After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 642

Demonsteel Gauntlets, Demonsteel Breastplate, Demonsteel Boots, Demonsteel Greaves, Demonsteel Helm, Demonsteel Spaulders, Demonsteel Shield, Demonsteel long sword…

A whole set of demon steel gear, crash-bang, all rubbed out in a few minutes.

For Golda and the others, they’ve been used to it for a long time, but the first time they saw Chris and the others who made equipment by Robb, they couldn’t help but open their mouth wide and couldn’t close: “This… make equipment like this?”

Robb said with a smile: “The conditions here are not good, so I can only make a rough one like this, alas, the random enchantment of these pieces of equipment is not good, This greaves actually add intelligence, so it’s useless to you. Huh? This gauntlet is alright, but the added strength is just right for you. The added stamina to this shield is not bad. This sword is a spoof. ice attribute magic damage, convert your physical damage into magic damage… there is also an additional magic resistance, what kind of messy attributes, not uniform at all.”

High level players understand a truth , the attribute disordered and in a mess is not a good thing, if you want to add strength, you must add all of your energy, if you want to add physical strength, you can add all of your physical energy, so that you can get a whole set of awesome equipment, like this kind of equipment with different attributes attached to each part, Not really.

However, Robb doesn’t have time to give him attributes now, so he threw this equipment to his side: “I don’t care about additional attributes, I don’t have time to play enchantments and inscriptions now, you Just wear it.”

Chris wouldn’t pick any additional attributes, the equipment that Godafather rubbed himself, so what’s wrong? Don’t worry about the actual situation, just put it on first.

Chapter 892 Something’s Coming

The Kingdom of Knight, Norma! The capital of kings.

The capital of the king is the capital of the kingdom of Norma, but in this capital, there is also a place called “the capital of the capital”, that is the headquarters of the Light Church, which is in the capital of the king. In the capital, an area is forcibly encircled, forming a city within a city.

The name of this city within a city is called “Guangming Gang”, which occupies a small area. In other words, it is a huge cathedral surrounded by high walls.

Deep in the church, in the Holy Prayer Room where the Pope was, a judge of light came to the Pope and saluted respectfully: “Pope Your Majesty, there is something wrong with the Transmission Formation in the center of the earth. It suddenly spread out just now. A strange rays of light came out, I thought it was about to start, but it didn’t start, and it slowly dimmed.”

The Pope frowned: “The Earth’s Transmission Formation is on? Damn, someone from Demon King City is coming over? At such a critical time, why are they coming here? Shouldn’t they be all-out troops to go to the desert kingdom to besiege that man?”

Bright Judge Said: “The demon family is really untrustworthy. The subordinates are worried that the people over there are not here to discuss cooperation, but to run a group of big monsters to make trouble. Please ask the Pope Your Majesty for instructions.”

Pope After thinking about it seriously, he said, “Tell the remaining judges of light to go to the underground hut, surround the Transmission Gate, and stand by. If there is anything wrong with the opposite, they will immediately besieged and killed.”

The judgement of light The man saluted, jumped back, and disappeared into the air.

Soon, a large group of bright judges moved.

Although these people have the word “Light” in their names, they are actually the “Anbu” supported by the Light Church court. Religious, subverting the regime of a small country, blocking news, playing with the good and righteous people…

Big Loli Lars has been a holy light judge before, assassinating the enemy’s dignitaries on the road of light, but , Lars is not a direct line of the Pope, but a self-proclaimed holy light judge, so she is still far from doing the real dirty work.

The group of bright judges in front of them are the ones who do all the bad things, and the darkness in their hearts is simply not comparable to the self-proclaimed bright judges of the big loli. Only they can do something that goes against the law and human relations, like uniting demons to deal with human beings.

The bright judges came to the underground, in a small dark room. On the ground in the middle of the room, there was a directional Transmission Formation, which was emitting bright blue light. Obviously, it was the opposite of this Transmission Formation. The Transmission Formation is about to be activated, and they all know exactly where the Transmission Formation on the opposite side is…

The holy light judge headed by it loudly said: “Everyone pay attention, the transmission is here. If it’s an intelligent demon, the kind that can communicate, just hold off on doing it, talk to it, and see if Demon Race has any requirements. If it’s a roaring demon, a hellhound, and a spider queen that don’t IQ, only know the devil who bites people indiscriminately, and kill it immediately.”

