After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 625

He just said this, when he suddenly stopped, made a squatting motion to the back, and then swiped the ground to hide behind a stone. The people behind followed the same pattern, and all went to the black hide behind the stone.

Afterwards, footsteps sounded from the depths of the ground, and a group of coquettish succubus walked up from it.

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Chapter 869 Brother is so good

There are about a dozen succubuses, each of them is scantily clad, with only a few pieces of cloth or leather. Covering the most critical positions, there are a few succubus even simply not wearing clothes, all important parts can be seen at a glance, and because of this, their bodies are almost all exposed in front of everyone.

Although this creature is a monster, its body shape and facial features are very similar to humans, except that it has a pair of horns on its head, a pair of small black wings on its back, and a long tail behind it. , other parts are the same as humans. The most annoying thing is that the body of this creature is generally stronger than that of human women by millions of miles apart.

Not only is the one on the chest much more stalwart, the waist is also thinner, and the hips are bigger. Anyway, it can catch up with the figure of a human woman after plastic surgery without plastic surgery, which can be called perfect.

It is difficult for men to resist the temptation of succubus. I don’t know how many human men are tempted by succubus and eaten.

Sara and Sofa were hiding behind a big rock with Robb. Seeing these succubuses, Sofa almost didn’t think about it, and immediately stretched out his hands and covered Robb’s eyes. Although she knew that Robb was strong, she was still afraid that he would be charmed by the succubus.

Because, no matter how strong a man is, it is possible to die under the peony! This has to be guarded against.

Robb wants to complain, but at this time, I am afraid that the succubus will hear his words, so he can only resist the desire to complain.

However, Sofa had just covered his eyes for less than two seconds when Sara suddenly reached out and pulled Sofa’s hand away, allowing Robb to see things again. She pointed with a smirk on her face. He pointed to the few succubuses who didn’t have any strands on their bodies, and the meaning was: “Look, look, there are wonderful things to watch.”

At this time, you will think Sara is cute. Now, Robb gave Sara a “you’re great” look, and quickly looked at the succubus’ figure.

The Sofa thief was upset and reached out to cover his eyes again, but Sara grabbed Sofa’s hand and the two began to twist their wrists. Press her to the ground, cut her hands behind her back, step on it, and then reach out to cover Robb’s eyes.

But at this time, it seems that there is no need to cover your eyes. Robb has already looked around at the succubus.

Sofa: “…”

Well, the succubus didn’t cast charm now, this guy shouldn’t be hit, so Sofa can only comfort himself like this.

The succubus passed by, Robb and Chris were hiding well, and they didn’t mean to beat the grass to scare the snake. They watched them walk by without moving. . However, this group of succubus had just passed the place where everyone was hiding, and the last succubus suddenly stopped and said to the front: “You guys go first, I forgot something, I have to go back and get it.”

The succubus hehe haha in front of him laughed strangely for a while and walked away.

The succubus who said he wanted to take something turned around and walked back to the stone where everyone was hiding.

Robb’s entire group didn’t respond, but Chris, who was hiding behind the stone on the other side, suddenly jumped out, swung the shield in his hand, and slapped the succubus with a “peng” sound. on the back of the head.

The succubus was snorted miserably and fell to the ground, unconscious.

Robb: “Wow!”

Chris glanced at the mystifying Robb, then glanced in the direction where the succubus left in front of him, and found the succubus in front of him They didn’t look back, it seems that they didn’t know that a companion was brought down by them. Chris just relaxed, dragging the succubus behind the stone.

Robb: “Chris brother, didn’t expect you to be so good.”

Chris: “???”

Sofa hurry up Cover Robb’s mouth: “No, he didn’t say anything.”

Unfortunately, Sofa only paid attention to cover Robb’s mouth, but forgot Sara, she got up from the ground, Chuckled said: “Chris, you are a famous adventurer in the guild, didn’t expect to like to catch succubus and play with it. You can’t judge a person by appearance.”

Chris: “…”

He had a sentence MMP didn’t know when to say it or not, so he finally forcibly held back: “I’m not going to play with succubus, I’m not so perverted, What I like is the human opposite sex.”

Robb said: “Some people like the human opposite sex, but that doesn’t stop them from playing with pudding, pizza, or even carp mouths. , this doesn’t mean perversion, it’s just driven by curiosity, besides, even if it is really perverted, it’s okay, what’s wrong with a man perverted?”

