After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 647

Chris didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “What exactly is Caishikou?”

Robb said: “It is the busiest and most lively city center. A prosperous place.”

“Oh, you know!” Chris pointed to the distance: “Over there, the most famous landmark in the capital of kings – the sword of Martial God.”

Picture: “Capital of Kings”, Location: “Images/1562323336-100089784-103351842.jpg”

Robb looked in the direction of his finger, an incomparable gigantic sword, obliquely Inserted in a square in the middle of the city, the sword is at least 100 meters long and looks majestic and domineering.

“It is said that it was the Divine Sword that fell when the gods in the sky fought during the battle of the gods, so it was called the sword of Martial God.” Chris said: “However, who knows What? I think it might be the sword that the Titans dropped here. In short, it is the symbol of Norma, the kingdom of knights, so it should be the Caishikou you mentioned.”

“Okay, Just go there.” Robb took the Pope and strode forward, Sara and the others following him.

Around them, the temple Knights were holding weapons, holding magic, be eager to have a try, but because the Pope was in Robb’s hands, no one dared to act rashly.

entire group walked out of the Light Church and soon came to the streets of the capital of kings.

This is the capital of the kingdom of Norma, with a large population, prosperous and prosperous, and the streets are full of traffic and pedestrians. , seeing the appearance of the temple Knights as if they were facing the enemy, they knew that this was not the muddy water that they could afford, and quickly hid in the houses on both sides of the street.

Then, he stuck his head out and looked!

Some people who have seen the Pope preside over the ceremony, recognized the Pope, and couldn’t help shouting angrily: “Where is that arrogant person who treats our esteemed Pope Your Majesty like this.”


“Quick, call the Knights!”

“Go and report to Your Majesty, the King of Heroes.”

The crowd was chaotic. The city guards surrounded Robb. Although the main Knight regiment of the Norma Kingdom also went to the desert kingdom, the remaining garrison troops were not weak, and soon formed a huge team to surround Robb with the Temple Knights. .

But they, too, dare not act rashly.

Someone flew to the Imperial Palace and called the King of Heroes to preside over the overall situation.

Robb just disinclined to pay attention to them, continued to carry the Pope, and walked towards the clearing under the sword of Martial God.

The more people around you, the more you surround yourself.

Not only the army left behind, but even the people of the entire city were alarmed. Countless civilians rushed in the direction of the sword of Martial God, and the streets and alleys were full of people.

The surging crowd didn’t stop until Robb came to the open space where the sword of Martial God is now and stood with his back to the incomparable gigantic sword, and then the crowd separated like a tide, A mighty domineering man in heavy armor and a crown came out.

He said loudly to Robb: “I am the king of Norma, the kingdom of the Knights, everyone calls me the King of Heroes, I don’t know who you are, but you are extremely arrogant. I am here in front of you. The face of hundreds of thousands of people promises you that if you release the Pope, don’t hurt him, I can pardon you, but if you dare to hurt him, I swear, the four Great Knights of Norma Kingdom will hunt you down to the ends of the earth.”

Chapter 899 Don’t be angry, because you will be even more angry soon

“Wow! The negotiation is here.” Robb was happy: ” And it’s the King of Heroes from the beginning.”

He waved at the King of Heroes, said with a smile: “Nihao!”

The King of Heroes snorted heavily.

Robb said: “Don’t be angry! You will soon learn that my kidnapping of the Pope is not something to be angry about, and there are more angry things waiting for you, you must stand firm and do it well. Prepare your mind, by the way, and prepare a quick-acting heart-saving pill, so as not to be mad.”

“Bold!” The Knights next to them were furious together: “How did you talk to Your Majesty? It’s rude. Disciples!”

The King of Heroes turned to the guards next to him, and asked in a low voice, “What is a quick-acting heart-saving pill?”

“I don’t even know about my subordinates!”

“It sounds like some kind of medicine.”

