After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 655

Robb suddenly showed a face that pretended to be beating, and chuckled: “Besides, I really want to invade you Norma, and use the desert kingdom as a springboard? I am alone, from you The border line has been hitting your capital, no matter how many Knights you call, you won’t be able to stop me, are you believing or not?”

The King of Heroes: “…”

He thought seriously After a while, suddenly sighed said: “You are right, then, what do you want to do these things?”

Robb spread his hands and said: “If I tell you, I will do these things. I just want a very comfortable living environment, with delicious meals, warm clothes, rich spiritual entertainment, tidy street scenes, laughing neighbors, no wars to bother me, no Black Dragon Do you believe me every four years to mess my life up The dream seems to be fine! The problem is this world, this crazy world, even this simple thing, can’t give anyone.

Robb stretched out a hand to the King of Heroes: “I didn’t kill you when I was in the capital of kings, and I don’t intend to kill you here, and I didn’t intend to subvert your Norma kingdom, I want to. Yes, it’s just that you all unite and unite all your strengths, just as you united against me, we united against Black Dragon, that’s all! Do you want to come?”

Hero Wang was stunned for three seconds, then extended the hand and held Robb’s hand: “I’m going!”

Chapter 910 Anyway, if you serve me, I won

The great war known as the “Battle of the Six Armies” in the history books has finally ended.

The participants in this war include Norma Kingdom, Gran Kingdom, Desert Kingdom, Light Church Court, Dark Church, West Wind City, Demon King Army, strictly speaking, a total of seven forces participated, one Some historians insist that the war should be called the “Battle of the Seven Armies.”

But after a long discussion, more historians finally believe that the West Wind City force cannot be counted as an army alone, but should be included in the army of the Gran Kingdom. Because of the inextricable relationship between the lord of West Wind City and the woman of Gran Kingdom.

In addition, West Wind City has never declared its independence, no matter on any occasion, it appeared as a part of “the sacred and inseparable part of the Gran Kingdom”, so the saying of “Battle of Six Armies”, more widely recognized.

In this war, the Demon King army suffered the heaviest losses. All the demons who participated in the war were killed by Robb, while the large number of low-level monsters were killed by the land of West Wind City. Bawang chased and killed all the way, until he escaped into the Black Pine Mountain Range, Land Bawang could not enter the mountain, and finally gave up.

As for the other forces, there is almost no loss, because Robb has never liked killing people, even if the other party is a vicious villain, as long as it is not hopeless, he will not hurt. Under the killer. Although these forces are intriguing with each other, fighting for power and profit, this is not Robb’s business.

He knows that even in developed later generations, the struggle for power and profit cannot be eliminated, and he himself does not have a set of practical solutions to solve the problem of human struggle for power and profit, so let them fight for themselves. , as long as the fight doesn’t affect the general trend, it doesn’t matter.

As soon as the war was over, the bishops of the Light Church Court left immediately, and they were going back to grab the Pope’s seat. For these guys, the Pope’s seat is comparable to defeating Black Dragon, It is much more important to maintain world peace, because no matter whether the world is peaceful or not, as long as they have power in their hands, they will be very happy.

The Cardinals of the Dark Holy See, Archbishops, were rejoicing in misfortune, when they suddenly received a message that the No. 8 Necromancer under Your Majesty, the Queen, led a “Temple Knight Regiment” into the Lost City to implement “New Dark Holy See”.

The angry Pope wants to drive away the heresy of this unfathomable mystery. However, the number of Temple Knights left behind by the Pope is too small, and they are not the opponents of Necromancer No. 8. After a bloody battle in the streets, The Pope was defeated and wanted to call on the people in the city to help him, but found that the people would not help him.

Because the Holy See of New Darkness is rich, as soon as it came to the Lost City, it began to give money and candy to the people, like a savior. The people have long since learned about the wealth of the Gran Kingdom through “Man paintings”, “movies”, “novels” and other things. Compared with the hard times they are living now, they feel that the previous days were in vain.

Since the god they believe in is still the god of darkness, why do they have to fight against the kingdom of Gran? Just fall over.

The Pope had betrayed his relatives and left, and there was no main force around him, so he had to lead a remnant to escape from the Lost City, and is now heading here by boat.

As soon as the news came, the bishops of the Dark Holy See looked at the Queen with strange eyes: “You…you…you actually took the opportunity to do this kind of thing in the back?”

The queen smiled: “Not convinced? Otherwise, we can fight here again! Just so, my seven major Legions are all here, do you want to try?”

Cardinal bishops: “…”

They headed towards the distant palace magic, black earth knights, fire knights, ice knights, wind knights, thunder knights, and white lion knights Tuan glanced at it and swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty.

This battle cannot be fought!

The current Gran Kingdom is no longer the Gran Kingdom that was distraught during the civil strife. Under the leadership of the young lady Wang, this country is prosperous, prosperous and strong, and the seven Legions are strong and strong. , If they attacked together, the Temple Knights would not know how to die.

