After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 634

After he finished speaking, he jumped to the pit, stopped, stretched out his hand and took out his dagger, and stabbed it at a higher place, wanting to Dig another hole, and then kept digging upwards, didn’t expect, his steel dagger stabbed hard on the black city wall, but he couldn’t stab it in, instead it shook his arm numb.

“Hey?” Demonhunter lowered his head and said, “What the hell is this city wall? I don’t know what material it is, and my dagger can’t even scratch it.”

Chris Road : “Don’t scratch on the stone, you find a foothold in the crack of the stone.”

demonhunter said: “Of course I understand this, I am just surprised by this kind of stone.”

Before he finished speaking, he saw Robb below waving a small mining hoe again, poofing, and 2 seconds later, he dug a big pit in the black stone again, dancing with joy, like A child weighing more than 100 pounds.

demonhunter sweated a bit: “brother, if you want to help us dig a hole and climb the wall, you can dig at a higher point, it’s useless to dig at the root of the wall, as soon as I climb higher, I can’t step on the hole you dug.”

Robb ignored him and continued to dig, and within a few dozen seconds, a large pile of square-shaped black stones were piled under his feet.

demonhunter used its own dagger to dig its feet on the city wall. The gaps in the black stone were filled with some strange mud, perhaps some kind of monster secretion. The density is very good. The demonhunter dug for a long time, finally dug a few grooves, and climbed a little bit, the efficiency is obviously not good.

He felt a little strange, so he couldn’t help lowering his head again, and said to Robb below: “brother, what kind of strange mine hoe is you, why are you digging a hole in this black stone? My dagger can’t even pull out a scratch.”

Robb said: “I’m just an ordinary mine hoe.”

demonhunter Khan said: “Come up, help I’ll dig a few holes and let me step on them.”

“Oh, okay.” Robb digs wherever he digs, and there’s no difference between digging higher and lower. He stepped on the hole he had just dug and climbed up a bit, digging down with another hoe, another hole, and then another step forward, and he kept digging upwards alternately. It didn’t take long for Robb to dig on the city wall. along.

He jumped down from the top and continued to dig the bottom city wall.

This bizarre move made the entire group of Chris a little incomprehensible, but Golda and the others understood that the bricks of the Demon King city seem to be good minerals. I don’t know where these monsters come from. Where did you find it and used it to build this Demon King city, but since Godafather saw it, it must be enough to dig.

The demonhunter used both hands and feet, stepped on the pit dug by Robb, quickly climbed to the upper edge of the city wall, stuck out half of his head, looked at it for a while, turned back, and exclaimed excitedly: “Very good, There are no monsters nearby! There are only a few little demons drowsily guarding the city gate at the very far city gate. It seems that the army of the Demon King has all gone out. Come up, just be careful when you come up and avoid The sight of the little devils in the distance is enough.”

Jake also climbed up, looked left and right, and nodded down.

The two hunters were using the reconnaissance technique to closely monitor the surroundings. Chris and the others, one by one, climbed up one by one, leaving Sara and Robb behind.

p>Sara said: “Do you want to dig here for a while?”

Robb<<>: “This kind of stone is called evil steel, it is a better ore than Titan steel essence, I will dig it first Click here to rub some things, you guys keep moving forward, if you have any questions, call me on the phone, I will be there soon.”

Sara complied and climbed up.

So, nine people climbed up the wall, and only Robb stayed behind, wielding a small mining hoe, digging and digging.

Chris was a little surprised when he didn’t come up, and asked Sara, “Why doesn’t he come? What are you doing there?”

Sara said: ” He said, leave someone outside the city to respond.”

Chris felt that Sara wasn’t telling the truth, and thought: Forget it, it’s their team’s business after all, and I shouldn’t ask more.

He nodded: “Then the nine of us will move on.”

The nine of them waved to Robb, who was mining below, and quietly sneaked into the Demon King city…

Flip down from the city wall and get into the deep passage in Demon King city. Sara was so excited that her hands were shaking. In fact, the other adventurers were not much better. Only Sofa remained calm. She was born in the army and was not keen on adventure, so getting into Demon King City felt like going to an enemy country. The feeling of performing a mission in the castle is the same, there is no excitement at all.

But the blood of the eight adventurers was boiling with almost every step they took.

“Where are we going to find evidence of monsters colluding with the Light Church court?” Golda whispered.

