After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 623

This time, Robb doesn’t have two girls huddled tightly around him. I feel a little lost, but forget it, the smell in the snake’s mouth is really bad. The kiss to Sofa is a little regrettable, but it can be tricked sooner or later, and it is not in a hurry.

He looked around at the situation around him, only to find that there were a few more people around him, a man with a sword and a shield, dressed very much like Golda, at first glance he was a warrior of the defense department, and the equipment he was wearing was quite cool. A full set of mithril armor, the wild adventurer of this kind of equipment is really rich, and it is definitely the top adventurer on the magic continent.

A female magician came out of the woods. Like Sara, she was wearing a red magic robe. She was holding a staff, covered with jewels, which did not seem to be Mortal Grade. She raised her left hand, and a small fireball was surging in her palm.

A priest followed, wearing a suit of silver white armor, which seemed to be silver-plated, holding a scepter in the right hand and a shield in the left hand, this is authentic High-level combat priority, similar to Elsie’s style. Able to melee, to cast spells, quite pull the wind.

There is also a demonhunter and an assassin in the back, which is a team almost identical to Robb’s five-man squad.

These five people didn’t even have time to greet Robb and the others, but directly confronted the giant devil python.

“Fiery Burst Art!”

“Aim and Shoot!”

“Shadow Kill.”

Several DPS fired at the same time Kai, the giant devil python ate a few times in a row, injury obtain is not light, it roared angrily at the five people, and it looked like it was about to pounce and bite, but suddenly turned around and fled into the depths of the forest. In the past, although the snake’s body was huge, it was very flexible, and it ran far away in a blink of an eye.

The five didn’t chase after them, put away their weapons, turned their heads and looked towards Robb’s entire group. As a seasoned adventurer, of course, you must first look at your goals and analyze them.

The eyes of the five people swept over the Robb five people.

It turned out that Robb’s entire group was wearing the “appearance outfit” that Robb rubbed by hand, and the equipment was not obvious.

Robb himself is a T-shirt and jeans. At first glance, it is a very unreliable clothing. Sara is dressed in a restaurant kanban attire, and she doesn’t look like a mage at all. Golda was wearing a villager outfit, only Jake’s hunter outfit and Sofa’s assassin outfit looked like that, at least giving the impression that they were adventurers.

The warrior among the five opened the mouth and said: “What are you five doing? It’s dangerous to go to the depths of the Jinghong mountain range to play.”

“Uh, this is it.” Golda said: “We are not here to play, but to do business, find the Demon King City, and complete our great dreams.”

The five people: “…”


Although they didn’t say it clearly, the expression on their faces was obvious: Are you the one who came to the Demon King City? Do you understand the truth that you won’t die if you don’t die?

The leader said: “I think you should not play here, take advantage of the fact that the core area of the Jinghong mountain range is not too deep, we will escort you out of the valley, outside the non-core area, you should Can you go out by yourself?”

Golda said: “This… we don’t need to go out, we have an important mission, we must find Demon King City and do something before we can leave.”

Golda said: p>

The leader of the warrior sweat: “Hey, you will die!”

Golda said: “No, we are also an adventurer who is very difficult to deal with.”

“It’s as powerful as just now?” Warrior said: “Three people are stuffed in the mouths of the giant devil python, and the other two are incompetent and furious outside.”

Golda sweated profusely, thinking: If you guys If you don’t do it, Godafather will definitely kill the snake.

Of course, Golda can’t say bad words to others if they help people with kindness, that would be too immature, he bent down and saluted, “many thanks for your help just now, but We are indeed capable of exploring here.”

The leader of the warrior said: “Forget it, where you want to explore is your freedom, and we have no right to interfere, but we don’t want to see you either. Killed by monsters, we happened to be looking for Demon King City, you can move with us, so that we can take care of you a little.”

Golda took a peek at Robb and saw that Robb had no objection. , then said to the warrior: “Then let’s act together, my name is Golda, how about you?”

The leader of the warrior said with a smile: “My name is Chris Norris, you Just call me Chris.”

