After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 630

Fire Mage: “Huh? Huh?”

Robb put his finger in front of his lips: “Shh! The person in front didn’t see it, so don’t remind them. Hey.”

Fire Mage: “Even if I tell them, they may not believe it.”

Chapter 876 finally came to Demon King City

Everyone After walking in the crack of red light for two days, the front suddenly opened up, and a large open underground cave appeared. The cave was very wide, bigger than several football fields combined, and the ceiling was very high. Look up at least a hundred yards of room.

Everyone stood on the edge of the cave, looked towards the middle of the crypt, and saw a black, majestic castle at a glance, this castle was hundreds of yards high, with feet on the ground and overhead On the top of the cave, the overall architectural style belongs to that kind of typical old castle. A moat is dug around the old castle. What flows in the river is not water, but scalding lava.

These lava exude red rays of light, reflecting the black stone of the castle like a purple, which is a mysterious color, making the whole castle exude a strange atmosphere. The strangest thing is that above the castle, there is a huge head carved with a pair of horned demon heads.

There is no doubt that this is the castle where the demons live.

The eight adventurers were excited at the same time: “Ah, Demon King City! We finally found the Demon King City! For hundreds of years, the Demon King City, which countless adventurers could not find, was actually found by us. .”

There is no doubt that several adventurers present created an Epic Grade achievement, even if they do not go in, as long as they can accurately mark the location of Demon King City on the map and bring it back to the adventurer Guild, they will become heroes that have not been encountered in hundreds of years, respected by all adventurers.

However, a pure man is a real man, there is no reason to enter Baoshan and return empty-handed. The more time this happens, the more the adventurer can’t hold back his desire to go in and explore. Chris turned to Robb. Said: “Thank you for controlling this succubus. Without her to lead the way, we don’t know how long it would take us to find this castle in this complicated Underground World.”

Robb said with a slight smile : “Small things, small things, it’s all because of being too handsome.”

Everyone: “…”

Well, you are indeed handsome, but there’s no need to say that. what.

Chris resisted the urge to complain and whispered: “We have to figure out a way to infiltrate this Demon King city now.”

Sara asked behind: “Speaking of which , Now the Demon Races seem to be gathering towards the oasis of the King’s Tomb in the north of the desert kingdom, we will come to the Demon King city at this time, won’t we miss it?”

Chris said: ” It’s safe to do so, if the demons are all in the city, we simply can’t get in, we just need to go in and find evidence of the Demon Race colluding with the Light Church court.”

Sara Low Said: “But I’m here to beat the Demon King. If the Demon King also goes out, it won’t be fun.”

Chris was embarrassed and thought: how many catties do you have and how many taels don’t you know? Did you beat the Demon King, or did the Demon King beat you?

Sofa opened the mouth and said: “You can’t think about the problem with the adventurer’s thinking. From the perspective of the military and war, although Demon Race promised to participate in the war to help the kingdom of Norma deal with Godafather, it also Those who put all their battle strength into impossible at first, especially the Demon King himself, may not go there, like the hero king of Norma Kingdom, the Pope and the others, all of them appear on the battlefield directly at first, they should be at the back first Deploy troops, and until the front is ready, they will bring the guards to the battlefield in person.”

Several adventurers learned humbly: “That is to say, it is very likely that Demon King is now in the city. The main force has been exhausted, and there is only a Demon King left?”

Sofa nodded: “It is also impossible that there is only a Demon King left, it should be said that only the Demon King and a small number of officials, and some handyman are left, A similar situation occurs when most countries are preparing for a war. However, Demon Race seems to have no internal affairs, so there should be no officials or anything, and some guards should be left instead.”

Chris said: “That’s good, these people have a small number of guards scattered in such a large castle, and the garrison is impossible. We should be able to sneak in, even if we can’t find evidence, As long as we go in and turn around and come out alive, it is enough to write the epic.”

The demonhunter next to him said: “Find this castle, and we have written the epic.”

Chris said: “Don’t you want to go further on the epic?”

demonhunter said: “Of course!”

Sara rammed in: “So of course to kill the Demon King, so we can draw a stop sign for the epic.”

