After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 611

Light Church Sovereign Dao: “I’m going to write a letter to the Pope of Darkness. The Holy See of Darkness should not want to see this situation. Together with light and dark, our battle strength will be greatly increased. “

The King of Heroes also said: “I also tried to contact the demon clan in the Jinghong mountain range. They were killed by that man in a battle a few years ago, a dozen of their demon companions, and they had a relationship with him. Old enemies, I believe that the demon family will also be on our side.”

The Pope whispered: “By the way, the East Rabbit Great Tang’s side…”

The King of Heroes shook his head and said, “Forget it over there! Rabbit people only like to guard their piece of land, and never care about Western affairs. Even if they were told that this man might conquer the Great Tang of the East Rabbit in the future, those rabbit people would also I won’t take seriously, I will only be keen on infighting.”

The Pope: “Okay, then only contact the Dark Holy See and the demon family, this time, must kill this man.”

The supplies of the Gran Kingdom are continuously delivered to the Crystal Canyon through the big train, and then sent to the refugees through the hands of the frontier soldiers.

Part of these supplies were transferred by the female Young Lady Wang, and the other part was brought out by West Wind City. However, such things as international aid can only be done in moderation, Robb Sister Young Lady Wang and her daughter, Young Lady Wang, can help the refugees indefinitely. To save these refugees, the best way is to quell the rebellion in the desert kingdom as soon as possible.

At this time, Robb was leading the army… oh, no, it should be lazily’s army and came to the northeast of the desert kingdom.

The five nobles who launched the rebellion have now been subdued by three. The three rebel bosses are now obediently following behind Madara, although there is still a touch of dissatisfaction in their eyes, But more is the fear of Robb, people have to bow their heads under strong punches.

In fact, Robb didn’t make a lot of shots along the way. In the first battle, Madara, Sofa, and Elsie led the Westwind warriors to help the Kari family solve the first betrayal. The army boss, then the Kari family and the rebel boss join forces to deal with the second rebel boss, it will be easier, and then to deal with the third rebel boss, it is already taking the number of people bullied people.

Now the army of the Kari family leads the army of three rebel bosses, grandiose, which is already a terrifying Great Influence. fight them.

So, Robb simply doesn’t need to take action, he will follow him this time, and he is more watching the customs of the desert kingdom, so let’s take it as a trip.

“There are only two rebels left before we can unite the desert kingdom.”

Modora’s finger swiped on the huge desert kingdom general map: “This is Two nobles, one is in the cave of time, and the other is in the tomb of the king in the north…”

The three rebel bosses nodded next to them: “The cave of time is easy to deal with, he is not strong, We killed a few families together, and he had to kneel in minutes, but the family in the northernmost tomb of the king is not easy to handle.”

Robb stuck his head out from the side: “Oh What’s wrong with this family?”

Several rebel bosses said: “The tomb of the king is located on the northern edge of the desert, in the Gobi region, close to the kingdom of Knights, Norma. There have always been rumors that this The family has the support of the Norma Kingdom, and the last pharaoh wanted to clean them up several times. If the rumors are true, the Norma Kingdom will definitely sit and watch us kill this family, and will definitely send troops to intervene.”

Chapter 850 Acting Separately

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“Send troops to interfere?” Madara couldn’t help but be happy: “Does the Norma country dare? If It was someone else who came to intervene in the unification of the desert kingdom, and the kingdom of Norma could really intervene, but since Godafather is in charge of this matter, who in this world can intervene? Unless who can hire Black Dragon, no one can Not Godafather’s opponent, even if it is Black Dragon, our West Wind City is fully prepared to attack.”

Conte also chuckled: “That’s it! My West Wind City army, now Who else can fight? We don’t need Godafather to take action, we are enough to run amuck throughout the world. The army of Norma will come and try, I will blow them all into the sky with a wind column technique.”

Elsie learns Robb’s emoji shrugged and doesn’t speak.

This point, everyone present is very confident.

After all, the generals wore Titan steel essence equipment, and the soldiers also wore mithril. The army was originally configured to fight Black Dragon. Robb has been sparing no effort to improve their battle strength. Good things are constantly being given.

Several rebel generals saw their confidence and could not help but reminded in a low voice: “My lords, although you are strong, you must also beware of the enemy’s madness and unreasonable things. .”

“en? What else can the other party have?” Conte newborn calves do not fear tigers.

Modora also said with a smile: “We can win everything now.”

