After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 639

this time, it should not be out of the list.

However, as soon as Diablo thought of this, he felt a huge force coming from the top of his head, a giant force, really a giant force, a force so huge that it was hard to resist, rushing in from its heavenly inspiration, a In an instant, the Dark God of Destruction was shocked, and his thinking stopped.

Juli oscillated downwards from head to toe, galloping along the nerves and bloodline, and instantly lost consciousness wherever he passed.

Diablo felt that the pear was huge, the size of the mountain.

It fell to the ground with a “pu pass”, unable to move even a little bit.

Robb glanced down at his feet: “Huh? This big monster is very durable. I stepped on it, and it didn’t die. What’s wrong? I’ve never seen it before.”

After speaking, Robb increased his strength a little, and then kicked…


Diablo turned into a pile of minced meat and scattered. In one place, not even the last words and the coercive words had time to explain.

Robb’s feet fell to the ground, and he was about to use the dispel spell. Before he could use it, the bone prison that trapped Chris and the others was automatically released. The bones turned into magic light particles and disappeared. Got disappeared without a trace.

“Oh? This bone prison seems to be put by the big monster I just trampled to death.” Robb smiled and waved to the big guy: “Have you found the Demon King? Where is it?”

Chris and the others: “…”

Robb strangely said: “Why don’t you speak?”

Chris pointed at Robb’s feet The scattered corpses: “This is the Demon King.”

“Nani?” Robb said: “Such a weak Demon King?”

Chris: “…”

The five people in their team all said that MMP doesn’t know if it should be said or not. After a while, the fire mage awkwardly pulled Lacris’s arm and whispered: “I probably know Who is he?”

Chris said: “Who?”

The fire mage whispered: “He seems to be… the… Lord Godafather from West Wind City… . He told me last night that he was Godafather, but I didn’t believe it, but now, it seems…believed.”

Chris: “…”

Next to The priest, the demonhunter, and the assassin suddenly realized that, yes, who else can this fuck other than the superhero in West Wind City who can fight against the Black Dragon?

Chris grabbed the Fire Mage’s shoulder and shook it vigorously: “He told you well, why don’t you believe it?”

The Fire Mage said: “I told you two days in advance. , do you believe it?”

Chris: “…”

So, this is embarrassing.

A few people here are stunned and shocked, but Sara over there is so wronged: “Honey, you are unreasonable.”

Robb strangely said: “How can I It doesn’t make sense?”

Sara cried and said: “I told you not to do it, let me beat the Demon King, and now the Demon King was trampled to death by your feet, my adventure is over. , uh… how will people be recorded in the epic in the future?”

“Uh, this question is a bit specific.” Robb said: “I think about it carefully, this time the other party is going to kill me with some kind of encirclement net. , I took the initiative to come to the Demon King to settle accounts. I think I should condemn it first, otherwise it will die inexplicably, and it will not feel very good. Well, I will resurrect it for you to kill, so the head office Isn’t it?”

“This is so good!” Sara clapped her hands and said, “This is the best way.”

Robb threw a resurrection spell on Diablo’s corpse superior.

Those corpses, shua~ shua~ shua~, were put together, and Diablo sat up with a “hu”, with a confused look on his face: “What the hell is going on? Who am I? I Where? What am I doing?”

Robb turned to it: “Are you the Demon King?”

Diablo kind of forgets what just happened, because Just now Robb stomped on the top of his head and beat him straight into an idiot. He didn’t even know how he died, so the only thing he remembered after the resurrection was that Robb stepped on its head just now, but it’s still unscathed. Being alive means that Robb’s foot is useless.

Diablo said arrogantly: “I am the Demon King, didn’t you just jump on top of my head arrogantly? You paid the price for your arrogance.”

Chris from the back said: “I seem to have heard this just now.”

Sara: “I have heard it too.”

“It’s a coincidence, I have heard it too…”

Robb mystifying said: “Since you are the Demon King, it’s easy to say, I came here specially to beat you, you are so courageous, you dare to collude with the Light Church court and the Norma Kingdom to trouble me. , now I won’t talk nonsense anymore, I’m going to beat you, be beaten to stand firm, stand firm, grit your teeth, prepare to be beaten.”

Diablo laughed heartily said: “Where did the garbage come from? adventurer, talking so arrogantly, huh? Wait, what are you talking about? I colluded with the Light Church court and the Norma kingdom to get you into trouble? You… could it be…”


Robb punches Diablo in the chest.

Diablo fell to the ground with a “pu tong” and died.

Sara protested: “Hey, why did you kill him again? I’m going to be the great adventurer who kills the Demon King, and it’s up to me to fight the last time.”

Robb: ” Uh, that makes sense! Well, let’s kill you.”

Robb threw a resurrection spell on the Diablo divide corpse.

The huge monster slammed into the ground and sat up: “Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing? Forget it, don’t care.”

It faced Robb angrily roared: “Human, you will pay the price for your arrogance. Hey, I always feel like I said this just now.”

Robb can’t punch this time, otherwise he will accidentally Killed, Sara has no more time to play.

He first gave himself a special skill of “Japanese warrior”, called “Hand Addition and Subtraction”. After this skill is activated, no matter what attack method is used to attack the enemy, it will leave the enemy with the last resort. 1 point of blood, can not kill.

After this one, Robb punches again.


Diablo threw himself to the ground with only one breath left.

Sara, jump in, get a small fireball, Biu, Diablo, pawn!

Sara clapped her hands and said with a big smile: “I killed it, hahaha, I created epic, what no adventurer has done, I have done it myself.”

Everyone: “…”

Chris whole group covered their faces together: “Do you feel a sense of accomplishment by killing the Demon King like this? Speaking of which, the evidence we want has not yet been found. Let’s get started.”

Robb said: “Oh, yes, you need evidence, try to pull it up again.”

Diablo: “Human, you will be arrogant for your arrogance. , pay the price… eh? I always feel that something is wrong.”

Chapter 889 There is a door here

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