After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 615

Elsie hangs up.

Sofa also finished listening next to him, and couldn’t help but ask in a low voice: “Norma country is contacting monsters again? This is too shameless.”

Robb said: “The weak want to fight against powerhouse. They always come up with all kinds of tricks, I don’t really mind them racking their brains against me, because this is such is human nature, but… can’t they have a human stance? Always with monsters Teaming up on this is really uncomfortable.”

Sofa nodded.

“Okay, don’t talk about these unhappy things.” Robb reached out and came to Lassofa again: “Let’s take a bath happily, don’t worry, just take a bath, promise not to do you haven’t done it yet. It’s ready.”

Sofa: “Huh? Don’t… um…”

Next is rubbing time, crazily rubbing…

Poor Sofa was rubbed so soft she couldn’t stand up until the bad guy had enough rubbing, then let her go, magically washed, dried, and put on again , the two of them came out of the ant’s crypt and continued to move towards the next mine.

Robb didn’t dig up the black iron in the queen’s lair. Now that he has Titan steel essence, the level of black iron is relatively too low to be useful.

Drilling out of the ant hole, Robb’s reconnaissance technique can be used, and the field of vision extends to 5,000 yards, and the entire loess slope is within his field of vision.

The two were walking, and Robb suddenly said: “Huh?”

Sofa Strangely said: “What’s wrong?”

“There is someone in front of you. Robb was delighted: “A team of five, there are warriors, thieves, hunters, mages, and priests, a standard five-player adventure squad, which looks much better than Sara’s squad.”

Sofa said in a low voice: “Tactics, animal husbandry and thieves, such a standard team? It seems to be very strong.”

Robb said with a smile: “There are no two or three. , I dare not go to Liangshan. This Jinghong mountain range is the most dangerous place on the Continent. It has the most and strongest monsters. It must be very strong, interesting, and they seem to be looking for mines… I saw them beating on the ground, as if they were thinking about rock formations.”

Sofataki: “They ran It’s going to be a lot of work to find mines in the Jinghong mountain range.”

“Anyway, let’s go up and ask.” Robb smiled and walked towards the direction of the five people.

When he saw the five people, the distance was 5,000 yards. The hunters in the team obviously did not have such a long line of sight, so they did not find Robb and Sofa, but when Robb and Sofa When they were 4,500 yards away, the hunter turned his head and looked at Robb from a distance.

Obviously, this guy has a sight distance of 4500 yards, which is quite impressive! The proficiency of the hunter class has reached 90%. This may not be a hunter anymore, it should be a demonhunter level, which is quite powerful.

Robb pretends not to see him and doesn’t glance over there, so that the demonhunter on the opposite side doesn’t know that Robb’s sight distance is farther than him, and thinks that Robb is just coincidentally facing them. Go in the direction.

demonhunter informed his teammates, and the other four had puzzled expressions on their faces. They were also very surprised to see humans in the Jinghong mountain range. After the five people looked at each other, He hid almost at the same time, waiting quietly for Robb and Sofa to walk past.

After a while, Robb and Sofa walked to the hiding place of the five, and suddenly heard a crash-bang sound of armor rubbing behind the stone in front, the warrior in the five-member group, He jumped out of his hiding place and stood in front of him. He looked cautious. The shield on his left hand was slightly raised to protect his vitals. He asked Robb seriously, “Who are you?”

“Wow, don’t be so vigilant.” Robb said: “As you can see, I am a human, from the magical kingdom of Gran, and the beautiful woman next to me is also a human, from the desert kingdom of Kurt.”

“We are adventurers from Norma, the country of the Knights, but don’t worry, we are not soldiers and will not attack the Gran people.” The warrior looked at Robb with strange eyes: “I’m just weird, you guys Do you know where this place is?”

“Yes, Jinghong mountain range, loess high slope!” Robb said: “It’s a very dangerous place.”

“Then you still Run inside? Aren’t you afraid of death?” Warrior said.

Sofa was about to say “This is Godafather from West Wind City”, but before she could say anything, Robb pulled her quietly, telling her not to rush to speak, and then, Robb With a look of grief and indignation, he said: “We also know that this place is dangerous, but we have to enter here.”

warrior strangely said: “Why?”

