After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 657

The long sword was swung, and the sword light turned into an Azure Dragon and attacked the rabbit carrying the cloth bag.

The rabbit with the cloth bag did not show weakness, brushed the floor, and also drew out the long sword from his waist, the sword light lit up, like a scorching sun, the Azure Dragon hit the scorching sun in midair with a snap The two rays of light disappeared without a trace, and the two took a half step back at the same time.

“It’s a good move, Danyang Lie Sword!”

“Your Shenhe Longjian is not bad!”

“Award and a prize!”

“Laugh at me!”

“Die!” The two took a step forward at the same time, and the long sword in their hands once again showed the sword light fills the whole sky.

The rabbits in the caravan were all frightened and hid to the side shiver coldly, but the business sheep was relatively calm. He had a life-saving magic weapon in his hand, so no matter what happened in front of him, there was no need to panic, but, That life-saving magic weapon can’t be used indiscriminately until the last minute, because Godafather doesn’t like others to use the cheating things he provides.

Shang Yang just watched the two rabbits fight dazedly.

A rabbit in the caravan came up and whispered: “Master, what should we do now? Otherwise, just sneak away.”

Shangyangshook the head: “Businessman, credit first, we took this gentleman’s gold and promised to take him to the kingdom of Gran, then we must do it well, so we have to wait for him to finish. If he wins, we will continue Show him the way, and if he dies, we’ll move his body to the kingdom of Gran, so that we can safely accept the gold he gave us.”

Complied by Rabbit’s subordinate: “Yes!”

So, everyone continued to watch the play, and saw that the two sides fought with swords and swords, and the fight was extremely exciting. In a blink of an eye, dozens and hundreds of moves were passed. is , has the upper hand, and the rabbit who is blocking the road is about to lose.

At this moment, the rabbit who was blocking the road and robbing suddenly reached into his arms, took out a jade seal, and shouted “Ji”. It grew bigger, became the size of a stone table, and slammed down from in the sky.

The rabbit carrying the cloth bag couldn’t dodge for a while, and was hit by the jade seal on the shoulder, screamed and rolled to the ground.

As soon as the robbing rabbit stretched out his hand, the jade seal became smaller again and returned to the palm of his hand. He held the jade seal and said with a big smile: “How is it? The taste of my iron wing seal How?”

“Shameless people actually use hidden weapons to hurt people.”

“I am obviously a magic weapon, and I sacrificed it in front of you, how could it become hidden weapon?” The rabbit who was blocking the road coldly snorted and said: “The skill is not as good as others, so don’t talk nonsense, just hand over the Xuanyuan Xuan iron.”

“I…don’t give it to you. .” The rabbit with the cloth bag supported the ground with his hands and stepped back on the ground: “Don’t come over, come over again, and I will throw this Xuanyuan Xuan iron into the abyss.”

“In you Before throwing, I will cut off your arm with Flying Sword.” The rabbit who blocked the road coldly snorted and said.

The two were talking about this, and Shang Yang, who had been watching the play, suddenly opened the mouth and said: “Two heroes, I am a passerby, cough! According to what I was eavesdropping on just now. Judging from the arrival, you seem to be fighting for something called ‘Xuanyuan Xuan Iron’. Please forgive me, I am not a trainer. I don’t know what this thing is. I just want to ask, is this a very rare ore? “

The two rabbits glanced at Shang Yang with the eyes of idiots: “Go away, things in the rivers and lakes are not something that a mortal like you can interfere with.”

generally speaking, the hero of Jianghu shouted at the ordinary person like this, and the ordinary person was immediately scared witless, however, Shang Yang did not run away, but said calmly: “Don’t be mad at me, the so-called Jianghu is not complete. It’s made up of trainers, and we ordinary people should also be part of the arena. Godafather said it well, free players are one of the benefits of krypton gold players, and it is the motivation for krypton gold players to keep playing. Who are free players and krypton gold players pretending to force? In the same way, if there are no ordinary people like us in the rivers and lakes, you have practiced cultivation techniques, and who are you pretending to force?”

Two rabbits : “…”

Shang Yang finished talking nonsense, and then bowed respectfully and said: “Excuse me, two people, is this Xuanyuan Xuan iron you are fighting for a rare ore? Can it be used? Do you want to build a very magical weapon? Say it and let the younger brother learn, so that you can also pretend to be a force, why not do it?”

Two rabbits: “…”

This is really very sick. It’s really hard to find an ordinary person like this kind of person who is not afraid of people in the rivers and lakes. The two rabbits have never seen such a deadly businessman, but he is right, at this time not Pretend, when will you wait?

The rabbit who was blocking the road hummed: “Forget it, grandfather will teach you to be good! This Xuanyuan Xuan iron is a meteorite that fell from the sky. It is extremely precious. It is said that it is the most precious iron in history. The famous Divine Weapon, the Xuanyuan Sword, is made of Xuanyuan Xuan iron, and it is hard to beat. We are robbing such a powerful thing.”

