After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 626

He was mystifyingly facing the charming path: “Wow! Want me to fall in love with you? How can it be so easy, there are so many good girls around me, It’s not your turn to fall in love, but you have to be careful not to fall in love with me, I am vicious and merciless towards monsters, even if you fall in love with me, I’ll have to make flowers.”

Succubus: “… …”

Chris: “…”

His performance greatly surprised the entire group of Chris, thinking in his heart: Strange! This guy who seems to be easy to be charmed, actually missed it, and his heart is not fluctuating, which is a bit strange, is it really as he said, there are too many good women around, so I don’t like the charmer? how can that be. Charm is a kind of magic, but it’s not something you can resist with a woman you love.

However, no matter what, Robb really resisted the charm technique. This is not bad, so the entire group of Chris can only be unable to say anything, and his opinion of Robb is slightly different in his heart. change.

The succubus saw that the two men couldn’t control it, and knew that there was no hope of escape, and looked at the human in front of him with fearful eyes.

priest raised his scepter and tapped lightly on the succubus’ forehead: “There should be Demon King City in this crack, right? Tell us how to get to Demon King City, and we’ll spare it. You, or you’ll be knocked to pieces right away.”

The succubus was obviously scared, but it stubbornly didn’t speak, and said with a straight face: “I won’t tell you, this The passages in the cracks are complicated, and there are crypts everywhere, you may not be able to find the Demon King city in a few months, you are here to take risks all the time, keep fighting against the demon clan, and finally die of exhaustion.”

“Before we die, we will kill you.” Priest said grimly: “Don’t look at me as a priest, but I’m never merciless.”

Charming demonic path: “Don’t look at me as a monster, and I won’t betray Demon King-sama.”

It tone barely fell, and the scepter in the priest’s hand fell on its belly, and it beat hard. With a sound that sounded painful, the succubus’ body suddenly bowed, curling up like a boiled shrimp.

“Wow.” Robb shook his head beside him and sighed: “Although the other party is a monster, but the shape is humanoid after all, so the beating looks super cruel.”

The priest turned around. , shrugged: “I don’t want to do this either.”

After a while, the succubus recovered from the state of being exhausted. It seemed that the pain was really severe, and it gasped: ” Even if you kill me, I won’t say it, my demon family is not so easy to bully…”

priest raised his scepter and wanted to fight.

Robb suddenly stretched out his hand to hold his arm: “Dude, torture to extract a confession or something is really too low, can’t we use a little bit like a hero of justice to get information?”

priest said: “The method of justice? What method?”

The female magician next to him also said with a smile: “Does the method of justice mean burning to death? Only Light Church Tingcai regards burning the enemy as justice, but I know very well that burning people to death feels very bad.” She raised her hand and held up a fireball in her palm, which was still spinning in her palm, looking quite Kind of scary.

She put the fireball in front of the succubus’s eyes and said with a smile: “If you don’t say anything, I’ll put this thing in my mouth.”

The succubus was startled, but still stubbornly called the head: “Kill me.”

“Wow, we actually encountered a monster that knows how to sacrifice one’s heart.” Robb Said: “It’s really admirable. According to the routine of a real hero, we should release her righteously.”

Chris and his team all looked at him with idiot eyes.

Robb turned to the priest and said: “Okay, I was joking just now, the way I said the hero means that the hero has a strong personality, and even the enemy’s woman can’t help falling in love. He, then help him.”

He patted the priest’s shoulder: “brother, I think you are very handsome, don’t be so fierce, be gentle, maybe this succubus falls in love with you, and will I’ve told you the information.”

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The brief introduction is as follows: the power of Originium, the mystery of science and technology, the competition for power, and before the flood comes, build tomorrow’s Noah’s Ark.

Amiya: [Academician, you can’t rest yet, it’s time to get up and spread the word. ] Solve incidents, recruit operators, build bases, strange Academician and Originium psionics are 100%, everything will go everywhere.

Chapter 871 West Wind City is the most comfortable city

priest was a little swollen by Robb’s call: “Let it fall in love with me? I said did you do it? Wrong, this is a succubus, a monster. Don’t think it looks like a human, just think it has human Seven Emotions and Six Desires, they will never fall in love with human beings, they will only seduce human males, will They eat it.”

“That’s because the charm of the ordinary person is not strong enough.” Robb said: “As long as you are handsome enough, even the succubus will fall in love with you, and then tell her everything she knows. You.”

“Bullshit! Don’t waste your time.” Priest said, “It’s more reliable to extract a confession. By the way, I have to remind you that when talking about succubus, please use ‘it’ Don’t use the word ‘she’, the meaning is different.”

In Gran language, “it” is generally used to describe animals, and “she” is used to describe human beings. she”, it’s easy to tell the difference, so Priest catches Robb’s language sickness in an instant.

Robb had no choice but to spread his hands and said: “Okay! It turns out that you admitted that you are not handsome enough to make an evil bad succubus fall in love with you, but I am different, you look at me, I am so handsome, destroying heaven extinguishing earth, I think I can make her obey me.”

priest: “…”

The female magician next to me actually agreed: “This is , you are super handsome, if you are a little stronger, I might fall in love with you too.”

Western women speak directly without being sloppy. Robb gave her a thumbs up: “You will, but my magician is probably going to be jealous.”

Everyone turned to look, Sara smiled hehe, not at all jealous, on the contrary Sofa’s expression was unnatural.

priest couldn’t help complaining: “Did you make a mistake who is jealous?”

Robb said: “che, that’s what you don’t understand, Sara this The guy always seems to laugh at hehe and never seems to be fighting for love, but in fact she is fierce in the fight, but Sofa never does it.”

Sara : “You see it all?”

Robb: “You and the young lady Wang, do you think I can’t see it?”

“Hey, you guys Can you grasp the point?” The succubus lying on the ground couldn’t help it, and protested: “Either kill me or let me go, decide quickly, don’t waste time chatting here.”

Robb said to the crowd: “Look, there’s so much nonsense, even the monsters can’t bear it anymore, okay, all stand firm, I’m going to pretend.”

Everyone: “…”

Robb said solemnly: “This succubus can’t wait to kill me now, but after 5/4 minutes of time, she is hopelessly in love with me…”

“I told you to stop talking nonsense!” The succubus was furious.

“Okay, don’t talk about it.” Robb turned his head to face the succubus, suddenly a purple rays of light filled his body, he reached out and patted the succubus’ forehead, a triangular shape. The purple mark was slapped on the succubus’ forehead, and the succubus froze. Afterwards, many red hearts rose from her body, spinning all around her forehead, and her attitude towards Robb changed suddenly. , became respectful and obsessed, and said gruffly: “If you have any orders, just say, I will help you complete it.”

Robb patted its head, said with a smile: “Demon King How can I get to the city?”

The succubus pointed at the complicated passageway in the crack of the ground: “Go into this passageway, walk a few miles of tunnels, and then get into a natural crypt, where there are A piece of underground mushrooms, go around on the right side of the mushroom, choose the right side of the two fork roads, and then go ahead…”

She said a lot, more than the aunt of the neighborhood committee who is eager to help people. To be detailed.

Everyone: “…”

Chris whole group couldn’t help being shocked: “What the hell is this?”

Robb said with a smile: ” She’s in love with me.”

“Wood!” Chris couldn’t help jumping out from behind the hiding stone: “This is impossible!”

This is indeed impossible, Robb simply did not make the succubus fall in love with him, but used warlock’s skill “Devil Contract” to sign a contract with the succubus, confirming the master-servant relationship, this succubus has become his familiar, so it Will be full of heart, obediently listen to Robb’s words.

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