After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 648

“Oh, so that’s how it is.”

“The madman suddenly brought out a video camera, what is he going to do?”

“Are we going to see something shameless?”

Just as everyone discussed spiritedly, the screen lit up, and the first thing that appeared was a strange basement, on the floor of the basement, still drawing With a huge magic array.

There are many people of insight in the crowd, especially the King of Heroes, and the mages of the Knight group, who can recognize it at a glance, this is a directional teleportation magic array.

Then, the assassin who recorded the video began to explain: “This is a magic array, I think you can guess where this magic array leads to, I will show you right away…”

The camera starts to shake, passes through the purple Transmission Gate, passes again, and then the camera appears in another room, this time, there is only a transparent, invisible Transmission Formation on the ground, but assassin crouched down very intimately and pointed out the transparent Transmission Formation.

“Next, let you guys see where this is.” Assassin held up the camera and walked out of the room where the Transmission Formation was painted. After passing through a door, the painting suddenly appeared, and the room outside It turned into a spooky dungeon style, with the body of Demon King lying on the floor of the room.

Chapter 900 I’m doing nothing wrong

The onlookers froze for a while…

“Those pieces of corpses on the ground are demons, right?”

“Like some kind of demon that is very difficult to deal with?”

“Idiot! I don’t even know this.” A Knight said: “That was the second time when the Demon King transformed into The form, the status of the God of Destruction.”

“In other words, the Demon King was really killed by them? And even the God of Diablo can’t beat these adventurers?”

” p>

“They’re amazing!”

“Nonsense, if they weren’t great, how could they rush into the Light Church court and take the Pope as a hostage?”

“This… …this is too terrifying.”

“You seem to have missed the point, the point is, this teleportation demon array.” A mage shouted at the idiots around him: “Didn’t you see Are you there? This is really the Demon King City, the Demon King’s room, and this teleportation demon array on the ground… It is obviously connected to the small room where the video first appeared.”

The foolish audience quickly grabbed Stay focused and bring your attention back to the video.

I saw the camera pass through the Transmission Gate again, returning to the original room, and then a voice-over said: “We just came to this room from the Demon King’s room through the Transmission Gate, and were immediately met by a group of people. The siege of the holy light judges, you think you can kill me, but they didn’t succeed, and now these holy light judges have been defeated by us and arrested.”

says After finishing, the camera lens drilled into another Transmission Gate and came to the cemetery of Shuangqing City, where there is a large group of west wind warriors and Mayan warriors, who are carrying the seriously injured holy light judges to the prison one by one.

Audience: “…”

Some smart people are already feeling that something is wrong.

But some people are still shouting: “This Transmission Gate got in and got in, my head is dizzy, who knows if your video is true or false, maybe you made it yourself What about the fakes? It’s like making a movie, get some people to play it.”

“That’s it, that’s it!”

“I’ve seen a movie from the Kingdom of Gran. , are all fake.”

“That is, they went back and forth through the Transmission Gate, not the Transmission Formation on the ground. God knows if the Transmission Formation is a fake painted on the ground.”

The people discussed spiritedly.

Robb said with a smile: “Don’t panic, keep watching, there will be more exciting content waiting for you.”

Immediately, Robb wearing a demon appeared on the screen picture of clothes.

The audience were all surprised, looking at the demon on the camera, it was so vivid, it was impossible to tell that it was a human being dressed in a piece of clothing, it was really amazing and inexplicable.

Then, the voiceover said: “Now we are going out of this room, in fact, we don’t know where this place is, we have to go out to find out, I hope this is not the place we guessed. .”

Then, the camera entered the dark and narrow tunnel, and along the stairs, the demon Robb transformed into pushed out the iron plate at the top of the head, and the camera followed out, and the audience was shocked. , Many people immediately recognized where this was, especially the King of Heroes, who was familiar with the Holy Chapel where the Pope often waited.

He thought to himself: Not good! It’s about to be revealed that we’ve colluded with the devil to deal with West Wind City.

