After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 608

It seems that everyone has the sentiment of caring for their homeland.

Boom and boom, the train took everyone to Crystal Canyon…

This frontier city, which had been entrusted to Robert Smith by the Queen, has grown quite well since it was After becoming Robb’s fief, a train was passed, and resources were continuously sent from West Wind City, and the first tunnel also brought a large number of tourists to it, which invigorated the economy here.

Now the town in Crystal Canyon has become a very lively border trade city.

When Robb arrived, he saw that the frontier city was facing a big enemy, the city wall was full of soldiers, and the demonic path tools were all aimed outside the city. Standing at the top of the city and looking out, I saw the Gobi Desert on the north side of the city wall, full of refugees with dark skin and traditional robes of the desert kingdom. They were sitting or lying on the Gobi Desert, like a black sea.

Chapter 845 Someone is going to cause trouble

Robb turned to the city guard next to him and asked, “Is there too many people? Have you counted how many refugees there are outside? Why do I feel like this doesn’t seem like an oasis can squeeze the number of people?”

The soldier whispered: “We sent people out of the city to ask, these are indeed not only the refugees from the oasis capital, There are many other people who escaped from the oasis.”

He said this, with a strange look on his face: “When the Black Dragon attacked the oasis capital, the entire Imperial Palace was razed to the ground in an instant. On the flat ground, the pharaoh was finished before he could even escape. After losing the pharaoh, a serious civil strife broke out immediately in the desert kingdom. Several oasis lords claimed to be the next pharaoh and sent troops to the oasis next to them in just a few days. In time, the desert kingdom became a mess.”

Robb: “…”

Okay! Isn’t this what happened to the Gran Kingdom twenty years ago? The success of Mondra’s usurpation that time was regarded as a very bad example for the great nobles of the desert kingdom, and the idiots began to follow suit.

And, of course, the sooner the better for usurping a country and seizing power, after the death of the previous king, whoever raises troops quickly and who is poisonous will have the most successful probability, so Black Dragon It was only a few days after the attack on Oasis, and this was the case here.

Robb felt very uncomfortable, frowned and asked, “How long have these people been here?”

“Five days,” the soldier said.

“Do they have anything to eat?”

“Some carry dry food, but most have nothing to eat.” A soldier whispered: “Black Dragon attacked Things are too easy in the oasis capital, they are unprepared, many people just run out of their homes, even the gold and silver are too late to clean up, and they don’t know how to support through the desert along the way, many People fell down as soon as they arrived outside the city, and they all depended on their companions to take care of them. But the other people who came from the oasis were a little bit prepared, they escaped because of the civil war, at least they had time to pick up their gold and silver.”

Robb: “…”

Sofa next to her showed a sad look, but she didn’t immediately hug Robb’s thigh like ordinary women and cried and begged him to help save people or something , this stupid operation does not belong to assassin. She just silently endured her impulsive thoughts, so that the tears did not flow from her eyes, but flowed back into her stomach.

Madhara ran to the city wall and shouted outside: “Does anyone recognize me? I am Madara Kari from the Kari family, do you know the Kari family? What’s going on now?”

The warrior’s battle cry skill he used was so loud that the refugees outside could hear it clearly even from a distance, and one of the brave ones ran under the city wall Come, look up and say: “Lord Madara, so you are here, the villain escaped from the Kari oasis, the Kari family did not rebel, but the rebels forced him to admit that the other party was the new pharaoh, Kari. The Li family refused to agree, so they are being attacked by the rebels, and now they are defending their own oasis.”

Madhara: “I am Fake! I want to go back and help.”

He After I finished speaking, I imagined jumping down the city wall, but Robb next to him stretched and pulled him back: “Don’t panic, wait, I’ll ask my teacher’s opinion.”

Mada When Luo heard the words “I teacher”, he was slightly stunned, and immediately stood still.

Robb frowned, kind-hearted, he actually wanted to let his subordinates open the city gates and let these refugees in, but just as soon as the thought flashed, he was snuffed out by himself. Obviously, things cannot operate this way.

Turn around to Sofa and said: “You call Elsie and ask him to go to my church to deliver food, and bring all the potatoes I have stored in the warehouse to these refugees. Eat two full meals before that.”

Sofa took out her phone and called Elsie.

Robb thought about it for a while, but switched his consciousness back to Father Sloth, and then dialed the number of sister Young Lady Wang.

Soon, the queen appeared in the crystal ball. It was daytime, and the queen was busy with government affairs. She was obviously a little surprised by the sudden call from Robb: “Huh? Are you calling at this time? “

Robb straight to the point: “Your intelligence has always been faster than mine. You already know about the refugees from the desert kingdom outside the Crystal Canyon.”

” en!” The queen pointed to a stack of papers beside her desk: “It’s all about refugees.”

Robb said: “Well, since you already know, then Save your mouth, these refugees, what do you plan to do?”