Robb said: “As you can see, I am a Gran. And the woman I fell in love with is from the desert kingdom. Our love is destined not to be accepted by the world. Family and friends opposed it. The desert kingdom even said that she would be executed. I had to take advantage of the civil strife in the desert kingdom to sneak into the desert kingdom and escape with her. There were enemies who were chasing us. In order to avoid the pursuers, we had to enter the Jinghong mountain range.”

warrior said : “Have you encountered any demon ants? There are quite a few demon ants on the high loess slopes. We have all killed hundreds of them along the way.”

Robb said: “Maybe the demon ants were caught You have attracted attention, and the whole family has sent out to attack you, we have not met a single one, so many thanks to you.” The person who walked the lucky dog excrement can walk into the depths of the mountain range without encountering a monster. Although there are very few people with such dogshit luck, there are still people who can win the lottery ticket, right? In addition, the ants do have the habit of sending out their whole family to attack a target, and their group has attracted the attention of the devil ants. This probability is also great.

warrior just feels a little strange, my entire group has only killed a few hundred ants, how big the ant colony is, a few hundred ants are not enough to see, I don’t know why there are no ants coming to look for them trouble.

Robb said: “Are you an adventurer? Dare to enter the Jinghong mountain range, you must be a very powerful adventurer! It is very good to meet you here, I want to pay a sum of money, please You protect both of us from being hurt by the pursuers.”

Chapter 856 Metal Detector

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Robb’s words completely dispelled the warrior Concerned, he beckoned to the side, and soon, the other four people came out of the hiding place one after another, the hunter, the thief, the mage, the priest, and the five squads all looked at Robb two with curious eyes.

“How much will you pay?” said the thief.

Robb said: “Don’t look at me like a fool, my family is very rich in Gran Kingdom, if you can keep us safe, I will pay you fifty gold coins. “

“Fifty gold coins?” The five adventurers were instantly overjoyed, although the thieves were still a little suspicious, Robb was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, which looked really weird, and Sofa was also wearing An assassin costume covered her equipment, so that the adventurers couldn’t see whether the two of them had money.

But as they could tell from Robb’s demeanor, the guy really wasn’t poor.

“Okay, that’s it, the business is done.” The warrior stretched out his hand and shook hands with Robb: “How long will we protect you?”

Robb said: ” It doesn’t take long, we just need to be safe from harm, and let us follow you until you leave this mountain range and get to a safe place.”

warrior thought for a while, then It’s also pretty good, there’s nothing in the way of letting these two people follow, and you can do your own business as usual.

Robb pretended to ask: “What are you doing in this mountain?”

warrior said with a smile: “We’re here to find rare ores.”

This is what Robb wants. He saw these five people looking for ore from a long distance just now, so he deliberately ran over a lot of nonsense. Now that the topic is brought up, he can finally ask: “Looking for ore?”

“Yeah!” warrior said with a smile: “If you’re not an adventurer, I’m afraid you don’t know about the biggest major event in our adventurer guild recently, which is West Wind City. The Godafather sent a super commission to the whole world. After seeing the oasis capital of the desert kingdom being ravaged by Black Dragon, he was very angry! He announced on the spot that he would pay a lot of money to buy rare ores, to make the strongest equipment, to destroy Black Dragon. Godafather has always been generous, and the big price he is willing to pay is more exciting than any commission. Now all the adventurers in the world are trying their best to complete this world-level commission.”

Robb sweats profusely, huh? Is there such a thing? Think about it, oh yes! Chapter 843 The last sentence. But he did not say that he would pay a lot of money! Well, I usually pay people lavishly, and everyone defaults that their entrustment is a big price.

Sofa didn’t know whether to cry or laugh next to him, poked Robb’s waist lightly, and whispered, “It turned out to be a part-time job for you.”

Robb whispered, “Hope them do it!”

Sofa was happy.

Robb then turned his head and faced the five adventurers again: “I am heartbroken when I hear your commission. How do you find ore?”

I saw the hunters , the thief, the mage, and the priest, all of them stretched out their fingers to the warrior and said, “He is the son of a miner!”

Robb: “…”

Well, it’s justified. , which is convincing.

He thought a little, and suddenly thought that he would go to the mountains and plains to find the yellow dots on the map one by one, which is really inefficient. There are five helpers now, why not take them the power to use?

Robb said: “To tell you the truth, I actually carry a magical treasure called ‘Metal Detector’, which can be used to help you find ores quickly.”

“en? There is such a good thing?” The five adventurers had suspicious expressions on their faces, and they didn’t quite believe it.

Robb said: “Since you have ventured into the mountains, you must be carrying a map around here, right?”

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