After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 641

β€œHow could there be such a room in the city of Demon King?”

Chris has been very adventurous, seeing all sorts of peculiar cultures and Faith, and also have an understanding of the way some races and forces communicate, he whispered: “There used to be a non-Demon Race person living here, and that person likes this golden light shining thing, the Demon King is out of love for that person. With the respect and friendliness of his family, he deliberately built a room like this for him to live in.”

When everyone heard this, they immediately thought of the purpose of their trip: β€œPeople from the Light Church Court!”

The priest next to him whispered: “Yes, the people at Light Church like this golden light shining thing the most. Golden light is the color of sacred magic, hey, I actually like it too.”

He said this, Robb couldn’t help but ask him: “Are you the priest of the Light Church court?”

“Once a priest!” priest said with a smile: “However, when they asked me to slaughter a pagan village, I left the Light Church, joined the adventurer guild, and met Chris. As far as I know, the adventurer squads in the adventurer guild , there are many priests like me.”

“Actually, I still love God of Light very much, I don’t want to leave the Holy See, but I can only leave.” Speaking of this, the expression on his face His expression still had a smile on his face, which shows that the era of this incident has been a long time ago. When he talked about this incident, he could not feel sadness and anger, but just a little regret in the bottom of his heart: “I heard that Xi There is a new Light Church in Wind City that I plan to join, but I’m worried that it will be the same as the old Light Church.”

He concludes with a laugh, “I don’t want to kill anyone! So, I Now just be an adventurer.”

Robb also laughed: “I assure you, the new Light Church is not the same as the old Light Church, it will never let you kill anyone, if it does If you don’t do this, I will disband the new Light Church.”

“I feel so safe with Godafather’s assurance.” priest said with a smile: “Then when Chris and the others are tired of taking risks After that, the day the team disbanded, I went to West Wi nd City. “

“Stop talking about that, let’s take a closer look at this room.” Chris said with a smile next to him: “I feel that there is something hidden here, otherwise, the Demon King would not have taken great pains to hide it here. There must be evidence that the Demon King colluded with the Light Church court. “

Golda said: “This room itself is the evidence, but the evidence is not sufficient. ”

Everyone searched the room, but there were not many places to find, just a bed and a table. There was nothing on the table, the drawers were empty, and the bed even had a quilt. No, it’s just a shelf, and I can’t find anything.

demonhunter said: “I’ll use my skills to find it. “

He used the skill of “finding traps”, swept the room, and suddenly “Yi” said: “Sara, let it go a little bit, you seem to be stepping on a magic array under your feet.” ”

Sara was startled and quickly jumped to the side.

Everyone looked towards where Sara was standing just now, she was standing in the middle of the room just now, there was nothing there I can’t see it, but since the demonhunter said so, there must be something there.

Robb also opened his eyes of true vision and looked at the ground. Sure enough, there was a magic array drawn on the ground. It is drawn with transparent magic essence potion, so naked eye cannot see it, but once the skill is used, the magic array is clearly displayed.

It is really not small in size, at least four It’s as big as a square meter, and it’s a big circle, and there are countless small circles inside, which are painted with very complicated runes.

A few warriors and priests who don’t have true eyes and hunt for traps can only work on the side in a hurry. , can’t see anything.

And Robb and Jake, the demonhunter, and the two mages squatted down together and studied the rune on the ground.

“I can see what this is. Magic array? Chris asked from the side.

The two hunters took the lead to shake their heads: “Although we can see it, we can’t understand it. “

However, Robb, Sister Fire Junior, and Sara understood some rune.

Sara whispered: “Here, there is a Teleportation Talisman text, You see, Godafather, these characters are the same rune on the Transmission Gate scroll you gave us. “

The fire method Junior Sister said: “There is a positioning rune here, and if it is connected to the Teleportation Talisman text, it means to send people to the designated place. “

Robb has learned about the demon path system for a long time, and now he is quite familiar with rune. He took a look at the large and small rings, rune, on the entire magic array, and said: “This is a positioning teleportation magic array that is very difficult to deal with. With ordinary teleportation magic, the teleportation distance is limited. But this magic array draws many circles. When activated, a mage stands in each circle and injects magic power into the magic array. When the magic power of many magicians gathers together, the teleportation distance can be increased, and then the Teleportation Talisman text is activated. , teleport the person standing in the middle to a distant place… There is a coordinate here, which is the destination of the teleportation, but I don’t know where it is after looking at the coordinate. “

There is no concept of coordinates in the heads of the people present, so no one can see it.

