also come by train?”

When Madara saw “Godafather’s student”, he hurriedly saluted and responded. Said: “Yes, what happened in the desert kingdom, we can’t stand idly by, we have to go to the crystal canyon to see those refugees.”

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