With a slight effort in his hand, he grabbed the hilt, and began to consider whether to make a sudden move to stop Robb from continuing to play the video.

However, before he had time to shoot, he saw Robb cross his hands, made a “Stop” gesture at him, and said with a smile at him: “Don’t rush to interrupt me, Isn’t it just a little conspiracy? Since the Demon King has been killed by us, you still want to hold on to that conspiracy? If you don’t let me go, you will miss something more exciting.”

Hero Wang: “…”

This makes sense. The Demon King was killed by the group of people in front of him, and the Pope was also caught. Certain conspiracies cannot be hidden, even if How about stopping them from playing videos? The other party must have other things to take out, so let’s see what else he has to take out.

As a king, he still has this awareness.

He didn’t wait for the video to go down, and said loudly: “Okay, it looks like you know everything, but so what? I do plan to ally with the monster to deal with the one in West Wind City. Man, but I don’t feel the G-face for my actions at all.”

When he said this, the surrounding Norma kings couldn’t help but let out a “woo”, and even Robb didn’t expect, he actually loudly admitted this kind of evil in such a scene.

Robb strangely said: “You colluded with monsters to deal with human beings, but you don’t feel G-faced? Monsters should also kill many people in your Norma Kingdom, right?”

“hmph!” hero The king loudly said: “Looking at the problem from the perspective of the king, how can it be the same as the ordinary person? The combination of vertical and horizontal is the normal state between countries. For example, the desert kingdom, during the war, also killed countless Norma kingdoms. People, but when it’s time to make an alliance, you will still make an alliance. You can’t ignore the future of the country because of temporary hatred.”

He loudly said: β€œThe man in West Wind City is too big a threat to our country, and our country is a huge threat to our country. With the current power, it is even more difficult to solve him, so I will contact the monster and deal with this man together. This is for the interests of my Norma Kingdom and the interests of all Norma people. This does not mean that I Being a family with the monsters does not mean that I have forgotten the pain caused by the monsters to the people of our country. Those who should be reckoned and revenge should be dealt with after solving the threat of powerful foreign enemies to our country, and then one with the monsters. After another, it’s not too late.”

His words were sonorous and powerful, and he also had several points of bearing.

The Norma people next to them were stunned and then applauded at the same time: “King Your Majesty is right!”


” It’s okay.”

Robb also clapped his hands a few times: “It’s not bad, it’s very well said, think about it carefully, what you said is not unreasonable, well, but you definitely can’t think of it. What will you see when you come down, let’s keep watching.”

He said this, and everyone’s attention turned back to the short video.

I saw Robb dressed as a demon, walked in front of the Pope, and then…

(Chapter 897 is rewritten from a different perspective, referring to “Suzumiya Haruhi’s” Melancholy”)

What was broadcast at this time really shocked everyone, even the King of Heroes was completely dumbfounded. He thought that it would be a good idea to form an alliance with the Demon King to deal with Robb. As a result of the consultation with the Pope, who knows that the Pope is actually the puppet of the Demon King and is using him. Over the years, the reason why the battle against monsters has not been smooth can be understood. The Demon King has such a high-level internal response in the Norma Kingdom, why is he afraid of the human army?

In addition, these two people also said: “I will also help you cheat a hero king, I will let him adjust the army and send it to your ambush, you can easily take the main force of the Norma Kingdom. The Knights will be wiped out, kill the King of Heroes again, and you will soon be able to unify the world…”

Chapter 901 The Power of the Brave

The audience was stunned!

All the viewers were stunned!

Except for the King of Heroes, who had a black face, speechless, everyone couldn’t help exclaiming. Even those temple Knights couldn’t help but be surprised that their mouth opened wide, and they couldn’t close their mouths.

This is the Pope, who is regarded by everyone as the person closest to God of Light, the incarnation of kindness, integrity, and perfection, didn’t expect, he would actually be such a thing.

In recent years, when monsters attacked the villages on the edge of the mountain range, the reason why the defenders were always well known by the monsters, everyone finally understood. I understand the reason why the army has not succeeded in clearing the monsters in the Jinghong mountain range several times.

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