After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 622

So, the three of them got out of the woods and rubble and walked to the open road.

Sara smiled and said: “Strange, this amazing mountain range is full of monsters, who would come and make a way?”

She just finished saying this, and she was far ahead. Golda, who had opened the way, turned around and yelled: “Hey, you’re not walking a road at all, it’s the back of a super giant python.”

Sara: “…”

Speaking of which, it was too late to react.

The ground shook, brushed the ground, and a python turned out of the soil. Sure enough, this was not a forest path, but a giant python lying on the ground. In a ravine, its huge body filled the ravine, and as a result it looked like a wide forest path…

It probably felt that its back was being stepped on. Quite a bit unhappy, the huge body rolled up wildly, and the movements were very fast. In just a moment, Robb, Sara, and Sofa were entangled. Snake wraps people more and more tightly, and the three people are squeezed together in an instant, and they are squeezed tighter and tighter.

The two beauties, one after the other, squeezed Robb tightly. Sara’s little face was less than a centimeter away from Robb’s lips.

This is cool!

Robb happy!

Chapter 865 I’m here to save you

The giant snake entangled three people, and the snake’s body kept tightening. That body, which is as wide as a road, carries a huge force, and when it is retracted to the middle, the force of squeezing all directions to the middle is extremely terrifying. If three ordinary adventurers are replaced here, the skeleton of the whole body will be broken in an instant. Can’t die anymore.

However, the three of Robb are not a big problem. Robb, the cheating guy, will not talk about it. Sofa is wearing a set of polar fur leather armor. Although it is only leather armor, the defensive power is also high. It’s so strange, for most monsters in this world, there is no way to break the defense.

Only Sara’s cloth armor is almost the same. She wears the mooncloth provided by the elves, and the robes rubbed by Robb. This kind of clothing is relatively rare and equipment, but the mooncloth is not. It is the material that the aborigines of this world have already mastered, and what they can do cannot surpass the common sense of this world.

So, when the snake’s body is tightened, Sara is under the most pressure.

However, when Robb put an arm around Sara’s waist and pressed his arm against the snake’s body, the force of the snake’s body tightening in the middle was completely blocked by Robb’s arm. , Sara didn’t feel the pressure at all, just the thrill of being in Robb’s arms.

She imitated Robb and said “wow”, chuckled: “I usually take the initiative, this time it’s your initiative.”

Robb hummed. : “I’m saving you, if you don’t hug you, you’ll be entangled by snakes.”

Golda’s cry sounded in the distance: “Fake! Such a big snake? “

Sara turned her head and complained: “Didn’t you just introduce the giant python? Why are you still so surprised to see it now? Calm me down.”

Golda said: “I just read the introduction of it in the adventurer manual. When I saw it, I still felt that it was outrageous. Of course I was surprised.”

Jake: “+1.”

Sara said: “Don’t be dumbfounded, save me quickly.”

Golda said: “Godafather is by your side, what else can we save?”

Sara: “Huh? That’s right! Darling, think of a way.”

Robb shook the head seriously: “Do you think I’m an idiot? I’m now being squeezed tightly by two beauties. In the middle, why should I save myself? A fool would break free at such a time, and now I really want to say something to this lovely snake, please entangle us as much as you like!”

Sara: ” “…”

Sofa: “…”

At this time, the giant python also seemed to find that its entanglement had no effect, and the snake head like a hill came from a distance. Lifting up, yellow’s eyes stared fiercely at the three of Robb.

Robb yelled at it: “Come on, come on, hang on for a while!”

Just after he finished roaring a sentence, the giant python lowered its head and took a “ao” , bit Robb, Sofa, and Sara’s upper bodies in their mouths.

Snakes don’t bite their prey, they just swallow it whole.

The upper bodies of the three were stuck in the snake’s mouth, and their noses smelled an extremely fishy smell…

Sara: “Ahhh, it’s disgusting! My dear, Don’t you take action now?”

Sofa also called: “Hey, enough fun.”

Robb said: “But I’m just a little prince. , what can I do in this situation? Unless, if Sofa gives me a kiss, I can evolve from priest to Paladin, maybe there is still room for struggle.”

“Why kiss Sofa Sara protested: “Can’t I kiss you?”

“No!” Robb said, “You’re too easy to kiss, it’s not uncommon at all.”

Sara : “…”

Sofa was secretly delighted, but on the surface he said solemnly: “Hey! I told you to stop playing, I’m going to be swallowed.”

Three people Spit out in the snake’s mouth, the sound is wrapped in the snake’s mouth, and people outside can’t hear it at all. From Golda and Jake’s point of view, the three of them are completely in a state of motionlessness, as if the situation is a little bad.

Golda Khan said: “Hey, Jake, what’s going on with the three of them? Godafather shouldn’t even be able to handle this broken snake, why are the three of them completely motionless?”


Jake said: “I don’t know.”

Golda said: “It won’t be Godafather pretending to be a little priest to pretend to be addicted, we have to save the two of us, or we’d rather be swallowed. “

Jake Khan said: “It’s hard to say, Godafather likes to spoof the most.”

The two looked at each other and said together: “Let’s do it!”

Jake drew a bow and an arrow, and swiped at the snake’s head, and the three arrows shot out. The three arrows shot on the scales of the giant python, making a crisp sound. The scales of the giant python were abnormal. It is very hard, and it is difficult for ordinary weapons to hurt it, but the arrows used by Jake are arrow shafts made of black wood, arrows made of Thorium, and the lethality is extremely terrifying, puff puff puff three times, all three arrows are inserted in the head of the snake.

The giant devil python raised its head up, a little stunned. I really couldn’t figure out how this guy’s arrows had such a big formidable power that he could actually hurt himself.

At this time Golda also loudly roared: “Charge!”

Suddenly rushed to the side of the snake’s belly from a distance, the shield slammed, and the snake’s belly made a “peng” sound. The sound, the power penetrated through the body, and the shock caused the giant devil to hurt. It couldn’t help but get furious. However, even in its anger, it didn’t spit out the three people in its mouth. Three people’s feet.

The snake’s tail swept toward Golda.

Golda raised a shield to block…

At this moment, a man’s voice suddenly sounded in the woods behind: “There is a monster hurting people, help me quickly.”

After this shout, a man suddenly charged out in the woods. He rushed across a long distance in an instant and reached in front of Golda. With his shield raised, he grabbed in front of Golda and blocked the way. The python’s tail swept across.

Only heard the muffled sound of “Peng”, the man was shocked by the huge force on the snake’s tail and flew backwards, but he did not fall, but in midair Turning around, he landed and stood still, this guy is so handsome, Golda couldn’t help being secretly sighed.

Then, an incomparable gigantic fireball flew out of the woods. No, it wasn’t a fireball. Go up, bang, the pyrotechnic explosion exploded, and the huge flame magic power was flowing everywhere. The giant python ate the pyrotechnic explosion and was obviously seriously injured. The snake fell out of its mouth and fell to the ground.

The man who blocked the snake’s tail just now loudly said: “They don’t seem to be dead yet, so treat them quickly.”

A golden light lit up in the woods again, a soft holy The light surrounded the three of them. It was a high-level healing magic. It seemed that the formidable power was extraordinary. However, the three of them were not injured, so it was not the point of the healing magic.

Chapter 866 Are you coming to Demon King City too?

The three got up from the ground and stood up.

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