After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 637

Demon King’s eyes swept across the entire group, with a look of contempt in his eyes: “I knew that the impossible person who came here was a person, a person and a mine. How could the hoe dig through the city wall? You all made a hole in the wall together, and then let a teammate outside to attract my subordinates, and others took the opportunity to sneak in? Humans just like to play these meaningless little tricks.”

Sara has known Robb for a long time, and at this time she starts to speak like Robb, she mystifying: “Wow! You guessed it right.”

This “wow” although Only one-tenth of Robb’s cheap, but already almost mad at the Demon King, it angrily said: “Human woman, you will pay for your mystifying.”

Golda raised the one-handed sword Shield: “I don’t think I need to say more nonsense, let’s just start it, what do you think?”

Chris nodded: “Look back for the evidence or something, if we can defeat the Demon King, we will be enough to write Enter the legend.”

Everyone’s blood is boiling, except for one person, the seriously injured Assassin, raised a hand from the corner: “Hey… no one cares about me Is it?”

priest then remembered him, and hurriedly threw a “healing technique”, the assassin slammed to the ground and got up, then disappeared in an instant, and stealth again.

“Interesting human squad.” Demon King laughed heartily: “Hasn’t fought a human adventurer for hundreds of years, just relax.”

It finished the sentence , the body suddenly flashed, and it was disappeared in an instant. There was only a piece of red and black light particles left in the place just standing. Everyone was slightly startled, and then immediately reacted. High-level monsters such as ancient demons can flash do as one pleases, which is not much less than high-level archmage.

Chris reacted very quickly, turned around immediately, and rushed towards Sara, who was standing at the back of the line.

Just as he turned around, the Demon King appeared behind Sara, waved his giant palm, and took a picture of Sara’s top of the head fiercely, and Chris instantly switched to ” Berserk attitude”, shouted: “Intercept!”

He instantly turned into a red light, dashed across a distance of several meters, and got stuck in the middle of Sara and Demon King. , the Mithril shield in his hand was raised upwards, and at the same time, he switched back to the “defensive stance” and hit the ground, just holding the Demon King’s palm.

Demon King: “Huh? Change your posture at will, experienced veteran warrior!”

Chris hummed: “Otherwise, how dare you come here?”

Demon King laughed: “But the red-haired female mage is very dumb.”

This sentence made Sara pretty face red, indeed, at that moment, if it wasn’t for Chris’ reaction Come here, I will be slapped for inspiration. Although I have good equipment, they are all attack-oriented. The defensive power is not excellent. Maybe that slap will kill me and wait for Godafather to resurrect.

She, Golda and Jake, typically have good equipment but no combat experience corresponding to good equipment.

Demon King kicked out, Chris slammed into the shield, hit the ground, and was kicked back several steps.

At the same time, the demonhunter’s five flying knives had already arrived in front of the Demon King, and the Demon King waved it casually, and all five flying knives were bounced off, but at this time, Jake, who was half-slow, also opened his bow. Take an arrow, an arrow shot over.

Demon King just slapped it just like before…

“pu!” The arrow shot by Jake was inserted into Demon King’s forearm, smashing into the flesh. , wounded the Demon King.

“Huh?” Demon King wondered: “What the hell?”

It thought that it would shoot any kind of flying knife and arrow, but didn’t t expect The arrow shot by this human was so powerful that it failed to shoot and even wounded himself.


The fire mage’s magic came, the basin-sized pyrotechnic fireball, looking very ferocious, whistled towards the Demon King’s face, But the Demon King kicked the Pyroball, kicked it up, and hit the ceiling with a bang. The heat wave brought by the explosion rushed to the entire room, making everyone feel as if they were roasted. a bit.

Chapter 886 Diablo

“Fake, can Pyroblast kick it away?” Golda sweated profusely.

Chris yelled: “It’s not kicked away, it’s just that it’s using a spell like a magic mirror to deliberately cooperate with the kicking action. This is just an appearance, don’t be Demon King’s actions are deceived, this thing is proficient in body refinement, magic, Illusion Technique, and many ancient black magics that have been messed up, everyone must be careful.”

Demon King was quite surprised: ” Warrior, you really are an amazing adventurer.”

