After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 644

As soon as the two mages came over, they threw away the prepared fireballs, blowing up several holy light judges around them, but when the first came over, they were stunned. He was stunned and a little stiff. He used to be the priest of the Light Church court, and of course he recognized who these guys were at a glance.

“Holy light Inquisitor!” Priest muttered in a low voice, and then a dusty memory flashed through his mind. A few years ago, he came to a pagan village with the Temple Knight regiment. At that time, he was still full of naivety, thinking that everyone was here to persuade these pagans to repent.

However, what made him didn’t expect was that the holy light inquisitors in the team, without the slightest hesitation, had ordered the slaughter of the village.

The priest who didn’t want to slaughter the village fought a battle with the holy light judge. In the end, because he couldn’t get the support of his comrades, he was outnumbered and had to flee. The village turned to ashes behind him. Faith also collapsed in that incident, and he found that there was no need for those pagans to repent, because they were not at all wrong, even if the Holy See did not believe.

He left the Light Church and became an adventurer. From now on, I no longer entrust my destiny to others, but hold it in my own scepter.

priest roared angrily: “Holy light judges, what conspiracy are you doing? Why use a teleporter array to connect the Demon King city? From the bottom of my heart, I hate you dark guys.”

He angrily waved the evil steel scepter that Robb had just rubbed against him, knocking over a holy light judge with just one touch.

Not far away, the voices of Chris and Golda sounded: “Hey, priest! I need treatment.”

Hearing the cry of his teammates, the priest finally woke up a little, Suddenly I remembered that I was a priority. When fighting in a team, I still respect the first milk.

He hurriedly threw a healing spell on Golda, and at the same time started chanting a spell to heal Chris.

“Fake, how many more people will come out of the Transmission Gate?” The leader of the holy light judge was furious: “Give me more effort, clean up these guys as soon as possible, and shut down that Transmission. Gate, don’t let the light be defiled by these people.”

Holy light judges are fanatics, many of them fierce and unafraid of death, when they hear such an order from their superiors, Immediately rushed up desperately.

Someone rolled over and hugged Chris’s leg tightly.

Chris slapped the man on the back with his shield, but this man was also wearing heavy armor. He was a heavy armor priest. Chris’s shield could not kill him, but he was severely injured. People still hanged Chris’s legs tightly, and shouted in a tragic tone: “Don’t mind me! For the sake of the light!”

Chris was angry: “You guys dare to call yourself For the light?”

He was about to get rid of the guy on his leg, but someone on the other leg picked him up. Struggle for a while, unable to move even a little bit, unable to move fast, very dangerous in siege, only heard a muffled sound of “peng”, a Paladin swung a heavy hammer with both hands, fiercely on top of his head Hit the ground.

This guy is very difficult to deal with, the hammer is very powerful, the evil steel helmet can’t completely resolve the power, Chris feels a little dizzy on his forehead, and he almost can’t stand still, then, behind, in front Chest, touch touch, even hit several holy light magics, the magic power penetrated through the armor, making him a little unbearable.

On the other hand, Golda has much less combat experience than Chris. He has already been thrown down, a group of people and his entanglement on the ground are rolling around on the ground. It was like a stack of Arhats on the bottom.

priest, two junior sisters, Jake, demonhunter, and two assassins retreated to the Transmission Gate. Without the protection of the warrior in front, they looked very dangerous. Only the priest can barely act as the front row, and the others do not have the ability to carry it in the front.

Without someone creating space for them in the front row, the battle strength of mages and archers is difficult to play.

The leader of the holy light judge laughed sideways: “I think you are amazing, but the result is not only dead end.”

Sara vomited at him Sticking out his tongue, he stretched out his hand and suddenly put a hand into the Transmission Gate. With a strong pull, he pulled Robb over from the door: “Hey, how long do you want to ink over there?”

Chapter Eight hundred and ninety-fifth your plan is afraid it will fail

When Robb was pulled over by Sara, he was still holding a pair of “devil’s horns”, he drilled from the Transmission Gate Came in, glanced at the battle here, and immediately mystifying: “Wow!”

Chris, who was crushed by a group of enemies, was yelled not far away: “Golda, did you hear? Wow, how disgusting these two words are from someone else’s mouth, don’t learn it.”

Golda was also suppressed by a group of enemies, yellowed: “Is this the time to say this?” He Yelled up: “Help me.”

Robb: “Damn mental retardation, don’t look at you, and you will make trouble.”

Just after he finished his words, next to him The two judges of light had already rushed in front of him, with two scepters hitting his skull at the same time.

These bright judges don’t want to talk to Robb, they have no interest in speaking, they just want to kill these people as soon as possible. From their point of view, it seems that no one will come over in the Transmission Gate. Judging from the appearance of this group of people, it looks like two adventurer squads. Their people should have already come over. There are only ten people, and there is nothing to deal with.

The previous ones have all been under control. Now, as long as they knock down the strangely dressed guy who came last, they can announce the end, and then they will slowly study how to turn off the Transmission Gate.

Robb turned to one side, easily avoiding the attack, then stretched out his hand again, grabbed a holy light judge who was going to attack Sara beside him, and threw it forward, bumping, A lot of people were knocked over in front.

He then opened the mouth and said: “Why beat us to death as soon as we meet?”

priest exclaimed: “These people are Light Church court, holy light judges.”

“en?” Robb’s brows furrowed: “Transmission Formation in the secret room in Demon King City, is this a group of holy light judges? Yo yo yo, that I’m very interested in what this place is.”

At the same time as he said this, several holy light judges attacked, swords, scepters, sledgehammers, etc. There are weapons, and holy light judges are not restricted to occupations. They have all kinds of people. As long as they can complete secret tasks for the Holy See, they can lurk anywhere. Therefore, it is not uncommon to have a wealth of occupations. matter.

However, these messy attacks were of no use to Robb.

Robb raised his foot and stomped on the ground: “Holy Nova!”

This is the First Move that Robb put on when he first came to this world, and it is also the long absence of Golda, Jake, and Sara. The old move, seeing him play this move, all three felt a sense of nostalgia in their hearts.

Golden’s light curtain is centered on where Robb stomped, and the spherical spread out. Within twenty yards, teammates can be healed, enemies…

“Bump bump bump Bump!”

A dense collision sound was not the sound of the Divine Nova hitting people, but the sound of people being hit by the Divine Nova, with Robb as the center. , towards the holy light judge who flew out in the twenty-yard range, scattered like a flower, with his head facing outwards, his feet fell towards Robb, and formed a circle.

The group of enemies that Chris’ Golda was pressing on was also shot away. The two stood up from the battered and exhausted situation, touched their bodies, and their injuries were also healed. .

Golda is okay, after all, I’ve experienced it once before, but Chris can’t help but exclaim: “Wow!”

Golda turns to Chris: “You just told me not to Say wow, now you’re here again?”

Chris said: “My wow is not your mystifying wow, I really sigh, and use a very serious tone of wow. Is it good?”

Golda hummed: “However, this is a novel, and you can’t tell what tone you use just by looking at the text.”

Chris: “You It always feels like something is wrong.”

Forget it, this kind of unfathomable mystery is better not to worry about, Chris looked towards those on the ground who were knocked down by Robb’s magic, holy light judges, Suddenly it was discovered that none of them died, they were just severely injured and couldn’t move. Only some of the holy light judges who fell before Robb came died.

Golda saw Chris’s doubts and said with a smile: “You don’t know this, Godafather doesn’t like killing people, he has a very strange theory, many bad people are in his opinion. Sin does not lead to death.”

Chris said: “What about these people? Let them continue to do evil in the future?”

“It will be impossible.” Golda said with a smile: “Shuangqing City, the new continent, seems to be in need of a lot of labor. I guess these people will soon become prisoners of labor reform.”

Before he finished speaking, Robb waved his hand. Opened a passage to the Transmission Gate in the new continent Shuangqing City, then grabbed the seriously wounded on the ground, and threw them into the door, threw and threw them, and after a few tossed them, a West Wind City warrior came in over the door, with a face on his face. Bewildered, he said: “Who? Who is opening the Transmission Gate and throwing people at Shuangqing City?”

As soon as he finished saying this, he realized that Godafather threw it, and hurriedly one-knee kneels: “It turned out to be Godafather! Excuse me, what are you doing by throwing these people into Shuangqing City?”

Robb said with a smile: “I was imprisoned and forced to re-educate for fifty years.”

“Fifty years?” Zephyr warrior sweats: “It seems that they have done a lot of bad things.”

Robb said: “Yeah, let them spend the rest of their lives repaying themselves The sins committed in half a lifetime.”

The west wind warrior called for orders and returned to the Transmission Gate, where a group of Mayan eagle warriors and west wind warriors were sent, and Robb G was locked up one by one. Well, send them to prison. Of course, the wounds must be healed, but before the wounds are healed, some debuff magics that control their abilities must be applied. Now the prison has a set of perfect operation procedures for controlling criminals. No need for Robb to worry about it at all.

Robb threw the holy light judges in that room one by one into the Transmission Gate with his hands and kicks. When it was the commander of the holy light judges, this guy actually He still had the strength to speak, he said in a weak voice: “You…you… who are you…?”

Robb said with a smile: “Even if you collude with the Demon King, you have to deal with it. The person from here.”

“Ah? It’s you!” The man’s eyes showed a look of horror: “You…why are you…coming from Demon King City?”

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