After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 612

Robb said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter, kill them.”

He was about to clean up a group of ants that had crawled out of the hole, when he suddenly saw all the ground around him appearing There are many holes, and every hole is swarming with big ants the size of people. In a blink of an eye, the ground outside is densely packed and full of ants.

Sofa jumped into Robb’s arms and shouted: “Oh! Godafather, put the AOE magic on.”

Robb hugged her in a Princess hug, said with a smile: “Hey? I love nature and don’t kill animals casually.”

“You are talking nonsense, you killed a mammoth last time. You just want to hug me more Yes.”

Robb said: “Aiya, you have discovered this? Since I have torn my face, then I will not pretend, and don’t think I will clean up these ants unless I get tired of it.”

Robb said: p>

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Chapter 851 The man is not here

The army led by Madara came to the cave of time.

Although the name of this place is called Time Cave, it is actually an oasis. It should be called Time Oasis more appropriately, but because there is a huge underground hole, and this underground hole is very large and leads directly to the other two. There are several exits, one of which is even in the Jinghong mountain range. The name of this cave is Time Cave, so even the oasis has been renamed Time Cave.

There is also a rebel army entrenched in this oasis. Not long ago, this rebel army also ran out and captured several small oasis nearby, but when they heard that the army of Madara was coming. At that time, he shrunk into the oasis, defended according to the city, and no longer came out to make trouble.

Madora saw from a distance that on the city wall made of loess, a few flags were erected sparsely. with the army of Madara.

Modora did not immediately attack the city, but took out a loudspeaker demonic path tool and said loudly to the city: “Listen to the people in the city, the Black Dragon attacked the oasis capital, causing My desert kingdom is in great chaos. This is the autumn of national crisis, and everyone is busy with civil war. This is very wrong. Now I advise you to lay down your weapons immediately, stop fighting, and peacefully elect a new pharaoh to lead us onwards. .”

“Stop talking nonsense!” A head popped out of the city head, it was the leader of the rebel army, he loudly said: “Madra, you are just a dog of the Gran Kingdom now. , a puppet, what kind of justice are you pretending to be here? If you are allowed to unify the desert kingdom, it will only turn our country into a vassal of the Gran kingdom, and you will become a sinner of history if you lose your power and humiliate the country.”

“Kouhu !” Madara said: “You are probably mistaken, when did I become a puppet of the Gran Kingdom? I just followed the Godafather of West Wind City.”

“What’s the difference? It’s the same as losing power and humiliating the country!” Angrily roared, the rebel boss: “We have a civil war behind closed doors. Whoever wins and loses is a matter within the desert kingdom. You bring in foreign enemies, it’s shameless.”

Mo Dhara said with a smile: “Didn’t the queen of the Gran Kingdom also listen to Godafather? My future pharaoh of the desert kingdom, there is no problem with listening to Godafather’s words, and, in the future, Norma Kingdom, East Rabbit Edict, and all The kings of those chaotic small countries will listen to Godafather’s words, and the whole world will be the same. Therefore, I really don’t call this kingdom of death, it can only be called conforming to the trend of history.”

“Fake. “Angrily roared, the rebel boss: “I have nothing to say with a shameless person like you.”

Madhara said: “If you don’t say anything, just fight, you can’t beat me.”

The rebel boss said: “I know I can’t beat you, but I won’t kill you, just wait and see.”

Modora doesn’t think he can take it. What a great thing happened, however, this time Madara was really wrong. I saw that in the seemingly undefended small town, the flag of another family was suddenly erected, which was entrenched in the tomb of the king. Another rebel flag, and then a large number of soldiers poked their heads from the city wall.

Modora: “Huh? The two remaining rebels have merged?”

Elsie whispered beside him: “They know that they are alone, It’s not surprising that they merged.”

“en!” Madara said that Yali is not big: “Our side is a force of four families, and there are eight hundred West Wind City. warriors, it’s not a big deal for us to combine them.”

Elsie said: “Be careful, it’s not rumored that there are Norma kingdoms behind the rebels of King’s Twilight. Do you support it? Since this rebel army is here, the troops from the Norma Kingdom might come out.”

Just as the two of them were talking about this, behind the opposite city wall, there were two The two Norma people are talking in a low voice. One of the two Norma people is a confidant of the King of Heroes, and the other is a confidant of the Emperor Light Church.

One person whispered: “Have you found that man?”

