After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 632

Chris was taken aback and thought: Golda is a low-level warrior, and the level of the shield wall must also be low. If you eat the lava giant like this, I am afraid that the shield will be beaten. Deformation, people also suffer internal injuries.

However, as soon as he thought of this, he saw that the fist of the lava giant suddenly shattered.

It punched the shield, and it was its fist that shattered, not Golda’s shield.

It turns out that Golda’s shield, the full name is “Titan steel essence defender of thorns”, is enchanted with thorns prefix, with the effect of reflecting physical damage.

Chapter 879 Our equipment is OK

The lava giant punched Golda’s shield, and the physical damage rebounded, but shattered his own fist.

It can’t help but be a little bit awkward!

Chris and the others next to him were also stunned.

At this time, Golda jumped suddenly, jumped up, “Heroic Jump”, and jumped to the level of the lava giant’s chest in one fell swoop, wielding “Shield Slam” with the shield in his hand.


With a muffled sound, Golda’s shield hit the lava giant’s chest. The lava core in its chest and abdomen was exposed by the shield.

Jake, who was standing in the distance, drew his bow and arrow, and Biu landed an arrow, hitting the lava core.

The lava giant’s movements froze immediately. After several seconds, the lava core stopped beating. The giant lost his life. crushed stone.

Chris: “…”

The four behind him, assassin, demonhunter, priest, and fire mage, were also confused and looked towards Golda with disbelief. and Jake both.

“What’s your situation?” Chris looked at Golda: “The skills you used just now are all primary level, they are all ordinary warrior skills, they shouldn’t have such a large formidable power. .”

demonhunter also turned to Jake: “Although the lava core is the most vulnerable part of the lava giant, it is also a stone, you shoot the stone with a bow and arrow, and there is no special The skill is a flat shot, the effect should be very poor, how can it be done with one shot?”

Golda and Jake laughed “hehe” a few times, spread their hands and said: “Our equipment is relatively That’s it.”

Jake was wearing a “hunter costume” look, which looked like the family, but Golda was wearing a “village costume”, which seemed simply not to be worn. Equipment, Chris couldn’t help but cast a questioning look at him: “You said that you are equipped? How can you be fine in burlap?”

Golda said: “This is for Here comes the funny clothes, I’m wearing armor under this dress.”

Chris: “This is impossible! How can I wear armor under this cloth?”

Golda chuckled said: “This villager outfit was made for me by Godafather. In his words, it’s called an appearance outfit. After wearing it, it changes its appearance… So, I covered my armor.”

Said After finishing, he took off the villagers’ costumes…

A full set of Titan steel essence armor, plus top gem accessories, appeared in front of Chris.

Chris doesn’t know the Titan steel essence, this metal is still unfamiliar to most people in this world, but Golda’s gemstone necklace, two rings with several handles, suddenly lit up Blind Chris, the jewelry made by the Grandmaster Level jeweler has a very bright red light on it, indicating a very powerful enchanting effect.

Chris only glanced at the jewelry, and then he felt that he was sitting on the high lemon mountain, his eyes were a little red, fuck, he has been drifting in the arena for decades, how many risks have he taken, brushing How many monsters, how many commissions have been completed, and finally earned a good set of equipment, but this guy in front of him… how can he dress so well?

People are really incomparable!

Golda said: “Cough, in a word, it is because the equipment is better, so our skills are low-level, but the formidable power is still full.”

Chris now understands, He really underestimated the few adventurers in front of him. He looked towards Sara who was wearing a hotel kanban girl costume and said, “So, this set of clothes on you is also a look? What are you really wearing?”

Sara laughed, taking off her outer outfit, revealing the mooncloth robe inside.

“Oh!” The Fire Master Sister couldn’t help exclaiming: “This is a robe made of mooncloth unique to the elves.”

Sara said: “Yeah. , there are three Elf Races living together in West Wind City, so it’s easier for us to get the moon cloth.”

The fire method Junior Sister also sat on the high lemon mountain…

Chris looked towards Robb, who had just come over, and glanced at his T-shirt and jeans: “That is to say, you are wearing a strange outfit, right?”

“Uh, yes!” Robb said: “I have quite a complex set of equipment.”

Chris said: “What is it, let’s see.”

Robb took off the exterior, and inside was also a set of Titan steel essence armor…

However, in addition to the armor, he also carried a lot of weapons, with a two-handed giant sword on his back. A rod of life, these two things are very long, and a long section sticks out from the shoulders. It is also covered with a Titan steel essence shield like a pot lid, and a crossbow and a quiver bag are hung on the left waist. Two one-handed swords hung from his right waist, which were inserted into two scabbards respectively, a few daggers were inserted into his belt, and there were also a row of flying knives, which were tied to his chest with a belt and hung diagonally.

With so many weapons on his body, he looks like he’s driving groceries.

Chris was dizzy for a while: “Ward, what are you doing with so many weapons?”

“Use it!” Robb said: “Use different weapons at different times. Weapons.”

Chris: “But you’re a priority!”

Robb said: “I’m a priest, is it normal to use a cane?”

Chris Nodded.

Robb continued: “priest occasionally rushes forward to cut people, so armor, shields, one-handed swords, these are normal.”

Chris said: “This is That’s right.”

Robb continued: “priest also has a stealth backstab occasionally, so it’s not surprising to have two daggers?”

Chris mechanically nodded, and suddenly came to his senses: “It’s weird! Don’t tell me you have to use your two-handed sword to slash people furiously.”

Robb: “Yes!”

Chris I He covered his face and said, “What kind of priority are you?”

Whispering, Chris already understands that although this group of people seems to be a primary level profession, they will. Skills are also primary level skills, but their equipment is all insane level, so their battle strength must not be underestimated.

These people can use a primary level skill to play the same effect as a high level skill, or even better.

“Well, it seems that I have always underestimated your strength, and I apologize for that.” Chris said: “You are much stronger than I thought, no wonder you dare to go to Jinghong Mountain. Come to the Demon King city from the depths of the range, you also have this strength.”

Golda said with a smile: “We won the prize, we only rely on equipment, and we are still far behind you, wait until you have it. If you have these equipments, you will definitely be stronger than us.”

Chris said a little regretfully: “But we don’t know Godafathersimply, it’s hard to get these equipments, I hope to help Godafather this time. Let’s get acquainted with Light Church after he colluded with monsters.”

Chapter 880 Quick Freeze

After listening to Chris’s words, Golda, Jake , Sara, and Sofa all had strange expressions on their faces, and they couldn’t help but glance at Robb, Robb shrugged his shoulders, he had admitted that he was Godafather, but he couldn’t believe it, forget it, forget it, Don’t get too hung up on this.

“Let’s go, Demon King City is at hand.”

Everyone regained their focus and returned to the problem at hand.

Crossing through the spacious crypt, getting closer and closer to Demon King City, the entire group of Chris walked more and more carefully.

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