After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 658

This time Conte is no longer standing still. Although he still looks the same, he is actually a veteran. , and also fought a lot of battles. Haven’t you seen the Mondra army, the Norma people, the desert kingdom, the monsters?

Half of his current state of eroticism is faked, and it is no longer the real 2.

When someone stabbed his body with a sword, he pretended to be crazy, but when someone stabbed his eye with a sword, he stopped standing still. His body suddenly shortened, but his movements were not slow.

The Rabbit Man stabbed in the air, and then felt Cont’s shoulder “peng” against his chest.

It turned out that in this very short period of time, Conte lowered his head, squatted, and at the same time made a “Barbaric Dash” forward, fiercely pressed the bunny man’s chest and abdomen with his shoulder armor. He is wearing heavy armor, and it is quite remarkable that he can use such flexible skills.

That bunny man didn’t expect an iron lump to be so flexible. He was stunned for a moment, but he was hit in the chest and flew backwards.

Conte laughed: “Ha, idiot, is this a hit?”

However, before his laughter subsided, he saw the rabbit man fly several meters away, Rotated for half a circle in midair, lightly and deftly, landing on both feet and standing firmly. Conte’s violent collision just now failed to injure the rabbit.

“This rabbit is clearly wearing a commoner.” Conte Strangely said: “I am a Barbaric Dash, but he is not injured?”

The business sheep next to him whispered: ” My East Rabbit Great Tang’s chivalrous warrior uses True Qi as his armor. As long as the Body Protection True Qi is not broken, it will be more difficult to hurt them, but don’t think that he is fragile without armor.”

Conte: “Wow? I can understand that he has been wearing a shield magic?”

The merchant sheep nodded: “That’s right.”

Highway Robbery’s rabbit’s face sank. Conte’s collision just now, although he failed to break his Body Protection True Qi, also made him feel a powerful force. It can be seen that this person is definitely not an ordinary scumbag. Scum, if you use the Eastern system to calculate, this person can already be regarded as a person in the arena.

The rabbit coldly snorted and said: “People from the west, don’t come to meddle in our eastern affairs.”

Shang Yang translated this. (The default is to translate later.)

Conte looked left, right, front, back, looked around, turned around and asked Shang Yang: “Where is this?”


Shangyang said: “In the middle of Jinghong’s mountain range!”

Conte was chucked up: “so that’s how it is, that is Sanjijieluo.” He turned to the rabbit and hummed Hum said: “This is in the middle of the Jinghong mountain range, and it doesn’t belong to the territory of your East Rabbit, Great Tang. How can I become your business?”

The rabbit was speechless for a while, and after a few seconds Then he said angrily: “It’s okay, anyway, in the end, you have to see the real seal under your hand.”

He said here, suddenly his feet slammed, and he floated up, and his body instantly crossed a long distance. , stabbed the rabbit carrying the cloth bag to the ground with a sword, the rabbit carrying the cloth bag completely didn’t expect this person to suddenly attack him, and he was caught off guard, and he went back to hell without even a single move. Then, Highway Robbery’s rabbit reached out and grabbed it, took off the backpack on the dead man’s back, copied it in his hand, turned around and ran.

Chapter 915 What the hell is hidden weapon?

Kant Daqi: “Huh? I thought he was going to slap me, why did he turn around and kill another rabbit?” It’s learning.”

Kant said: “What was in the cloth bag he took away?”

Shang Yang said: “It seems to be the rare ore I mentioned.”

“I’m Fake!” Conte loudly roared: “Rabbit, don’t run!”

It’s strange if the rabbit doesn’t run, he couldn’t fathom the depth of the iron bump in front of him, In this case, of course, it is not good to fight against the opponent. Seeing that he is in iron armor, it is obvious that he can’t run fast. Using Lightweight Art to get rid of him is the kingly way.

His toes were a little on the ground, and he jumped several meters away in one sweep, and then a little more, and a rise and fall was several meters away.

Conte: “Fake! Stop and leave the ore.”

Where did the rabbit ignore him and run fast.

Conte scolded: “This rabbit is too unprofessional.” As he said, he threw away a “wind rush” to himself, and then chased after him.

The rabbit in front of him was already about ten meters away from him, and he thought that he was going to get rid of Conte, but he didn’t expect to hear footsteps suddenly behind him, and Conte suddenly stopped. The distance was shortened to five or six meters away.

“Huh?” Rabbit wondered: “This man can run so fast in iron armor?”

