After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 635

Upstairs, everyone opened the door and saw a doomsday guard, kill it.

Go up another level, robber, kill.

Go on, Void Terror, kill it.

Up again, the dwarf of the rough valley, kill it.

Swiping, Sara suddenly felt that something was wrong, he couldn’t help but said to his teammates: “Did you feel that the higher we go upstairs, the lower the Demon Race we encounter. It’s already up several floors, how come even the lowly demons came out? This is completely scum! With our strength, it can be said that we can kill it with a single touch, which is far from what we started at the beginning. The devil you met.”

In fact, everyone felt this, but no one said it. When Sara said that, Chris couldn’t help but say: “Yeah, the more you go upstairs, the easier it is. , I think about it carefully, the devil we encountered at the beginning, then the spider queen, the doomsday guard… Huh huh? Sure enough, every time we go up a floor, the level of the monster will be Level 1 lower.”

“Fake!” Golda said: “This city of Demon King, won’t it get closer to the Demon King as it goes down?”

“This…it’s entirely possible!” Chris was embarrassed He took a hand: “The demon family is originally a creature that lives underground, and the Demon King might live on the bottom floor.”

“This… we just need to go up one more floor, to the top floor, See if the entire top floor is full of goblins, and you’ll know.”

The goblins are the lowest level monsters in the Demon Race, Level 1 lower than the dwarf demons.

They found a dwarf demon on this floor. If they go up another floor and see a little ghost, then they can be sure and sure that the Demon King city came from the opposite direction.

Chris took the lead and walked up the stairs, and everyone rushed upstairs with them.

As soon as I went upstairs, I saw a thin little devil looking at them with curious eyes.

“Fake! Sure enough, it’s a kid!”

“Go back, Demon King must be under the devil’s floor! That is, behind the city wall.”

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Chapter 883 Do you want to help him?

Robb is mining, the thief is happy!

Evil Steel, the mineral corresponding to level 100, this thing is much more powerful than Titan steel essence, and he didn’t expect to encounter this here, so he took the opportunity to dig a few more pieces and dug it down The ore is piled up in the back, and the square-shaped piles form a hill. After digging more points, open a Transmission Gate and kick it back to West Wind City, and then deal with it slowly.

However, Robb was so happy digging that he forgot one thing. What he is digging now is not a ore vein, but a city wall. It is the Old Ancestor of the demon family. I don’t know how many years ago, I didn’t know where to find the evil steel ore, and the city wall was piled up. This thing is different from the ore veins.

And Robb digs very fast, every two seconds, he will dig a pit, and he will dig the city wall thinner and thinner.

Digging and digging, Robb dug a huge hole in the city wall, and then knocked it down with a hoe, a big hole suddenly appeared in the city wall in front, and it was dug through!

Then, Robb saw a small room on the opposite side, the kind of small room in the castle, sitting in it was an Archfiend, a very majestic Archfiend with a pair of long horns on his head. , with a pair of big black wings on his back, powerful magic power pervades him, this is the kind of demon that is not to be trifled with, the Demon King army Great General level, more than before in the Black Pine Mountain Range to find Robb’s troublesome Archfiend is stronger.

A big hole suddenly pierced through the wall behind it, and anyone would be confused, and Archfiend was no exception. It turned its head and looked at Robb with strange eyes.

Two people are separated by a hole, so affectionately looking at each other!

After looking at it for about five seconds, Archfiend reacted, waving his hands, and with a snort, a fireball shot towards Robb’s front face.

“bang!” The fireball hit Robb, HP -3214, and the next second, Robb appeared in front of Archfiend, with his left hand he drew out the one-handed sword around his waist and stabbed it in the face. chopped down.

HP – 424954

Archfiend fell to the ground with a thud and hung up.

Robb put away the one-handed sword and hummed: “I asked you to interfere with my mining.”

