After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 620

The monsters in Jinghong’s mountain range must also be subdued, so that the adventurers can be dispatched collectively to help him retrieve the ore.

Sara’s finger moved on the map: “Although the exact location of Demon King City is unknown, the people of our adventurer guild, through the efforts of countless adventurers over hundreds of years, have narrowed down the location of Demon King City. It’s a very small area.”

She pointed to the northwest area of Jinghong mountain range and said: “In this area, it is said that Black Dragon’s lair is also nearby, but Black Dragon only It will only come out to make trouble in the year when the Black Dragon is flying, and usually stay in the lair to sleep, no one will mess with it, it will not shoot.”

This Robb understands that Black Dragon is a game When the NPC crosses over, it must act according to the rules set by the game, and it will come out to make trouble every four years, and during the interval of making trouble, it will only stay motionless, unless someone enters its “active attack” range, otherwise It will not do anything.

Sara said: “We go to this area and search carefully, and we will definitely find Demon King City.”

Robb said: “Since we search carefully in this area, If you can find it, why has your adventurer guild been found for hundreds of years but no one has found it?”

Sara chuckled said: “It’s not strong enough! The adventurers who went there to search – all died.”


Robb: “…”

Well, to describe them as a group of weak chickens is to praise them, it’s a group of insects.

Sara suddenly turned her head to Robb hehe and laughed.

Seeing her strange expression, Robb couldn’t help asking: “Just say what you want to say, don’t stare at people and laugh like that.”

Sara said: “Dear, let’s This time out for an adventure, don’t get ahead of everything, okay? Let the three of us, oh no, plus Sofa, it’s four people. When the four of us take the first shot to deal with the monster, when we really can’t figure it out, You shoot again.”

Robb strangely said: “Why is it so troublesome?”

“Because… once you shoot the monster all dead, how can I risk it?” Sara Said: “Exploring Demon King City is my wish until now. It’s a big adventure I really want to go to. If you push it all the way, how can I play?”

Robb: “Have fun, we It’s doing serious things.”

“Isn’t doing serious things also to satisfy my ‘sense of justice’? After all, it is a kind of spiritual satisfaction.” Sara said: “And I want to take risks, I want to To stimulate and to be happy is also a kind of spiritual satisfaction, both are important.”

Robb: “…”

Well, although this sounds a bit wrong , but actually makes sense. Robb has always believed that anyone, doing anything good, is actually doing it for a sense of satisfaction. When human beings do good deeds, they will have this kind of spiritual self-satisfaction. This is the source of power for all people to do good deeds. It cannot be denied.

“Okay then, then I will be a priority along the way and treat everyone.” Robb said with a smile: “And the four of you… warrior, hunter, mage, thief…”

Sofa protested: “I’m not a thief, I’m an assassin!”

Golda said with a smile: “Isn’t an assassin an advanced thief? It’s not like unlocking, stealth, and assassination, it’s just that thieves are at a primary level.”

Sofa protested seriously: “But I’m an assassin, not a thief.”

“Okay. Okay, you are an assassin.” Robb said with a smile: “In short, we are tactical herdsman hunting thorns, a standard five-man squid,”

After finishing speaking, he didn’t know where to take out one. A rod of life, held in his hand, said with a smile: “Do I look like a priest like this?”

Golda said with a smile: “You have to add a wow, it looks like .”

Robb: “Wow!”

The four people next to me were sweating profusely: “It makes me want to be beaten.”

“I want this The voice of beating is the essence of the priority, you know shit.” Robb said with a smile: “Let’s go, go to Demon King City.”

Therefore, the great adventurer five began Moving towards the Northwest, in the history of the Continent, the first team that can truly set foot in the Demon King city was born. Their story is destined to be an epic. Of course, it can be revealed in advance what the story is sung by the poets. of.

“The legendary five-person squad, who fought through all obstacles, defeated countless monsters, and entered the depths of the Demon King city. After a bloody battle, the Demon King family was finally buried, bringing peace to the demon continent…”

The poems of the poets are always filled with such a glorious and righteous style, however, the actual The style of the painting is like this: “Wow! Sara! Well done.” Robb hid behind a big rock, while threw away a most primary level of healing magic, while pretending to be shiver coldly, exclaimed: “Kill this Ox Head Man, I’m so scared.”

