After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 656

The King of Heroes: “…”

Well, the blame can only be carried, and the King of Heroes cannot speak.

Robb said: “I don’t want to wait until the next year when the Black Dragon is flying, because it’s completely impossible to capture which city this dragon will appear in. Maybe we won’t get there before we get there. There is a city that has been reduced to ashes, and countless losses of life, so I must take the initiative to attack this time.”

This statement is supported by several bigwigs, and the Sphinx can’t help but pinch He pinched his claws: “Yes! This time we should take the initiative to attack, we should not be passively beaten.”

Robb said: “I have been preparing for the equipment that Black Dragon needs, and I have not yet prepared. To the best, but before the next Black Dragon Flying Year, even if I don’t have all the funds, I have to deal with Black Dragon, so I need everyone here to help desperately search for rare ores, gems and other things. “

A few nodded together, this is a trivial matter for the two kings and the Sphinx, they don’t even have to take action themselves, just give a casual order, and the whole state machine will work , help them get this done.

Robb said: “Next, it’s a matter of how to kill the Black Dragon.”

He pointed to the Jinghong mountain range in the northeast: “I followed the adventurers. , I took a look below the mountain where Black Dragon lives. The mountain where Black Dragon lives is towering into the clouds and covered with snow. It is not difficult for a few adventurers to climb such a mountain, but we will go up to an army. , to get an army up, the problem becomes much more complicated.”

The two kings frowned upon hearing this: “That’s right! It’s very troublesome for an army to go up the mountain. “

Robb said: “So, the two kings need to work together to conquer the natural danger on this mountain and build a road for the army to go up the mountain before the arrival of the next year of the Black Dragon.”

Every mountain opens a road, meets water and builds a bridge. This kind of thing is not very difficult for the two kings. In their long expedition career, the troops they led have opened up so many roads. Isn’t the engineering army used to do this?

It’s just the amazing mountain range, which is different from other places. There are not only steep mountains, but also many monsters. If you want to go there and build a road that goes straight to the dangerous peaks, what will you do? come so easy?

The two kings looked at each other, then said at the same time: “We sent troops from both the north and south at the same time, entered the mountains, slaughtered the monsters in the Jinghong mountain range, and cleaned up the monsters, and then opened the mountain to repair. Get ready for the big army to climb the Black Dragon Peak. There are still several years before the next Black Dragon flying year, and we still have time to prepare.”

Sphinx also opened the mouth and said: “My desert kingdom will also participate. We will send troops from the Southwest of the Jinghong mountain range to go into the mountains to exterminate the demons.” This can be considered has created history, and a strange feeling suddenly arose in the hearts of several kings: We could have done this before, why didn’t we do it? They fought for war and monsters for thousands of years, killing and injuring countless soldiers and civilians. Are we idiots?

No! Not that we are idiots, but that we are too smart! Moreover, he used his intelligence in the struggle for power and profit, instead of turning his intelligence into wisdom.

If it weren’t for the presence of Godafather, or his use of strength and mercy, to eliminate the war between the three countries and reunite mankind, we would probably still be fighting endlessly.

This time, finally uniting all the power of mankind, must create a real epic, slaying the evil dragon that has plagued the millennium for thousands of years.

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Chapter 912 The Other Side of Jinghong Mountain

In the year 1352 of the magic calendar, Norma, the Kingdom of Magic, Gran, the Desert Kingdom, and Godafather, the lord of the West Wind City Get together and have a short little meeting.

After this meeting, an unprecedented war between the human coalition and the monsters began!

Humans have changed the stupid style of internal struggle for thousands of years, united, sent multiple Legions from three directions at the same time, entered the Jinghong mountain range, and launched an attack on the monsters.

On the side of the monsters, due to the loss of the Demon King’s command, the capable Archfiends were also lost, so they were unable to resist the attack of humans. The ferocious monsters felt that humans were so powerful for the first time. , while they desperately resisted, they retreated steadily.

In the same year, the Pope of the Dark Holy See was killed in a small coastal fishing village by the female Young Lady Wang. The church died out, and has never appeared on the world since then.

The Lost City has become the second free trade port of the Gran Kingdom. Together with the seaport city, it carries an extremely important maritime trade mission and has become a bridge between the Fengmo continent and the Maya continent.

In the same year, there was a serious civil strife in the Light Church court of Norma Kingdom, and the Cardinals Archbishops fought a civil war in order to compete for the position of Pope. At this time, the kingdom of Norma was fighting against monsters with one heart and one mind. The untimely civil strife in the Light Church court chilled the hearts of all the people and made the King of Heroes furious.

The King of Heroes personally rushed to West Wind City, invited Eddie Archbishop of the New Light Church, protected him with the Imperial Family Guard, and built the first “New Light Church” in the King’s Capital ”, began to spread the teachings of the new Light Church.

The believers who have been used by the old Light Church for more than a thousand years will not betray the new Light Church in a short time, but with their disgust for war, Yearning for a better life, and finally began to try to understand the “New Light Church Court”, so a large group of people fell to the new Light Church Court under the guidance of Eddie.

