After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 609

“Oh, just rub it and give you a robe to cover your robe. Don’t think of it as a wedding dress, but as an outer armor.”

“I’m pretending to be your ghost armor.” Queen In the end, the table was lifted. After lifting the table, he picked up the crystal ball from a pile of scattered objects, and said with a straight face, full of majesty: “After the desert kingdom is defeated, let me support a puppet pharaoh. , I’ll help you carry the blame.”

“Why are you a woman so keen on this kind of thing?” Robb said: “Don’t you think it’s evil to support puppets? One, you are really a bad queen. Listen to me, puppets will eventually turn against the tide. Who would be willing to be controlled by others for a lifetime? The desert kingdom finds a good person to be the pharaoh, and will not cause trouble to your northern border, this is the best result.”

The queen squinted: “The new pharaoh in your mind is Motu. Luo or Sofa? I think… um… it must be Mo Yuan Luo!”

Robb said: “Wow, this girl, you are so smart, you can guess it right.”

The queen threw the crystal ball to the ground: “Isn’t this just supporting a puppet? You have said all the good things, but what you want to do is not the same crazy thing.”

Robb said: “I can’t help it. If I don’t support my people to take care of it, why should I fight it?”

The wind and sand swept across the vast desert, in a long In the yellow sand, there is a small oasis, standing tenaciously in the middle of a piece of sand, and there is a strange black oil swamp next to the oasis.

This oasis is at war!

A huge army surrounded this small oasis at the core, attacking frantically from all directions, and the people guarding the oasis were desperately resisting.

Smoke of gunpowder, arrows and magic, black kerosene bombs exploded outside the city wall, blowing the siegers backwards. The ground is full of flames from kerosene, the air is filled with poison qi, and the warriors on both sides are fighting with their faces covered.

The name of this oasis is Kari Oasis, the home of Madara.

Cali Oasis has a population of less than seven thousand.

In fact, there were originally more than 8,000 people here, but in the battle of Madra’s attack on Westwind Town, 3,000 warriors from Kari Oasis were captured by Robb, and most of these warriors stayed in Westwind Town, did not return to Kari, and after returning once, Madara was exiled again for “spreading rumors to deceive the Pharaoh”.

Since then, the strength of the Kari family has been reduced, and the population of 8,000 has been reduced to only more than 4,000 at a minimum.

Fortunately, later, Madara and Robb reached a business agreement to transport a large amount of black kerosene, a specialty of the Kari Oasis, to West Wind City, and exchanged various materials with Robb, which helped the Kari family. After regaining a certain vitality, he bought a large number of slaves and camels again, and the population slowly recovered to more than 7,000 people.

With such a small population and the fact that Madara was blacklisted by the pharaoh when he was exiled, the Kari family did not have much ambition and never expected to climb to the peak of politics and power. So, when the news that Pharaoh was killed by Black Dragon came, the people of the Kari family were still eating hot pot from West Wind City, singing songs, and didn’t think deeply at all.


They suddenly discovered that a large army had pressed outside the oasis, and it was the boss of the oasis next door.

The boss rode a camel, walked to the door of the Kari Oasis, and said loudly to them: “The Kari family, from today onwards, listen to my orders, take me as the pharaoh, help me fight, I I’ll spare you, otherwise, I’ll kill you all.”

What a simple and rude request, the people of the Kari family set off the hot pot on the spot, jumped up and ran over.

And then, they found that they couldn’t win!

The Kari family has become a state where they can only shrink in the oasis shiver coldly…

If it weren’t for the kerosene rich in Kari oasis, they made a lot of energy. Explosive, flammable weapons, they almost couldn’t even hold it.

Chapter 847 Who will be the pharaoh is the same.

Continue to add more updates, so I won’t put it on the notice sheet. If you are mad at you, you will be mad at the guarding battle of Kari Oasis , has entered the most critical time.

The rebels have attacked the city wall, but the kerosene bombs in the hands of the defenders have been exhausted.

Mandala’s younger brother, Mandala Kari, was already bloodied at this time. He was standing on another section of the city wall and was kicking an enemy soldier off the city wall. Turning around, I saw a group of rebel warriors rushing up to the city wall in the distance, and they were still standing and were not driven down. Although the slave soldiers of the Kari family had tried their best, they were still unable to defeat this group of enemy soldiers. Hit it down.

As they occupied the city wall, more enemy soldiers climbed up and formed a small Defensive Array on the city wall. The army will break through here and continuously send soldiers into the city.

It basically announced the end of the battle, and the Kari family only had a dead end.

