After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 617

“Dare to walk in the Jinghong mountain range, of course you must have some ability.” The warrior accepted the adjective “strong” rudely, and was not humble at all. After speaking, his His face sank, he turned his head and said to several companions: “You heard what these monsters said just now.”

Several companions were nodded.

warrior had a look of anger on his face: “Our ruler of Norma is going crazy again, and the little video that came out last time caused a wave of anger in our adventurer guild, The Holy See finally said that the Archbishop of the Gran Kingdom was a temporary worker, what is going on now? Has the temporary worker come again?”

Chapter 858 Who are you?

Robb almost laughed when he heard it: “Temporary workers? The person in the position of Archbishop may also be a temporary worker?”

warrior shook his head and sighed: “When you are shameless, you don’t dare to say anything. ? Anyway, just give the public an explanation. As for you believing or not, they can believe it themselves anyway.”

Sofa was speechless.

Robb doesn’t really care, he’s seen a lot of similar things, and he shouldn’t talk nonsense about his current identity. Let’s just see what these adventurers plan to do.

warrior said to the four companions: “We have to take care of this!”

The four companions had no objection at all, and were all nodded: “Well, we have to take care of it.”

“We are the adventurers who hate monsters the most in the world.” Warrior said seriously: “We are the only ones who have been fighting various monsters all year round. We know best what character monsters are. It cannot coexist with humans at all. It can only kill and cannibalize people. The kingdom of Norma has teamed up with monsters once again, just to deal with Godafather in West Wind City, such a thing, we adventurer will never agree to it.”

demonhunter Said: “Yeah! Godafather is working hard to kill Black Dragon, what a lifelong ambition of adventurer, I still want to follow behind Godafather and shoot two arrows at Black Dragon. At this critical time, Norma It’s a bit chilling for the kingdom to do this.”

“Anyway, we have to find our companions in the adventurer guild to find these mines together!” Warrior said: “Let’s just take this opportunity and put The conspiracy of the kingdom of Norma is revealed, this time we must let the Holy See make a good apology and take back their stupid decision, it is definitely not something that can be solved by another temporary worker.”

Robb heard their words. , I feel warm in my heart, there are still many good people in this world…

This thing of human beings, whether they are good or evil, is never determined by their nationality. No matter how bad the country is, there are good people, and no matter how good the country is, there are bad people.

warrior said: “Then let’s go, and let’s put the prospecting for the time being.”

He just finished saying this, when suddenly, a jiΓ© sounded in the sky The strange laughter of jiΓ© jiΓ©, the three eagle-shaped Banshees, came quickly from the depths of the mountain range in the northeast, and passed over the heads of everyone, they lowered their heads and looked down at the five adventurers and Robb below, mouths. There was a strange laugh of inexplicable meaning.

The five adventurers thought that the Harpy Banshee would attack, but the Harpy Banshee did not stop, and swept over their heads in an instant.

Then, two rays of light lit up in the open space beside the crowd, and two red-skinned demons with horns but no wings emerged from the rays of light.

warrior shouted: “It’s Demon Race!”

The wizard also shouted: “Be careful!”

The two demons waved at the same time, the two fireballs facing each other As the adventurers flew over, the warrior raised his shield and bumped it, and he carried both fireballs down. The demonhunter behind threw his hand, and a row of flying knives fanned out at the two demons. In time, the mage’s rockfall technique also flew away, and the thief leaped back and disappeared in midair.

The battle has heated up in an instant.

Five to two, although the number of players has an advantage, but the five adventurers fell behind at first.

Demon Race is not a joke. It may be okay to fight a demon in a five-player squash, but it feels very difficult to fight two.

The hunter’s arrows are difficult to hit the demon, and the mage’s falling stone technique is always avoided by the demon. The thief has been looking for an opportunity behind the demon, but finally found an opportunity to cut two daggers, but failed to cause much damage to the demon, but was kicked out by the demon.

The warrior felt that the situation was not right, turned around and said to Robb and Sofa: “The monsters here are probably fully activated, and they are all running out of their hiding places. Once the Demon Race comes out, it is extremely dangerous, and even We will all be in danger, run away! Don’t enter this mountain range again for a short time… We will also find a chance to run away.”

