After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 650

However, the King of Heroes, who just came from the road of kings, has completely lost confidence in this Legion. He knows that it will not be long before this Legion will start to be destroyed. Wrong, it will start with the Knights of the Temple of the Light Church. It won’t take long, it only takes a crystal ball to dial here…

For the time being, the disgusting thing about the Pope is put aside, and the King of Heroes calls for a A Knight Commander asked: “How is the war going here?” Our army has fought several times. At present, the army of West Wind City has retreated to a Gobi in the south, and has built a defense line there. Our army has attacked there several times, but failed to capture the Gobi. Hearing this, the King of Heroes couldn’t help but stunned slightly: “What the hell? With such a huge coalition, we can’t take down a small Gobi guarded by the other side? Is there a mistake! As far as I can tell? You know, these days, Godafather went to Demon King City and was not in the army at all, and the number of troops in West Wind City is not large.”

Captain Knight embarrassedly said: “Yes, the number of the opponent There are really not many. At first there were only about 800 West Wind warriors. Later, reinforcements came from the city one after another. So far, the number has not exceeded 2,000, but…but…”

“Two thousand Thousands of people blocked you?” The King of Heroes frowned deeply.

“Yes, only 2,000 people.” Captain Knight said: “The other party’s equipment is unbelievably sophisticated, one person can defeat dozens of people on our side, and we can’t even compare the number of people. Because the opponent’s demonic path equipment often makes our army suffer heavy casualties before seeing anyone.”

King of Heroes: “…”

Knight said: ” Your Majesty, you see, now in the southern Gobi, it is the turn of the monster Legion to attack, you only need to look at it from a distance and you will know.”

The King of Heroes came to a high platform, which stood on the platform. There are quite a few people, including several Cardinals Archbishop of the Light Church, Cardinal Archbishop of the Dark Church, three Archfiends, the rebel leader of the Desert Kingdom, and the Great General of the Norma Kingdom… These people saw the King of Heroes coming, All bowed slightly.

The King of Heroes doesn’t have time to talk to them now, so he took out a “telescope”, which was invented by the Gran Kingdom, and the spy desperately stole the technology and handed it over to the demonic path tool in the hands of the Norma Kingdom. The King of Heroes was once amazed at how fast the technology of the demonic path of the Gran Kingdom developed.

He used the telescope to look south, and immediately saw that an army of monsters, under the command of several Archfiends, was attacking the Gobi Defensive Array built by West Wind City.

In the front row are a large number of roaring monsters. This monster looks like a dog. It runs fast on all fours. They carried a large number of hellhounds and rushed towards the position of West Wind City. However, when they just started to charge, when the range of bows and arrows and magic was still far away, there was a burst of “boom boom boom” in the West Wind City position. “the sound of.

Then there was the strange sound of “Biu” shells piercing the air…

Then, the sound of rumbling explosions exploded among the roaring demons, the explosion technique raged, roaring The demons were bombed all over the sky, like ragged sacks.

Finally, a group of roaring demons rushed into the magic’s range, and suddenly a row of beehive-like boxes was launched on the opposite side.

The King of Heroes recognized it at a glance. This is a kind of demonic path tool called “Katyusha”. After it was developed by the Kingdom of Gran a few years ago, it was used to deal with Mondella, and later Mondella. Ra also made imitations, so it was also passed on to the Norma Kingdom. However, the Norma Kingdom was founded on the way of the Knight, and was not specialized in magic, so the number of such demonic path tools was very small.

Now, what the West Wind City brought out were countless Katyushas, lined up in front of the battle, and then the fireballs of peng peng peng sounded like fried beans. , the fireballs flying in the sky, like a meteor shower, and the roaring demons spiraled into the sky amid the bombardment.

The King of Heroes was stunned: “Such a fierce magic? This… let alone a low-level roaring demon, it is difficult for even our Knight regiment to rush through such a fire blockade, right? .”

“Yes!” Captain Knight next to him said with a bitter face: “This is not the most perverted, and you will see something more terrifying soon.”

I saw that after a round of Katyusha covered the attack, it was probably not charged for a while, Katyusha retreated, and then, a large group of iron cars rushed out of the position in West Wind City.

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Chapter 903 Take it, then run away

The King of Heroes looked at these big iron cars with a confused expression: “What are these things?”

“It’s the other party’s West Wind Knight regiment.” Knight Captain said: “They call this thing the Land Overlord.”

“Knight regiment? Don’t ride horses, ride this kind of big iron car?” Confused: “What’s the use of this thing? It’s so slow, can it be called a land tyrant?”

“You’ll know right away.”

At this time, the Roaring Demon The attack has been broken up, but the Roaring Demon was originally a low-level monster, and it was sent for delivery, not the main offensive force.

The real main force is the monsters such as Ox Head Man, Iron Hook Raider, and Void Terror led by the demon behind. These monsters have extremely powerful individual battle strength. Horrible, there are still a lot of them. Not to mention the 2,000 people in the West Wind City, even the Knight army of the Norma Kingdom can only fight hard against these monsters.

