After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 652

The Archfiends waved together, green flames rained down in the sky, hellfires fell from the sky one by one, and stood densely packed in an instant.

The King of Heroes himself didn’t summon anything. The brave family is not good at summon magic, and almost all cut people by themselves, while the Knight leaders behind him took out their own Absolute Art, a The name Berserker waved a strange banner, shua~ shua~ shua~, and three tall and mighty Barbarians jumped out of the void. It is the three famous Barbarian ancestors, the Guardian God of the Berserker family. The Paladins also blew their horns, and soon, a huge Knight ran out of the void, it was as high as a building, riding a giant horse and wearing golden armor, it looked like a statue, this is the kingdom of Knights Guardian of Norma, Spirit of the Knight.

The leader of the rebel army in the desert kingdom took out a flute and blew it wu wu. Then, a sandstorm rolled in, and a familiar silhouette suddenly appeared in the sandstorm, it was Robb old enemy, the Sphinx. In the battle of the Black Dragon attack, the Sphinx was torn in half by the Black Dragon, but as long as the desert is still there, the Guardian God of the desert can be resurrected infinitely, and now it is here again.

In a blink of an eye, Robb was full of enemies, flying in the sky, running on the ground, burning fire, smoking, blowing wind, shining, everything.

The King of Heroes loudly said: “Look, you are doing the opposite, and you are the enemy of the world, everyone has become your enemy, no matter how strong you are, you will eventually be defeated by the forces of the entire world. Come down. It is an unbreakable truth that justice will triumph over evil.”

Robb: “Wow!”

“Who said the entire world is his enemy?” Suddenly , A woman’s voice suddenly sounded from behind, the Queen of Gran Kingdom, suddenly drilled out of a Transmission Gate, and then, a huge skeleton dragon, soaring, landed next to Robb.

At the same time, the Queen took a big step, walked to Robb’s side, stood still, and said proudly: “Don’t just represent the entire world, I don’t like being represented.”


Everyone: “…”

The King of Heroes loudly said: “You actually helped him? He occupied your West Wind City privately, and treated you as a king as nothing, he was clearly trying to rob you. The kingship of Granville will subvert your kingdom.”

The queen smiled: “I had the same opinion as you at first, but then I understood, my little Gran kingdom, he doesn’t like it at all, grab it What’s the use?”

The King of Heroes: “…”

The Queen said: “He is fighting for his beliefs, fighting to save mankind, but you are hindering He, just to keep the authority in your hands, a person like him should not have no allies! So, if the entire world wants to be his enemy, then why should my Gran Kingdom break away from this world? I prefer to stand By his side.”

When the queen said this sentence, it was sonorous and powerful, and then, in the Transmission Gate, the palace magic group of the Gran Kingdom, the Black Earth Knight Group, the Fire Knight Group, the Ice Knight Group, and the Gale Knight Group The regiment, the Thunder Knight regiment, and the White Lion Knight regiment filed out, facing the army on this side.

Robb turned his head and smiled at the Queen: “You ghost woman…”

The Queen also smiled: “What? Are you not happy to help me?”

Robb turned his head and smiled at the Queen. p>

Robb said with a smile: “I’m happy! However, there is actually another person who is willing to help me.”

Everyone was slightly surprised.

I saw Robb raised his head and said to the Sphinx standing in front of the rebels in the desert kingdom: “Hey, lion, where are you helping?”

Sphynx Finks angry: “I’m not a lion!”

“Don’t pay attention to the details.” Robb said with a smile: “You know everything that happens in the desert, so you should know why I am I will come to the desert kingdom, and you know what I am preparing for. You are the Guardian God of the desert, and it is your duty to guard this desert, not to fight for power, isn’t it?”

Sphinx Kes was silent, and after a few seconds, it suddenly jumped up, its huge body slid past, jumped from the opposite side to Robb’s side, and turned to face the coalition forces on the other side: “Okay, I’ll help you!”

Chapter 906 Come here

The sudden mutiny of the Sphinx shocked the opposing coalition forces, what the hell is this? Why did the sphinx go to help the man?

They don’t know, from the Sphinx’s point of view, how can it be the same as them?

It does not pursue authority, nor does it pursue pleasure. It is the Guardian God beast of the desert. The desert gives it life and soul. The meaning of its existence is to guard this piece of yellow sand. place.

The failure of the battle with Black Dragon made it clearly aware of the horror of Black Dragon, and it also knew very well that this group of people gathered together to form a coalition, all for their own interests . They can’t save the desert, they can only harm the desert.