The other person said: “I used the reconnaissance technique to find it carefully, he is not in the team, it seems that he is going to Going to do something else.”

“Huh, that’s good! The battle strength of the parties we contacted has not been able to gather, if the guy is there, we can’t fight, we can only escape .”

“But he didn’t come, hehe, it seems that the warriors in West Wind City think their battle strength is strong enough to win without that man, hehehe.”


“Although the Demon King clan did not send over, a vanguard has already been sent over. With that thing, we should be able to drive this army back. Get ready and call that thing out.”

The two of them had made a negotiation and quietly retreated behind the city wall.

It didn’t take long for the battle to begin…

The west wind warriors did not move for the time being, they were fighting in the back. The main force of this battle were the three rebels who surrendered. . However, just after the battle, Madara discovered that the opponent’s equipment level was exceptionally good, especially the rebel army who came from the tomb of the king. Every soldier wore well-made armor and used high-quality weapons. Obviously, they received the secret support of the Norma Kingdom, otherwise, with the economic strength of these scumbags in the Desert Kingdom, they really couldn’t support such an army.

As soon as the three rebel troops entered the battle, they felt that the Yali Mountain was huge, and they were beaten back and forth.

The equipment and morale of these rebel troops are too weak, and they cannot afford to challenge the main force of the other side.

Modora said to Elsie with a smile: “It seems that we still need our Zephyr warriors here.”

Elsie nodded, leading the westward warriors , forcing the past forward.

The strength of this army is already well-known in the desert. As it moves forward, the two Legions on the other side are a little scared. They are obviously dozens of times more powerful than the west wind warrior, but as soon as they see the West Wind City The army felt its legs flickering and did not dare to come up to meet it.

At this moment, the earth suddenly trembled…

On the sandy ground in the distance, there was a huge dune moving rapidly towards the distance between the two armies. It looked like There is something digging in the sand, but, generally speaking, the digging thing will not be too big, but the sand dune in front of you is very huge, obviously, the size of this thing will not be too small.

Elsie reacted quickly and shouted loudly: “All back.”

The west wind warriors immediately retreated, and the big sand dune came in front of them with a bang. Out, the first to stick out from the ground was actually two huge pincers, followed by a huge body with a long tail with a hook.

This is actually a huge scorpion! It’s the size of a building.

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Chapter 852 The Sand King is Coming

The place where the big scorpion came out is right below the army formation of the west wind warriors. The speed of retreating is far less than the speed of the big scorpion digging the ground, so the big scorpion easily dug under the feet of everyone, and then broke out of the ground and pushed up hard.


With a loud noise, all the west wind warriors directly above the big scorpion were lifted into the air, at least twenty or thirty people, dancing and screaming. After flying far away, he fell heavily on the ground, and the metal armor fell with a “crash-bang” sound.

The two Norma people who were hiding in the city to watch the battle couldn’t help laughing proudly: “Now they know it’s great, hehe, these 20 or 30 people must all be dead. The scorpion is so slammed, no one can bear the huge impact, and all the internal organs will be shattered.”

However, before their voices fell, they saw that all the twenty-three warriors who had just dropped were all shattered. Turned over and got up, shook his head, and cursed: “Fake, what a monster insect.”

Two Norma people: “…”

I saw Kang Te was also among the group of people who fell flying. After he turned over and got up, he shouted: “Where did such a big scorpion come out? What do you desert people use to feed the scorpion? Can you feed it to such a big size?”

Modora couldn’t help but sweat profusely: “We didn’t feed it, this… This should be the junction of the Jinghong Mountain Range and the desert kingdom, the legendary monster, the Sand King!”


Kang Wudao: “What the hell is this? Is it a monster? It even has a name? I thought Insects in the desert had such personalities.”

“No way!” Madara yellowed: “Don’t talk nonsense, be careful, this thing is about to attack.”

Sand King’s huge scorpion pincers swung forward, and Conte just got up from the ground and was talking to Mora. When Tuo Luo spoke, he was completely unaware of the big scorpion’s move, and the big pliers grabbed Kang Wu at once, and grabbed him into the air.

The soldiers next to him were startled and shouted loudly: “Not good!”

I saw Conte caught in the middle with big pliers and held it up in the air. The Norma man began to laugh again: “He’s not dead yet? The big pliers only need to squeeze him lightly, and they can cut him into two pieces.”

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