After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 627

Warlock doesn’t seem to exist in this world, so no one will recognize Robb this move.

Chris’ entire group was full of confusion, only a few people on Robb’s side were calm, as if they had guessed that this would be the case.

The succubus twisted its butt and led the way ahead.

Chris’ entire group is full of confusion, but now, of course, we have to keep up. Whether we can understand it or not, since it has happened, we must accept it. This is the style of adventurer. In their several decades of adventure, they have seen all kinds of strange things, if they can’t learn to accept it calmly, they will be scared to death.

You guys are digging in the cracks in the ground. Underground World is indeed a huge and complex world, there are many strange creatures in it, and after you left, you have encountered several monsters. , However, several experienced adventurers deal with these monsters with ease, as long as they don’t run into the kind of powerful monsters, there will be no danger.

After walking for a long time, everyone felt a little tired, Chris said: “Although there is no daylight here, our bodies are protesting, it seems that it is night outside, it is time to sleep and rest. .”

Robb instructed to the succubus: “Let us find a suitable place to sleep.”

The succubus obediently led the group into a small cave, Sit down in a dry place.

Everyone didn’t dare to set up a campfire, so they had to sit in a circle in the dark and take out dry food to eat. The dry food of the entire group of Chris is some ordinary dry food, and the water is also ordinary water. But seeing that what Sara poured out of the water bladder was actually bubbling water, she poured a glass for Chris and the others, said with a smile: “Try this.”

Chris took the cup and took a sip, and was immediately overjoyed: “Huh? Is this… the legendary Fat House Happy Water? I only heard from the adventurer of the Gran Kingdom. This is the first time I’ve had it. It’s amazing. It is said that Godafather of West Wind City researched and made it, and currently only the Wang Family alchemist of West Wind City and Gran Kingdom know the recipe.”

He hurriedly passed the cup to the teammates next to him, and the other four players Taking a sip, one can’t help clicking one’s tongue in wonder: “The fat house happy water in West Wind City is really delicious.”

Golda grabbed another handful of candy, and there are several flavors to give Each of them sent a few pieces. After the whole group tried it, they all found it delicious. Several people couldn’t help but yearn for West Wind City, said with a smile: β€œAfter we retire, we will stop being adventurers, and we will go to West Wind City. Let’s settle in Wind City, I heard it’s the most comfortable city right now.”

Chapter 872 I heard many legends about him

Golda, Jake, Sara, Sofa The four of them all laughed: “Yes, West Wind City is the most livable city now, but Godafather is building a better city on a new continent, the name is Shuangqing City, which is a new plan from scratch. The new city that comes out has better infrastructure than the West Wind City. According to Godafather himself, people of all races, colors, beliefs, and nationalities in the world will be welcome to immigrate to live there. In the future, that place may become Bixi. The Wind City is bigger and more livable, but…we won’t see it in our lifetime.”

Chris and the others yearned for it, but a creature like adventurer, even if we yearn for another place , it does not mean that they will want to live there, they are ambitious, they like wandering and adventure by nature, and they will not stop until an arrow is hit in the knee.

Chris and the others had no choice but to smile and say that the place has to wait until they retire.

Speaking of this, Chris thought of something again and couldn’t help but ask: “By the way, Golda, the three of you are often in West Wind City, have you spoken to that Godafather? I heard There are many legends about him, but I haven’t seen him, what kind of person is he?”

As soon as he said this, Golda and the others couldn’t help but want to point out Robb , but when they saw that Robb was acting stupid all the time, they knew that he didn’t really want to show his identity, so he just suppressed it very strongly.

Golda said, “We know Godafather pretty well!”

Sara chuckled said, “Yes, super familiar, I’m his wife.”

Robb next to “pu!” squirts a mouthful of Fat House Happy Water.

Chris’s team were all stunned.

Everyone in the West Wind City froze, and after a few seconds, they heard Golda ill-humoredly say: “Hey, Sara, don’t make up your relationship.”

Sara said: “Let’s see if we’re making it up.”

Chris said: “Oh, it turns out to be a matter of waiting and seeing, scare me and scare me. Let’s Let’s get to the point, Godafather is really as powerful as the legends say? I heard that he slammed Black Dragon with one hand, screwed Black Dragon’s face, and painted Black Dragon’s face with a beard.”

“pu!” Robb squirted another mouthful of Fat House Happy Water.

Sofa whispered beside him: “It’s nothing, don’t listen to those bards making up, Godafather is very strong, but it’s still very difficult to deal with Black Dragon, use him In his own words, he was barely able to withstand it. If the time dragged on, he would also lose, so he didn’t kill the Black Dragon that time, he just knocked it back. Now Godafather is doing his best , looking for rare ores everywhere, and planning to build a lot of excellent equipment to prepare for killing Black Dragon.”

Chris said: “You seem familiar?”

Sofa Road : “Because, I was there when I fought against Black Dragon.”

This sentence made the eight adventurers turn their eyes red with envy, not to mention the Chris entiree group, even the three of Sara They all showed a look of envy and hatred.