Sara, waving her staff, was chasing after an Ox Head Man, hitting the Ox Head Man with a bag all over his head.

Sofa complained in the back: “What ghost mage? Give me a magic attack!”

Sara said with a big smile: “I’m just testing the effect of the latest primary level stick training book, which is very useful, I’m really strong with stick now, hahaha, it seems to be a monk’s skill, right? Haha, fun, fun .”

“It’s funny how you are, let’s knock it down.” Sofa called out, “Be careful.”

“I want to knock it down, but it won’t kill you. .” Sara tapped Ox Head Man’s forehead hard: “I don’t know why, these skills are so low in formidable power. Look, I knocked on the head hard, but it only picked up a few packs, and it didn’t die.”

Robb mystifying from a distance: “The formidable power of these skills comes from the double addition of strength and agility. Your strength and agility are too poor, so there is no formidable power.”

Sara said: “Then you can add it to me! What is that called, the King’s Blessing or something.”

Robb shook his head: “You are too strong, that is Paladin’s skill, I just A fledgling little prince, this time came out to take an adventure, and I came to make soy sauce.”

Sara: “Hello!”

She was still protesting non-stop, and the next door Sofa couldn’t bear it anymore, jumped over with a swipe, and stabbed the two Titan steel essence daggers on Ox Head Man’s back at the same time, Ox Head Man screamed and collapsed.

Sofa put away the dagger, clapped, and turned to leave: “It’s a waste of time.”

Chapter 863 Sara’s past

The five made their way to Northwest Moving forward, you will encounter various monsters from time to time on the road. Some of these monsters are “local tyrants” entrenched in the Jinghong mountain range, while others have received orders from the Demon King and are going to the “king” in the northern part of the desert kingdom. The tomb of the “Oasis” gathers and prepares to deal with Robb, but is shot to death by Robb’s squad on the way.

The five-man squad is of course impossible to block all the monsters gathered in the past, but if you encounter it, you will shoot it to death. When it really can’t be solved, he will call himself.

The five of them are not lonely on the road. Occasionally, they can encounter other adventurer squads that are also wandering in the Jinghong mountain range. In order to entrust to come in to destroy a specific monster, to avenge the villagers of a village at the foot of the mountain, and even to help Robb find ore.

Adventurer guild has invested a lot of battle strength around this amazing mountain range, and all of them are high-level adventurers, because this most dangerous mountain range is not a place where primary level adventurers can come in.

In the evening of this day, the five people came to the deepest boundary in the northwest of Jinghong Mountain Range.

Looking up to the north, you can see a towering Snow Mountain, which is the main peak of the Jinghong mountain range.

Sara pointed to the Snow Mountain and whispered: “The Black Dragon lives there, so it is also called the Black Dragon Peak. Years ago, there were brave adventurers who tried to go up to kill the Black Dragon, but after their numerous failures, in the last hundred years, no one will go up to challenge the Black Dragon.”

Robb said as a nominee: ” It’s right not to go, to deal with this thing, even I have to be well prepared, ordinary person is better not to play with fire.”

Sara nods with a smile: “And the legendary city of Demon King , it should be in a crack in the ground below the Black Dragon Peak, where monsters are teeming, adventurers have spent hundreds of years, and they have not been able to find out there, hey, but this time we finally have to find out It’s very important to me to find the Demon King city and defeat the Demon King.”

She became more and more excited as she spoke, and her face flushed with redness.

Robb couldn’t help but be a little curious: “I often hear you talk about Demon King City, what makes you so obsessed with it?”

“Cough, it’s nothing!”

Sara’s eyes suddenly blurred, and she seemed to recall something, which made her a little lost. She immediately turned to him and stopped worrying about this issue.

Robb felt an unusual aura, not your usual Sara.

He quietly pulled Golda next to him. The latter understood and pretended to go to the toilet with Robb. The two left the two girls and turned to the back of the nearby bushes.

Robb then asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong with Sara? From the time I know this guy, she has been very obsessed with Demon King City.”

Golda shrugged: “The reasons for adventurers to take risks are nothing but those.”

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