After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 633

At the edge of the moat formed by the lava, the river is very wide, at least hundreds of yards.

Chris and Golda weighed each other, and their “heroic jump” was afraid that they would not be able to jump. Don’t think about the tumbling of the demonhunter. As for the flash of the mage, there is only a pitiful distance, and it is impossible to pass through such a wide lava river.

Everyone glanced at the Demon King city across the river, and Chris whispered: “Oops, Lava is besieging the city, it seems that you can only enter from the suspension bridge of the city gate, but the suspension bridge of the city gate There must be monsters guarding the location, and it may be difficult to enter top secret.”

Sara said: “Go in!”

Chris whole group shook their heads in unison: ” Miss Sara, this is impossible! Although your equipment is very good, you can’t force a kill from a large group of demons.”

Sara said: “Yes! Yes!”

Robb gently stabbed her in the back: “You said that I wouldn’t shoot, and I would follow you. Are you sure you can kill me if I don’t shoot?”

Sara: “…”

Well, Sara has to stop making comments.

Chris looked at the lava moat and fell into contemplation: “How to get past this?”

Both teams began to rack their brains.

In fact, this is very easy for Robb, with flying skills, Biu can fly over it at once, but this adventure mainly belongs to Sara, let Sara think hard.

He stared at Sara to see if this woman had any wisdom when she encountered difficulties. After a while, Sara suddenly slapped her forehead. Robb thought she had thought of something, but she didn’t expect her. Immediately showing an idiot face again, he turned to Robb and said, “Help me cross the river.”

Robb: “Hey! I just promised not to let me do it.”

Sara said: “You don’t have to help me deal with monsters, but it’s okay to help me solve this kind of small problem.”

Robb: “These small problems are also part of the adventure.”

Sara: “no no no, I think these troublesome problems can be excluded from the adventure, as long as the adventure has the most exciting and exciting part enough.”

Robb didn’t know whether to cry or laugh , this woman…

Tucao is complaining, it’s still helpful to be busy, the easiest way, of course, is to use the flying technique to carry these people directly across the river, However, the flying skill level is too high, which is a bit scary, so it is better not to use it indiscriminately.

Robb thought for a while, then said to everyone: “You all come with me.”

He walked towards the lava river first, and no one else knew what he was I mean, but seeing his confident appearance, he followed him as it should be by rights.

A group of people came to the river and stood still, looking at the lava rolling in front of them, this thing felt the heat just getting close, and everyone’s foreheads were sweating.

Robb said: “I’m going to walk across the river. You all follow me closely. If you follow me slowly, it will be too late.”

“What? Go over this?” Chris was shocked: “How do you go?”

“You’ll know right away.” Robb finished and walked into the Lava River.

This step went out and scared the entire group of Chris to the point of screaming. Fortunately, they remembered that it was under the Demon King city wall. The loud noise would attract demons, so they He quickly suppressed the exclamation back into his stomach.

I saw Robb stepped out this step and actually stopped on the surface of lava.

Everyone: “…”

It was only after a closer look that they realized that where Robb had landed, a circle of lava with a radius of about tens of centimeters actually solidified and turned into a hard Fire Mountain Cliff, so, Robb is not stepping on the lava, but stepping on a piece of Fire Mountain Cliff.

“What’s the situation?” demonhunter was a little confused.

The fire method Junior Sister reacted at once: “He used an ice attribute magic to freeze quickly, and the moment he landed, the lava under his feet was frozen, lava. If you lose the temperature, it will become Fire Mountain Cliff, so that’s it.”

Everyone: “…”

This is really surprising, how powerful it is Ice attribute magic, to freeze such a piece in the lava river? Judging from the stability of this volcano, it is obvious that it is very deep frozen. It looks like it is only a few tens of centimeters in diameter, just enough to settle down. In fact, it must be a cylindrical shape that freezes and reaches the bottom of the lava riverbed.

Robb took the Second Step again, and a piece of Fire Mountain Cliff tens of centimeters square was frozen at the foot of the foot. Then he moved forward alternately with both feet, and each step was frozen together. Step By step, I walked over the Lava River and went all the way to the city wall on the other side of the river.

Chris entire group: “…”

Golda entire group spread out their hands, shrugged, with an expression of “I knew it would be like this”.

Robb turned his head and said to them: “Follow me, the foothold I just frozen will be melted by lava soon, if you move slowly, the foothold will melt and it will fall off. Into the Lava River…”

This sentence startled everyone, and quickly followed the foothold that Robb stepped on and crossed the river one by one. It didn’t take long for the other nine people to come over from the river. .

Looking back, not long after they came, those footholds had been melted by the heat of the surrounding lava, crooked, and sank into the lava.

Chris gave Robb a serious look: “What level of ice attribute magic was that just now?”

Robb said: “Quick Freeze, very primary level magic, Isn’t it normal for priest to be able to use ice attribute magic? Haven’t you heard of Ice Priest? Actually, my ice attribute magic formidable power is very weak, but my ring is better, so I just increased the formidable power of magic , look at you.”

He took a sapphire ring from his finger and shook it in front of Chris: “This is a ring with ice attribute magic formidable power improvement, do you want it? You!”

Chris Khan said: “No need, no need, I don’t know ice attribute magic.”

Robb handed it to Sister Fire Law Junior again: “You Or?”

Fire Mage: “I don’t know ice attribute magic either.”

“That’s impossible.” Robb said: “What a pity, such a good ring, you guys. If I can’t use it, then of course it’s just me.”

He put the ring back on his finger again.

Chris entire group now knows that this guy is really not a simple character, and I don’t know how many things will be messed up.

Chapter 881 This is, Demon Steel!

Now everyone finally came to the outside of the city wall of Demon King City. Looking up, you can see the towering Demon King city standing beside you. You can reach out and touch its scorching black wall. It is made of a strange black stone. The monsters obviously have no architectural aesthetics. The sizes of the stones are not uniform, and they are piled up in a mess. The middle of the stone cracks are pasted with something like mud, so that they can live together.

I don’t know what material this stone is made of. It has been scorched by the heat of the Lava River for a long time, but it has not become brittle and collapsed.

Robb’s eyes suddenly lit up when he saw the stone, he couldn’t walk, and reached out to look for a hoe in his bag.

Chris and the others were circling the city wall.

He looked up and saw that there were no sentries on the city wall, in fact, if there were sentries, they would have been spotted crossing the lava moat.

Chris said: “Let’s get ready to climb up.”

“Okay!” Several others responded.

Chris commanded: “The two hunters go up first, after climbing up, stick out half of their heads on the city wall, then turn on the reconnaissance technique, see the above situation clearly, and then we go up again .”

Everyone nodded agreed, but how should this wall be mounted?

demonhunter was thinking about which skill to use to climb the wall, and suddenly saw Robb coming from the side, waved a small mining hoe, and dug “pu” on the city wall in front of him, keeping the digging. After 2 seconds of action, he pulled his hand back, and a small pit appeared on the wall. On the other hand, there was a square-shaped black stone in his hand.

demonhunter said: “Thank you for helping me dig a hole.”

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