After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 618

Sofa said: “Don’t just sigh, say something practical, do you just sit and wait for the enemy to encircle?”

Robb said with a smile: “What does it matter if they encircle? Anyway They’re all scumbags.”

After pretending to be forced, Robb added: “However, sitting and fighting with the others all the time makes them look down on me too much, and occasionally I have to take the initiative. Strike out, so that people don’t think I’m a good gentleman who won’t fight back.”

Sofa Strangely said: “So what do I do now?”

Robb took out his phone , hummed: “Of course now, close the door and let Sara go.”

Sofa: “…”

The phone dialed quickly, and we played Sara on the opposite side. His laughter: “Darling, why do you have time to call me? Usually I’m the only one who calls you, you conscientious never call me.”

Robb sweats: ” When did my name become dear?”

Sara: “The moment you called me just now, tell me honestly, did you miss me?”

“I miss you.” Robb said, “I’m talking to you.”

Sara strangely said: “Do you have time to be serious?”

“Nonsense, I Such a serious person.” Robb said: “The Black Dragon made a riot a few days ago, killed the pharaoh, and the desert kingdom was in turmoil. You may not know about the adventure in the new continent.”

Sara really doesn’t know, Surprised: “It’s so big?”

Robb said the following things again: “In short, the Norma Kingdom and the Light Church court, and now they are running to join the Demon Race in the Jinghong mountain range. , I’m going to come out and join forces to deal with me, this time I don’t want to be lazy and wait for them to come, I have to quickly prepare to pack up Black Dragon’s things, I don’t have time to ink with them.”

Hearing this, Sara’s eyes lit up: “You want to take the initiative?”

Robb said: “Yes! Isn’t it stupid to wait for the enemy to encircle?”

Sofa whispered beside him: “You I’ve always been so stupid before.”

Robb: “…”

Forget it, the beautiful woman put up with her complaints, and another man complained and kicked her. He said to the crystal ball: “Anyway, I’m going to hammer the Demon Race to death before they come around.”

“That is… are you going to directly defeat the Demon King?” Sara suddenly cheered: “Oh, Demon King City, this time must be going to Demon King City, you wait, I’ll come right away.”

Sara said: “I will open a Transmission here. Gate to West Wind City, and you will also open a Transmission Gate to West Wind City, I will go through two gates, and I will be by your side in no time.”

Robb saw her so active, also Can’t help but don’t know whether to cry or laugh: “Okay, okay, open the door.”

While Robb was on the phone with Sara, Elsie was on the phone with Noren Baron.

“Man Noren, the front lines are tight and need your support.” Elsie called into the phone.

“What’s the matter? This time Godafather led the army to expedition, and West Wind City dispatched 500 warriors, plus 300 retired soldiers from the desert kingdom, you are still in a tight front line? What can you do? Block?” Noren Baron couldn’t help but wonder.

Elsie said: “Godafather was busy looking for ore to make new equipment for us. When he was not in the army, we encountered a huge scorpion, which kept burrowing into the ground, and then burrowed out and We’re flying up and down…damn, there’s nothing we can do about it. I don’t want to waste Godafather’s time, we’ll have to figure this out ourselves.”

Noren Baron: “pu! hahaha!”

“Still laughing?” Elsie said, “Your nephew Conte Morning Light was beaten with bloody nose and swollen face by a scorpion, don’t you feel bad?”

Noren Baron said calmly: “It’s just bloody nose and swollen face, it’s not dead, right? It doesn’t matter! A man just needs to suffer more and get more injuries before he can grow. Fighting more like this is good for Conte. Benefits.”

Elsie: “That’s your own son, is it really okay for you to be so cruel?”

“It’s your nephew.” Noren Baron was elegant and calm, A gentlemanly temperament.

Elsie was speechless for a while: “Anyway, I don’t have time to talk nonsense, and I have to treat the wounded soldiers. You should organize it quickly and ask a few elves, old fogey, who lived more than 900 years old. Experienced, let’s see if there is any way to deal with the big insect hiding in the ground.”

Elsie hung up the phone after finishing speaking.