“pΓ¨ng!” On the warrior’s shield, the warrior was hit and took a few steps back, but he was a high-level warrior. If you don’t count the equipment, but only his own battle strength, he was far above Golda, and he took the devil’s blow. , and only took a few steps back to stand firm, and the priest behind gave him a healing magic to throw off, he immediately loudly roared again, switched to a violent stance, one “intercepted” another demon’s attack towards the mage Blocked it, and then instantly switched to a defensive stance, hitting the ground to hold the demon’s swung fist.

Sofa didn’t slap his tongue: “What a great warrior!”

Robb said with a smile: “Norma, the kingdom of Knight, name is not in vain, rich in high-quality warriors It’s not a joke. From this team, we can see how excellent the adventurers who dare to enter the Jinghong mountain range are.”

“What are you still talking about? Hurry up. !” warrior angry roar, sounding several li.

Robb sighed: “I can’t see such an adventurer die here, I have to help.”

Sofa said: “This time, I don’t need to pick up equipment to fight. Right?”

Robb nods the T-shirt. Since he started preparing to deal with Black Dragon, he has been wearing various equipment, but it is just covered with the krypton gold appearance.

I saw that he stretched out his hand in his T-shirt and pulled out a huge two-handed sword. The five adventurers next to him were puzzled, how did the sword come out of such a small clothes? pulled out?

Robb took a big step forward and loudly said: “Get out of the way!”

At the same time, Robb activated the special skill “Command Halo”, although this halo did not affect others ” Command” effect, but with a jarring, involuntarily urge to follow.

The few adventurers dodged to the left and right without the slightest hesitation.

Then, Robb arrived, and the Titan steel essence in his hand swept the giant sword with both hands…

Swipe the ground, the sword edge swept from the waists of the two demons, The two demons were cut in half at the same time. When they fell to the ground, the two demons were still alive, their eyes were full of confusion, and they were a little confused about what happened.

“Huh?” The five adventurers were completely stunned, what monster is this fuck? A sword! Just a sword! To actually chop up two demons, this strength is simply crazy to break through the sky.

Robb inserted the two-handed sword into himself, but it was actually hanging on his back, but as soon as he turned around, the equipment would be obscured by the appearance of the T-shirt and jeans, so he inserted it like this, The two-handed sword disappeared without a trace.

He turned his head to the five adventurers and said, “You guys hurry up and inform the adventurer guild.”

The five adventurers only woke up from the shock at this time: “You…you Who is it?”

Chapter 859 It’s time to take the initiative

Robb said with a smile: “I’m just a Gran man who eloped with a beloved woman.”


The five adventurers squinted, obviously disbelieving, but they saw that Robb didn’t want to say it, so that’s fine, a stranger meets a powerhouse, this kind of thing is often encountered by high-level adventurers It’s just that the man in front of him is outrageously strong.

The five saluted Robb and said, “It seems that we don’t have to protect your safety anymore. Let’s go to the Adventurer Guild and report the Norma Kingdom’s alliance with monsters again, by the way. , and these maps full of mines…”

The five gave Robb a big gift: “Thank you for your generous gift.”

Robb said : “You’re welcome, if you can find a good mine, it will be a good thing for me.”

“Huh?” Before they could speak, Robb had already pulled up Sofa’s little hand, flashed on the ground, and disappeared without a trace. The five of them had to sigh in the direction where Robb disappeared: “I’m afraid we didn’t meet the legendary man…”

“It’s a pity that we couldn’t say a few more words!”


“Let’s go, let’s help him find good ore, and then follow him to see Black Dragon, haha.”

Several adventurers sighed and went down the mountain.

Robb didn’t actually flash far, because the distance of the flash was only a few dozen yards. He pulled Sofa and flashed behind a stone not far away, hiding so that the five adventurers couldn’t see it. to him.

Sofa ill-humoredly said: “Hey, what’s the use of flashing and hiding?”

Robb chuckled said: “Fuck and run, it’s really exciting .”

Sofa: “…”

She glanced at the corpses of demons, Ox Head Man, and Orcs on the ground, and whispered: “Godafather, demon army. It’s coming again, and this time is not a monster from a small place like the Black Pine Mountain Range. It’s a monster from the Jinghong mountain range, the old nest of the demon family. I’m afraid that the battle strength will be unreasonably high. These monsters have been with Black for a long time. Dragon lives in the same mountain range, speaking of which even Black Dragon is not afraid, they all gather together, it is also a considerable threat. Coupled with Norma Kingdom and Light Church Court, this battle strength is very terrifying. “

Robb shook the head: “It would be great if these guys could use their strength to deal with me to deal with Black Dragon? But not on the right path.”

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