The other holy lights complied together.

The leader of the holy light judge seemed to remember something and added: “If the thing sent over is not a Demon Race, no matter what other creature, it will be killed immediately! Don’t let He has a chance to say a word about what he sees here.”

Chris donned a new suit of armor.

The full set of evil steel is quite heavy, but steel is still much lighter than silver.

Chris felt that his body was much lighter, which made him a little unconfident about the defensive power of this armor, plus this metal was Godafather just removed from the city wall of Castlevania Digging it down, it makes people feel that there is a little bit of a perfunctory feeling.

But, after all, it was Godafather’s offering, so he still had to believe it.

Wearing this new outfit, he stood in the middle of the Transmission Formation again, checked the Transmission Gate scroll, put it in his waist pocket where he could easily grab it, and said, “Godafather, I’m ready, no matter how dangerous the opposite is, I’m confident that I can handle it.”

“Okay! Let’s get started.”

Everyone stood at the magic array Outside the circle, only Robb and Chris were left in the middle of the circle, with Chris holding his sword and shield in his hands, posing defensively.

Robb put his hand on the magic array…

The magic surged and shot into the magic array. In an instant, all the symbols and lines in the magic array flashed. When it lights up, everywhere all is purple magic light particles are flowing, and then, standing in the middle of the magic array, Chris turned into rays of light.

Only a faint spot of light was left floating in the air.

Sara cried, “Flying out!”

priest said, “I hope he doesn’t fly into too dangerous places.”

Chris felt When he is flying, the feeling of flying is very strange. He has no body, only a mass of consciousness, a consciousness wrapped in magic light particles, surrounded by countless splendid streamers regressing, and then, the rays of light flashed and re-condensed. Get up and become his body.

Then he felt his feet on the ground…

He looked all around quickly to see where he had come.

I don’t know if I don’t see it. I was shocked when I saw it. I stood in the middle of a spacious basement, and there was a large group of people in front and behind. These people covered their faces and wore various clothes. All kinds of clothes, holding all kinds of weapons, but one thing in common is that they all have the God of Light logo on their clothes.

Someone said loudly: “What the hell? Why is a human being sent over, don’t worry about it! Kill him!”

In the next instant, various attacks , at the same time bombarded him.

Bows, javelins, holy light bullets, holy retribution, arrows of light, spears of dawn…

A lot of messy ranged attacks, slap in the face!

Chris: “I am Fake!”

He only had time to finish these three words, and all kinds of attacks were all shot on him.

“The barrier of the shield!” The only thing Chris could do in time was to activate a defensive skill, and it was too late for anything else.

Front chest, back, front face, butt, arms, thighs!

At this moment, he was attacking in almost all directions. The shield could only block the attack from the front, but not the back. Many attacks could only be carried hard.

For a split second, Chris thought he was dead, maybe it was simply too late to do anything.

However, he was wrong!

All that mess was actually carried down by his Demon Steel suit. Especially bows and javelins, he couldn’t even break his defenses, but all kinds of holy light magic could barely pass through the evil steel armor, causing him a little bit of damage.

Chapter 893: The powerful warrior

Although each magic can only cause a little damage to Chris, but a lot of magic is superimposed, and the damage is still not enough. Light, Chris felt a surge of blood energy, the sacred magic power that passed through the armor, raging on his physical strength, he stood unsteady, and with a thud, one-knee kneels fell to the ground.

Relying on the long sword on the other hand, he managed to keep his balance.

However, his long sword stabbing on the ground to maintain balance shocked the holy light judges around him.

Someone yelled: “What kind of weirdo? After eating so many attacks from us, he still hasn’t died.”

“This guy can still one-knee kneels, this is impossible. “

“This is absolutely impossible, there is no such person.”

“Is it unreasonable?”

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