After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 629

Seeing him turn around and come back, Sofa and Sara both looked shocked and waved their hands together: “Don’t come here, don’t come here before you wash your hands.”

The Great Khan of the Fire Mage: “Hey, it’s not surprising to get some of these things in battle, I’ve got dirtier things before, don’t look back, take advantage of the suture monster’s downfall and chase a few more times. , kill it completely! It’s an undead creature, so a single fist it can’t completely knock it down.”

Robb said with a smile: “It’s okay, this fist is enough.”

Robb said with a smile p>

He used Water Element magic to thoroughly clean the dirt on his hands, then walked back to the two girls and sat down, and gave his hands to the two girls to smell: “It’s not dirty, right? Smell it, does it still smell?”

The two girls put their little noses to the back of his hand, smelled it, and then gave up: “Next time, don’t hit such a dirty thing with your fists again. .”

Robb’s mouth is flat, unhappy, in the game it’s okay to kill a disgusting monster with his fist, but it’s completely different in the real world. Get yourself some weird-smelling liquid on you.

What the three people care about here is whether Robb’s hand still stinks, but the fire-fighting Junior Sister has been watching the stitched monster carefully, which belongs to the “undead creature”. Even if it falls down, it will stand up very quickly. She is worried that this thing will get up and attack again, so she has been watching it vigilantly.

However, she looked at the thing for a while, but it didn’t move, it just sat against red’s rock wall and didn’t move at all.

“It’s really over?” The Fire Mage didn’t quite believe it, and walked over cautiously, standing sixteen yards away from the Stitching Monster, not daring to approach directly, because the Stitching Monster would be around ten yards away Spread poison mist in the range, and it will be poisoned when humans approach, which is very dangerous. But when she stood at this distance, she realized that the suture monster didn’t even spread the green poison mist anymore.

“Huh?” She took a few more steps forward, stood in front of the Stitching Monster, and looked carefully, this Stitching Monster really has no breath, it is no longer “undead” The creature was just a pile of rotten meat.

Robb’s punch not only killed it, but also completely purified it, freeing the countless entangled souls in the suture monster.

The fire mage startled, turned around, and looked at Robb in astonishment.

The stitched monster is not a little monster, it is a high-level monster that the Jinghong Shock Team needs a lot of effort to deal with, and it can only be dealt with by heaven shaking and earth shattering, didn’t expect Robb, this guy, Just one punch, just one punch.

And after punching this fist, he still dislikes his hands getting dirty, how easy is it?

She quickly walked back to Robb, Sofa, and Sara, and asked in a low voice, “Who are you?”

“I’m a priest!” Robb Chuckled said: “Lazy priority.”

Chapter 875 said it may not be believed

Fire Mage said: “I thought you were just a naive adventurer, but now you tell I, you are an unbelievably powerful hero.”

Robb said: “It’s not that I’m strong, it’s just that I’m a sacred profession, and this stitch monster happens to be an undead creature, so I restrain it Yeah.”

“The restraint has not been restrained to this point.” Fire Mage said: “The priest in our team is already the strongest priest in the adventurer guild, but he is simply impossible to deal with the stitch monster by himself. Even with us, it’s going to be a very tough fight.”

Robb said, “Luck, maybe it’s just that I just hit the suture monster with one punch.”

Fire Mage squinted: “It’s my fault for believing you.”

“Okay, I’ll admit it honestly, but don’t tell Chris them.” Robb whispered: “I’m from West Wind City. Godafather.”

The fire mage froze.

After five seconds, her slanted eyes turned into rolled eyes: “I thought you were a bit capable, but I admire you, didn’t expect you to lie, people What kind of person is the West Wind City Godafather, do you have any idea? His super great character must be as determined as a rock, as majestic as a sculpture, with a heroic temperament, how can he be as frivolous as you, and He talks nonsense all the time, and often says strange words that he doesn’t understand.”

Robb: “…”

The two next to Sofa and Sara “puchi ‘ a roar of laughter.

Robb said with grievances: “I’m Godafather, I’m really sorry! I’m neither firm nor stalwart, I’m just an ordinary young man, I have all the problems that young people have, young people I don’t know if there are any advantages that people have, it’s not my intention to kill your fantasy.”