Everyone: “…”

Chris ignored Sara’s innocent speech and waved: “Let’s go, let’s go to the city.”

entire group walked towards the Demon King city in front. The Underground World is filled with the stench of monsters, and the footprints of monsters can be seen everywhere. It can be seen that there were many monster activities here not long ago, but everyone walked for a long time without encountering a monster, which means that they have all gone out now, obviously yes to the desert king The country assembles over there to deal with the Godafather.

Chris couldn’t help but be a little worried: “The entire army of monsters has assembled in the past, plus the Light Church court and Norma Kingdom, such an army, will Godafather be in danger? Although he can fight against Black Dragon , but in history, I have never tried to use such a huge force to meet the Black Dragon, maybe even the Black Dragon can be brought down with such a force.”

He said this, Robb was on Al The west side is a little worried. He is not there, and the battle strength prepared there is for him. Can Elsie be able to deal with such a huge enemy army?

He couldn’t help but want to take out his phone, make a call and ask Elsie.

Unexpectedly, he was looking through the crystal ball in the duffel bag, and suddenly saw a large communication crystal ball light up, this is the special crystal ball when communicating with the female Young Lady Wang sister.

Oops, I haven’t been on the phone with my daughter Young Lady Wang for several days, and this woman came after me.

Robb glanced at the entire group of Chris in front, and felt that it was not a good idea to call young lady Wang in front of these people, so he had to avoid it, he quickly said: “Oh , I suddenly have a stomachache, I’m going to find a hole behind a rock.”

Chris turned around and said, “Hey, at this time?”

Robb said: “That’s the time when I need to squat. If I want to squat after entering Demon King City, wouldn’t it be even worse?”

Chris thought about it carefully, yes, He waved his hand and said, “Come on, we’ll wait for you for a while.”

But he thought about it and felt that something was wrong: “Hey, danger lurks on every side here, you can leave the team and go to the pit alone. Is it too dangerous? Do you want me to accompany you?”

Robb: “Do you like someone watching?”

“This…this…” Reese Khan: “Okay, be careful yourself, if you are in danger, call for help.”

Chapter 877 is useless if you don’t admit it

Robb quickly slipped out of the team and arrived at the The “squatting pit” went behind the black stone in the distance.

As soon as he left, Chris showed a worried look: “A priest with very little adventure experience, who left the team and went out to squat, it’s nothing else, this is Demon. King City is out of the way, so don’t have anything wrong.”

Golda and the others laughed without saying a word, but the fire-fighting Junior Sister walked up to Chris and whispered, “I do I don’t think he has any problems, and he seems to be very good.”

“But he really looks like a rookie, and he doesn’t understand anything along the way.” Chris said: “Monster’s footprints will not Look, the habits of monsters are not clear, and even many monsters are not clear whether they are strong or weak.”

The fire mage said: “The experience is a little less, but the battle strength is indeed not weak.”

Chris still trusts his teammates very much, and asked curiously: “How do you see it?”

The fire mage said: “Well, I’ve always wanted to find someone I have the opportunity to tell you in detail, but I didn’t stop to rest along the way, just while he was squatting, I will tell you what I saw…”

She was going to talk about it in detail. The stitching monster last night, and the incident with Basilisk on the road just now, suddenly, everyone felt the ground around them shake twice, and then, a huge red stone stood up, with two yellow rays of light glowing eyes staring at them.

“The lava giant! We have been discovered, we can’t hide.” Chris said quickly: “Prepare to fight the formidable power that can restrain the skill, don’t use magic with sound and light effects to clean it up, don’t cause it Pay attention to the monsters in the Demon King city.”

entire group all took out their weapons.

However, Golda and the others were about to meet the lava giant when Chris stood in front of him: “Golda, although you are brave, your professions are too low, lava giants. This kind of thing is easy for you to deal with, so leave it to us.”

Golda said: “Uh, this, we are actually very strong.”

Chris Road : “Is it strong enough to struggle in the mouth of a giant devil?”

“Well…” Golda Khan said, “It was a beautiful little accident.”

Chris said: “Anyway, you can rest for a while, we’ll deal with it here.”

He couldn’t help but push Golda back, then took out the one-handed sword and shield, and greeted the lava giant , several teammates, also moved together, and instantly formed a beautiful small team battle formation.

warrior is at the front, the reloaded priority stands on the next floor, the demonhunter and the fire mage are dragged in the distance, and the assassin has already been disappeared at the moment when the lava giant appears. without a trace, don’t know where it went, but everyone knows that he must be behind the lava giant.

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