The kingdom of Norma has fought against the monster Legion many times in history, and knows how much these things are not to be trifled with.

However, the big iron car in West Wind City, the self-proclaimed land tyrant, went straight to these demons, straight, frontal!

A long iron pipe stretched out in front of the big iron car. With a bang, a strange missile flew out of the iron pipe. It dragged white smoke in the midair and flew into the demon formation. In the middle, there was a loud noise of “hong”, and the demons beside them were blown up and flew out in all directions.

The King of Heroes: “…”

The demons are not the kind of little kitty who can’t fight back. After being bombarded with baptism, they immediately roared strangely and charged towards the big iron cart.

After firing a round of shells, the large iron carts seemed to be unable to fire for a short time, and several of the fastest demons immediately took the opportunity to use their displacement skills to slide to the side of the large iron carts. They were about to jump to the When I went up to the iron car, I suddenly saw some small holes opened on the big iron car, and many Arcane missiles flew out of “Biu, Biu, Biu”, and washed them towards the nearby monsters. The Demon Race monsters who finally rushed in. Immediately suffered heavy damage, putong putong collapsed.

The few demons who threw themselves on the big iron car, smashed them with their fists, bit their teeth, and even shot magic on it, injuring the big iron car innumerably, but they were followed by the big iron car. Some of the westerly warriors are easily killed.

The offensive of the demon army finally lost its imposing manner, especially the intelligent demons, who began to feel incompetent and just wanted to retreat, and once the morale collapsed, the battle would not be able to go on. The Archfiend had to order the withdrawal of the army, they were like the sea at low tide, and the crash-bang retreated, leaving only a corpse on the shore.

This wave of offensive has come to an end.

The King of Heroes’ face sank. As expected, as his subordinates said, after a battle, there were hardly a few westerly warriors in sight, but a bunch of chaotic demon path tools. After a while, a small number of soldiers followed behind the big iron cart to pick up leaks, and the battle was over.

How will this battle be fought?

The King of Heroes whispered: “What about the Air Force? The monsters should have a large number of harpy Banshees and thunderbirds, right?” The anti-aircraft guns, which contain a lot of anti-air magic, and a large number of dwarf firearms and archers, are usually invisible because they don’t have to shoot at all, and when the air force wants to pass through the air, they appear.”

Speaking of this, Captain Knight said in a low voice with a smile: “Yesterday, the eagle Banshee of Demon Race suffered heavy losses. Hundreds of them died, all of which were shot down by the west wind warriors with anti-aircraft guns.”

The King of Heroes wanted to laugh when he heard the news, but glanced at a few Archfiends standing beside him, and said in a low voice, “The monsters are our reinforcements for now, don’t laugh too clearly now. .”

Knight regiment nodded: “As you bid.”

Knight regiment leader said: “Next, it should be the turn of the Light Church court to attack the position, we want to The only way to capture this position is to keep investing in the army like this, relying on the superiority of numbers to drag them down.”

The hero said: “It’s a tragic tactic, the man on the opposite side hasn’t played yet, right? With only 2,000 westerly warriors, this battle has ended like this, is it really necessary to fight it later?”

Sighed, Captain Knight: “This…”

The King of Heroes glanced at the Light Church army who were preparing to fight, and said in a low voice: “This army should not be able to attack immediately, just wait and see, they will soon be in chaos.”

Captain Knight: “???”

At this time, the Knight regiment of the Temple of the Light Church was preparing to take over the squad of the monster army and take turns to attack the position where the west wind warriors were stationed. Suddenly, the leader The Cardinal Bishop took out a crystal ball from his pocket and started talking to the other side. Within five sentences, his expression changed drastically.

Immediately, the cardinal bishop turned his head to face all the bigwigs watching the battle stage and said: “The major event is not good, there has been a major change in my Light Church, and I need to go back to the Holy See immediately. , please forgive us for not being able to handle the matter here.”

As soon as these words came out, the Cardinal Bishop of the Dark Holy See was immediately dissatisfied, and yelled at him, and several Archfiends also frowned. , a picture of wanting to eat people.

However, at this moment, a thunderbird suddenly flew over in the sky, and a succubus was riding on the thunderbird’s back. They landed on the viewing battle stage, and the succubus ran to several Archfiends. In front of him, under one-knee kneels, he quickly reported the situation in Demon King City: “The major event is bad, Demon King Your Majesty was killed, and the city wall of Demon King City was also dug away. The blockbuster, that person also threatened to go back and dig up the walls, now the city is in chaos, all the Archfiends who can preside over the overall situation have been killed, please go back immediately…”

Several Archfiends: “!”

They were in a hurry, and they didn’t even bother to say a word to the humans on the stage. They jumped off the battle stage and greeted the Demon Race army that had just withdrawn, ready to evacuate.

The Light Church court is preparing to evacuate, and the demon family is also preparing to retreat. The leaders of the remaining three units, the Dark Church, the Norma King Army, and the Desert Kingdom Rebel Army, can’t help but look at each other in blank dismay.

The Cardinal Bishop of the Dark Holy See asks: “What is the matter?”

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