After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 619

The three jumped into the Transmission Gate next to them.

Sara fully thought that if she jumped over, she would see Robb waiting for them with a smile, but she just jumped over the Transmission Gate and saw a picture of two armies facing each other.

On my side are the army of West Wind City and the army of the desert kingdom led by Madara, and there are also a lot of army of the desert kingdom on the opposite side. In addition, there is another one who has just arrived. The Heavenly Knight regiment of the South of the Norma Kingdom.

Anyway, the west wind warrior has blatantly intervened in the civil war in the desert kingdom, and the Norma kingdom will no longer provide any covert rear support, but directly give the Nan Heavenly Knight regiment located in Gubao, Zhennan to the army. called over.

A Norma man was laughing in front of the battle: “The scumbags of West Wind City, as long as that man isn’t around, you have nothing to do.”

Noren Baron stood up Before the battle, full of gentleman’s demeanor: “Sir, good evening! Although Your Excellency looks arrogant now, but soon, I will hang you on the fifth-speed ceiling fan, so that you can fully understand the characteristics of the special torture device in West Wind City. If I offend you, I feel helpless, please forgive me.”

The Norma person froze: “Who is this? I said who is leading your army? Standing at the front, Elsie ran out, and then an unfathomable mystery guy? Wouldn’t you be directing chaos like this?”

“Of course not.” Erxi and Noren Baron laughed together: “To deal with a scum like you, where do you need any command, and what about the chaos?” : “What’s going on here? Obviously Godafather picked me up to play Demon King City, how did I get here? Can someone explain it to me?”

Everyone: “…”

The Norma man on the opposite side laughed heartily: “You still have such idiots over there? They all came to the battlefield and don’t know what happened? All die… Sand King, come and clean up these guys.”

Norma’s voice just fell, and from far to near, a dune moved quickly.

The west wind warriors knew at a glance that it was the big scorpion last time, and could not help but get nervous.

Sara, Golda, and Jake are adventurers and have the deepest understanding of monsters. When the three saw this picture, they also yellowed: “A Great Demon is attacking from the ground, try to find a way.”

Noren Baron hummed: “Don’t panic! We’ve already prepared.”

Chapter 861 They’re all right

The dune saw the west wind coming. Under the feet of the warriors, the elf druids who had just arrived from West Wind City for reinforcements pointed to the ground at the same time, “roots are overgrown”, and saw that many tree roots were immediately densely packed in the sand, madly heading towards the ground. spread.

The Sand King was attacking from the ground at this time, and he was digging sand happily. Suddenly, he felt that countless tree roots appeared in the surrounding sand, and it was not the kind of ordinary tree that would break after a hit. A branch is a tree root condensed by magic. Every time it breaks a tree root, it takes a lot of strength. After breaking hundreds of roots in a row, it actually feels a little bit of strength.

Then more roots surround it, making it feel front and back, left and right, like a big net with roots.

Sand King was startled, and quickly wanted to dig up, get out of the ground, and find a place to burrow again.

But a group of human mages on the ground were already ready, and pointed to the ground at the same time: “Spring Technique”.

one after another The magic spring water rushed to the ground, and instantly penetrated into the sand, filling the ground, and the sand wet with water was obviously much stronger than the dry sand. The child actually failed to break through the ground.

Then, another group of mages stood up and faced the ground: “Freeze!”

ice cold aura rolled over the ground, and the ground was quickly knotted at a speed visible to naked eyes. Ice, Sand King’s two big pincers and head just got out of the ground, the ground was completely frozen, and its huge body and tail were all frozen under the ground.

The Sand King is panicking now! Desperately shaking its head and shaking two big pincers, it wanted to get out of the ice cube, but it was of no use. It suddenly remembered that it had an earthquake technique. If you can run out, start casting spells quickly. But it suddenly found that to put this Seismic Wave, you need to shake the tail first, but the tail is frozen now and can’t shake at all.

“Go on! Kill it.”

Noren Baron took the lead in threw away a Wind Blade Technique, and the mages next to him were also full of fire.

Sara finally understood what was going on at this time, said with a big smile: “Following the army to fight monsters, it feels very interesting, hahaha! The army’s tactics are really powerful, such a powerful monster, It was controlled by the army in an instant. If we fight, I really don’t know what to do. Golda, Jake, let’s go too.”

Golda shrugged: “No chance to shoot Luo!”

