After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 638

Demon King can’t help but look confused. He has seen a lot of adventurers, but this is the first time I have seen one like this. What kind of ghost medicine can cure me? Horror howl? Still unreasonable?

The nine adventurers lined up again, facing the Demon King, with a confident smile on their faces: “We are well prepared, we can win!”

“You are bringing about one’s own destruction.” Demon King angrily roared: “In this case, I can only show you what a real demon is.”

It raised a hand, towards the ceiling, with a gloomy His voice was lowly shouted: “Come on! The will of the ancient demons – the devil is haunted!”

Countless powerful magic powers poured out from all directions, and the entire Demon King city seems to be providing power for it , the magic of black flows to it from every statue, every ornament, every wall tile in Demon King City, and converges on it.

Demon King’s body suddenly became taller, his clothes shattered instantly, his muscles became stronger, scales, more horns, a longer tail, evil claws, and became A monster that looks more terrifying, more ferocious, and only recorded in the history books.

“Is…is…dark…Diablo?” Chris was taken aback: “I recognize this shape, this is the Diablo recorded in the history books, it is said that once There is a country that was wiped out by Diablo, didn’t expect, it is actually the second form of Demon King.”

“It seems to have become something amazing, what can I do?” Mage Road.

“No matter what it becomes, it’s enough to knock it down.” Golda loudly roared: “Charge!”

He bravely charged towards Diablo.

Chapter 887 Wow! I stepped on a big monster

“Charge!” Golda fearless rushed towards Diablo.

However, the giant monster just stretched out and kicked, and Golda flew backwards. The Titan steel essence armor on his body failed to neutralize the opponent’s attack. It slammed into the wall behind, knocking a big dent in the wall.

“Be careful!” Chris yelled.

Diablo slammed into the ground with a punch, and a huge circle of fire spread all around. The two hunters and two assassins jumped to avoid the fire circle on the ground at the same time, but the two mages did not. Good at jumping, Chris grabbed the Fire Mage and threw her up, and the Fire Mage flew high.

On the other side, the priest also grabbed Sara and threw her into the sky.

But Chris and Priest didn’t have time to jump up to avoid the fire ring, so they had to put up their shields at the same time to block in front of them.


The two of them were hit by the fire ring and flew out at the same time. Like Golda, they hit the wall and then slowly slipped down. Not dead, but slightly injured, gritted his teeth and got up again.

“I’m Fake, this thing is really strong.” Golda exclaimed: “Not good to deal with.”

“We humans are still too few.”

“Find its weakness.”

The group chatted in embarrassment.

Diablo laughed heartily up: “A group of tiny humans, do you realize your weakness now? Hahahaha! Delusional to beat me with such a squad? Do you really think you are number one? A team to find the Demon King City? No! There have been many adventurers who have found this place, but in the end, none of them had a chance to go back and make it public because they all died at my hands.”

He slapped the ground with his palm again, and everyone thought that another fire was about to be released, so they quickly took precautions.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, many bones suddenly protruded from the feet of everyone, and they surrounded them in an instant. The cages made, one person and one small bone prison, locked nine people in nine bone prisons.

“It’s the bone prison!”

“Break this charge ahead.”

Chris slammed his shield on the bone prison, but he didn’t It is not an ordinary bone that can shatter the bone prison, but a bone condensed by Diablo’s own magic power, which is not as brittle as ordinary bones.

Chris inwardly shouted bad.

On the other side, the two archers were still able to shoot arrows in the bone prison. They shot a few arrows, but they were all shot away by Diablo. Magic can be instant, she stretched out her hand and pointed at Diablo: “Fire Wall!”

A wall of fire rose from Diablo’s feet, but it jumped lightly, from the wall of fire He jumped over, laughed heartily said: “It’s ridiculous that such a weak fire mage dares to attack me. Although your magic does not know why you have the formidable power of the unfathomable mystery, it is just that the formidable power is large and you use it. The way is so primordial and simple, I want to avoid them as easy as blowing off dust.”