Just as he finished speaking, Sara also shot, a fireball flew towards the Demon King’s front face, the fireball was not very big , slightly smaller than volleyball, is a quite satisfactory Fireball Technique, if placed in normal times, such Fireball Technique can be considered standard, but, in the eyes of Demon King, this magic is a bit too low-level.

The adventurer that can fight the Demon King, which one is not a top adventurer, at least it should be a big fireball, something like Fiery Burst Art, this ordinary fireball is not enough to watch.

It raised its foot again and wanted to “kick” the fireball out like before, but in fact it secretly used a “magic refraction” to bounce the fireball back.

However, Demon King kicked out and immediately felt something was wrong.

“Magic Refraction” is actually ineffective for Sara, the fireball, it cannot be refracted! The opponent’s magic formidable power exceeded the upper limit of his “magic refraction”, which resulted in the failure of refraction.


With a loud bang, Demon King felt that his entire leg was engulfed by the formidable power of Fireball Technique, and all of the skin of his leg was swept away at once It was charred and charred, and if it wasn’t for its strong magic resistance, it would have destroyed its entire leg in one fell swoop.

It screamed in astonishment: “What Ghost Fire ball?”

“There’s more to surprise you.” Golda burst out laughing: “The shield is fierce. Strike!”

“pΓ¨ng! ”

Demon King ate a shield and felt a sharp pain in his chest. The opponent’s shield was too fierce, right? What kind of ghost shield is this?

It took two steps back, and two assassins jumped out with a swipe behind its back. Demon King got hit with two daggers on his back. .

Demon King was furious and clapped his hands on the ground: “Howl of terror!”

A black magic force rushed out all around, scraping the entire hall, Everyone only felt a terrifying, gloomy aura passing by.

The five people, Jake, demonhunter, assassin, Sofa, and even Sara, couldn’t help feeling fear, fear, and trembling all over their bodies, which made them turn around and run away.

Only Chris, Golda, Priest, and Fire Mage were not affected.

It turns out that this move of “Howl of Horror” can intimidate people who are not tenacious enough, making them run away because of fear and dare not fight the Demon King again, and warrior is not easy to be hit because of “fearless” This trick, as for the priest and the mage, is because the Spiritual Cultivation is enough, and the resistance to the Spirit Attack is strong.

Of course, Sara, the G-man’s mage, is not included in this list.

Five people ran around the house, and there were four people left to fight, and the pressure suddenly increased.

The two warriors stepped forward, and Chris yelled: “Dispel the fear among them.”

priest hurriedly recited the dispel spell behind, but Demon King would not give him a chance to disperse slowly. He flashed his body and suddenly appeared behind Priest. Chris rushed over with an interception, but Demon King was already prepared, kicked Chris’ shield and knocked Kris. Reese kicked back a few steps.

Then the Demon King slapped the priest in the face.

priest had to interrupt the spell, use his shield to block this slap, and at the same time wave his scepter and smash it back at the Demon King. I also know that my Pyroblast damage is still a little bit worse, and it is difficult to cause substantial damage to Demon King.

Chris became impatient and shouted: “Find a way! Must remove the fear from them, or we will be defeat them separately.”

“Hey, I think Get up.” Golda suddenly reached into the bag, took out a bottle of strangely colored potion, grabbed Jake who was running against the wall, and poured it into his mouth, where the potion turned into magic light particles in Jake’s mouth , disappeared, Jake suddenly regained his shrewdness and stood still: “Huh? What happened to me just now?”

“You’ve been hit by a fear spell!” Golda said: “Go and rescue other teammates.”

Jake sighed, and also reached out and took out a bottle of strangely colored medicine from the bag.

Chris said happily: “What kind of strange medicine is that? Why can it relieve fear?”

“It was given to us by Godafather, it is said to be called panacea Lv.6, it can be relieved All kinds of strange abnormal states.”

Chris Khan: “What the hell medicine?”

The two warriors carried the Demon King together, and Jake took the opportunity to take the medicine bottle to save Sara , and then Sara took out a few bottles of medicine, and saved Sofa, demonhunter, and assassin. In an instant, everyone regained their battle strength.

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