After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 616

“Of course there is!” The warrior flipped through his pockets and found a map near the Loess Slope. Moreover, he had several more maps than the one in Robb’s hand. There are more, covering a large area in the Jinghong mountain range. It seems that the adventurer guild has more explorations in the Jinghong mountain range than the desert kingdom.

It’s not a very strange thing, why did Desert Kingdom go to the Mountain Range when I had nothing to do?

On the contrary, adventurers prefer to brush such strange places!

Robb took a ruby ring out of his arms and pretended to say, “This ring is a metal detective. Using this thing, you can show the location of minerals on the map.”

The five adventurers obviously don’t believe it: “You think we are stupid? We can see that your ring is an ordinary ruby ring, maybe enchanted with a little magical defensive power or something, but it can be used to find Ore, it’s just nonsense.”

“I don’t believe it, I’ll try it for you.” Robb took the ring and pretended to use it, only to see a golden light burst from the ring, flashing everyone’s attention The five adventurers couldn’t help but close their eyes. Robb took advantage of the moment when they closed their eyes and quickly threw a few “markers” on the map. This is a unique function of the game, which can be used in Markers can be added to the map, and notes can be added, but Robb now only makes marks and no notes.

So, when the five adventurers opened their eyes, they found that there were three places on the map with red light, very strange magic rays of light.

“What is this?”

“What is this strange mark on the map?”

Although the five adventurers are experienced and knowledgeable, they have never seen it Where can I understand the “mark” function in the game.

Robb said: “This is where the ore found by the ‘Metal Detector’ is for you. You might as well go and see if my ‘Metal Detector’ is useful.”

Robb said. p>

The five explorers glanced at each other, dubious, but such things would rather be believed than untrustworthy.

They found the nearest marker and hurried over, Robb and Sofa followed, and after a while, everyone was there, there was only a loess slope and nothing else No.

The suspicions on the faces of several adventurers are even heavier!

Robb said: “The ore is generally not naked on the ground. Dig down to see.”

The thieves in the team jumped up and wanted to complain, but it was the miner’s. The son stood up, caught the thief and said, “This gentleman is right, how can ore be easily exposed on the ground for people to pick up? It should be digging into the ground.”

He turned to the mage : “Trouble you!”

The mage nodded, with his staff facing the ground for a meal: “Earth split!”

This is actually a fairly high-level Earth Element magician, when the stick went down, the ground suddenly cracked, and it was several meters deep. It seemed that his mana was quite powerful.

The warrior jumped to the bottom of the pit, touched it, and suddenly exclaimed excitedly: “This is iron ore! It’s iron ore! Although this mine is useless, this ‘metal detector’ It’s really useful, it’s great.”

Chapter 857 The temporary workers are here again

The five adventurers were very excited and surrounded Robb with a swipe: “Sir, Can you sell your ‘metal detector’ ring to us, and we’ll use it to find mines.”

Robb showed an awkward look: “It’s a family treasure, it really can’t be sold, so let’s use this treasure. , help you find all the ore points on the map, and then you won’t need metal detectors.”

When the five adventurers heard this, this is good, the warrior quickly said: “Well, You help us mark the location of the minerals, we will find rare minerals, and we will give you a share after getting paid from Godafather.”

Robb was secretly happy, it’s good, find a few A reliable working boy, cool!

He pretended to use a ruby ring. After the rays of light flashed, the maps that the five adventurers took out were all marked by Robb. The mineral resources are really rich. Perhaps when the mountain range was formed, the crust was squeezed and surging wildly, which made the minerals here extremely numerous and scattered.

The map was marked with a lot of marks in a blink of an eye…

The five adventurers glanced at the map and gasped in surprise: “So many locations? Legs may not be able to cover all these places.”

Robb said: “Yeah, I also think it’s too much, only one person, or a group of people want to turn all these points. Once again, you have to turn to until the end of time, so don’t eat alone in this matter, ask some friends to help, and a team of people is responsible for the mines in an area, so that all these points can be explored as soon as possible.”

