After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 610

Mandala Khan: “So that’s the case, then I’ll tell the truth, Godafather is so handsome, but I don’t know if he’s strong or not.”

Madhara kicked He kicked the younger brother and said, “Don’t you know that Godafather beat Black Dragon? You don’t even know whether he is strong or not? Are you mentally ill? After I was driven away by Pharaoh, I will leave you here The mentally retarded manages the family, how can our family do well?”

Mandala almost cried out of grievance…

Robb couldn’t help but didn’t know whether to cry or laugh , he asked the rebel boss who was beaten on the ground: “Now, how many guys like you are there?”

The rebel boss said pitifully: “Three… No, five… I know of five! We all want to be the second Mondra, so we try to conquer the small oasis next to it first and form an army that is enough to kill the other nobles.”

Robb shook the head: “It’s not good to learn, learn from Mondra, oh! Well, I won’t talk nonsense with you anymore, from today onwards, you will enshrine Madara as the new pharaoh, otherwise , I’ll flatten you.”

Chapter 848 I’m here to act like a spoiled child

Crazy Jiageng, totally unreasonable

The rebels stared at the wronged bara With Robb, he thought he was strong enough to dominate the desert, but didn’t expect unfathomable mystery to be intervened by the Gran Kingdom, and he was really unwilling.

Robb patted him on the forehead and said with a smile: “Don’t look dissatisfied, when the Gran Kingdom civil war, Mondra and the Queen competed for the control of the Gran Kingdom, your desert kingdom is not Did you take the opportunity to invade as well? The two armies from east and west are marching together, trying to take advantage of the internal chaos of the Gran Kingdom to seize territory. Now things have just turned around. What are you dissatisfied with? Besides, you really think this broken country I like it? If I hadn’t watched countless refugees become homeless, and the Gran Kingdom was unable to accept them all, I wouldn’t care.”

The rebel boss said pitifully: “You use this kind of thing. What is the difference between the way that martial power forces me to be obedient and what I do?”

Robb spreads his hands: “I am called to follow the way of others, and also to rule others, and I am the Absolute of the Murong Aristocratic Family. Art.”

Rebel boss: “…”

Rebel boss thought about this question carefully, sighed, forget it, people are under strong fists and have to Bowing his head, the rebel boss had to obediently enshrine Madara as the new pharaoh.

The army entered the Cary Oasis, and even the army of the rebel bosses squeezed in.

This small oasis was instantly crowded. Madara, Mandala, and the big rebels ran to a meeting to discuss where to start to unify the country. .

Robb didn’t bother to blend, sitting next door on the edge of the Cary Oasis, looking at the natural oil fields ahead.

This place is also blessed with natural resources like this, but if you think about it carefully, people in this world don’t know the benefits of oil, they are only impossible for oil buried deep in the ground. To dig, and only such a natural oil field, will they have a little interest in research.

Thinking about what to have and what to do, Sofa walked over to him and sat down against Robb’s shoulder. She usually keeps a certain distance from Robb, but today she was sitting so close that her shoulders almost came together, which surprised Robb: “Sofa, you are very positive today.”

Sofa’s face quickly turned red for a moment, but fortunately, her skin was already dark, and the red face was not easy to see. She bit her lower lip and whispered: “Because, I’m here to act like a spoiled child.”


Robb: “…”

This sentence made Robb speechless on the spot, acting like a spoiled child? Did you make a mistake! You are Sofa!

Sofa herself was a little sorry, she couldn’t raise her head for a few seconds, and after a while, she regained her spirits and whispered: “I just walked around in the oasis and saw People who lost one’s head out of fear because of the rebellion have returned home, and the Cary Oasis has temporarily settled down.”

Robb: “en!”

Sofa said: “However, when I walked around the oasis, I found that the people of the desert kingdom are still very poor, just like when I was still living in this country many years ago.”

Having said this, she sighed deeply: “I live a happy and full life in West Wind City, under your leadership, I feel that life is improving every day, and the people there are rich in materials and full of energy. , everyone is very happy and happy. But the desert kingdom…”

She paused and sighed: “The people here are still living in poverty. I am an assassin, I say this It may be strange, but the desert kingdom is my motherland after all, I don’t want to see it like this, and I also hope that my motherland can be prosperous and strong, so… I’m going to act like a spoiled child, can you… see in For my coquettish sake, please help, after the war, make the people of the desert kingdom rich?”

Robb sighed: “This is difficult.”

“Ah It shouldn’t be difficult for you.” Sofa said: “It’s like helping the people in Westwind Town, or the Mayans, to find a special product, develop magical crops, or create incomparably powerful machines… “

Robb shook the head: “It’s no use, this place is full of yellow sand, and I can’t do anything. I don’t have the ability to help the people of the desert kingdom get rich in these ways.”

Sofa is sad: “Even you can’t do anything about it, no one in this world can do it.”

“That’s not true.” Robb said: “There is a kind of person who can help the desert kingdom become richer. .”