Only Robb can defeat the Black Dragon and save the refugees in the desert.

It is self-evident that who needs to help protect the desert.

The Sphinx roared at the desert kingdom rebels on the opposite side…

A gust of sand blew past, and those rebels were all scared to the point of shivering, not only The problem of battle strength, but their own spiritual beliefs, when standing on the enemy side, brings them great pressure.

King of Heroes: “…”

Robb said to the Sphinx and the Queen with a smile: “Thank you for being on my side, but you are still with the Zephyr warrior. Just like everyone else, watch the play later, keep your precious power until you use it when you deal with Black Dragon, and I’ll just deal with them in this place.”

He took a big step, He walked towards the coalition forces in front of him.


“That man is coming!”

“The whole army is ready to fight.”

From the King of Heroes When it came to the miscellaneous soldiers, everyone in the coalition was tense, every demon felt the huge pressure brought by Robb, and every time he took a step forward, everyone felt an imposing manner assaults the senses, In fact, Robb has no skills at all.

These feelings are all illusions! It was his status and legend that gave the other side the illusion.

“I have a lot of summon magic and can summon all kinds of strange things.” Robb sighed as he walked: “However, using these things to defeat you, you can’t feel what is true The powerful, turned his head, and tangled a bunch of people who acted recklessly, and attacked without repentance. So, this time I won’t summon those unfathomable mystery brothers, what kind of garbage like Heaven’s Gate, Gates of Hell, I don’t want to call it out, I don’t want to play with you any more fights for the audience, let’s end this war as soon as possible.”

Hearing his opening remarks, everyone couldn’t help but feel in their hearts. A tight.

Because, before the coalition forces came, they had actually exchanged the information they had, and they had already negotiated a solution for the things that Robb had played before. For example, let Light The Church Court and the Dark Church teamed up, the double heaven gates stood against Robb’s two gates, and the Hellfire Legion, a group of demons, dealt with the army of elements summoned by Robb.

Then, all the generals, relying on the heroic king’s “power of the brave”, rushed up to fight Robb to the death.

However, now that Robb says he doesn’t want to play these, then… what is he going to play?

Robb stretched out a hand, imitating the shy look of Iron Fist, and hooked at the coalition: “Come here!”

The King of Heroes Leng snorted and said: “Let’s attack, it’s obviously cheating, we can’t take the initiative to attack and see what tricks he’s going to play.”

The people next to him nodded together.

The King of Heroes also imitated Robb, stretched out a finger, and said, “Come here!”

Robb said with a smile: “Okay, This is what you asked me to do first, and it hurts, don’t blame me.”

The King of Heroes coldly snorted and said: “Let’s see what means you have.”

“That’s coming.” Robb waved his hand forward suddenly: “Blizzard!”

“en?” Magic? snowstorm? The area attack magic in ice attribute magic has a deceleration effect, but how big a range can this magic hit? And… rainstorm’s attack formidable power is not strong.

As soon as he thought of this, he saw the goose feather-like snow falling from the top of his head, biting-cold wind, for a while, a large area in front of the battle was shrouded in the wind and snow. Hailstones the size of rocks fell from the sky, where is the blizzard, and the time-sharing is the hailstorm.

A huge hailstone landed on the head of a demon, with a muffled sound, the demon actually died instantly, and the death was too simple, not even a single struggle was killed.

The King of Heroes was startled, Blizzard played such a formidable power?

He hurriedly put the two-handed sword on top of his head, only to hear the sound of “peng”, a hail just hit his two-handed sword, the sword body froze instantly, and the ice-cold magic power along He sprinted away with the sword, both of his hands tingling from the cold, if it wasn’t for the incomparable magic resistance brought to him by the brave bloodline, he would have almost lost his grip on his sword.

The King of Heroes was taken aback, this magic was so difficult to pick up by himself, these guys next to him…I’m afraid…

He turned his head and saw that there were already When people turned their horses on their backs and were hit on the forehead by this incomparably huge hailstone, whether it was a demon, an angel, a fallen angel, or hellfire, the only way to go is to die on the spot, and no one could stand it. Unless you use a shield, magic, etc., to block it on the top of your head and dissolve a part of the hail’s formidable power, whoever will die will die.

Fortunately, the hail is not so dense that there is no place to hide, and the location where this thing falls is also random. Many people rely on defensive magic to resolve them, while many people rely on luck. , it’s okay, but no one knows if there will be a hailstone on the top of the head in the next second. In short, everyone was running around in the blizzard, chaotically.

The King of Heroes Khan said: “One magic, will my coalition become like this? Impossible!”

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