After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 660

The sheepskin map developed by Chris is an area map of the Western District Department of Shuangqing. There are many marks on the map, all of which Robb used the game’s “marking” function to mark on. , very conspicuous.

Kess pointed to the markers and introduced them one by one: “Here’s an iron ore, here’s a copper mine, here’s a silver mine, here’s a gold mine…”

Robb listens to him After a circle, his face was not happy and carefree: “Is it all something new?”

Kerry sighed: “No way! Although this is a new continent, most of the veins are still the foundation. Ore veins, those rare ores you mentioned are really hard to find.”

Robb said: “It’s alright, just keep looking for it, come on, take out another map, I’ll mark it, you guys can do it again. Let’s find it.”

“Okay!” Although Chris was sighing just now, his expression became firm again. For the adventurer, in order to find the task item, he failed one or two times three times. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hundred times, you’ve already gotten used to it, haven’t you? Find it after you fail.

He took out another small area map and handed it to Robb.

Robb used “Find Ore” on the map, then used the marker function to mark every place on the map that could be mined, and handed the map to Chris.

Chris said with a smile: “Okay, then, let’s go find the mines on this map.”

Robb said: “What are you doing in such a hurry? Don’t rest How many days to go again?”

The eight adventurers shook their heads at the same time and said, “Find good ore early and make Divine Weapon before we can farm Black Dragon. This is the ultimate pursuit of all adventurers. We It’s more urgent than you are now.”

Robb: “Haha, that’s true! You are tired and happy now, so I won’t discourage you.”

Humans are In this way, when you are doing what you like, and when you are moving towards your desired goal, the motivation is endless. After studying the map for a while, the eight adventurers jumped on the ferry, crossed the river, and went to the next area. .

At this time, the female Young Lady Wang came over from the street in the distance, saw Robb in the distance, and immediately waved her hand.

Robb smiled and shook the head: “I said you, woman, now entering and leaving my site is like going back to your own backyard. I used to say that I would not pass the Transmission Gate casually, but now I go there every three days. Am I running here? Aren’t you rebuilding the Tower of Black Earth while sending troops to clear the Demon Race in the Jinghong mountain range? Where can you come to me every day in your spare time?”

The queen hummed Said: “I’m going to fuck you up, what are you going to do?”

Robb said: “believing or not I kiss you?”

“Come on? Who’s afraid of Who?” The queen said to This kind of innocuous threat has nothing to do with it. He walked up to Robb and stood still, squinting, with a posture of “do not dare to measure you”. Unfortunately, he underestimated the thickness of Robb’s face, and there are beautiful women who are so provocative. He can’t escape.

Robb pulled him into his arms as soon as he stretched out his hand, gave him a fiercely kiss, then put his hands on her shoulders, and said from a distance, “Tell me, come and find me. What’s the matter?”

“You want to talk about business after kissing me? How can it be so cheap?” The queen hooked Robb’s neck and kissed back fiercely. Pushing aside: “Let me tell you, my army has wiped out all the monsters around Demon King City, and demolished all the demon steel city wall in Demon King City. It is now being smelted. According to my estimation, Those ores are only enough to make twenty sets of Demonsteel armor.”

“Is that so? I guessed that it was only about twenty sets.” