After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 645

Robb smiled: “Well, it’s a long story… oh, no, it doesn’t seem to be that long, in short, I killed the Demon King. , look at this in my hand, this is the Demon King’s horn. You colluded with the Demon King to kill me together, I’m afraid it won’t work, do you want to collude with something else?”

holy light judge: “… …”

This is really indescribable!

Robb kicked him into the Transmission Gate with one kick.

Chapter 896 I have horns on my head and a tail behind me

Golda, Jake, Chris and the others all came to help and grabbed the seriously injured holy light on the ground Judge, thrown into the Transmission Gate, only Sofa, Sara, and Fire Mage did not do anything, women are not suitable to participate in carrying these men.

It didn’t take long for the room to be cleaned up. There were only some corpses that were killed by Chris and the others, and Robb didn’t bother to revive them, not anyone who was interested in resurrecting them. It depends on his interest.

Everyone is back together now.

Chris looked at the two Demon King horns in Robb’s hand and asked curiously, “Godafather, what are you doing with the Demon King’s horns?”

Robb said with a smile: “Don’t look at the ugly appearance of these two horns, these are important equipment materials.”

Chris Khan: “What? This is still equipment material? What are you doing?”

Robb said with a smile: “It’s good!”

He took out another flower from his pocket: “This is the half of the seam I’m sewing in the ground. The devil flower picked on the road, this is the devil’s skin, and here are the devil’s wings, plus these two horns, the material is all alive.”

Everyone was confused, Don’t know what these can do.

As soon as Robb reached out and rubbed it, those materials became a piece of clothing.

Appearance – Devil’s Apparel!

As soon as he put his clothes on his body, he turned into a red-skinned Archfiend with long horns on his head, wings on his back, and a long tail behind him, a super fierce kind.

Everyone: “…”

Robb laughed heartily and said: “Does my look look good?”

“Uh! Godafather, I really want to take a sword Cut you.” Chris said: “Although I know I can’t win.”

Robb said: “I’m so cute and you want to cut me? Haven’t you heard a song?”


“What song?”

Robb sings: “I have horns on my head and a tail behind me, and no one knows how many secrets I have.”

Everyone: “Please don’t sing in rabbit language!”

Robb shrugged, a group of guys who can’t play memes, forget it.

He looked around the room where everyone was, said with a smile: “The room we are in now has no windows, and is surrounded by walls. It looks like a basement, and it is full of holy light trials. What do you think the outside is?”

Everyone’s faces sank after hearing his question, because even a mentally handicapped child can guess where the outside is. , not everyone believed it.

Robb said to Chris, “Don’t you need proof of Light Church’s collusion with the devil? Now here’s the proof. Come on, here’s the camera, keep it going.”

Robb said to Chris. p>

He reached into the Transmission Gate and grabbed it, took out a “camera”, and threw it into Chris’s hand.

As the Captain, Chris, of course, also impossible to take the video himself. He handed the video to the assassin in the team, and the assassin picked up the “camera” and started shooting. First pat the teleportation magic array on the ground, accompanied by a voice-over description, then pat the situation in the room, and even get into the Transmission Gate, pat the holy light judges who are being imprisoned by the west wind warrior, and then come back and follow Robb and the others behind.

Everyone heard assassin say in a very deep voice: “Look, the Archfiend in the camera is the Archfiend disguised by Godafather, after he annihilated the Demon King family, he made a set Clothes, it looks like the real thing… Next, we’re going to open the door and go out, I don’t know what kind of world is waiting for us outside…”

Robb turned to him and said with a smile: “You are a good journalist! Let’s go, let’s go out and see!”

He walked to the door of the room and pulled the door hard. A long staircase appeared outside. The staircase was Extending upwards, it can be seen that Robb just guessed right, this is indeed a basement. Moreover, this ladder is very narrow, indicating that it is not the kind of just and honourable passage, it should be a secret passage.

Robb took the lead along the stairs to Level 1 Level 1. After walking for a long time, an iron plate appeared on it. Chris, who was behind, was about to say, “Remove the iron plate and take a look.” But then Before he could say anything, Robb slapped the iron plate with his palm.