He didn’t bother to care about Archfiend’s body, and then exited the hole to the city Outside the wall, looking at the big hole in the wall, it has been dug through, of course, I can’t continue digging, so I have to change to the front of the city wall and wave his small mining hoe…

After digging for a while, this time Robb was very careful not to dig through, but when he was cautiously paying attention not to dig through, a group of little devil heads suddenly protruded from the city wall, looking down… …

It turns out that he has been digging here for a long time. How can the little devil who patrols the city not discover his reason?

And, as soon as they found him, a team found him.

Robb: “…”

The little devils didn’t say anything, a bunch of small fireballs threw down at Robb with the small javelin in between.

Robb slapped a fireball back, and with a bang, a bunch of little demons blew up on the city wall. The desert kingdom was left, but there were still many demons left behind. The sound of a fireball exploding, coupled with the screams and screams of the little demons, immediately triggered a chain effect.

Shua~ shua~ shua~ shua~ on the city wall, a lot of heads came out, and, layer by layer, in the windows of the rooms in Demon King City, a lot of demon heads also appeared. The stronger the demons in the lower layers, the weaker the demons in the higher layers, and a bunch of little devil heads stick out from the top layer.

The demons were all looking down, all staring at Robb and the pile of bricks dug up behind him.

“Demon King-sama, someone is digging the corner of Demon King city!” The little demons screamed.

The Castlevania, which had just been silent, had strange noises everywhere. The entire group of Chris, who was running down the upper floors, was startled. They thought their whereabouts had been exposed, and there were demons asking for them. I came to encircle and suppress them, so I quickly found a small room and hid in it.

Then looking out through the crack of the door, I saw a large number of demons running in the corridor, rushing towards the bottom floor below, and the demons with IQ roared outside: “There are intruders, some people are digging corners. “

“Go kill him!”

The battalion demon runs down.

Chris looked bewildered: “Who? Who is free to dig the corner of Demon King City?”

“Who else?” Sara didn’t know whether to cry Or laugh said: “Have you forgotten what the priority in our team was doing just now?”

Chris then remembered that the weird priest just took a small mining hoe and was digging the city wall, Isn’t this just digging a corner?

He was embarrassed: “It seems that he was discovered by the demons, what should I do? I don’t know how many demons have killed him, should we hurry to help him?”


Golda, Jake, Sara, and Sofa shook the head almost at the same time: “There is no need to help him. It is more important that we take advantage of the fact that he has attracted the attention of the devil and quickly find evidence.”

Chris said: “But he is besieged by so many demons, it is very dangerous.”

Sara said with a smile: “It’s okay, don’t worry, worry about us more than worry about him It’s more important.”

Chris’s expression sank: “How can this young lady do this? Are you trying to say that your life is more important than your teammates’?”

“no no no, that’s not what I meant.” Sara spread her hands and said: “I mean, he is so powerful that we don’t need to worry about us. On the contrary, by protecting ourselves, we will reduce the trouble for him.”

Chris: “???”

He suddenly felt someone pulling the corner of his shirt behind him, turned his head and saw that it was his accomplice’s junior sister. , the girl looked at him with a serious face: “Don’t be stubborn, just listen to them.”

“Okay, then let’s hurry up and take advantage of all these monsters to go to him.” Chris looked out from the crack of the door for a while, and found that there were no monsters in the corridor, he quickly opened the door and ran out: “Everyone, raise the speed, GoGoGo, we have to use the time he helps us attract monsters to find what we want. What you want.”

The nine people ran downstairs quickly, they finally climbed up just now, and now they want to go down again, life is really full of irony, but fortunately all the devil’s attention goes to Robb There, they went all the way down, and they didn’t encounter any obstacles. It didn’t take long for them to return to the devil’s floor, go down another floor, pushed open the door of a room, and found an Archfiend dead on the floor. Inside, there is a hole in the wall of the room that leads directly to the outside of the city. From that hole, you can see the lava moat flowing outside, and you can see a large group of demons besieging Robb.

From the outside, I can only see the backs of the demons, but I can’t see Robb in the middle. However, Chris just glanced at it, and saw four or five roaring demons being beaten up and flying. , flew high from the middle of the encirclement, and then fell heavily outside, the surrounding demons shouted: “Damn human, you are surrounded and dare to kill him!”

” Eat him!”

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