After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 649

Those innocent human beings who lost their lives in the belly of monsters, it is now clear who they should turn to for their grievances.

The truth is revealed, it should be happy, isn’t it?

However, why does it feel so sad?

The eerie silence, in my ears, is the heartbreak of the entire world.

Robb knew that what he had to do was done, he took two steps to the side, and stopped in front of the crowd.

The Pope is still in a coma, but everyone feels that this man better never wake up.

The breathing of all the onlookers became rapid.

An old man whose son was killed by a monster squeezed the cane in his hand and took a step forward. When he walked out of this step, the old man was more angry than rational. But when she stepped out this step and hit the back of a temple Knight, her sanity began to wake up and she began to be afraid.

However, before the old man’s fear forced her to retreat, the temple Knight stepped aside.

Yes, get out of the way!

He didn’t block the old mother because his conscience wouldn’t allow it. He is a Knight, not a holy light judge, his conscience has not been clouded by fanaticism, he still remembers his Knight manifesto!

He will fight for those who cannot fight, and he will protect the old and the weak!

He is not a butcher’s knife, but a shield.

The spirit of Knight is the spirit of Norma. The sword of Martial God is in sight, who dares to act against his conscience?

So he stepped aside.

This small action of the Temple Knight gave the old man courage, and made her anger overcome her reason again. She rushed forward, stumbled over a distance of dozens of yards, and reached the Pope. , with all her strength, she waved her crutches and hit the Pope with a bang: “Go to hell!”

Then, countless people rushed up, all kinds of weapons, It hit the Pope incessantly.

When the crowd dispersed, the Pope was no longer visible in the open space, only a puddle of smashed flesh and blood.

This is a very suitable way to die.

Robb’s entire group spread out his hands and turned to leave, but at this time, the King of Heroes slammed the two-handed sword in his hand, and then a large group of Knights surrounded them.

“Thank you for exposing the conspiracy of the Light Church court.” The King of Heroes said in a majestic voice: “However, this is not the reason why you are unruly and reckless in the capital of my kings. Next , we’re going to count your crimes of desecrating the sword of Martial God and trampling on the dignity of my kingdom of Norma.”

“Wow!” Robb said, “How about this now?”

“Shouldn’t it be counted?” The king of heroes said: “You could have given this important evidence to me quietly, and then let me make it public, but you use this kind of swagger to show off. It’s extremely inappropriate to deal with it, and you should also be aware of it and be responsible for your evil deeds.”

Robb said with a smile: β€œThat’s because I don’t know you either, God knows What kind of person are you, if you get the evidence, but destroy it? I can’t let important evidence fall into the hands of people who can’t trust it so hastily.”

The King of Heroes said angrily: “I am the dignified king of the Norma kingdom, one word worth nine sacred tripods, you can’t believe it?”

Robb laughed suddenly, pointed to the countless ordinary people surrounding him, loudly said: ” The only people I trust are the people, and they are more trustworthy than you at any time, understand?”

“The rude person, eat my sword!” The King of Heroes did not attack the sneak attack, but He first roared and looked at the sword, and then raised his giant sword with both hands. In an instant, golden rays of light filled his eyes, and golden light also filled the two-handed sword, and his whole body was surrounded by golden light. , the whole person seems to be glittering with gold, blinding the 24K titanium alloy dog eyes of everyone around.

This move made Robb a little surprised: “Huh? The power of the brave!”

It turns out that the skill used by the hero king is a Buff magic called “The Brave” “Power” is the unique magic of the Brave class. It can greatly improve the user’s strength, speed, agility, intelligence, and force physical attack, magic attack, physical defense, and magic defense…

In short , all attributes skyrocketed, immune control, is simply a cheat-level skill.

And this cheating-level skill, of course, can only be learned by cheating-level occupations. In the game, it is a skill only possessed by the hidden occupation “Brave”, and in this real world, there is no doubt that it It should belong to the “Legendary Hero”, which is an indispensable thing in all the world of swords and magic.

The King of Heroes proudly said: “The ancestor was the legendary hero who expelled monsters and saved mankind more than a thousand years ago. He created history for mankind, why? You don’t even know this. ?”

Robb smiled: “I didn’t know before, but now I know! But I don’t think you have become great, but I feel sympathy for your ancestors, and the descendants are disappointing.”

The King of Heroes was furious and took a big step forward, the two-handed sword in his hand slashed towards Robb with a hoot.

However, at this moment, Robb’s body also filled with a golden light, and the same Buff magic “Brave Power” turned him into a golden light at this moment. Sparkling hero.

The King of Heroes startled.

At this moment, Robb drew out a two-handed sword and swept across the sword of the King of Heroes.

“pΓ¨ng! ”

The two great swords collided in the midair, and then the two-handed sword of the King of Heroes flew out, flying far and wide, and when it landed “pu” fell to the ground with a bang, losing the golden rays of light.

All the Knights around were stunned, and the King of Heroes himself would be unable to move even a little bit for a while.

Robb waved his hand, opened a Transmission Gate behind him, and pushed his teammates into the door, saying with a smile: “King of Heroes, right? See you in Desert Kingdom if you have time. Oh, by the way, when I leave, I finally introduce myself, I’m from West Wind City, although I can easily kill you now, but this is not my style, goodbye.”

After finishing speaking, he also Jump into the Transmission Gate and disappear without a trace.

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Chapter 902 You haven’t captured your position yet?

0:10am, Holy Monday Love!

The King of Heroes was a little stunned when he heard Robb’s last words. At this moment, he realized who the person in front of him was. It turned out to be the legendary freak in West Wind City. A man known as Godafather.

As the king of a country, the information obtained by the King of Heroes is relatively accurate, unlike the ordinary person who hears all the nonsense of the bard, he knows that Godafather is very young, and he is very handsome, but didn’t expect to be so young and handsome.

He looked at the empty mine square in front of the sword of Martial God, where there was still a pool of blood left by the Pope, and could not help but sighed for a long time: “This guy… didn’t expect to be here… …”

A guard came over next to him, and under one-knee kneels beside him, he whispered: “Your Majesty, what should we do now? The Pope is dead, the temple Knight regiment is estimated to be Chaos, no intention to fight. And Demon King is dead, Demon King’s army will certainly be in chaos. The front line who can fight against that man, only the Knights of Norma Kingdom and the Dark Holy See are left, we…”

The King of Heroes didn’t even think about it, he waved his hand and said: “Go and get the strategic-level Transmission Gate, and we will rush to the front line immediately. The man said, if you want to meet me in the desert kingdom, then go there, and Let him have a formal meeting.”

The subordinates went immediately, and soon after, they brought a strategic-level Transmission Gate scroll, which was prepared in advance by the dozens archmage, the original intention of the King of Heroes After waiting for the troops on the front line to be assembled, he and the Pope used the Transmission Gate to rush over. Now it seems that whether the troops are assembled is not important.


Go and meet him!

See what he has to say in a formal meeting.

The Transmission Gate opened, and the King of Heroes’ valet went over first. After confirming that there was no danger there, the King of Heroes strode over. In a blink of an eye, he came to the Oasis of the Cave of Time, the northern part of the desert kingdom. important town.

A huge army is gathering here.

The composition of this army is very complex, there are two rebel units in the desert kingdom, the temple Knight regiment of the Light Church, the Knight regiment of the Norma Kingdom, the temple Knight regiment of the Dark Holy See, and even one The monster Legion led by General Archfiend…

Seeing such a terrifying big Legion, anyone would feel that there is no invincible enemy.

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