After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 636

Chapter 884 A man with a mining hoe

The demons rushed aggressively towards the middle, and then Chris heard a “hong” sound, Several more demons of various types flew up, flew from the middle of the encirclement, flew far and far, and one even fell into the Lava River and was instantly reduced to ashes.

The strange priest voice resounded in the crowd: “Damn mental retardation! Muds are playing triumphantly, don’t interfere with my work.”

Chris was embarrassed and turned to face Others said: “That person was surrounded by the army of demons, but he seemed to be able to handle it with ease. It seems that you are right. Instead of worrying about him, we should worry about ourselves.”

Golda and the Others followed Robb’s example and shrugged: “He’s always been like this.”

Sara laughed directly behind him: “He probably forgot what he came to Demon King City for this time. .”

Chris Daqi: “Yes! The five of us are here to find evidence of the demon’s collusion with the Light Church court, but what are the five of you here for? I never seem to ask. Understood.”

Sara said: “We’re here to beat the Demon King, didn’t we tell you already?”

Chris: “…”

Well, he didn’t take it seriously when he heard Sara say this before, but now he glanced at Robb who was still surrounded by a large group of demons outside, and felt a little convinced.

Chris glanced down at Archfiend’s corpse on the ground and whispered: “The upper floor is the Devil, this floor is Archfiend, then the next floor should be where the Demon King is. The probability of finding clues there is great.”

Everyone got excited again: “Then hurry up.”

They searched Archfiend’s room and found nothing. After harvesting, I went back to the corridor and walked through a dark and empty corridor. I didn’t encounter any demons along the way. After all, they were all attracted by Robb.

Chris took the lead and rushed down to the first floor. He found that the structure of this floor was relatively simple, and there were no more rooms like the upper floor. There were side doors on both sides of the corridor, which were pitch black. Yes, it leads to the darkness like a rectum. There are candlesticks on the walls on both sides of the corridor, and they are copper candlesticks, which looks very tasteful. Although these candlesticks are not lit, it shows that the people living on this floor , start to pay attention to forceful style!

He hurriedly made a gesture to the people behind him, everyone understood, they all held their breaths and dared not chat anymore, Demon King must live on this floor, and Demon King must feel more than ordinary The devil is much sharper, and it’s not enough to chat and brag all the way like just now.

They walked cautiously against the edge of the corridor, desperately trying to eliminate their sense of existence. In fact, no matter how careful they were, it was inevitable that they would make a little noise, especially the two warriors, who were wearing heavy clothes. A, it is almost impossible not to make the sound of armor rubbing while walking. Fortunately, there is a battle on the upper floor. The sound of quarrel and the sound of magic explosion will sound from time to time. Although the sound is much quieter after a floor, it is also It can help everyone to cover up a lot of subtle sounds that come from moving.

There is a door ahead!

The very gorgeous door, just like the door of the boss room in “Devil City”, looks heavy and chilling.

It’s hard not to be found inside if you secretly push open this kind of door and sneak in. Fortunately, this door is not closed, it has a slit open, which is much more convenient.

The group came to the door and looked inside cautiously.

Inside is a spacious hall, with a throne in the middle, sitting a very mighty and domineering ancient demon, with a black crown on his head, and a black cloak dragging behind it. Sitting on the throne, he seemed to be dozing off. In the open space in front of the throne, there was a little devil lying on his back, saying in a fast voice: “Demon King Your Majesty, the major event is not good, there is a strange human outside, I took a mining hoe to dig the foot of the wall of our Demon King city.”

Demon King ill-humoredly said: “The black stone used to build the city wall is extremely hard, so far we have not found any weapons. How can a trifling mining hoe be able to dig that kind of stone if it can hurt it?”

“Digged through!” Little evil demonic path: “A big hole has been dug through the city wall.”

“What?” Demon King felt that he had been slapped in the face for a while, his face was so swollen, and he was driving his feet.

The little devil flew backwards and flew straight to the door, startling the peeps outside the door, only to hear a “bang”, the little devil slammed into the door, his whole body The skeleton was almost shattered by the impact, and the lifeless body slowly slid down against the door.

Everyone was silent, thinking to themselves: Demon Race’s actions are really messed up, isn’t it just because they were beaten in the face, they killed their subordinates indiscriminately.