Robb didn’t bother to pay attention to them. Anyway, the Pope was in hand, and the other party didn’t dare to act rashly. But Robb, he turned to Golda and said, “Hang the crystal panel, um, hang it high, I think… on this sword of Martial God.”

The sword of Martial God No matter how turbulent the political situation is, no matter how cruel and sickly villains make trouble, they have never dared to desecrate this divine sword, and no one even dared to touch it.

But now, Robb is actually going to hang a TV on it, and everyone can’t help sweating.

Chris couldn’t help but whispered: “This is not good, this sword is the essence of the Norma Kingdom, and the people of Norma Kingdom will be angry if you mess with it.”

Robb spreads his hands: “Anyway, they will be more angry after watching the video, let them get angry at this stinginess first, and when something more angry happens later, they will not be unprepared. “

Chris: “You’re so right, I’m speechless.”

Golda raised the crystal panel high and gestured on the sword of Martial God Where to hang it, when he made a gesture, Robb turned back to a Spider Web Art, and the crystal panel was glued to the sword of Martial God.

This move really aroused public anger.

Thousands of Norma people who were onlookers roared angrily together: “Mad! How dare you treat the sword of Martial God like this.”

“Kill Get him!”

“Chop him!”

“My magic will tear you to shreds!”

Of course, these people roar and roar , but no one moved forward, because the Pope was still in Robb’s hands, and they could only deal with Robb with angry eyes.

The majestic face of the King of Heroes was also full of anger. The flames seemed to burst out of his eyes. He stuck it on the ground, then held the hilt with both hands and looked at Robb with “you’re dead” eyes.

“I’m ignoring you.” Robb grimaced at the King of Heroes, then turned to take the camera from assassin and connected it to the crystal panel, all from West Wind City The demonic path tools all keep the standard interface rune for docking, and it is easy to connect successfully.

After connecting, Robb was not in a hurry to play, but turned his head and said loudly to all the people in front of him: “Hello everyone…”

He used The bard’s skill “Sound of Heaven”, the sound is very loud and touching, and the sound shook half of the king’s capital, and all those small voices were suppressed by him. In an instant, more than 100,000 Norma Wangmin watched the people, and they all fell silent, all listening intently to what this arrogant man was going to say.

Robb said with a slight smile: “I know, you guys look at me super unhappy now and think I’m a badass, however, I’m not, I’m also quite surprised that I would appear in this place Yes. As you can see, the ten of us are two teams of adventurers. We fought through thorns and sweated, and finally made it to the Demon King City…”

Here, he deliberately paused, When the onlookers heard that they had entered the Demon King city, they all suddenly let out a “wow” in unison. They were surprised, exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech.

Robb continued: “We found a teleportation magic array in the depths of Demon King City, which is next to the hall of Demon King, and then we activated this magic array, and in an instant, we came to Light The Church. Then we defeated the Pope and brought him here.”

As soon as these words came out, the surprise of the onlookers turned into confusion, and after another five seconds, they became confused. Turning into anger, someone yelled: “What nonsense!”


“You farts.”

“Don’t slander the Holy See.”

The Norma Kingdom is worthy of being the stronghold of the Light Church for generations. The people here wholeheartedly support the Light Church and believe in the God of Light. Their piety is not the same as those in the Gran Kingdom who are always in the light and dark. Swinging people are comparable, none of them will believe Robb’s bullshit.

Robb shook his head and said, “The truth is always unbelievable. I’ll stop talking nonsense and just show you something.” He turned around and clicked “play” on the camera. button.

As soon as this thing was placed, some knowledgeable nobles in the crowd immediately recognized it: “That’s a video camera produced by West Wind City!”

Someone asked: “The camera What is it?”

“It is a demonic path tool that can retain images, it’s not too rare, it’s just that West Wind City has added more functions to it.” The noble said: “Before my grandfather passed away that year. , I once sealed an image in the gem and gave it to my parents. The gem is still well preserved, and we often take it out to pay homage to the grandfather’s remains. It’s a camera, but it’s just a simple function.”

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