After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 640

Diablo looked bewildered, a little confused about the situation.

Robb slaps it on the forehead: “You’re having a great time with the Light Church court.”

Diablo now understands what’s going on, it’s starting to feel the pear : “It turns out that you are that weird man in West Wind City, the guy the Light Church, the Dark Church, and the Norma Kingdom all want to kill.”

“I don’t have time to chat with you.” Robb Said: “Grab the point, I’ll ask you to answer, otherwise I’ll ask you to recite ‘Human, you will pay for your arrogance’. I ask you, humans can’t find your Demon King city, even the one who knows best The adventurer guild in the Jinghong mountain range does not have the exact location of Demon King City, so why does the Light Church court want to contact you, so they can be contacted right away, and the speed of dispatching troops is also very fast?”

Diablo said stupidly: “What kind of threat does that mean to me again?”

Robb laughed without saying a word.

A bean-sized sweat dripped from the top of Diablo’s head. I always felt that it was better not to confront him… But, I am the Demon King, the incarnation of Evil God, What am I afraid of? Even if I am afraid, I will never compromise with trifling humans.

It was angry, and although he still felt scared in his heart, the fear did not make him flinch. He waved his giant palm and slapped Robb sharply.


Robb smashed it into pieces again with one punch.

“It seems that this thing will not cooperate with us, even if it is forced to confess.” Robb said to his teammates: “After all, he is a Demon King, even if he can’t beat me, he will not compromise, he At least I will maintain my minimum dignity, and I will not kneel down and beg for mercy like scumbags.”

Everyone nodded agreed.

Chris said: “It seems that we are the only ones to find the clues. We only need to find a letter, or something like a token, which can be used as evidence.”

“Come on, I’ll go out and dig some more.” Robb waved.

Chris and the others: “…”

Chris suddenly picked up a pen from the Demon King’s desk and handed it to Robb: “Dear Godafather, I’ve always been your fan, didn’t expect to meet in this way, could you please sign my name and sign it anywhere on my armor.”

The priest, demonhunter, assassin, and fire mage at the back also gathered around: “We want too!”

Robb said with a smile: “We are already friends, and there is still a need to sign between friends. What? It’s okay to come to West Wind City to chat and chat at any time in the future, don’t make a very lively appearance.”

Chris and the others were overjoyed: β€œThe legendary Godafather, really He’s a hero, he doesn’t have any pretense at all.”

“Anyway, you guys work hard to find clues, and I’ll dig some demon steel mines first.” Robb brushed the ground and flew up from the hole where he fell just now. Just now, when he stomped through the ground and landed in the Demon King’s room, there were many demons sticking out their heads and looking down. They wanted to see Robb being hanged and beaten by the Demon King, didn’t expect, but they looked down. As soon as Robb shot, he gave the Demon King a second.

These demons were so frightened that they immediately dispersed, and when Robb flew out again at this time, there were no more demons outside, only a few were running slowly, still running desperately in the distance, Robb If I shoot an arrow at random, I don’t care about it, and I don’t even bother to watch if I shoot to death.

He picked up the small mining hoe again. He could only dig the evil steel in this place himself. The demons are scattered, but there are still many low-intelligence monsters lurking here who don’t even know how to escape, and there may be lava giants burrowing out of the Lava River next to them.

It is still very dangerous here. When you are not there, it is too easy for the miners to mine here. So, just put more effort into it.

Chris, Golda and the others continue to wander the Demon King.

The Demon King is dead, the demons are scattered, now the Demon King city is empty, there is no monster, it’s much faster to find things, they turn around in the Demon King’s room After a circle, I didn’t find anything useful. When I was annoyed, the demonhunter suddenly shouted from the wall behind the throne: “Come here, there is a hidden secret door here.”

The guys walked to the wall, and saw that demonhunter took out a dagger and gently stroked along a gap in the wall. Soon, he drew a rectangular frame on the wall, look at the frame The size is exactly the size of a door.

“Look, a stone gate!” Demonhunter said: “It’s just hidden very well, but there is indeed a stone gate here.”

Everyone was overjoyed.

The Fire Mage took a close look and said: “In the middle of the door, a rune is drawn with transparent potion, this rune locks the door, and the correct incantation must be chanted to be able to This door is open.”

“How do we know the spell of the Demon Race?”

“It looks like it was opened by force.”

“There is no way to open it by force. It may be a single trap and cause an explosion.”

Golda chuckled: “With Godafather there, why are you afraid of an explosion? At worst, wait for the resurrection.”

Everyone: “…”


So, after two minutes…


A violent explosion sounded from the grounds of Demon King City, and about thirty seconds passed. , Robb heard Sara’s voice under the hole: “Godafather, the major event is not good, Chris was killed, come and help.”

Robb: “Hey! I’m here Mining stones, don’t mess with me.”

Soon, Robb came downstairs, first used the resurrection technique to pull Chris up, and then stood in front of the strange door: ” Forcibly destroying this will explode fiercely?”

“Yes!” Chris, who had just been resurrected, rubbed his forehead and said, “It exploded so badly that my Mithril Armor couldn’t prevent it. It blew me to death in an instant, and a very powerful magic burst out from it.”

Here, Chris suddenly became happy again: “I experienced a resurrection technique, which is really an amazing experience.”

Several teammates next to him actually envied him: “Ah, life is all about experiencing all kinds of adventures once. In other words, how does it feel after death? Did you see heaven or hell just now?”

Chris shrugged: “No! You don’t know anything after you die, it’s like getting drunk.”

Everyone: “Use the drink as a metaphor for this, Wouldn’t it be too much?”

“Hey, don’t make trouble, Godafather is working on this door.”

“You say, what method will Godafather use to open the door? He seems to know everything, maybe he also knows how to open the devil’s door?”

As soon as they were talking about this, they saw Robb raised his fist and smashed it with a punch. The Magic Talisman text immediately exploded with a bang, and a huge amount of magic power burst out. However, as soon as Robb waved his hand, all the magic power disappeared without a trace.

Thanks to all the friends who gave the referendum blade, thank you very much!

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Chapter 890 This room is not right

“As a result, Godafather Is it also using brute force?” Chris entire group sweated profusely.

“Anyway, it can be cracked, it doesn’t matter what method.”

The secret door was smashed into pieces by Robb’s fist and scattered on the ground.

A new room appeared behind the door, but… as soon as this room appeared in front of everyone, everyone couldn’t help but startled. Even Robb was stunned for a moment, because what he saw in front of him was too unexpected.

Because everyone has been wandering in Demon King city, all they see are black and dark red, anyway, they are all kinds of uncomfortable colors, coupled with gloomy, disgusting, stench atmosphere of.

But that’s not the case in this room.

The room is actually covered with golden wallpaper, making the whole room look golden-bright and dazzling. There is no furniture in the room, just a bed and a table, and the bed and table are also Gold lacquer and gleaming.

Such a style is really a bit tricky!

Golda froze: “Are we really still in the Demon King city?”

priest whispered, “If I hadn’t walked in from the Demon King’s room, This room, I would think I was in some Imperial Palace.”

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