After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 646

Everyone: “Damn mental retardation! There are still people like this in the world?”

There really are people like this in the world, people who sell their souls to demons , in the long river of history, there are countless, the difference is that some people obey the devil in their hearts, while some people really obey the devil!

Robb doesn’t know these things. He’s now transformed into a demon and stands in front of the Pope, and he doesn’t have time to listen to the priest’s storytelling. Therefore, the plot is all guesswork. Fortunately, this kind of thing is not difficult to guess. From the Pope’s limited words, he had already guessed seventy or eighty percent.

“Hehe, coward!” Robb grinned.

Teach Sovereign Dao: “I am indeed a coward, please report back to Demon King-sama, don’t force me to go to the battlefield, if I die, who will help him move the Norma army next to the Jinghong mountain range When the demons want to eat people, it’s hard to catch the villagers.”

Robb: “…”

Everyone: “…”

“You, damn it!” Robb said in a solemn tone: “Without the attitude of labor reform, in the name of the people, I will sentence you to beheading you at Caishikou.”

The Pope heard a few unknown reasons. What is the vocabulary of Laogai, who is the name of the people, what sentenced Caishikou to beheading, why is there something wrong with this devil’s painting style?

As soon as he thought of this, he saw Robb took off his demon costume and turned into a human being!

A young and handsome man, with golden hair and perfect facial features, if his body meets the golden ratio and his legs are 105cm long, how tall is this person?

The Pope was shocked and suddenly thought of something. He reached out and rummaged on the desk in front of him. Finally, he found a parchment scroll from the pile of scrolls. He took it and unfolded it. , There is a portrait in the scroll, which is the portrait of Godafather sent back by the spies sent by the Light Church in West Wind City.

He looked down at the painting, looked up at Robb, looked down at the painting, looked at Robb again, and his face instantly turned the color of pig liver.

Robb said: “Are you going to Caishikou and waiting for the beheading, or shall I carry you?”

“Father! My Father!” The Pope knelt down with a thud : “Please spare my life, I am willing to do anything for you, I will immediately let the Norma Kingdom and the Temple Knights help the West Wind City become independent, help you overthrow the Gran Kingdom, and capture the Queen for you to play. I will also help you Slay the King of Heroes, I will let him adjust the army blindly and send it to your ambush. You can easily destroy the main Knights of the Norma Kingdom, and then kill the King of Heroes, and you will soon be able to unify the world… Oh, yes, it’s okay if you want the Light Church to be renamed the new Light Church, I’ll change the Bright Bible right away, I’ll change it right away… I’ll be your obedient dog from now on… As long as you don’t kill me, I I can do anything for you.”

“You don’t have the temperament of the Demon King.” Robb lightly said: “At least, he died like a True King, and you, even a scumbag. I’m not as good as a scum.”

“Yes, I’m a scum, and I’m not as good as a scum. As long as you want, I’m just a grain of sand on the sole of your shoe…”

“Said These are useless, you only have a dead end.” Robb said: “You colluded with monsters and harmed human beings. You committed an ‘inhuman crime’, which is beyond forgiveness, only the death penalty.”

The Pope heard this, Knowing that he would not be forgiven, he suddenly raised his head suddenly, the scepter in his hand emitted a golden light, and used the golden shining stone on the top of the scepter to cast a super huge might flash.

In an instant, the 24K titanium alloy dog eyes were all blinded by the peeks at the side.

The Pope took advantage of the moment when the golden light shone, and with his left hand, he pulled out a holy sword and stabbed it fiercely against Robb’s chest.


I can’t get in…

What a holy sword, it’s just a Thorium sword!

Don’t say that Robb is wearing equipment now, even if he doesn’t, this sword is useless.

The Pope was shocked, he waved his hand quickly, and opened a door next to it – the door of heaven!