The queen said calmly, “I didn’t plan to let them in.”

This answer was not unexpected to Robb outside. In fact, although Robb is often a good person, he didn’t even bother to mention the suggestion of letting so many refugees into the Gran Kingdom at once, because he knew that doing so would not benefit the Gran Kingdom at all, but would be harmful. , the Queen impossible promised.

The Queen, who always disdains talking nonsense, actually explained to Robb: “There are too many refugees, and our Gran Kingdom can’t accept so many people from the desert kingdom in one breath, and these people are different from our culture. , the way of life is different, and entering China in large numbers will cause many problems, you should understand. I have arranged for internal affairs officials to mobilize some supplies to the refugees as much as possible, which is regarded as our country’s humanitarian relief, but for further things, I I can’t do it any more.”

Robb nods. “You’ve done this, and you’re already very powerful.”

The queen hummed, “Although I am poor, I am still You know how to be a human being.”

Speaking of this, she paused, and then said unhappily, “You are calling me just to ask if I am a cold and ruthless woman?”

“Haha, of course not.” Robb said: “I just want to remind you, the northern frontier, I’m afraid it will not be peaceful again, because someone is going to make trouble.”

“en? You mean… the kingdom of Norma will take the opportunity to annex the kingdom of the desert? And then attack our country?” The queen was vigilant, her political acumen was very high, but as soon as the idea arose, she would He shook his head and said, “You may have been worrying too much. I have a lot of spies working in the Norma Kingdom. So far, I haven’t found any changes in them. The Desert Kingdom is worthless for annexation. Too lazy to conquer such a broken country.”

“no!” Robb shook his head: “I’m not saying the Norma Kingdom is going to mess up, I’m saying…”

He laughed , and then pointed to his nose: “It’s me who is doing the trouble!”

Queen: “…”

Robb said: “I’m about to turn into an evil aggressor soon. , invaded the desert kingdom, ruthlessly suppressed all who disagreed with me, hung them all on ceiling fans, because I was nominally from the kingdom of Gran, and my army was going to take the train and drink songs, from the crystal canyon Going out into the desert expedition, so your Gran Kingdom will inevitably be involved in this war.”

PS: hehehe, continue to ask for tickets, this month is almost over, everyone still has tickets in hand If you haven’t voted, step up.

Chapter 846 Support a puppet

There is no sudden update on the notice sheet! I’m going to piss you off, I’m going to piss you off!

After hearing this, the queen almost flipped the table on the spot: “Hey, ghost man, are you mistaken? As soon as I said there was going to be a war in the past, you were very opposed to it, and one would turn against me on the spot. Look, stop me from starting a war, but now you are going to do something? You can’t be so double-standard as a person! Moreover, you are obviously not my person, I can’t control you at all, but once you start a war, everyone will say it’s me Gran Kingdom, they will all say that I am a queen with strong aggressiveness and wild ambition, why should I blame you?”

Robb spread his hands: “I can’t do anything about this war. I have to fight. Because, I know these people can’t be put into the Gran Kingdom, and the Gran Kingdom is powerless and has no responsibility to take on so many refugees. So… I have to kill those guys who are doing bad things in the desert and let these refugees I can go back to my homeland.”

Speaking of this, Robb said seriously: “Of course, there is another reason that all mankind should unite to deal with Black Dragon, but the stupid guys are for their own sake. The interests of the people are still in desperate internal conflict, such a stupid thing must be corrected by someone.”

The queen squinted: “When did you become such a righteous person?”

“Never.” Robb said, “It’s just that my black maid is very sad, I saw that she was about to cry, she was very strong and didn’t want to cry for me, so she poured tears into her stomach , but in this way, I want to help her even more.”

Queen: “…”

There is nothing more to say now, the queen has already received advice from her subordinates. I heard that during the last civil strife in the Dark Holy See, Robb helped her to sit on the road of light and let the Dark Holy See make any good conditions. Robb did not accept it. I’m crying.”

Now, it’s just the black maid again.

The queen didn’t even have the strength to be angry, she just didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “That is to say, because you are going to make other women happy, so I have to help you back. Big black pot? Why?”

Robb said: “Aiya, I have wronged you! Now the only way for you to get rid of it is to announce to all countries that West Wind City does not belong to the Gran Kingdom, you and I It has nothing to do with it at all.”

“Don’t even think about it!” The queen clapped the table and said, “West Wind City is the territory of my Gran Kingdom, it is sacred and indivisible, and whoever dares to divide me will fight with anyone. You…”

Speaking of which, the queen paused, dragged her voice long, squinted her eyes, and said in a strange tone: “You proposed to me, although I haven’t given you an answer yet, but You want to distance yourself from me, don’t think about it!”

Robb wondered: “When did I propose to you?”

“Didn’t you give me a wedding dress last time? ?”

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