Robb said: “If you want to know where this Transmission Formation sends people Yes, the only way is to start it and try. “

Chris said: “However, this magic array seems to need a lot of mages to inject magic into it before it can be activated. “As soon as this sentence was said, Chris laughed awkwardly: “Aiya, I forgot that Godafather alone can handle countless magicians.” “

Chapter eight hundred and ninety-one will send you a new set of equipment

Robb can solve the problem of providing magic power to magician, but he himself has to keep delivering magic to magic array Only in the state of magic can the magic array continue to operate, and he cannot pass.

So, who will teleport first will become a problem.

Sara raised her hand and said: “Great Of course the adventure has to let me go first. “

“Don’t be silly, I don’t know what’s going on at the Transmission Gate. You’re the first to teleport there. What if a monster opened his mouth and swallowed you right after you landed? manage? “Golda said: “If the body can’t be found, Godafather can’t find anything if he wants to be resurrected.” “

“This…” Sara was startled.

Robb said with a smile: “That’s right!” Where does this Transmission Gate lead to, none of us know, the first person to be teleported is very dangerous, maybe he will have to wait for resurrection, and if I want to maintain this magic array, I cannot teleport myself. , you want me to follow, the only way is to threw away a Transmission Gate leading to West Wind City over there, I will return to West Wind City from here, and then enter your Transmission Gate to reach you. . “

Sara understood: “If I die before the Transmission Gate is released, then you won’t have a chance to revive me.” “

“So, I’ll be the first at this time. Chris raised his hand: “I’m durable, experienced, and my equipment…cough…no matter how powerful the enemy is, I can at least last until the threw away Transmission Gate.” “

He wanted to say, I was wearing mithril equipment, but I didn’t say the words, and suddenly remembered that everyone in the company was monster-level equipment, and my mithril It’s really embarrassing to pretend it’s nothing.

Robb strangely said: “You can’t shake the Transmission Gate in West Wind City? “

“Uh…this doesn’t work.” “Chris said: “I have not been to West Wind City, but I have been to Bright Road and Saint City many years ago, Godafather you should have been to these two cities, I have heard your rumors, you are in Bright The road and Saint City, at the same time rival the Angel army of the Light Church and the Dark Church. “

Robb said with a smile: “Okay, then the road of light, after you pass, once you stand firm, threw away the Transmission Gate of the road of light, come, this is the Transmission Gate scroll.” “

Robb handed a scroll to Chris.

Chris took the scroll cautiously, for fear of tearing it apart: “Oh, this is Strategic Transmission Gate scroll, I heard that this is a treasure that the military dare not use casually… Can you use it casually with Godafather? “

Golda laughed together: “Haha! “

Chris, holding the shield in the left hand and the sword in the right hand, was ready for battle, and stood in the big circle in the middle of the teleportation magic array, waiting for Robb to charge the magic array.

Robb injected a trace of magic into the magic array, and the magic array immediately lit up. He was about to exert further force when he suddenly glanced at the mithril armor on Chris, when Robb first saw him , this armor is still shiny and well-maintained, but it is very worn now. It seems that this time exploring the city of Demon King, he has fought repeatedly, and the armor is not small. Especially the one hit by the Demon King There is even a big hole in the place.

This is the armor of the real world, not the armor in the game. The armor in the game will not be broken, and as long as the armor is not completely damaged, it can provide defensive power. But if there is a hole in the armor of the real world, there will be no defensive power in the hole. If someone grabs the hole and hits it, the person can be killed.

Chris is going to a place he doesn’t know. There is a dangerous place, wearing this kind of armor in the past, if there is something wrong and there is no time to throw the Transmission Gate, it will not be very good.

Robb feels that this person’s character is not bad, so he just put it He joins the squad that kills Black Dragon by himself! Anyway, dealing with Black Dragon is a matter of the entire Continent, not Robb alone. Adding more powerful teammates is also good.

Robb said with a smile: “Chris, don’t rush over, I feel sad when I see your equipment, take it off first and throw it aside, I’ll get you a new set of equipment before going over to make sure nothing goes wrong. “

“Huh? hey hey? Chris said happily: “Godafather wants to send me equipment?” Wow, this…this…I didn’t do anything for you, you suddenly want to send me, I…how can I be so embarrassed? “

He was so excited that he couldn’t speak clearly!

Robb said with a smile: “When I fight Black Dragon, just come and help me.” “

“That…of course it will come, rather, I really want to go, please Godafathermust take me with you.” Chris was overjoyed, and before Robb took out his new equipment, he began to take off his equipment.

The heavy mithril armor fell to the ground with a crash-bang, revealing a close-fitting body inside. The silk clothes. These days warriors usually don’t wear armor naked, but wear a thin suit under the armor, especially like silk, because silk has a certain defensive power.

So, he Now he has taken off his silk clothes and looks like his muscles are pretty good.

Robb stretched out his hand in the air and took the object. Come over and rub, rub, rub… Demonsteel ore becomes Demonsteel ingot.

rub it again!

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