Conte yelled: “Stop, don’t run!”

The rabbit hurriedly used all of his Lightweight Art movement method, the speed under his feet increased, and in an instant, he threw Conte more than ten meters away.

Kant: “Huh? Huh? The rabbit runs so fast, I can’t catch up with the wind.”

Shang Yang is behind Yelled: “That’s the Lightweight Art movement method, my East Rabbit Great Tang’s unique stunt, almost everyone in the arena can do it a little bit.”

Conte said: “That can’t be done! I have to use the whirlwind technique.”

Shang Yang immediately sweated profusely when he heard this: “Don’t use your shit-like whirlwind technique.”

He tone barely fell and saw Conte wave his hand forward, a standard ” “Whirlwind Technique” was thrown out, and a whirling wind chased the rabbit in front.

The rabbit in front is actually running while guarding the person behind him with a hidden weapon. The rabbit’s ears stand up long, listening to the wind debater. If there is a hidden weapon behind him, he can use the hidden weapon. The hearing provided by the ear, feel the flight path of the hidden weapon in advance and avoid it.

Unexpectedly, the sound he heard in his ears was a little wrong. Why does this hidden weapon make such a splitting the air sound? He turned around and saw a whirlwind flying towards him: “Fuck? What the hell is a hidden weapon?” Dare to take it hard, because he doesn’t know what cultivation technique it is, and if he eats it hard, he doesn’t know if his Body Protection True Qi can handle it. The toes were a little on the ground and floated out horizontally. The whirlwind passed by him with a “hoo”, and the rabbit hair on his head was rippling in the opposite direction. Very ecstatic.

He jumped sideways this time, but the whirlwind avoided it, but his feet slowed down, and Conte suddenly drew several meters closer.

The rabbit turned around and wanted to run again. Just starting, Conte waved his hand behind him: “Wind Blade Technique!”

Two meniscus-like wind blades came through the air. , This time, Rabbit Man’s long ears can be heard with a flick, and the hidden weapons flying over should be two knives, which are clearly sharp weapons splitting the air sound. He coldly snorted, took out two throwing knives from his arms, without turning his head, he threw it back…

He was very confident in his hidden weapon skills, these two throwing knives would definitely be able to intercept Hold the opponent’s two throwing knives and collide them in midair. Even if the opponent’s cultivation base is deep and your own throwing knives can’t hit the opponent’s, you can at least bend the opponent’s hidden weapon, so that you won’t be able to hurt yourself.

However, the rabbit only took two steps forward when he heard a discordant sound, swiping twice, and the two flying knives he threw seemed to pass through the other’s flying knives. And the opponent’s flying knife didn’t stop, it was still flying towards him.

“What the hell?” Rabbit looked back, only to realize that it wasn’t two knives at all, but two winds like knives, and he used a flying knife to intercept the wind just now. , how could it be stopped?

Rabbit: “I bought a bag last year, it’s super durable!”

He hurriedly jumped left, jumped right, and I kept spinning and jumping, two wind blades sticking to him The left and right sides flew by without hurting it. However, after the rabbit dragged like this, Conte finally caught up with him. He quickly drew out a one-handed sword and slashed at the rabbit.

The western one-handed sword is extremely broad in the eyes of Dongfang Rabbit. A sharp slash gives him the feeling of formidable power. Rabbit does not dare to take it hard. Move sticky words, want to come to entangle Conte’s one-handed sword.


Kant’s sword was really picked up by him. When it comes to the lightness of swordsmanship, the Eastern Sword Art is ten streets away from the Western Sword Art, and the rabbit can easily take it away. He tilted Conte’s sword, but he didn’t have time to laugh when he saw Conte swing a huge shield with his left hand, and slapped it fiercely against his front face.

“Shield slam!”

This fucking weapon with a big door is screaming. Skill, when faced with a door-like shield, he didn’t know which move to use.

“pΓ¨ng! ”

The shield slapped the rabbit’s face, and the rabbit carried the Body Protection True Qi and ate it hard.

After a muffled sound, the rabbit flipped backwards and flew out. This time he could no longer spin and fly gracefully, and landed firmly on the ground, but landed on his back, slammed into the ground with a thud, and then He rolled back, finally slapped the ground with his palm, turned over and jumped up again, panting heavily, with a door panel Red Seal on his face, looking extremely embarrassed.

“Damn it! Western martial arts are really unique.” Rabbit Man said angrily: “However, the strength is average, at most push me a somersault.”

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