“pΓ¨ng! ”

There was a loud noise, and the iron plate flew into the sky, I don’t know where it flew, and a golden light was sprinkled outside.

Robb jumped out with a whimper.

He was so messed up that Chris and the others who followed behind couldn’t help looking at each other in blank dismay, and after a few seconds, Chris cautiously probed out to take a look. Beside him, assassin, who was in charge of holding the “camera”, also followed, and the two of them lay on the exit together and looked out. A few more heads came up from behind, crowding the small tunnel exit.

People don’t know it if they don’t see it, they are startled when they see it.

Outside is a room of gold and jade in glorious splendor. It is decorated with all kinds of golden light and glittering things, all of which are of a blinding level. There are golden touches on the walls and golden touches on the ceiling. The chandelier, the carpet made of gold silk on the ground, and a golden light shining throne… There are many detailed carvings on these golden things, but almost all of them are carved with the same thing – God of Light !

Although he was well prepared, the priest couldn’t help but sigh: “The Court of Light Church, the Holy Chapel! This is the room of the Emperor Light Church.”

Everyone: “…”

Chris whispered: “Shh, look over there…”

The men who squeezed out their heads all looked towards the front, only to see Golden’s throne, Sitting there is a drooping old man. The old man is wearing a robe made of gold silk, which looks high-end and elegant. He is holding a golden light shining staff in his hand. The top of the staff is actually inlaid with a golden shining stone! (Rare stone used to make Westwind Town street lamps)

This is obviously the Pope!

Robb, who was wearing a demon costume, strode up in front of the Pope, stood, then tilted his head, looked at the Pope, and said nothing…

The Pope also raised his head, Look at Robb.

The two of them remained in this posture and froze like that.

Robb wanted to wow very much, but now wearing demon clothes doesn’t seem to fit wow, he simply stares, grins, super fierce!

The Pope gave Robb a weak look and said, “Did the Demon King send you here? It’s no use staring at me! I’ve dispatched all the troops that can be dispatched, you won’t be calling Am I going to deal with that man myself?”

His opening remarks made everyone stunned, and the assassin holding the “camera” couldn’t help but be overjoyed, just this sentence is enough as evidence, iron proof what!

Robb’s mind was chaotic for a while, and he thought: At this time, you can’t say the wrong lines, and if you say it wrong, you can wear it.

He stared at him for a few more seconds, then opened his mouth, deliberately let out a few drops of saliva, and said, “Demon King-sama said, you should go there yourself and deal with that man, Every bit of strength should be used.”

The Pope said with a bitter face: “It knows that I am a coward, and I dare not face that man, if I really have a positive relationship with that man. The courage of the enemy, fifty years ago, I already fought with Demon King-sama, instead of being its puppet.”

Chapter 897 You are not yet Demon King This sentence of bearing

really shocked everyone.

Fake, you old man, met the Demon King fifty years ago? And obediently listening to the Demon King? You meow, this is a shocking secret.

The few people who were peeking from the tunnel couldn’t help but froze. Priest had a confused look on his face, as if he was thinking desperately. After a long time, he suddenly thought of something and whispered: ” I understand, I finally understand… Fifty years ago, the Holy See launched a battle against the monsters in the Jinghong mountain range, but that battle was not smooth, and most of the troops were in the Jinghong mountain range. Lost, one of the most elite troops, disappeared in the depths of the Jinghong mountain range… Until a month later, no one came out of the mountain, that person is the current Pope, at that time he was just an Archbishop, according to him Said that all his comrades in arms were killed by demons, and he struggled to slay a bloody road from the mountain alone to save his life.”

Everyone: “…”

priest said: “didn’t expect, he didn’t kill his blood, but he betrayed his dignity, begged for mercy to the Demon King, and was willing to be a puppet to save his life. No wonder… No wonder he escaped. After he came out, he performed great deeds and often happened to prevent monsters from attacking the village during his travels. He helped many villagers and gained a lot of prestige… The last Pope was attacked by a demon during a secret trip and lost his life. It seems that he was also He made a fool out of it, and he took the Pope’s throne because of it…”

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