Sara: “…”

Diablo is going to be locked in the bone prison The nine people in the room slowly forced them over: “hehehe, which one should you eat first? This female assassin who stabbed people with a dagger hurts a lot. It looks the worst, it’s dark, and the meat is definitely not good… …”

Sofa: “Fuck! You look down on the people of the desert, and I will make you pay.”

She twisted a dagger in both hands, and the bone prison in front of her suddenly shattered .

Diablo froze slightly, Sofa had already broken out of the prison, stabbing both hands and daggers in Diablo’s chest at the same time.

It turns out that she has always been able to break out of the prison, because her two daggers are very special. In order to make it easier for assassin to deal with mages, Robb enchanted her two daggers with an enchantment called “Breaking Demon.” ” prefix, these two daggers are specially designed to destroy Magic Formation and Defense Magic.

And the Bone Prison, speaking from a certain perspective, also belongs to the Magic Formation, which is just restrained by Sofa’s dagger.

However, Sofa deliberately didn’t break, and when Diablo walked in front of him, he launched an attack, and it was assassin’s true colors.

The two knives stabbed Diablo at the same time, and the flesh was not shallow. It only stabbed the heart a little bit. Diablo couldn’t help but startled, and it kicked Sofa flying. , Angry roar, pulled out the two daggers, black’s blood spurted out, but it knew “devil healing”, and threw two healing spells on itself to stop the injury.

Then angrily roared: “assassin, you have successfully angered me, I will tear you to pieces.”

His angry roar shook the entire Demon King city as if All in shiver coldly.

Everyone shouted inwardly that it was not good, only to see Diablo step by step, one step and two steps, like the devil’s minions forcing towards Sofa, and Sofa because of the kick just now, suffered Not lightly injured, temporarily unable to get up, even if you get up, there is no dagger to use.

Everyone is anxious…

Sara reached out and took out her phone, ready to call Robb for help.

At this moment, a “hong” sounded from the ceiling above Diablo’s head, a large hole was broken in the ceiling, and a man fell from the sky, standing right on top of Diablo’s head.

The person who fell was Robb, he didn’t care where he was standing, but raised his head to look at the hole above his head, ill-humoredly said: “What kind of ground is this? I just stomped my foot, why did I stomp out a big hole? The floor near Demon King City is so crisp, this castle eats jujube pills.”

When he said this, the hole above The heads of many little devils and little devils stuck out and looked down together.

It turned out that Robb was still dealing with the siege of a group of demons on it just now. When he was having a good time, he stomped his feet casually. He didn’t know that a big hole was punched out in the ground, and he fell off, and then he stomped off. It happened to fall on the top of Diablo’s head, and stood on top of others and said sarcastically: “Who built this castle? Let him come to our construction team in West Wind City. The reinforced concrete in our West Wind City is so strong. It’s ridiculous, as long as I don’t stamp it seriously, I can’t stamp it through the ground.”

After finishing speaking, he glanced at the situation in the room and said strangely: “Huh? You put yourselves in the bone prison. What are you doing?”

Chris Khan said: “I also want to ask what are you doing, be careful with your feet, stepping on a big guy.”

“Nani? Robb glanced down and said, “Wow, I’m stepping on a big monster.”

Diablo laughed instead: “Did you notice me now? How dare you stand on top of my head?” You’ll pay for your arrogance if you speak nasty words.”

It had just finished saying that when Robb raised his foot and stomped down hard.


Chapter 888 always felt that something was wrong

Diablo didn’t care when he saw Robb stomping down , in its long life, it has also dealt with adventurers many times, some of which are flexible adventurers, will jump on top of his huge body, and step on it, chop it, and chop it, but There is no use.

Their attacks are like tickling Diablo!

It only needs to flick it lightly, and it will throw off the second goods on its body, and then make up two moves, and the other party will die no longer.

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