After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 643

“Fake! Could it be the effect of the equipment?”

“The best Thorium equipment is impossible to withstand such a dense bombardment of magic.”

Someone shouted: “Go on, play another round.”

Holy light The judges hurriedly chanted the spell, but the people who used bows and javelins had already hit the second round attack.

However, bows and javelins can’t even break defenses.

Chris was one-knee kneels and heard the bow and arrow and javelin hitting his armor, making a ding ding dong dong sound, but none of them could penetrate the armor. This momentary feeling, Really reassuring.

However, he is also very clear that he can’t let the opponent play second round magic anymore. The equipment given by Godafather has excellent physical defensive power, but magic defensive power is not perfect. Entering through armor, perhaps because the word “evil” in Demon Steel was targeted by Holy Magic.

In his busy schedule, he should have thrown out a Transmission Gate scroll, but for a long time his fighting instinct made him forget about the Transmission Gate scroll for a while, Danger, first use warrior’s intuition to deal with it, and suddenly look up – charge!

As soon as he brushed the ground, he rushed from the center of the teleportation magic array to the edge of the magic array. There was an archer who just shot an arrow. Chris rushed in front of him in an instant, and then He waved his shield and patted it with his head.

“pรจng! ”

With a muffled sound, archer’s head rotated 180 degrees around his neck, looking towards the teammates behind, but his body did not follow.

Chris was slightly surprised, didn’t expect his “Shield Slam” to be so violent, and now he finally understands why Golda can slam the lava giant’s chest with a shield A big hole came out.

The bright judges shouted: “This guy is a warrior! Physical attacks don’t work well on him, magic, use magic quickly.”

A curse just completed Wen’s holy light judge, raised his staff, and was about to cast magic on Chris.

Chris suddenly loudly roared and switched to a violent stance – interception!

He swiped the ground and rushed across the far distance, and instantly came to the holy light judge. With a “pu”, the one-handed sword stabbed into the guy’s mouth, the guy’s incantation Before he could let it go, he was stabbed in the mouth and pierced through the back of his head.

“Fake, this guy is so fast.”

“Don’t be afraid of him, the warrior only has two fast moving methods: charge and intercept.”

“No, there is also a heroic jump!”

This man tone barely fell , and Chris has already jumped high – a heroic jump!

He swiped to the ground and jumped to the place where the holy light judges were densest, and with all his strength, he slashed toward the ground with his swordโ€”thunder blow!


With a loud noise, the ground was smashed into a big hole by his โ€œthunder strikeโ€. This is a small-range AOE skill. The position of the light filled the surroundings, and for a moment, the ground shook, and it also shone with lightning to all around. The holy light judges around him felt a terrifying force at the same time, and screamed, towards all directions fly out.

The holy light judge in the distance hurriedly blasted him with magic, but Chris was not stupid. After the thunder hit, he immediately rolled to the ground and got into another pile of holy light Inside the Inquisitor.

The best way to defend against the enemy’s long-range attack is to mix with the enemy. You can’t even fight your own people, right? If they really fight, those people can also become Chris’ meat shields.

holy light The judges are really not easy to shoot, and they are embarrassed for a while.

But there was chaos in the crowd. The holy light judges, who were approached by Chris, shot a bunch of skills on Chris, but they couldn’t even hurt a single hair. The shield and the one-handed sword are used together, thumping, knocking down several people in a row.

Chris is not a rookie warrior like Golda. He is a high-level defense warrior with rich combat experience, sturdy battle strength and strong will. He has faced various difficulties and battles. Surrounded by countless monsters, he led the team to break through the siege. Such a high-level warrior, coupled with the current high-level equipment, is really terrifying, if a Person blocks, then kill the Person, if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas, unstoppable.

holy light The inquisitors were so scorched they didn’t know what to do for a while.

“Fake, you can’t handle it alone. Are you embarrassed?”

“Where’s the mage? Spider Web Art out!”