The fire mage flat-mouthed: “Enough, stop slandering Godafather, I pretended not to listen to what I just said. Now, next time I hear you say something like this, I will defend the image of a great hero.” After speaking, she raised her palm, and there was a spinning fireball on her palm.

Robb hurriedly said: “Yes yes yes, I’m not a Godafather, not from head to toe.”

The Fire Method Junior Sister said: “Then the question goes back to the beginning, what are you? Who?”

Robb rolled the eyes: “This question… really got me on the test, first of all I can’t be Godafather, then I have to tell you who I am, Meow~, what exactly am I? Who is it?”

This is the end of the spoof, and it’s almost time.

Sister Huo Fa Junior took out his pocket watch and looked at it. Their group had also been guarding the night for two hours. It should have been bright outside. When it was time to get up and continue the adventure, Golda, Jake, Chris, and the others wake up one after another, and their biological clocks wake them up.

Sister Fire Master was about to walk over to tell them what happened last night, Robb opened the mouth and said: “This beautiful Miss Master, what happened last night, please help me to protect her. Keep it a secret.”

“en?” Fire Mage said: “Everything you encounter on your adventure should be shared with your teammates. It’s wrong to hide it.”

Robb said : “But I don’t think they will believe you when you say it.”

Fire Mage: “…”

She didn’t believe in this evil, and pulled Chris who just woke up. Said: “After you fell asleep last night, a Stitcher came over.”

“What?” Chris was shocked: “What about Stitcher? Why didn’t you wake us up. Oh. , could it be that it didn’t find us and left?”

“No!” The fire mage pointed to the corpse of the suture monster in the distance: “It was beaten to death by the priest.”

Chris: “…”

Chris looked at the suture monster corpse sitting on the opposite rock wall, and then looked at Robb: “I’m afraid it’s not this suture monster for some reason , was already very weak, he went up and punched and used a purification technique, and it was just done.”

Fire Mage: “Uh…”

Well, that’s it. , no explanation. The fire mage found that she really didn’t have to waste her lips. If she said that the man was pretending to be Godafather, Chris didn’t know if she would be very angry and affect the unity.

entire group embarked on a journey again, and Robb released the succubus to lead the way. Everyone still kept the warrior in front, and the French animal husbandry was in the final formation, slowly advancing with the succubus.

Robb, as the priest, naturally walked with the two French Junior sisters. But the other priest is a melee priest, and naturally walks ahead of the warriors.

Therefore, at the back of the team were three people, Robb, Sara, and Sister Firefair Junior.

After what happened last night, the fire mage already knew that Robb was very strong, but he was still confused about who he was. He clearly told her that it was Godafather, but she didn’t believe it, she just kept using suspicion. looked at Robb.

Robb said: “I say Miss Master, you don’t have to look at me in such a weird way, I’m a good person, I promise.”

The Master Fire said: “I believe you. It’s not a bad guy, otherwise Mr. Golda and the others wouldn’t be on the same team with you, they just think you’re weird, you don’t need to care about my vision.”

It’s strange if you don’t care!

There is a woman who is looking at her with strange eyes all the way, how could she not care.

The people in front passed through an underground stone bridge at this time, with a bottomless black abyss under their feet, and a small stone bridge connected above the abyss, which looked a lot like Gandalf and the flame demon in the ring. The place where it fell, so the person in front walked very carefully and didn’t have time to turn around and look behind.

The three people at the back were waiting for the people in front to finish, and then went to the bridge. Suddenly, a huge lizard head protruded from the cave next to it. It was Basilisk.

Everyone encountered Basilisk once on the way here, and it was quite a monster to deal with, so Chris let everyone spare it at that time (the last part of Chapter 867), but this time, no one can didn’t expect to have a Basilisk hidden in a hole on the side of the road.

It sticks its head out this time, startling Sister Huofa Junior, this thing is not easy to deal with, it has to call the person in front to turn back…

She just thought of it Here, Robb took out a wooden stick out of nowhere, and hit Basilisk on the forehead with one stick. The mighty Basilisk didn’t even snort, his head drooped, and he hung up.

Robb stabbed Basilisk in the head with the tip of his stick and pushed it into the hole, and Basilisk’s body was pushed back into the hole as if it had never climbed out.

Robb’s hand flicked, and the stick didn’t know where it went. He clapped, said with a smile: “I didn’t punch my fist this time, hey, didn’t get my hands dirty.”

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