After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 653

He yelled: “Charge ahead! Charge ahead, fight him close.”

Everyone rushed forward, as long as they rushed out of the range of the blizzard, this truth, They still understand. The warriors raised their shields, guarded their foreheads and charged, the cardinals bishops opened the Formation and walked forward, the angels and fallen angels flew forward, the demons flashed forward, the Barbarian three ancestors jumped, the Knight Guardian God ran wild…

Eight immortals cross the sea, each showing Divine Ability.

However, the blizzard is a very tricky magic. Even if the hail doesn’t hit people, it still has a deceleration effect within its range. Everyone was slowed down. The shrouded area rushed out, and the front looked like a sunny day, and finally rushed out.

The King of Heroes shouted: “Go!”

Chapter 907 Don’t play with summon creatures

The coalition forces rushed out of the blizzard. !

Away from the danger of the hail hitting their heads, everyone let out a long sigh of relief, but as soon as they breathed out this breath, they saw Robb wave again: “Doomsday meteor!”

In the sky countless fireballs, dragging their long tails, fell.

Everyone looked up, and suddenly the complexion greatly changed, fuck…

I have eaten this man’s blizzard just now, and a hailstorm is an instant death, and there is no room for struggle. , and now the doomsday meteor?

Everyone understands that the formidable power of Doomsday Meteor is far greater than that of Blizzard in the same level of magic, because Blizzard hurts the enemy and also has a deceleration effect. According to the rules of magic, everything has control The effect of magic, the same level of formidable power is not as good as only damage but no control Fire Element magic.

I couldn’t catch the hail just now, and now no one dares to catch the doomsday meteor.

The top shield of everyone, the top Formation of the top Formation, flashing fast and desperately flashing, or a wolf covered head and sneaked away like a rat.

The King of Heroes is a little embarrassed. This is the beginning of the fight just now, and the opponent just threw two magic spells. He has already jumped to this point. It’s embarrassing. How good we charge first, sometimes the gentleman’s spirit is not good.

This wave of doomsday meteors smashed several hellfires and bishops to the ground. There were also several Knights in Norma Kingdom who were attacked. The losses were heavy. The coalition forces paid a heavy price and finally rushed out. the range of doomsday meteors. However, this way, they finally got close to Robb’s front.

The angels and the fallen angels are the first to rush. These two things can fly. They flutter their white and black wings and fly together. They seem to be quite harmonious. Since ancient times, this is The two kinds of angels fought desperately and regarded each other as enemies, but now they have to fight together, which can be regarded as the history of Tianchuang.

The wings folded back, and they swooped down from in the sky towards Robb at the same time…

The King of Heroes shouted: “Charge! While the angels are entangled in him to fight , let’s rush over and fight him closely, so he won’t have a chance to cast magic.”

Just after he roared this sentence, Robb drew a sword from behind and aimed it in the sky A large piece of angel rushed down, and swiped it with a sword. This seemingly casual sword was actually a skill. The ultimate move of this profession, formidable power is unparalleled.

He swung out this sword, and the incomparable sword qi immediately flew diagonally upwards, facing the angels with a head-on sword, swiping, sword qi passed through the middle of the army of angels, and in an instant , a large group of angels folded their wings and fell, and the feathers of white and black flew down from the sky.

“The angels… didn’t catch a single sword?” The coalition troops on the ground were a little stunned, thinking that the angels would be able to entangle Robb at least for a while, but they didn’t expect it. With such a sword, sword qi directly swept the entire sky, most of the angels were shot down, and only a small number of angels remained, dazed among a large piece of flying bird feathers.

“roar!” The third Barbarian ancestors, who came out of the Barbarians’ summon, finally shot. One of the ancestors roared and jumped towards Robb. After jumping a few dozen yards, he waved the giant axe with his hands, and slashed Robb’s front face: “heaven falls and earth rends!”

But the next moment , Robb kicked him in the face, the ancestor screamed and flew backwards. When he landed, he brushed the ground and turned into a stone. It turned out that if the attack of the ancestor reached the At a certain critical point, it will instantly lose battle strength and return to the statue of the ancestor.

And obviously, Robb only needs one kick to reach the critical point of attack that the ancestors can withstand.

Everyone couldn’t help but stunned, and the other two ancestors jumped immediately, one used Tornado Slash, the other used a flying axe, Robb’s body swayed, one person kicked, and the remaining two The ancestors also turned into statues.


The sound of horses’ hooves sounded, and the Guardian of the Kingdom of Norma, the spirit of the Knight rushed up, its huge body as tall as a building, together with the war horse No one can underestimate the huge impact force it brings.

Robb saw this thing rushing over, suddenly laughed, raised a hand in midair, and there was a golden light spinning on his hand.