Mandala sighed for a long time: “I knew earlier that I surrendered when he came to persuade him to surrender. Anyway, who is the pharaoh, isn’t it the same for me?”

However, there is no Regret Medicine in the world, and it seems too late to say this now.

No, wait, it’s not too late!

In the wind and sand in the south, a group of people suddenly appeared. There were only a small number of people, only 800 people. The front 300 people were all dark-skinned desert kingdom warriors wrapped in robes. Five hundred people, but white-skinned warriors in armor or leather armor.

The sudden appearance of this group made the rebels who were attacking the city slightly shaken. The army standing behind the formation immediately turned their heads and faced this group of uninvited guests.

I saw that at the front of the team, there was a blond youngster. It was Robb. He was so handsome and unreasonable. It was like God gave him all the most handsome genes. Holding a demonic path tool for amplification, he loudly said to the two sides fighting here: “The two armies in front, immediately lay down their weapons and stop fighting. The desert kingdom was attacked by the Black Dragon, and it was exactly what everyone needed to say. It is urgent to bake the tomb of the scorpion, the tomb of the scorpion, the congregation of idiots and the overseas Chinese, the teeth and the teeth, the plaques, the temples and the temples. Jun

Speaking of this, Robb paused, and continued: “Our army warns you, whoever ignores the overall situation and maliciously tries to force them will encounter the crazy targeting of our army! Our army is very strong, it hurts to slap in the face, please don’t try it yourself. Please lay down your arms immediately and negotiate peacefully. “

Hearing this voice and seeing this group of people, Mandala Kari’s eyes flashed with joy immediately, he tactfully put down the weapon in his hand, and shouted: “No The war I started, I ate hot pot and sang songs, these people suddenly came to beat me, and I did nothing. “

“You did a great job, please keep it up.” “Robb said, “What about the other side? “

The rebel boss on the other side was instantly happy: “Where did mental disorder come from? What are you talking about? “

He stretched out his hand and pointed at Robb from a distance: “You came from the Kingdom of Gran, right?” Is the Gran Kingdom going to interfere in our internal affairs? Still shameless? “

“What? interfere in your internal affairs? No no! Robb said solemnly: “interfering in internal affairs is such a low-key thing, who would like to do it, I am here to improve the social atmosphere.” Don’t fight, don’t fight, what are the benefits of Jin Kela? I’ll give it to whoever is right. “

Rebel boss: “Don’t say such unreliable things with such a serious expression. “

“Huh? Am I unreliable? “Robb said: “Stop talking nonsense, stop and stop fighting.” “

“I’ll stop your sister.” The rebel boss stretched out his hand and pointed at Robb: “Get rid of this mental disorder.” ”

The army under his command, an elite army confident that it can defeat all other nobles and seize control of the desert kingdom, immediately showed off one’s military strength and rushed towards Robb’s entire group…

Fighting time is next!

Since the majority of readers feel that the battle is too watery and many people will skip it, this book also adopts fast-forward mode.

Hanging hit…

Spiral hanging hit…

The battle is over!

Modara’s foot stepped on the top of the rebel boss On the top, the big army that thinks it can unify the desert is now all smashed and fell to the ground. And Robb didn’t make a move at all. Sofa, Madara, and Elsie led the west wind warrior and some volunteers to come. The “ex-soldiers” of the desert kingdom who helped, easily overthrew the rebels.

Although there were only 800 of them, they were well equipped, all given to them by Robb in order to fight the Black Dragon The things prepared are used to deal with the scumbags of the desert kingdom, so don’t take it too lightly.

Fortunately, Robb has always loved the world and does not kill people easily, so the west wind warriors also adhere to the tradition of Robb. The teaching of , you can ignore it when you are fighting. When you have the upper hand, don’t kill to the last one. Therefore, although these rebel army soldiers have been defeated, there are not many people who died.

Mandala ran out of the city and shouted excitedly at Mandala: “Big brother, you’re back! Ah, it’s really good, I thought we were all over, the big brother is still the best. “

Madhara didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “Godafather is great, I’m just a soy sauce.” “

Mandala hurried over and gave Robb a big gift: “I have heard about Godafather’s name for a long time. I am very honored to meet you. You are as handsome and powerful as rumored.” . “

Robb ill-humoredly said: “Damn mental retardation, I didn’t shoot in the battle just now, how did you see that I was strong? “

Mandala: “…”

Mandala smiled and patted the younger brother’s shoulder: “Don’t be rude when you talk to Godafather, just tell the truth and be polite.” , he likes it very much. If you talk nonsense around the corner, you will be scolded by Godafather. “

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