Sofa said: “Don’t look at me like this, in that battle, I was useless at all, I just stabbed two daggers on the dragon’s stomach, but I didn’t even have the dragon’s skin. It can be pierced, Godafather said that the damage caused by my two knives is 2 points, and I stupidly asked how much damage it would take to defeat the Black Dragon, and the result… Godafather told me, it was 99999999 points.”

When these words came out, Chris and the others almost fainted: “What did you say?”

Sofa said calmly: “You heard right, Black Dragon is like that. Amazing.”

Chris and the others: “…”

After a long silence, Chris raised a hand and pointed to his nose: “Do you think With my strength, how much damage can I hit that Black Dragon with a shield?”

Sofa glanced at the mithril outfit on his body and said, “You have a mithril outfit all over your body, more than The equipment I used to fight the Black Dragon was much more powerful, and your own battle strength is also very strong. The two are superimposed. I estimate that your shield slam can hit that Black Dragon…more than 500.”

Chris: “…”

The fire mage next to him also pointed to his nose: “What about me?”

Sofa said: “Magic damage It’s always a little higher than physics, and you’re a very high-level Fire Element magician, and your Pyroblast should be able to hit more than a thousand.”

The fire mage fell to the ground with a thud, Frustrated, he bent forward: “You mean, a rookie like us will never have a chance to compete with Black Dragon?”

Sofa shook the head: “Don’t think like that, more than a thousand is very good. Yes, Godafather said that although Black Dragon is very strong, it has the biggest advantage against Black Dragon in this world, that is, there is no limit on the number of people, so everyone should try their best to play their best and most powerful attack, accumulate Less becomes more, we can finally bring down Black Dragon. Besides, as long as you are willing to join the fight to kill Black Dragon, Godafather will definitely provide you with high-quality equipment, and when the time comes, you will be able to play more powerful Hearing her say this, Chris was a little curious: “I’m already wearing Mithril gear, besides Thorium, this is the best gear in the world. Come on, Godaf Can ather offer me better? Could it be that you want to equip me with a Thorium outfit to fight Black Dragon? Oh, that would be awesome too. “

“Thorium is nothing.” “Sofa said:” Godafather said, there are many strange ores in this world. We used to only know Thorium at the highest level, and we simply didn’t know those higher-level ores, so no one had dug out these ores before to make them. Equipment, but Godafather recognizes them. He has taught us to identify Arkin, Saronite, Titan steel essence, and maybe there will be more and more powerful things in the future. “

The more Chris entire group listened, the more their admiration for Godafather became like a river of water, and several people couldn’t help but sigh: “If there is a chance in the future, I must meet his old man.” “

Robb had to complain in his heart: Hey! I’m not old at all, okay.

“Okay, the adventure night is almost over, it’s time to go to bed.” Chris looked at his pocket watch again and said, “Get some rest early so that you will have the energy to continue exploring tomorrow.” But the underground world is weird and unpredictable, there are risks everywhere, we can’t all sleep, we need to keep vigils in groups. Ten people, divided into four groups, each group guarded the night for two hours. “

Ten people have to be divided into four groups, which is very difficult to distinguish. It is necessary to weigh the strengths, so that each group can cope with some unexpected situations.

Chris look I glanced at Robb, I was a little unsure of his depth, and I don’t know how to distinguish it. This guy really doesn’t look like a strong priest. Not only does his face look tender, his frivolous is not straight, but he’s almost right along the way. Some common sense of adventurer is completely unknown, basically like a trainee adventurer.

Chapter 873 This stitching is my fault

But Chris also knows that Robb can resist the charm He can also make the succubus “fall in love” with him. I can’t figure out what the situation is now, whether it’s strong or weak, forget it, don’t think too much about his strength if you don’t know it. Strong.

Chris approached Robb and whispered, “Come with me! I have a lot of adventure experience and a strong ability to deal with emergencies. You and I should be in a group and nothing should go wrong. “

“Uh, but…” Robb said, “I want to take care of my two female teammates in case they’re in danger.” “

Chris: “Did they take care of you, or did you take care of them?” “

Robb thought about it carefully: “Well, it’s about taking care of each other.” “

Chris thought to himself: Did you say this to take care of your own face? In your team, the strongest should be the female assassin, you want to be safer with that female assassin

But forget it, this kind of trivial matter, Chris won’t complain He seriously thought about this question and said: “I think so, there are ten of us, three of them are ladies, and two of these three ladies are magician, belonging to a profession that is easy to be sneak attacked, Ladies, there are more people in this team. Let you and three female soils form a team, one assassin, one priest, two mages, a total of four people, and the other six men, two or two to form three teams. “

His arrangement is quite reasonable under the premise of “Robb is a rookie adventurer”, making the team of several ladies more crowded and safer.

Robb couldn’t find a reason to object, and actually didn’t want to object. Of course, it was happier to form a team with the girls.

So, everyone started to sleep and rest in groups.

First, Chris and Jake, stay for two hours while everyone else sleeps.

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