The rabbit with the cloth bag also helped. Said: “Yes, it’s such a good thing, I found such a small piece, but you want to snatch it, want shameless? You have the ability to find it yourself.”

The rabbit who stopped the road laughed heartily and said: “Isn’t your search method stolen from the Sect Master who is ‘full of Moon Sect’? How is that different from my current search method?”

Back cloth Bao’s rabbit: “…”

“Anyway, don’t talk nonsense, just hand over the Xuanyuan Xuan iron to me, and I can spare your life.”

Back The sweat on the forehead of the cloth-wrapped rabbit flowed crash-bang…

At this moment, Shang Yang suddenly spoke again: “It turns out that it is really a powerful rare ore, then… there is a next I want to discuss things with the two of you, I came up with a lot of money to buy this ore, let’s talk about the price, okay?”

The two Lianjiazi rabbits turned their heads at the same time, looking at He glanced at Shang Yang with an idiot-like look: “You can’t keep your mouth shut? You can buy a rare treasure like this with some stinky money? Go away!”

“Uh, no Sell it?” Shang Yang regressfully said: “Then I can only find it myself, right? Besides, the method of finding ore can be the same as you…”

After saying this, Shang Yang Reaching out his hand, he took out a Transmission Gate scroll from his sleeve, swiped it forward, swiped, and a purple Transmission Gate opened. He shouted at the door, “Come on, someone, I found rare ore.”

Chapter 914: No matter what the boundaries are

The two bunny knights looked blank, what is this businessman doing? What is this purple door?

Of course, although they don’t know the Transmission Gate, it doesn’t mean they are fools. When they heard the Shangyang call “come here,” they immediately reacted. The “magic weapon” of the people who come.

The magic weapon has rich functions and unlimited creativity. No one knows when the enemy will suddenly find out what kind of magic weapon. Therefore, the bunny warriors will never stick to their common sense. , they will be vigilant and careful about the enemy’s magic weapon at any time.

The rabbit who blocked the road and robbed floated over with a swipe and slashed at Shang Yang!

This sword came very fast. Shangyang was just an ordinary businessman, and he couldn’t dodge at all. However, he didn’t need to dodge too much. I saw an iron lump emerge from the Transmission Gate. Plate armor, the kind that is too thick and heavy, as soon as he got out of the door, he just happened to be in the middle of the merchant and the rabbit.

Therefore, the swift and agile sword of the rabbit stabbed the iron lump man.


A soft sound rang out, and the tip of the sword was pointed on the iron gangren’s evil steel armor, but it couldn’t penetrate the armor. Rabbit was stunned, and then, out of the instinct of the Eastern martial arts system, after missing a hit, he immediately drew his sword and retreated to prevent the opponent’s counterattack, and he floated back four or five meters away in an instant.

However, the iron lump man did not fight back at him, but screamed in a very exaggerated voice: “Fake! What the hell? Why did the rabbit stab me with a sword as soon as I came here? What am I? Has the place provoked rabbits?”

Shangyang hid behind the iron lump man and said, “Kant, Kant, the other party is a robber who robs rare ores, and is eating black.”

It turned out that this iron lump was Conte Chenguang. He was in charge of guarding the Transmission Gate today, waiting for people from all over the world who were desperately looking for ore to contact West Wind City. Suddenly, he saw that a Transmission was opened. Gate, there was also the call of the business sheep, and he came over, who knew that he was stabbed as soon as he came, and the thief was stunned. Fortunately, the defensive power of the evil steel armor on his body was extremely good, otherwise it would be a pill.

Conte turned his head and said to Shang Yang: “What? Robbers who eat black? And rare ores? Hey, can we…hehe…”

Shangyang Khan: “Don’t face me when you speak, you have your back to the enemy’s very dangerous teeth!”

Before he finished speaking, the rabbit just floated over again, The sword light in his hand, shua~ shua~ shua~, stabbed Conte several times in a row.

“zhΔ“ng zhΔ“ng zhΔ“ng zhΔ“ng!”

A dense sound of metal scraping and hanging sounded, and Conte was still unscathed.

The Rabbit Man finished using a set of Sword Art, seeing that he couldn’t hurt him, he was also shocked. Seeing Conte turned around, he immediately pulled back and floated out, swiping the ground to pull four or five away. meter away.

Conte said: “This person is so unremarkable, how can he slash at me without even saying hello.”

He spoke in Gran language, and the rabbit opposite him I don’t understand it at all, I just know that this iron lump man has been talking about it. Shang Yang had no choice but to translate: “Master Rabbit, my friend said that you are an unremarkable person, and it is unreasonable to hack without saying hello.”

Highway Robbery’s rabbit: “… “

Rabbit anger: “Don’t think you can impudent in front of me if you wear an iron box, look at the move.”

He swiped the ground and floated over again, the point of the sword facing Conte’s face is pointed, aiming at the eyes! No matter how well the helmet is protected, the eyes can’t be protected. The Eastern Sword Art is light and easy to attack these key points.

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