An angel rushed out of the door aggressively with a big sword in both hands, but as soon as it went out, it saw Robb glaring at it, it was not a simple glaring, but Is threw away a fear spell. The angel was hit in an instant, and his whole body was so frightened that his hair stood on end. He quickly retreated to the door, locked the door, and never came out again.

Robb then raised his fist and pointed at Sovereign Dao: “See? This is a big fist!”

Pope: “…”

“pΓ¨ng! ”

Robb punched the Pope in the middle of the plate in the face.

This shameful guy passed out without even humming…

Robb threw away a dispel spell, relieved several teammates who were peeking and filming in the distance “Blindness effect”, shook his head and sighed: “Don’t freeze there, come out.”

Sara, Chris, Golda and the others, filed out of the tunnel, assassin’s hands Still holding the “camera”, with a weird expression on his face: “I seem to have captured something really bad.”

Robb sighed: “We have to bring this thing to the public.”

He turned his head and looked towards the wall next to him. There was actually a huge crystal panel of at least 75 inches hanging on the wall. It was produced by West Wind City. The Light Church came, and the Pope installed it here.

Chapter 898 Where is Caishikou?

Robb casually opened the panel, and there was still a live broadcast of the West Wind Football League A, between the Chenguang family team and the Cotton family team. However, these two teams are no longer hanging on the family name, but have taken a more prominent name.

For example, the team of the Morning Light family is called the Morning Light Cyclones, while the Cotton family team is called the Cotton Lions.

The members of the two teams have also undergone great changes. They used to be the guards of the family. Now both families have spent a lot of money on training and purchasing players. There are guys who practice their battle skills. These people do not practice “attack skills”, but specialize in basic strength, basic agility and “displacement skills”, and focus on formation and collective coordination.

So now the Zephyr football game has become more skillful and better looking.

These players have also become full-time players, no longer engaged in other jobs, and only focus on playing football.

If Robb watched the football live broadcast, he would definitely watch it for a while, but the Pope lying next to him made Robb’s interest unimpressive, thinking that this guy has been in office for several decades and has been secretive I don’t know how many kind and upright human beings who are familiar with the demon family have become the food of the demons under his black box operation.

Robb sighed softly: “In my lifetime! I want to make the monster a wild South China tiger!”

Sara strangely said: “What is a wild South China tiger?”

Robb spreads his hands: “An extinct animal, the ones still alive are in the zoo, and none of them are wild.”

Sara: “…”

Robb said: “For the safety of human beings, there are some things that should be extinct, let them be extinct.”

He pulled the 75-inch LCD panel off the wall and handed it to Golda: ” Carry it, let’s go to Caishikou.”

Golda took the panel and carried it on his shoulders.

Robb reached out to pick up the unconscious Pope and walked out.

Going out of this gold and jade in glorious splendor room, there is a courtyard outside, or a large building that can be called a church. The area is not large, just a small In the oval area, many non-combat priests, nuns, and believers are to-and-fro in this building complex.

Seeing Robb walking out with the Pope in his hand, followed by a group of people who looked like adventurers, a priest exclaimed: “Come on, the major event is not good, the Pope Your Majesty was taken Attacked.”

He shouted, but a group of temple Knights came, but the number was not large, because the main force of the Light Church court had already gone to the desert kingdom, and there were only a few remaining troops here.

Robb glanced at them, spread his hands and said: “Don’t come here, you will be seriously injured.”

The temple Knights were furious: “You think we are greedy for life and fear of death. No matter how much you benefit, we will not back down, immediately put down the Pope Your Majesty, and obediently surrender.”

Robb spread his hands: “Tsk! I just don’t want to hammer you, I really think I’m afraid You guys? That’s it! If you dare to take a step forward, I will beat the Pope.”

This threat was effective, and the temple Knights immediately stopped and did not dare to move forward, just showing an angry look : “The Shameless! They threatened us with hostages, you want Shameless?”

Robb ignored them and strode forward.

While walking, he also said to Chris next to him: “As senior adventurers, you should have been to the capital of kings. Where is Caishikou here?”

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