At this time, the army has come to the northeast peripheral zone of the desert, far northeast. There, there is a stretch of mountains, which is the most dangerous and exciting place on the Continent, the paradise that adventurers yearn for – the Jinghong mountain range.

Robb glanced at the mountain range from a distance, and saw that the mountain range was facing the desert side. The whole mountain was yellow, which seemed to be affected by the desert climate.

Picture: “Map of Desert Kingdom Surroundings”, Location: “Images/1561366683-100089784-103312046.jpg”

Seeing that he was interested in the mountain, Sofa quickly whispered introduced: “That hillside is called the Loess Gaopo, which is very famous in our desert kingdom. Although it looks like there is nothing but a piece of yellow sand, in fact, there are many pits and holes on the hill, and there are a large group of huge devil ants, human beings. As soon as you go up, you will be eaten by the ants, which is very terrifying.”

Robb said: “I just want to know if there are any interesting mines on it. Logically speaking, the more dangerous the place, the mineral The higher the level, um… do you have a local map of the Loess High Slope?”

A rebel leader actually took out a map and presented it with both hands: “This is the Loess High Slope. The local map of this mountain was drawn by my subordinates sitting on the manticore in the sky, the details on the ground are not very good, but basically it can be used.”

Robb is overjoyed, patted him ‘s shoulders: “You’ve done a great job! Well, I’ll give you a Mithril Armor.”

A Mithril Armor was thrown into the hands of the rebel boss.

The rebel boss is holding the mithril armor and is overjoyed, wow hahaha, this is a good thing, the armor made of rare mithril, the magical costume of the dream ball, even money can’t buy it Grandmaster Level products…

However, he was happy for less than five seconds, and suddenly turned his head in grief and indignation, and looked at the west wind warriors, who each had a Grandmaster Level mithril armor, this fuck! I’m glad the hammer, I’ve only just reached the level of equipment for the West Wind City troopers.

Sadness came from it, and the rebel leader cried because he was aggrieved.

Robb is holding the map and intends to brush the loess high slopes. The next Black Dragon Flying Year will come in four years. Robb doesn’t want to see Black Dragon wreaking havoc on the world. Now he needs to race against time.

Elsie understood Robb’s thoughts best, and immediately came over and said, “Godafather, you can go and play on the loess slope. We will handle this side of things ourselves.”


Modora and Conte also said with a smile: “Yes, leave it to us, the remaining two rebels can be easily settled, our army in West Wind City is invincible .”

Robb: “Watch out for Norma Kingdom!”

Elsie nodded: “We’ll call you right away if we have any questions.”

Modora, Elsie, and Conte, led the Kari family and the three rebels, went north, continued to conquer the rebels, and unified the desert kingdom.

Robb took Sofa on to the high loess slope.

In front of you is a mountain range of yellow. The mountain is full of yellow soil. The surface of the soil is covered with a layer of sand. Step on it with one foot, and the sand will crash-bang and slide down, along the entire hillside. down. This kind of mountain gives people a very uncomfortable feeling, and it is difficult for an ordinary person to stand and walk on it.

Sofa looked at his feet cautiously, worried that he would step on the legendary ant hole and provoke the ants.

Robb keeps looking down at the map!

The skill of finding minerals has already been turned on, but what the hell is this pile of yellow dots on the map? Damn mental retardation, in a small mountain range, there are actually thirty-two small yellow dots representing minerals. This is too unreasonable for him.

In order for Sofa to see it, Robb simply took out a pen, marked all eight minerals on the map, and said with a smile to Sofa: “We’re busy enough, Find all thirty-two places.”

“So many?” Sofa Daqi: “This is a big place.”

Robb said: “Maybe It is this place that has undergone very complex geological movements… uh, well, wherever there is a large mountain range, there are often complex geological movements, what I said is nonsense.”

” Geological movement?” Sofa couldn’t understand at all.

“Well, I can’t explain it clearly. In short, let’s study mine one mine at a time.” Robb took Sofa’s hand, and Sofa’s body froze slightly, but he finished Immediately after that, he returned to normal, let him hold hands, and obediently walked beside him.

The two climbed over a long ramp, and in front of them was a mine point.

Robb raised his fist and punched the ground…


A big hole appeared in the ground, Sofa was about to bow his head I looked down into the cave to see what mines were, but suddenly I saw a large group of big ants the size of a man rushing up from the inside.

The ant hole was attacked, and the soldier ants were dispatched!

Sofa was taken aback: “Aiya, no, stabbed the ant’s nest. I hate Insect! Especially one this big.”

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