The cardinals were sweating profusely and embarrassed.

The female Young Lady Wang said calmly: “The Pope must be replaced, no one can change this, but you still have a chance, as long as you join my new Light Church and disband the Temple Knights, In the future, I will preach with peace of mind, no longer deceive people, no longer delusionally control and influence national policies, just like the new Light Church, then I will accept you, otherwise… In this vast world, where else can you go?”

Cardinals bishops think about it, don’t they? Having lost the Lost City, they have become rootless. They dare not go to the Norma Kingdom, nor can the desert kingdom accommodate them, and the new continent should not be delusional about going there. Apart from bowing to the female Young Lady Wang, they simply have no other way to go.

The cardinal bishops discussed for a while, and bowed their noble heads to the young lady Wang: “From today, we are members of the new Light Church.”

The Queen smiles.

The cardinals bishops said: “When the Pope runs over to join us, we will capture him and deliver him to your hands.”

“This kind of new idea to win trust. Master, it’s better to do less of the treachery to the old master.” Robb mystifying next to him: “Don’t bother you guys, let Young Lady Wang handle the Pope’s affairs by herself.”

The Queen turned her head and glared at Robb, actually she really wanted these cardinals bishops to catch the Pope, it’s like asking these guys to hand in a petition to see if these guys really want to surrender to herself, didn’t expect Robb threw away a word like that.

“Hey!” She protested to Robb with a hello, and then prepared a long speech.

Robb said before she continued: “If you want your organization to be clean, don’t take the lead in playing yin. If you want no scumbags, don’t force them to be scumbags. Wouldn’t it be better to let them hold their chests out?”

Queen: “…”

She lightly sighed: “Forget it, you can’t tell! Your theories are always So naive, but you can rely on your unrivaled strength to make these naive and ridiculous strategies correct, can I still be convinced?”

Robb laughed heartily: “It’s rare to hear You persuade once.”

The queen hummed: “I admire your ability to talk nonsense. I don’t think it is something to be proud of to be admired in this regard.”

Robb also hummed: “I don’t care what you serve me, anyway, if you serve me, I will win.”

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Chapter 911 together

The wind swept across the desert, bringing up pieces of sand flying in the sky, and the Sphinx adjusted his position slightly to block Robb. , the King of Heroes, and the Queen, the sandstorm that was flying in the sky was absorbed by the sphinx the moment it met, and could no longer bother the three big men who were talking about things.

Robb turned his head and glanced at the Sphinx, and then lowered his head to look at the respectful Mordra and several rebel bosses standing next to the Sphinx, and couldn’t help laughing : “Actually, the real pharaoh of the desert kingdom should be you, the lion. The other so-called pharaohs are just passing by. Only you are the one who has been guarding this desert.”

Sphinx ill-humoredly said: “You first said I was a lion, and then you said I was a human being, do you want to be so self-willed?”

“Anyway, the Sphinx, It is both a lion and a human, I am not wrong.” Robb said nonsense, said with a smile: “I will send you a song by the Desert Guardian God, only me, guarding the desert, waiting for the flowers to bloom. “…”

The Sphinx could understand the language of rabbits, as expected of the guardian Sacred Beast who has lived for so many years, when he listened to the lyrics, he was unconsciously fascinated.

Robb said with a smile: “Okay! Except for the Great Tang of the East Rabbit, the most important kings in this continent are all here, and we can finally sit down. , let’s talk about things seriously.”

The queen squinted: β€œThose small countries the size of sesame seeds are just fine, but Dongtu Great Tang is also a superpower, you don’t go to Dongtu Great Tang’s Are you invited?”

“Then you don’t have to.” Robb said: “No one knows those rabbits better than me, it’s very difficult to deal with, and the character is just like me, so ignore them. That’s good, so as not to accidentally turn the rabbit into a beast.”

Queen: “…”

Although I didn’t understand what he was talking about, the queen was not interested in any more. Stuck on this issue.

The King of Heroes said solemnly: “Godafather, next, please tell us what you want to talk to us about.”

“Okay, then I’ll be straight. Robb showed a rare serious face: “I’m going to kill Black Dragon.”

This sentence was not unexpected, everyone present knew more or less what Robb wanted to do. To deal with Black Dragon, and they also know that Robb has already dealt with Black Dragon once.

“If this dragon is not removed, the Continent will never be at peace.” Robb said: “I will never be able to live in peace and laziness.”

“Get rid of it. Is this dragon just for laziness?” The King of Heroes looked bewildered and embarrassed.

The queen was used to Robb’s behavior, and glared at the hero king by the side and said, “For whatever reason, shouldn’t it be necessary to kill this dragon? This should be the work of the brave family, But you brave family are now addicted to being kings and have stopped working.”

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