Chris felt a dizziness, this was all what with what? No, talking to this guy is crazy, crazy.

Although both Sara and Robb were making fun of him and talking nonsense, Chris didn’t like being rude to women and had to pretend that Sara wasn’t talking nonsense and couldn’t hear him. He said to Robb while staring: “priest, we are on a great adventure to find the city of Demon King that no one has ever found, on this heroic journey, I hope you will be serious and serious, don’t say that It’s unreliable.”

Robb spread his hands: “Yes, yes, you are right.”

After finishing speaking, Chris’s volume was suddenly lowered, and he came close to Robb’s ear Side said: “As for the usage of pudding, pizza, carp mouth and other things, I will ask you for advice when there is no lady present.”

Robb: “Huh? didn’t I expect you with thick eyebrows and big eyes… oh… forget it, men don’t spit out men’s grooves in this regard.”

At this time, everyone gathered around and fell asleep on the ground. Comatose succubus.

Chris said: “The succubus is an intelligent monster, and it also understands the language, so it can be used to extract a confession. I arrested her to ask the persecutor if there is really anything in this crack. Demon King City, but you also know that succubus is a great threat to men. Even an adventurer of our level has no confidence to resist her charm. Several men present temporarily hid behind the stone. , let the women come and question her.”

He said this, pulling Golda, Jake, and the demonhunter and assassin from his team behind the stone, but the priority of their team But he stayed and didn’t avoid it. The priest said confidently: “I don’t have to leave. I’m very confident in my mental resistance. The charm of the succubus is ineffective for me.”

“Hey , Coincidentally, I am also very confident in mental resistance.” Robb said: “I don’t need to leave either.”

When he said these words, the entire group of Chris all voted for Robb After looking at him with distrust, he thought to himself: You look like a weak priest at first sight, there is no formal kind, and along the way, you have a close relationship with Sara and Sofa, you are a very good woman, and it is the easiest to get caught. The charm type is fine.

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Chapter 870 Hero’s Solution

Chris said to Robb: “Stop playing and hide behind the rocks with us honestly.”

Robb said, “I’m really confident.”

“Forget it, do you think If you try it, just try it, I don’t care if it’s ugly in a while.” Chris said to the priority in his team: “You should pay attention to this guy, if he is charmed, hurry up and disperse him.”

The priest nods.

The men were all hiding, and there were only Sofa, Sara, and the flame-type female mage in the Jinghong Shock Team, and the other two priests.

Ex hid behind the stone next to him, and said to Golda a little worriedly: “I’m really worried that the little priest in your team is controlled by the succubus, and then hits us, it will be terrible. .”

Golda said with a smile: “Don’t worry about this, it’s okay, he is very strong, much stronger than us.”

Chris thought: stronger than you How useless, can you use it as a reference? However, these words were not spoken in the end, they were all from a guild, save some face for Golda.

The Priest of the Jinghong Shock Team took out the water bag, poured some cold water on the face of the succubus, and slapped it twice, the succubus woke up, looking at it, There was a group of human beings that immediately started, but their IQ was not too low. In this case, they did not jump up to resist immediately, but after a moment of hesitation, they blinked at the priority, a peach. The magic of red, which flew out of it, took the shape of a peach heart in midair, and flew to the priest.

The peach heart hit the priest’s face, and the priest’s eyes immediately turned a little red, but this is indeed a high-level priest. After the eyes were only red for a moment, he immediately recovered his clarity. , his eyes are clear, and he is not moved by the charm technique at all.

The succubus started up a little, it wanted to charm this man and let this man shoot at a few women next to her, so she could take the opportunity to escape, but she didn’t expect this man to fail the trick, it seems This is a very determined guy, and his charms are not enough to turn him into his captive.

It turned its eyes quickly, and immediately locked on Robb again. This man looked very young, only in his early twenties, with blond hair and handsome looks. Often this kind of man is the easiest to charm. technique.

It winked at Robb, and another pink peach heart flew towards Robb…

At this moment, Chris, who was hiding behind the stone, was nervous. Yes, for fear that this guy will be controlled, and then make a fuss, attracting other monsters, it will take some effort, but he immediately realized that he was wrong.

The peach heart slapped Robb’s face, and then exploded in an instant, turning into pink magic light ions that filled the sky, disappeared without a trace, and Robb’s eyes were not even a little bit red. , almost completely unaffected.

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