“en?” Sofataki: “Which?”

“Alchemist!” Robb said these four words seriously, pointing to the person in front of him. A natural oil field said: “As you know, diesel trains and diesel cars use diesel oil made from this black oil.”

Sofa nodded: “I know this.”

Robb said: “The only way for the desert kingdom to become rich is to rely on this thing. However, I alone convert this thing into diesel, the utilization rate is low, the consumption is small, and it is impossible to make It’s really being used. It takes a lot of alchemists to do research on this thing, and then this thing will become very, very, very useful. something to use. For example… Diesel, gasoline, asphalt, solutions, fertilizers, insecticides and plastics… After this thing is really understood, it can play a role beyond common sense in various fields, when the time comes the whole world will be crazy and eager It, and then, the poor place of the desert kingdom, by selling oil, will become an oil-rich place in a blink of an eye. “

Sofa: “Hey? “

Robb said: “So, if you want to be rich, the only way is to desperately develop technology, progress, apart from this, and there is no shortcut. “

Sofa said: “I see, you mean, let me go to some alchemists and let them study the oil.” “

“That’s right! Robb said: “At least let them be able to extract diesel from oil first, so that diesel cars and diesel trains can be produced in large quantities, and when the production of these two cars increases, people’s demand for oil will be reduced. It will increase, and then, the price of oil will naturally increase, and the poor people in the desert kingdom can become rich in a very short period of time by selling oil. “

“As alchemists learn more and more about petroleum, in addition to diesel, they will naturally explore various things such as gasoline, asphalt, etc…” Robb said: “Science Progress, that’s how it comes. ”

Sofa silently took these words to heart, and she believed every word Robb said, because she had seen firsthand how the city under Robb’s management took off, as long as she was determined not to. If you work hard in this direction, you will definitely be able to achieve your own ideas.

She suddenly gathered up her courage, put her small mouth close, and kissed Robb’s cheek, Robb didn’t have time to react. , Sofa jumped up and ran as if flying.

Chapter 849 United

Desperate, unreasonable plus more

Norma, the kingdom of Knights, the capital of kings!

The city of kings is a large city full of imposing manners, situated on a plain with no natural dangers around it to defend , However, the Norma Kingdom has been established for more than a thousand years, and this city has never been captured by the enemy.

Because, no matter how easy to defend and difficult to attack, it is not as reliable as a group of great warriors.


The Iron Horse Knights, the Thousand Blades Knights, the Pentium Knights, and the Golden Grass Knights, these four Great Knights guard the capital of the king. No matter how powerful the enemy is, they have never been able to defeat the four Great Knights. Under the sanitation, I touched half of the wall brick of the King’s Capital.

At this time, in the Imperial Palace of the King’s Capital, the hero king of the Norma Kingdom and the Pope of the Light Church were sitting side by side. Together, the expressions on their faces have a grave expression.

The Pope whispered: “That man is conquering the desert. “

The King of Heroes nodded: “He has finally changed from a recluse who lives in the West Wind City and doesn’t come out to make trouble to an ambitious one. My spy reported that he was planning to support the Kari family’s Motu Luo Cari ascended the throne and became the new pharaoh. “

Pope: “What do you think we should do now?” “

The King of Heroes was a little depressed and said: “This guy’s sudden attack really made me completely unprepared. Originally, I had supported a nobleman in the northern desert as my puppet, and contributed money to support him.” When I take the position of Pharaoh, once he succeeds in usurping the kingdom, the desert kingdom will definitely be in my pocket. Didn’t expect that man’s reaction to be so fast. At this time, the nobles I support will encounter extremely powerful encounters. opponent. “

The Pope’s face is also not very good-looking: “This man is really disgusting. When we sent a large army to help Mundra stabilize the situation, this man took a picture of a gate to heaven. Unleashing the fallen angel, defeating our angel Legion, and as a result, our best chance to control the kingdom of Gran is gone, and now it’s the desert kingdom’s turn, and he’s coming in again. “

The King of Heroes said: “This guy is on the side of the new continent, and he keeps messing with us. What kind of soft-hearted policy he has done towards the Mayans is in stark contrast to our colonial policy. It makes the honest Mayans now desperately resist us. Moreover, they also provide support for the rebel army, which is almost impossible. There is also the steel battleship he built, now going back and forth between the new continent and the demon continent, show off one’s military strength, cut off the route, making it difficult for our country’s warships and merchant ships to travel to and from the new continent. Sooner or later the colony will get out of hand. “

The Pope whispered: “We really have to kill this guy.” “

The king of heroes nodded: “If you don’t kill him, the desert kingdom will be taken away by him, and sooner or later he will also attack Norma.” “

Speaking of this, both of them were silent. That man is a monster who can fight against Black Dragon. How can we kill him? This is almost an impossible task.

After the strange silence lasted for a while, the two raised their heads almost at the same time and said, “As of now, we can only contact more people to do it together! The enemy of the enemy is our friend. “

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