I saw that Demon King stretched out his hand in his pocket to dig and dig out, and actually took out a crystal ball, folded it three times, and soon, the crystal ball lit up, and a general Archfiend appeared on the opposite side: “Demon King-sama!”

Demon King said solemnly: “I heard that someone is digging the corner of my Demon King city?”

“Yes!” General Archfiend said: “city wall Two big holes have been dug out in the top, and the subordinates are leading the guards to fight against the guy who dug the corner, and they will definitely take him down as soon as possible.”

“en? Two big holes dug out?” Demon King wondered: “How many people came from the other side? What Divine Items were dispatched?”

“One person! A small mining hoe was used!”

Demon King: “…”

It was eerily quiet, after a few seconds.

“Fake!” Demon King was furious: “Just a small mining hoe? You still have to lead the guards to fight against it? Can’t you kill him in an instant?”

“Fake!” p>

“This… this…” General Archfiend said: “The opponent’s strength is unexpectedly strong, and our army is currently in a hard fight…”

He didn’t say a word After finishing, there was a scream behind him, and a demon’s corpse that was cut in half flew past General Archfiend’s back, and the Demon King on the side of the crystal ball looked confused: “What did I see just now?”

General Archfiend said: “Our army suffered a little loss just now, but it’s not a big problem, we still have…”

“Ah!” Another scream, an Archfiend Smashed corpses flew past General Archfiend’s back.

Demon King: “…”

There was another eerie silence, and after a few seconds, Demon King said: “Are you sure you are fighting someone?”


Demon King frowned: “Maybe, I’ll have to come and see for myself.”

“Ah? Demon King-sama, what are you going to do? Do you personally? That’s really good.” With a “saved” expression on his face, General Archfiend hurriedly said: “This human being is too strong, we should be more confident if you deal with him in person.”

Chapter 885 Don’t talk nonsense, just do it!

Demon King-sama stood up, the black cloak was thrown behind his back, and the huge magic power filled him. He was ready to go out and see for himself. The city of Demon King stands in this amazing mountain range. Underneath, it has been thousands of years, and no human has ever been able to kill here, let alone dig through the city wall, which is simply insane to the level of incomprehension.

He really has to go out to see which mental disorder is so arrogant.

However, just as he stood up, he felt something was wrong, the flow of air? Refraction of light? Human stink? murderous aura?

It’s like a little bit of everything!

Demon King turned his head sharply, the black cloak raised and kicked backwards.


The assassin who just had stealth behind him and had not had time to shoot the sneak attack was kicked in the chest by this kick, the stealth was released, and he was wrapped in a black robe The silhouette in the middle appeared, and the power of this kick was so strong that the assassin flew backwards and slammed into the wall behind the throne heavily, causing the ashes to slip off.

assassin mouth spurt blood out, dyeing his veil red.

At the same time, Demon King turned and kicked in another empty direction, where it was Sofa who was standing, she had just come here, and saw assassin being kicked Fei, she did not act rashly, because she is not an adventurer assassin, but a military assassin. If her comrade-in-arms failed to assassinate and was discovered by the enemy, it does not mean that she was discovered. She can continue to wait for the opportunity to complete the assassination mission that her comrade-in-arms failed to complete.

However, unfortunately, she was also found.

Demon King came very fast. Although assassin is also a profession known for his agility, he was not able to move faster than Demon King. Sofa only had time to raise his arms and face him in front of him. Crossed a letter, Demon King’s feet firmly kicked on Sofa’s crossed forearms.


With a loud bang, Sofa was kicked backwards and flew out, both arms going numb.

Fortunately, she was wearing the “polar fur suit” made by Robb for her, and the defensive power was excellent. Most of the power of this foot was resolved by the polar fur suit, and Sofa flew backward , I turned in midair, my feet actually stood firm when I landed, and I didn’t fall down. Then I jumped back a little by inertia, brushed the ground, and the stealth disappeared again.

Demon King laughed heartily: “The first assassin was a bit lame, but this second assassin is not bad, hahahaha. And who else? The ones hiding outside the door, You can come in now.”

The door opened, and Chris, Golda, Jake, Sara, demonhunter, priest, sister-in-law and the others, filed in and stood in front of Demon King .

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