As soon as the call was disconnected, Noren Baron’s gentlemanly face turned black instantly, threw the phone “Pa” to the ground, and flipped the table: “Fake, where is the damn insect? , dare to beat my son bloody nose and swollen face, labor and capital can’t kill you.”

Chapter 860 The way to deal with biginsect

Noren Baron quickly I found three elves in front of the old man. At this time, the three old men were sitting in the parlour of a “publisher”, each holding a book in their hands, waiting to discuss the publication with the publishing house. Suddenly, I saw Noren Baron with the “wind rush” on him, and it rolled in like a gust of wind, causing a whirlwind in the living room.

The manuscript paper held in the hands of the three old men was blown up instantly, flying all over the room.


“Noren Baron, you are bringing about one’s own destruction.”

“How dare you attack our literature , do you want Elf Race to declare war on you?”

The three old men jumped up at the same time, fortunately they have lived for more than 900 years, of course the magic will not be too bad, and at the same time Using natural magic, the gust of wind brought by Noren Baron was suppressed in an instant. Even let the manuscript paper floating in the sky fly back page by page and fold it again.

To be honest, even Robb will not do this trick, because Robb’s magic all comes from the game, and the magic functions in the game are relatively rigid, that is, attack, recovery, and assistance, and do not control the manuscript fee and reset it. If Robb saw this trick, he would have to shamelessly find three old men to learn it.

The whirlwind beside Noren Baron stopped, revealing his smiling face full of gentleman’s temperament. He sat down gracefully on the chair, and he didn’t know where he changed a cup of black tea and took it out: “Good afternoon, three! What are you doing?”

The three old men blew their beards in anger: ” Noren, don’t pretend to be elegant, the way you just cut the wires with a kitchen knife, and sparks and lightning came in all the way, has betrayed your eagerness, and now even pretending like a gentleman can’t hide your inner panic.”

Noren: “Ginger is still old and spicy… Then I’ll say hurry up…”

Fast forward! Wind Element’s magic speaking speed is fast, and in an instant, the three old men are dizzy and dizzy. When people are old, their reaction is slow, and their thinking is slow. Noren Baron has finished speaking and several minutes have passed. , Only the old men figured out the problem.

“It turned out to be dealing with a big scorpion lurking in the ground! It’s easy to handle.”

The three old men said: “You only need to send a large number of Drews. Yi, cast the magic of ‘roots growing’ into the ground, if the ground is full of magical tree roots, it will not be so easy to dig the ground.”

Noren Baron snorted. : “This move sounds great.”

Three old men said with a smile: “In the long life of our elves, we have fought against many messy monsters, this is just common sense. By the way. , There is another good way, that is to use Water Element magic to wet all the sand, and then use ice attribute magic to freeze the wet sand. The big scorpion digs the ice cubes frozen by magic, but it is not as good as digging the sand. Easy. If it can’t dig into the ground and can only fight on the ground, with the equipment of our West Wind City, the soldiers can kill it in no time.”

Noren Baron immediately admired it. prostrate oneself in admiration: “Godafather said that Jiang is old and spicy, and he was right.”

The three old men called the elf guard and asked them to mobilize the mage immediately.

In a short while, a support force composed of three races of elf mages was ready.

Noren Baron, wearing a mooncloth robe, holding a staff of life, and wearing all kinds of messy Grandmaster Level accessories, led a large group of mages and dialed Elsie’s phone: “Open the door. , we’re coming.”


A purple Transmission Gate opened.

Noren Baron hurriedly led his team to get in. Not long after they entered the Transmission Gate, a new Transmission Gate opened next to the gate. Sara, Golda, and Jake were three , drilled back from this newly opened Transmission Gate.

The three of them all seem to have endured the hardships of a long journey, a very embarrassed look, after all, they have been exploring the new continent for several months, in the jungle of the new continent , There is no way to eat well, and there is no place to sleep well. I often have to fight with Maya’s Human Race and magic. Only when I occasionally encounter a Maya tribe who can communicate, can I have a quiet place to rest.

However, although the three were tired, they were very energetic.

Especially when I heard that Robb was going to visit the Demon King City, the three of them were even more excited. They just jumped out of the Transmission Gate, turned their heads left and right, and there was a Transmission Gate next to them. happily said: “It must be this door, Godafather opened it to pick us up, come in.”

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