Everyone thought he was going to cast some magic, so they were startled and quickly guarded, but unexpectedly Robb was using a Paladin skill “summon army horse”, Paladin in “Dark Blade” can Use skills to summon a horse without buying a real mount.

As a result, Robb instantly turned into a Knight riding on a horse, and also used the giant transformation technique to deliberately become a little bigger, which looked exactly the same as the spirit of the Knight, and he was also stunned. The warhorse recoiled towards the spirit of the Knight.

The Knights on the two giant horses waved their weapons at the same time, just in a flash, the two horses staggered, charging ahead all the way.

Then, Knight’s spirit “pu tong” fell from the horse, fell to the ground, and then turned into a golden light, disappeared without a trace.

Robb didn’t stop, and rushed into a large area of hellfire, these guys were burning green flames, they looked like green lava giants, and they threw huge fists , slammed fiercely at Robb.

Robb’s horse suddenly disappeared, he fell from in midair, and slammed the big sword on the ground, a thunder blow!

a loud explosion sound, all the hellfires flew into the sky and turned into scattered light and shadow.

Everyone: “…”

So far, the strongest creatures, Guardian, Old Ancestor, and Hellfire from everyone’s summon have all been killed by Robb, no matter what , is a trick.

The only thing left is some creatures of flesh and blood.

Robb was already standing in the middle of the coalition because of the charge just now, surrounded by enemies, but he didn’t care at all, said with a smile: “Don’t play with summons, you probably don’t know, I And Black Dragon both have a special effect that we only take 1/4/2022 damage from summon creatures, and we deal four times as much damage to summon creatures. Almost any summon creature can’t deal damage to us, and We deal with any summon creature with one blow. If we want to defeat us, there is only one way, that is to come true.”

Everyone: “…”

“Fight with him! The King of Heroes roared, the most elite Knights of the Knight group, as well as the demons, under his leadership, rushed over together, the light and dark cardinal bishop, the mages, and read magic at the same time.

Robb sighed: “End this boring war! Time Formation!”

Chapter 908 Time Formation

Time Formation!

Robb waved his hand, taking him as the center point, a purple light screen opened, expanded, and in an instant, all the attacking enemies were shrouded in it, this purple light screen is very strange, any As soon as people entered it, they stopped and stopped, unable to move.

This is not a simple Bodylock Technique, because if they are fixed, their eyeballs can still turn, they can still see things, and they can still see things, and they will still be able to jump in midair. Falling.

However, these people who enter the purple light screen not only can’t move their eyes, can’t see things, can’t hear sounds, they even keep floating in the midair, and the whole person froze. , it won’t even be pulled down by gravity.

Because, in this purple light curtain, even time has stopped.

This is the skill of a BOSS called “Void monster beast” in “Dark Blade”, called “Time Result World”, it can open a time Formation, let the time in the Formation stagnant, but it can move and attack arbitrarily in this Formation.

(PS: This is actually the skill of Void Mask in Dota, but “Dark Blade” is a domestic game. Everyone knows that domestic games are best at “learning”, so other games have some In order to learn this skill, Robb changed his job to “Blue Magician”, deliberately walked into “Time Formation” and was frozen, crazy I was beaten and killed seventeen or eight times by the BOSS. I finally managed to hold the duration of this Formation once, and I was not beaten to death within the time. Finally, I learned it. Those who learned this move in the whole server will be He is one.

This move has no effect on Black Dragon, because Black Dragon is an ultimate team boss and is immune to all controls. However, this move is used to deal with the natives of this world, and there is no probability of failure.

Everyone who attacked him was stunned, even the King of Heroes kept waving a two-handed sword, froze in midair, his eyes widened, only those in the distance. The magician and the cardinal bishops who didn’t rush recently didn’t get hit. When they saw this miraculous scene, they couldn’t help but stop their magic singing, and they were angry at this side with strange eyes, and their faces were stunned.

Even the queens, sphinxes, and warriors of the west wind can’t help but be stunned, this move is too perverted.

Robb walks around the “Time Formation” like a stroll, stabs the King of Heroes in the face, slaps the head of a Paladin next to him, and kicks a Knight in the ass one foot.

He waved again to the priests and mages in the distance, said with a smile: “Those people who have been immobilized by my Formation don’t even know what’s going on now, because their Time has come to a standstill, do you want to experience this feeling?”

priest and the mages shook their heads violently with pale faces.

Robb walked over to an Archfiend and sighed: “Why should humans join forces with this thing, even if they join forces, will they be able to defeat me?” After speaking, he held Archfiend’s neck with both hands. Pushing slightly, ka-cha, Archfiend’s neck was broken.

Robb walked up to the next Archfiend, punched it, punched a big hole in its chest, walked to the next Archfiend, took its head off and kicked the ball.

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