After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 621

Robb: “Oh? Parents were killed by Demon King? Want revenge?”

Golda shook the head: “You think too much, Sara is an orphan, but it’s not as vulgar as avenging her parents. The reason, her real reason…”

Speaking of this, Golda couldn’t help laughing: “This starts when we were young.”

Robb felt great Interests: “Come, come, talk slowly.”

“When I was a child, Sara, Jake and I were all children in an orphanage.” Golda laughed authentically: “You know, the orphanage. There must be not only a few of us, but also many children.”Robbp>nominated another nobleman: “That’s inevitable!”

Golda said: “The orphanage said: ” He funded the orphanage. His real purpose in setting up this orphanage was not to save us orphans, but to train us to be his personal soldiers, so he spent a lot of money asking people to teach us battle skills and magic. , that’s how the three of us learned the ability.”

Here, Golda was silent for a while, as if reminiscing about the past, and then continued: “You must have seen it, the three of us have They are scumbags who are not good at school. Among the many children in the orphanage, the three of us are the most useless, the most wasteful, and the most rubbish. We are often bullied by a group of children with excellent grades. There is a girl who is a Fire Element like Sara. magician, her Fire Element magic is very good, so she often bullies Sara, who has poor grades…”

Robb “pu” almost spit out: “I smelled Academy pretending to slap her face. The breath of the plot, could it be that Sara made a bet with this person, whoever gets through the Demon King city first will be eligible to slap the other party’s face, trample her under her feet, ask her to lick her shoes, and even let the other party strip off the street. Something like that?”

Golda Khan: “Godafather, where are you trying to drift off to? Although she often bullies Sara, the relationship between the two is not so bad. We are after all. She grew up in an orphanage, and no matter how bullied she is, she is still a family, so there is no need to do it like this. After she bullied Sara for a while, the two became good friends, and they even agreed to explore Demon King City together. “

Robb sweats: “Huh? Isn’t that so? Ordinary novels are written like this, so what’s going on?”

Golda said quietly: “Ten years ago, Raised our nobles and participated in a small Monster Suppression Operation. “

Robb’s brows frowned…

Golda said: “The outstanding orphans all followed the nobles to the battlefield to kill monsters, and the three of us were left behind instead. Come down, it’s useless. Sara’s friend also went with her. Before leaving, she said to Sara that when she has made great contributions on the battlefield, won the trust of the noble master, and can be allowed to go out, she will take Sara to explore the Demon King City together. . “

Robb: “Damn, Flag!” I’m afraid it won’t come back. “

Golda said with a bitter smile: “You’re really right, in that battle, none of the people who went to participate in the siege of monsters came back, all died, even the ones who raised us.” A nobleman also died, and the orphanage had no sponsors, so it had to be closed. The three of us were kicked out and turned into wild children… Fortunately, we were a little less capable at the time, then went to the adventurer guild, and took some of the easiest and most simple things. Garbage little tasks, earn a little money to live. “

“You know what happened next. “Golda said: “We know that we are not strong enough, and we may never have the opportunity to set foot in Demon King City in this life, but Sara always remembers the agreement with her good friend. She wants to go there and see, that’s all, it’s not that great.” wish. “

Robb sighed, and thought to himself: Okay! In fact, most people’s dreams are like this, small, unremarkable reasons, not so heaven shaking, Earth shattering is just a little scratch left in your heart by the past.

Chapter 864 Such a big snake

A canyon appeared in front of five people, the canyon It is very narrow and secluded. Originally, there was only a thin line of the sky on the top of the valley. It was shaded by towering trees, and the sun could not shine on the ground at the bottom of the valley. After passing through this canyon, you will reach the deepest part of the Jinghong mountain range. The most terrifying area.

Sara stood at Taniguchi, looked inside, and felt the strong smell of monsters inside. She couldn’t help feeling a little empty, but when she thought of Robb standing behind her, she became more courageous.

If Robb was not there, the three of them would not dare to come in such a dangerous place as Jinghong Mountain Range, but with Robb, everything is possible.

Be bold. As soon as I drilled into the canyon, I took less than two steps, and I felt that my feet were empty. Then a huge spider web rose from the ground, netted her, and lifted her up, and she was hung on a tree.