“Huh?” Golda, Jake, and Sara said almost simultaneously: “You… the most famous adventurer in the adventurer guild, Chris Norris? That? …you five squids are the most famous Shock Team in the guild?”

Chris said with a slight smile: “Yes, we are the Shock Team.”

Golda, Sara, and Jake all showed admiration on their faces. Obviously, this team is quite famous.

Robb and Sofa didn’t know that, after all, they were separated from each other.

Robb whispered to Sara next to him: “What is the origin of this team?”

Sara whispered in Robb’s ear: “This is the most advanced adventurer guild. A strong team, because they are active in the Jinghong mountain range all year round, they always take on the most difficult tasks, and they can complete them perfectly every time, so they are famous for the entire guild.”

Robb said with a smile: “Do you often travel in the Jinghong mountain range? You must be more familiar with this place than you. With them, the chances of finding the Demon King City will be higher.”

Ten people came a piece.

Although the people of the Jinghong Shock Team are very famous, they don’t have much pretence. The adventurers are all free-loving and unrestrained characters. Few people will have that kind of big organizational structure. The condescending temperament, and helping each other when farming monsters in the wild seems to be a very common thing.

Chris just said to Golda in a complaining tone: “How can you be a Captain? You should have a clear understanding of the strength of your team, and bring the players to this Jinghong. Deep in the mountain range, it is really irresponsible, no matter how much you want to venture to Demon King City, you must do what you can.”

Golda said with a bitter smile: “Yes yes yes, You’re right.”

He quickly changed the subject: “Why did you guys come here? Did you take on a strange mission? What mission will you find in Demon King City?”

Chris sighed, said in a low voice: “It is a task that the guild directly entrusted to us, let us find the Demon King city and find out the relationship between the Light Church court and the demon family.”


Golda Daqi: β€œWhat is the guild going to do?”

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Chapter 867 The real priority is hitting people with fists

Chris whispered: “It seems that you haven’t been back to the guild for a long time. A few days ago, there was a team of adventurers. Attacked by demons on the Loess High Slope, they released a swift owl to inform the guild that it was the Norma Kingdom, the Light Church court, and the Demon Race who were in contact with the Demon Race to join forces against Godafather in West Wind City.”

When everyone heard this, they almost couldn’t help embarrassing themselves, and they were really strong to hold back, but the expressions on their faces became very strange.

Chris said: “The guild president thought about this question carefully and felt something very strange.”

Robb asked curiously, “Where is the strangeness?”

Chris said: “In this world, the person who knows the Jinghong mountain range best should be our adventurer guild, right?”

Sara seriously nodded: “This is inevitable. Yes, for hundreds of years, the guild has been tirelessly exploring the Mountain Range, and countless adventurers have died in the Mountain Range. Our understanding of this Mountain Range should be better than anyone else’s.”

Chris said: “But a very strange thing happened here.”

“oh?” Everyone looked at him with questioning eyes.

Chris said: “Our adventurer guild knows this mountain range so well, but we have never found the Demon King city. However, how can the Light Church court contact the Demon King if they want to?”

Chris said: p>

Everyone: “…”

Everyone lost their voices for a while, really thinking about it.

Robb never took these scum seriously before, so he didn’t think about it carefully, and when Chris said this, he couldn’t help but be very curious: “You’re right, this thing is weird, The adventurer guild couldn’t find the Demon King city, but the Light Church court was able to get in touch. It didn’t seem to take much time for the demon to agree to join forces with them. There must be something strange about this.”

He played a meme, but unfortunately no one here understands his meme, everyone must have no idea about this matter, and Robb can’t play anymore.

Chris said: “After the small video from the Gran Kingdom was played, my adventurer guild and Light Church took it on, huh, that Archbishop actually said that they wanted to deceive all our adventurers to one place. It would be shameless to gather and execute them together.”

β€œThe guild has always wanted to reveal the true face of the Light Church court to the people of the Norma Kingdom, but you also know that the Archbishop in that video is from the Gran Kingdom after all. Archbishop, not native to Norma Kingdom, the Light Church court used a term of ‘temporary workers’ to fool the people and suppressed the video.”


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