“Above!” Chris whispered: “Considering common sense, the Demon King must live on the top floor of the castle. We went to the top floor of the castle and searched room by room. , you will definitely be able to find something.”

Chapter 882 Why does it feel a little wrong

Chris whole group, began to brush up the Demon King city excitedly, layer by layer, Brush up layer after layer.

This is all adventurer yearn for something even in dreams, so they brushed very carefully, took a few steps forward in the dark corridor, opened a door cautiously, and probed in At a glance, a demon is sleeping on the bed.

Assassin immediately walked over lightly. Although Sofa had no interest in adventure, it was her job to assassinate monsters. Of course, she had to keep up. He stood still, made a gesture, and then two daggers stabbed at the devil’s vitals at the same time.

At the same time, Chris came up from the side and covered the demon’s mouth. Golda followed, and a shield slammed on the demon’s head.

The demon was suddenly attacked in his sleep, and was awakened by the “vital assassination” of two daggers. When he woke up, he was seriously injured. If he didn’t come out, he was hit by a shield on the forehead and died with a dazed expression.

“Ha! Cleaned up a demon!”

The eight adventurers were overjoyed: “Usually it is very difficult to clean up a demon, but in Demon King City, The demon didn’t even have any defenses, hehe, he killed one easily, we just need to keep quiet and kill all the way to the top of the building, I’m afraid we can kill all the monsters in the city of Demon King, great! This is enough Written into the adventurer’s epic.”

“It was the right thing to come here!”

“My blood is boiling all over!”

“Wait What? Go to the next room.”

Sofa calmly reminded: “Don’t be silly, aren’t you looking for evidence of Light Church’s collusion with the Demon King? Don’t rush to the next room, Look carefully to see if there are any letters here, don’t miss any room.”

The excited mood of everyone reminded her to calm down a little bit, and then she hurriedly searched the room. However, nothing gained. But this will not discourage everyone. If you can’t find a clue, go to the next room to find it, one room after another, and you may find something.

Also, this evidence may not even exist, not found at all, which is also very common in the adventurers’ long adventures.

Everyone, cautiously, keep going.

Sofa stealth, and gently opened the door of the next room a crack, there are two demons inside, sitting opposite each other at a table, drinking and eating meat, the room is full of alcohol And the bloody smell of meat, it is probably some kind of wild beast meat, the smell of wine and blood mask the smell of human beings, otherwise Sofala may really smell human smell when he opens the door.

She beckoned to the other assassin, and the two entered the room stealth, cautiously rounding the backs of the two demons.

With the strength of demons, it’s easy to see through human stealth, but these two demons were a little drunk, sleepy, and didn’t pay any attention to their surroundings.

Then they suddenly heard a “peng” and Chris kicked the door open.

The two demons turned their heads to look at the door at the same time. As a result, the two assassins behind them stabbed the daggers into their hearts at the same time.

Sofa’s dagger is a titan steel essence dagger. It seriously wounded the demon with one blow, but the assassin’s dagger on the other side is too bad. Although it has high professional proficiency, the damage is not as good as that of Sofa. Fa Gao, the demon took a bite, and the injury was not serious. The brain paralyzed by alcohol paused for a moment, but did not respond.

Chris went up with a charge, “Shield Slam”, “Heroic Blow”, “Lethal Blow”, and the demonhunter and Jake behind him also shot a few arrows on the demon.

On the other side, the badly wounded demon opened his mouth to shout, and the Priest with the scepter threw it up with a silence technique. This guy’s Priest proficiency is really high, and the silence technique can actually work on the devil. The demon grabbed his neck with both hands, unable to make a sound, his face became extremely anxious.

Then, Priest smacked his scepter on the forehead, while Golda rushed over and slashed at it.

Sister Huo Fa shrugged at the door: “I don’t dare to take action, I’m afraid the movement will be too big, you guys cheer up.”

“You don’t need to cheer up, it’s done!”

The two demons have turned into two corpses. The battle of these nine people is really not bad. The entire group of Chris is all high-level occupations, and the battle strength is extremely sturdy. The Golda entire group was equipped against the sky, and everyone was able to pack up two demons so quickly, even they were a little surprised.

The guys searched the room again and found no evidence, but they weren’t discouraged and continued…

Escaped one little devil patrol and killed two more Roaring Demon, they finally reached the next floor.

Open a room and see that there is a spider queen in it. The fire mage added flame damage to everyone’s weapons, everyone rushed up, killed the spider in an instant, then continued to search, escaped the patrol, and continued…

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