The five adventurers discussed in a low voice. After a while, they reached a consensus. First of all, try to find as many points as possible. In addition, call some good friends in the adventurer guild to work together. If you find a good mine, everyone will divide it equally. Anyway, Godafather has always been generous, even if there are more people, you can still make a profit.

Robb secretly rejoices next to him, this is good, it’s much more convenient than searching for it yourself.

At this time, Robb suddenly found that a group of monsters came out on the hillside 5,000 yards away in the northeast. There were only a dozen monsters, and there was a huge monster in the middle of the group. Ox Head Man, with a stone pillar on his shoulders, looks like a very powerful monster.

This group of monsters is coming in their direction. Their footsteps are very fast, with a distance of several hundred yards. They walked in only a few minutes. They have just entered a distance of 4500 yards. The demonhunter among the five adventurers also When he discovered this group of monsters, he immediately opened the mouth and said: “Everyone, pay attention, at a distance of 4,500 yards from the northeast, there is a group of monsters with a total of 14. There is an Ox Head Man, which is coming towards us.”

The eyes of the other four adventurers suddenly became sharp.

priest asked: “What should I do?”

warrior said: “Hide first and watch these monsters before deciding what to do.”

They Just like when Robb came over just now, he scattered and hid behind the stone.

warrior also waved to Robb and Sofa: “Hide away, don’t make a sound.”

Robb took Sofa’s hand and turned to hide behind the stone. stand up.

The monsters came very quickly, and it didn’t take long for them to walk near everyone, and while they were walking, these monsters were still chatting.

A half-orc whispered: “Humans come to join us again. I hate joining forces with humans. I just want to kill them all.”

Ox Head Man hum hu hu said: “A temporary alliance is necessary. If we don’t join forces, none of us will be able to match the human in West Wind City. Don’t you know? Last time Archfiend led ten demons to reinforce the Demons in the Black Pine Mountain Range. King’s army, but the whole army was wiped out by the man.”

The orc said: “Of course I know, but what does this have to do with me? I just want to kill all humans and elves.”

Ox Head Man ill-humoredly said: “Stupid Orcs! If we don’t join forces with Norma Kingdom, we’ll have a dead end. Anyway, stop talking nonsense, hurry up to the Sand King and assemble, Demon King-sama has given an order, this time to assemble an unprecedented army to completely defeat the West Wind City.”

Hearing this, everyone understood what was going on.

Sofa couldn’t help lying on Robb’s back, biting his ear, and said in a very low voice: “Kill all these monsters! Reduce the enemy’s vitality.”

Robb nodded his head and was about to shoot when suddenly, a strong arrow flew out from behind the stone opposite, and with a thud, a half-orc was in the throat, the half-orc fell, and then a demonhunter jumped out from behind the stone , the longbow in his hand opened, “multiple arrows”, a rain of arrows swept towards the monsters.

The monsters were hit by arrows in many places in an instant, and they collapsed all at once. Only the Ox Head Man didn’t seem to react after being hit by the arrow. He roared and waved the giant stone pillar in his hand, yes. Sweep over with demonhunter.

At this time, the warrior behind another big rock jumped out: “Shield Wall!”

“pΓ¨ng! ”

Ox Head Man The giant stone pillar was blocked by the warrior’s shield, and behind another tree, the Earth Element Mage turned out: “Stonefall!”

A huge stone fell from the sky and hit Ox with a bang. On Head Man’s forehead, he was confused.

Then, the thief suddenly appeared behind Ox Head Man, and the dagger in his hand fiercely stabbed Ox Head Man’s vest.

Then the warrior took another step forward, “Shield Slam”, hitting the Ox Head Man’s chest with a slam.

Although the Ox Head Man is strong, these adventurers are also very strong monsters. Everyone’s formidable power is very strong. fell to the ground.

A team of monsters was cleaned up in an instant.

The thieves started rummaging through the monsters’ pockets to see if there was anything, while the warrior beckoned to where Robb and Sofa were hiding: “You can come out.”

Robb took Sofa’s hand and took it out, applauding: “Everyone, it’s really good kung fu.”

“en? What heroes? What kung fu?”

“Cough…I mean you guys are strong.”

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