After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 654

Then, he returned to where he had just stood, clapped: “Okay, it’s almost time.”

As soon as he said this, the Time Formation disappeared.

purple’s light curtain was swiped away, and the Knights continued to charge towards him. The King of Heroes was also waving the giant sword with both hands and slashing at Robb’s head. Robb reached out and gently clapped , slapped the hero king’s sword away, said with a smile: “Don’t slash me in a hurry, see what’s going on around.”

The hero king’s sword was swayed to the side. I looked around and looked around, huh? strangeness! Archfiend, who had rushed side by side with him just now, had his neck bent at a 90-degree angle and fell dead on the ground next to him.

? ? ?

When did this Archfiend die? I do not know how?

“Huh?” A Knight yelled: “Why did the Archfiend next to me suddenly have a big blood hole in his chest?”

“The Archfiend on my side is missing his head.”

“What happened?”

“What’s going on?”

The crowd exclaimed in horror.

Robb said: “If you want to know why, don’t cut me first, go back and ask the priests and mages standing in the distance, they are very clear.”

“Ghost genius I will ask!” The King of Heroes waved his two-handed sword again and chopped Robb’s head over: “The spirit of the Knight, the spirit of the brave, never regret it!”

“shua!” The purple light curtain opened again.

All the people around were frozen again.

Robb raised his foot and kicked the hero king in front of him with a “peng”. Instead of killing the killer, he used a skillful force to kick him back and fly far away. Go out and fly straight out of the “Time Formation”.

Just as the King of Heroes flew out of the Formation, he came to his senses. He rubbed his head outside the Formation and wondered, “What happened? I always felt that it was a bit broken just now.”

He got up and took a look, only to find that there was a huge purple light screen in front of him, everyone was fixed in it, posing in various strange poses, but Robb was not fixed, he walked gracefully in the purple light screen After a few steps, he said to the King of Heroes with a smile: “See what I’m doing.”

After he finished speaking, he grabbed another Archfiend by the neck, and ka-cha twisted it off. Then he walked in front of the next demon, slapped its head, then walked in front of the next demon, slashed it in half with a sword.

The King of Heroes: “…”

Robb stood back at the place at first, winked at the King of Heroes and said, “Okay, it’s almost time again.”

purple’s light curtain disappeared again in an instant, and all the people who were frozen in midair screamed and attacked Robb again. However, someone immediately shouted: “Oh, why did this demon beside me suddenly die?”

“I didn’t even see how it died!”

” What kind of weird tricks are there?”

The King of Heroes stood outside the light curtain, seeing this scene, his scalp tingled, and a chill rose from his spine and spread throughout his body.

He now understands what happened just now. It’s okay if he doesn’t understand. Once he understands, he has a feeling that his whole body is about to collapse.

This…this monster…

This monster just paused the time in Formation!

“My God, how do I fight him?” The King of Heroes thumped and sat on the ground, feeling that he had lost Essence, Qi, and Spirit: “It’s over! It’s over! It’s over! However, it is completely unbeatable, such a monster is completely unmatched, my kingdom of Knights, Norma, a great kingdom established by the legendary hero, will perish in this generation of mine.”

Chapter 909 I’m going

It didn’t take long before the battle stopped, because more and more people found that time was suspended.

Humans always find that the demon around them suddenly fell after a small fragment. After this happens several times, no one will feel right.

In addition, the hero kings, mages, and priests outside the Time Formation also saw this scene with their own eyes. They felt extremely shocked and couldn’t help but stop.

More and more people stopped, and then they watched Robb play with the demons, killing one by one without resistance.

There is an old saying in the East called chop chickens for monkeys to see, and now Robb is killing demons for people to see.

After all the Demon Races were killed and lay on the ground, all the humans present lowered their noble heads, because they really felt the terror of being dominated by Supreme’s power.

“Norma is over!”

“Light Church is over.”

“We’re all dead.”

Sorrow The emotion filled their hearts, the King of Heroes gritted his teeth, forcibly conquered his fears, and raised his two-handed sword: “I, the brave family, no matter how powerful the enemy is, I have never flinched and feared, Norma Kingdom My spirit does not allow me to back down, in order to protect my country and people, I can die! But I will never back down.”

After finishing speaking, he planned to rush over and slash Robb with a sword.

“Come on.” Robb stopped his movements and looked at him, “I didn’t intend to destroy your country or your people, what are you excited about here? If I really want to subvert your country, I will destroy all the Knights you brought with me just now. In this way, even if I do nothing next, your country will be in chaos on its own, losing the deterrence of the main Knights. The effect, the ambitious who are fighting for power and profit, will tear your country to pieces, and the people will suffer unbearably in the war.”

The hero king’s movements suddenly stopped: “You… What do you want?”

“Am I making trouble?” Robb spreads his hands: “Tell me, what trouble did I make?”

The King of Heroes: “Maliciously tampering with the Light Church Court Do you have any idea about whether the Light Church is more chaotic, or is the new Light Church I support more chaotic? See? What does the Pope of the Light Church look like?”

The King of Heroes: “…”

This really can’t win against Robb, and the King of Heroes has to say again: “You separate the West Wind City. , the establishment of China…”

“It doesn’t seem like you are talking about this.” The queen said calmly from a distance: “When will the king of the Norma Kingdom worry about my Gran Kingdom? Besides, the West Wind City is the sacred and inseparable territory of my Gran Kingdom, and it is managed by the Governor I stationed in it. How can it become a country within a country? If you talk nonsense like this again, I will sue your country seriously. Protest, and it is possible to take measures to cut off the chocolate supply to your country, I hope you think twice.”

The King of Heroes: “I am not afraid to cut off the chocolate supply and threaten me with this small snack. Did you make a mistake? I want to talk nonsense!”

The queen was overjoyed, she finally got a chance to keep the chocolate and eat it by herself, hurry up and don’t slip: “It’s very Well, from now on, our country will stop exporting chocolate to Norma Kingdom.” After speaking, she added in a low voice: I will leave it all for myself, hahahaha.

The Queen of the Gran Kingdom made such a statement, and the King of Heroes could no longer hold on to this matter, so he had to say: “You are implementing a strange policy in the new continent, not only do you not stand with us white people. On the side, go to help those brown-skinned natives instead! You don’t treat us as your own.”

Robb was happy: “I’m helping you, don’t say you don’t know, you That plan is very difficult now, the natives are resisting very strongly, and the colonists of the Norma Kingdom are now afraid to even stand alone. And those Norma people who have listened to my words are now living in the new continent It’s fine.”

The King of Heroes: “…”

Actually, the King of Heroes also knows that the Norma colonies in the new continent are starting to get out of control. The governors of some colonies , With a different heart, wanting to break away from the control of the country, the Emperor Tiangao is far away, and the King of Heroes can’t do anything about them, so he can’t always send a fleet to expedition to suppress them, right?

As for those governors who plan to be independent, many of them began to imitate the governance method of the West Wind City, to influence and treat the Maya people well. The population grew very fast, laying a solid foundation for future development, and those governors were more beloved, in stark contrast to places with brutal colonial policies.

Who is right and who is wrong?

The King of Heroes was at a loss for words, and after a few seconds, he said angrily: “Then you invade the desert kingdom, you want to turn it into your puppet, and then use it as a springboard to invade my Norma.”

Robb spreads his hands: “Look at which side the Sphinx is on? It’s the Guardian God beast of the desert, and it knows who is good for the desert.”

King of Heroes: “…”

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