” Oh, yes, and slowness!”

After a short period of confusion, the holy light judges finally found a new direction. Although the enemy’s battle strength is sturdy, they can still use control magic to deal with it. Well.

Several mages raised their hands together: “Spider Web Art! Slowness!”

A bunch of magic was thrown around. It doesn’t matter if you live with your own people.

This time, Chris finally couldn’t get up, a slowness technique slapped him, which instantly slowed him down, and then two cobwebs caught him together, and his movements finally stopped, trapped in the net.

Chris couldn’t help but scolded: “Fake! Two fists are still hard to beat with four hands.”

The holy light judge headed loudly said: “Take this opportunity to kill He.”

However, before they could make a move, they saw Chris in the net pulled out a scroll from the bag with great difficulty, and flicked it out with the force of his fingers. Magic light particles that turned into purple and dissipated in the air.

Then, in the air in front of him, a purple door slowly stood up, and the brilliance flowed in the door, and there was nothing on the opposite side.

A holy light judge was about to approach the door to study it, when suddenly, a warrior with a shield and sword jumped out of the door. It was Golda.

When he passed through the Transmission Gate, he was also cautiously, for fear that something would attack him on the opposite side. As a result, he just jumped out and just came face-to-face with the holy light judge who was approaching. .

A face suddenly appears very close in front of you. Most people will only have one reaction. Golda lifts the shield and hits the face with a shield.

Chapter 894 How long are you going to ink over there

Shuangqing has cooled down again, I am Fake! What the hell does he live in? Add a muffled sound of “peng” to the ghost place, Golda slaps his opponent flying, and his shield slams even the body of the lava giant to pieces. On the face of the man, the result was self-evident. The body that had lost his life was shot and flew far away, knocking over a large group of holy light judges behind him.

Golda yelled: “Chris, what’s going on here? Why are there so many weirdos as soon as they come here?”

Chris blocked a Holy Punishment with his shield and replied loudly: “It’s the holy light judges of the Light Church, be careful, these guys are sinister and vicious, unreasonable as a demon.”

Golda: “Wow!”

gram Reese: “Don’t learn wow, super disgusting person.”

When the two of them said these two sentences, the holy light judges had already photographed a lot of messy attacks. Reese parries, blocks, dodges, and plays very well.

But Golda is “Wow”, “Ouch”, “It hurts”, “Fuck”, he’s got a lot of unfathomable mystery moves, and few of them managed to dodge it. It’s not that the armor is excellent, I’m afraid it’s already on the ground.

At this moment, the two holy light judges standing beside the Transmission Gate suddenly groaned at the same time and fell down softly. Two blood holes appeared on the vitals of their vests. Two silhouettes appeared behind them for a moment, then disappeared with a swipe.

holy light Inquisitors shouted: “Look, two more assassins are coming from the Transmission Gate, damn, the Transmission Gate they stealth through! Find them.”

However, trying to find the two assassin easier said than done, Chris’ Golda two rampaged in the middle of the holy light inquisitors ferociously and beat them upside down, the holy light inquisitors had to deal with these two guys already Not so easy, still want to find two assassins in a mess, is it possible?

A group of holy light judges closest to the Transmission Gate were continuously attacked and fell to the ground one by one, making the holy light judges terrified, they hurried away from the Transmission Gate and regrouped Formation, the mages began to chant the incantation of “Eye of True Sight”, preparing to counter stealth.

Two more archers came through the Transmission Gate. This time, Jake and demonhunter came over. As soon as the two came over, they saw that the fight had been turned upside down. Due to the archer’s professional habit, the two archers came over.

People stretched bows and arrows, aiming at the mage who was chanting a spell…

“pu pu!”

The two mage who were chanting “Eye of True Sight” fell to the sky.

Sofa and demonhunter took the opportunity to bring down two more holy light judges and stealth again…

Then, the priest, Sara, and the three fire mages also came over in turn.

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