Sara yells in the spider web: “Fuck, what the hell? “

A spider as big as an elephant climbed down from the big tree next to it and stood on the branch where Sara was hanging, making a si si sound in its mouth.

Jake quickly opened his bow and arrow, and shot an arrow at the big spider. The big spider was extremely agile, jumping to the side, dodging the arrow, and then roaring at the remaining four, revealing A mouthful of white fangs.

Robb said: “Wow, it’s threatening us, let’s get out of here, don’t try to save Sara. “

Golda said: “I’m so scared, let’s go under Sara and run away.” “

Robb said, “I thought so too. “

Sara: “Hey! “

Sofa silently drew out two daggers: “Don’t make such a vulgar joke, hurry up and save people.” ”

Golda rushed up, and the spider bit on his Titan steel essence shield, unable to bite at all. The one-handed sword on Golda’s right hand slashed forward, and the spider was actually one Pull horizontally and dodge easily.

On the other side, the dagger in Sofa’s hand swiped twice, cutting the spider web wrapped around Sara.

Sara fell to the ground , tore the sticky spider web from himself, and scolded as he tore it: “Damn, as soon as this broken place comes, give me a slap in the face. “

Golda said with a big smile in front: “Who told you that a mage must go in front?” In this kind of place, either I will be at the front, or the hunter who is good at finding traps will be in the front, and it will never be your turn. “

“Cut! Sara curled one’s lip, then stretched out her hand and pointed at the big spider, a fireball with not weak formidable power flew over and hit the spider with a bang, the magic flame instantly engulfed the big spider, and the spider emitted a burst of si si After the sound, it turned into a pile of black ashes.

Robb came up from behind with a staff and kept saying, “Wow, the deepest part of Jinghong’s mountain range is so terrifying. Oh good terrifying, as soon as I entered the door, there was a big spider plotting against it. ”

β€œIf you pretend, you will do it hard. “Sara pouted.

“You told me not to shoot.” “Robb imitated Sara’s tone, and said in a squeaky voice, “If you push it all the way, people won’t have to play. “

Sara protested: “I didn’t speak so loudly. “

Golda said: “Huh? I think it’s very similar. “

Jake: “Agreed +1!” “

Sara: “…”

She snorted twice, decided not to be in the front, and stood beside Robb, left and right with Sofa, It looks like Robb’s two female bodyguards, this location is safe and secure, it shouldn’t be falling into the spider web again.

Golda and Jake laughed and shook the head, I walked into the canyon first.

Sara took Robb’s arm, the kind that was very tight, like a woman holding her boyfriend shopping, said with a smile: “Go. Well, let’s go in too. “

Robb said: “You hold me so tightly, and if you don’t put on a fighting posture, you won’t be able to take action in any emergency.” “

Sara said with a smile: “I don’t care, it’s safe to stick to you anyway. “

Robb: “…”

Sofa on the other side flattened his mouth and whispered: “No wonder the queen always hates you. “

Sara: “en? What are you talking about?” I didn’t get it. “

Sofa: “I didn’t say anything. ”

Although Sofa didn’t say anything, she deliberately walked closer to Robb. She was usually a reserved woman and always kept away from Robb on purpose, but Sara was so As soon as she mixed it up, she couldn’t get far, she had to be symmetrical with Sara, so she simply stood shoulder to shoulder with Robb. Although sorry was holding Robb’s arm, it was still very close.

Robb secretly rejoiced: women don’t compete for love, men can take advantage of it, very good, you guys come on, keep it up!

Golda and Jake, who were leading the way, looked back, and didn’t I don’t know whether to cry or laugh, I’m too lazy to care about the next three mental disorders, and continue to open the way.

Three people stick together tightly into the canyon, this kind of wilderness is not comparable to the city, There is no smooth road here, there are rocks and trees everywhere, and it is very difficult for three people to walk in a row. It is either blocked by stones or trees, which is embarrassing.

Sara suddenly sees someone next to her. There was a small path between trees, which was quite open, so it should be no problem to walk side by side there, so he quickly pulled Robb and said, “Go over there, it’s not crowded there. “

Sofa said warily, “Golda and Jake didn’t check that road.” “

Sara said: “It’s okay, my dear, walking with us, what else is there to be afraid of?” “

Sofa thinks about it, that’s true.

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