The cardinals bishops of the old Light Church closed their doors and fought a lot, only to find out, no, wolves are coming!

Some visionaries couldn’t help but start thinking: The Dark Church is over, so how long can the Light Church live? Without the support of the King of Heroes, he probably wouldn’t be able to live for long.

The sun is just at noon, and the sun in the sky is outrageously poisonous.

A caravan is slowly advancing on the rugged but great ancient tea-horse road. The members of this team are all from the Great Tang of the East Rabbit, with the head of a rabbit and wearing a long coat and horse trigram, which is completely different from the style of dressing of the people of the Gran Kingdom and Norma Kingdom.

They don’t know how long they have traveled. Every rabbit’s face is covered with sweat. The sweat wets the hair on the rabbit’s head and turns the rabbit’s hair into strands that stick together. , looks very embarrassed.

The leader of the caravan is Shang Yang, the rabbit businessman who often travels between East Rabbit Great Tang and West Wind City, bringing Robb countless delicious hometown delicacies that excite him inexplicably.

This time, Shangyang brought an old master who was good at making maltose from the east. He knew that he brought nothing delicious to Godafathe’s favor. The arrival of this maltose master is sure And get Godfather to brag about him.

So, Shang Yang is now full of energy, leading the team to go fast.

There is a rabbit in the team, which is slightly different from other rabbits. He does not participate in carrying the goods, nor does he sweat like rain, but wears a bamboo hat, a long sword hanging from his waist, and a big head on his back. The cloth bag, which looks very cool, walked silently with the caravan.

I don’t know how long it took, but the rabbit with the big cloth bag looked up at the sky and walked to Shang Yang’s side, opened the mouth and said: “Mr. Shang, this place is far from the Gran Kingdom, How far?” His voice was low, but full of air, in a very imposing manner.

Shang Yang took out a map to show him, said with a smile: “It’s still early, you see, we just walked out of the dragon roar, and we haven’t even reached Chibi yet, and we still have to It takes many, many mountain roads to enter the territory of the Gran Kingdom.”

The rabbit with a big cloth bag carefully looked at the map for a while, and said in surprise, “So far? I thought it was coming soon.”


Shang Yang said: “How can it be so easy to go to Western countries.”

The rabbit with the big cloth bag pointed to several signs on the map and said, “I always thought that dragon The roar pass is the western border of my Dongtu Da Zhao, why are there signs of Wildfire City, Chibi, White Emperor City, etc. outside the pass? Are these also my Dongtu Great Tang’s territory?”

Photo: “Partial map of Jinghong mountain range”, Location: “Images/1562474783-100089784-103358341.jpg”

Shang Yang shook and said in a low voice: “The border of the Great Tang of the East Rabbit only reaches The dragon roar level. As for Wildfire City, White Emperor City, and Chibi on the map, they are all castles built by monsters. It is quite dangerous for us to pass by these places, and we need to be careful along the way.”

The rabbit nodded with a cloth bag on his back, although he didn’t say anything, his eyes obviously didn’t care about the monsters. There was a hint of worry in his eyes, obviously thinking about something else.

“Anyway, Mr. Shang, please take me to the Kingdom of Gran as soon as possible. I just want to be as far away from Great Tang as possible,” said the rabbit.

Shang Yang had already seen that this man had something on his mind, but he didn’t ask him if he didn’t tell him. Anyway, he charged a lot of tolls to lead the way, so he just took him to the Gran Kingdom.

“Okay, then continue to hurry up.”

The two of them were talking about this when they suddenly heard coldly snorted from the front: “Want to escape to a western country? hmph! How can it be so easy!”

As soon as these words came out, Shang Yang and the rabbit holding a long cloth bag were all startled.

The two of them looked at the place where the sound came from, and saw a rabbit man, wearing a chivalrous suit, with a long sword hanging from his waist, standing on a treetop not far in front of him. As the treetops rose and fell, he didn’t know how long he had been there, but his Essence, Qi, and Spirit were all fused together with the tree. When he didn’t speak, no one found him.

Shang Yang quickly took a few steps to the side, spread his hands and said, “I’m just a businessman, I’m just a businessman. The caravan.”

The other people in the caravan immediately gave way to the road, so there was only the rabbit in the middle of the mountain road with a long cloth bag in his hand, he looked up Looking at the rabbit on the top of the tree, said with a bitter smile: “Is it still catching up? I have left the Great Tang, the East Rabbit, and have left the West, and you are still chasing after me?”

The rabbit on the treetops said with a sneer: “Put down the stuff in the cloth bag on your back and go wherever you like. But if you want to take it away, don’t go anywhere.”

Chapter 913 Xuanyuan Xuan Iron

During the trip, I didn’t have time to think about the reasons

In short, I added one more

The bunny with the cloth bag turned pale Ugly, he said solemnly: “hmph! Don’t bully intolerably, think I’m hiding west because I’m afraid of you? You have the seeds to snatch it up.”

The rabbits on the treetops are no longer Talking nonsense, his body floated down, his movements were as fast as lightning, and he was in front of the rabbit carrying the cloth bag. The long sword of the way, the blade is very narrow and thin, completely different from the western one-handed sword.

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