Golda shrugged: “No chance to shoot Luo!”


I saw a bunch of fireballs, ice arrows, wind blades, and falling rocks, all of which fell on the Sand King’s forehead. The Sand King who was unable to move even a little bit didn’t even have room to dodge. Smashed and cried, and the two large pincers that were waving wildly fell down weakly.

I saw a picture of magic flying around, and a Conte was added. !”

Noren Baron was overjoyed when he saw this scene: “Haha, look at how brave my nephew is.”

Sara strangely said: “He screamed. I want to cast a whirlwind, but why are you rushing forward? The whirlwind should be a long-range magic, right?”

Noren Baron: “Huh?” A bad premonition immediately rose in his heart.

I saw Conte rushed in front of the scorpion, kicked it hard, and kicked the scorpion’s front face. Frozen on the ground, it is impossible to move even a little bit, his foot has a fart…

Besides, even if such a big scorpion is not frozen, with Conte’s power, Also impossible to make it go around.

Conte: “Whoops, my whirlwind can’t make it spin.”

Noren Baron’s gentlemanly demeanor dissipated immediately, flustered and exasperated: “Fake This is not the case with the whirlwind technique passed down by my Chenguang family.”

Everyone: “Noren Baron, is this the first time you have seen Conte perform the whirlwind technique? My condolences, my condolences.”

Noren Baron fell to the ground with a thud, bending forward in frustration.

The Sand King was taken care of by the West Wind City in a blink of an eye. The Norma people and the desert kingdom rebels behind them didn’t even have time to respond, and they didn’t even have time to support them. Everyone was stunned together. After a while, they didn’t wake up until Sand King’s body was hardened.

Angrily roared, the leader of the Southern Heavenly Knight regiment: “Without the help of the Sand King, my Southern Heavenly Knight regiment will still blow up your rubbish, Knights! Charge! Charge!”

The Mamluks and scimitar warriors of the rebels also rushed forward together.

The two leading generals, Madara and Elsie on this side, also waved the machete and scepter in their hands forward: “Attack! Clean up this group of garbage, when Godafather is not around, We can’t be underestimated.”

The two sides rushed towards the middle from two directions, intertwined in an instant.

Golda said to the excited Sara: “Let’s go back, this is not a place for adventurers like us, we are only good at small team battles, and we can’t even figure out how to intervene in this kind of battle. “

Sara said: “It’s good to throw a few fireballs in front of you.”

Golda: “Stop, you will hit your own people.”

The two of them, Jake, stepped forward, pulled Sara back, got back into the Transmission Gate behind the array, and returned to West Wind City again. The two of them looked around and found a new Transmission Gate. , hurry up and get into this Transmission Gate, this time to get in, finally right.

I saw Robb standing in front of the Transmission Gate, looking at them with a smile: “Why is it so slow? I thought I would see Sara jumping out as soon as the door opened, but I waited for a long time, you guys. Three came here.”

Sara haha laughed and jumped over to hang Robb’s neck: “Honey, we entered the wrong Transmission Gate and ran to Elsie’s side.”


“Oh? Elsie just opened the Transmission Gate.” Robb asked with a smile, “How’s the situation over there?”

Golda stepped forward and recounted what happened just now. The battle, said with a smile: “It’s going well over there. When we passed, we just saw them pack up the enemy’s giant Great Demon. The next battle will definitely be won by our side.”

Robb listened to nodded: “It seems that I have nothing to worry about over there.”

In the past, when he only controlled one West Wind City, Robb could do everything, and now he has a stall in West Wind City. It is also assisted, Gran Kingdom, New Continent, Desert Kingdom… The world is so big, Robb and Impossible have everything, and it is time to let go and let his subordinates handle some things by themselves.

West Wind City, after so many years of development, is now capable of fighting a tough battle without Robb, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Robb smiled and said to the adventurer trio: “Okay, then let’s go to Demon King City in peace, don’t tell me you don’t know where Demon King City is.”

Chapter 862 Robb squad five members

β€œNo one knows the exact location of Demon King City.”

As soon as I heard about Demon King City, Sara’s eyes glowed, and she took out a general map of Jinghong’s mountain range from her pocket with a swipe. This is a “large area map”. Robb can’t look for mines on it, but he can’t rush to look for mines now. Now, if you don’t solve the problem of monsters, you can’t look for mines with peace of mind.

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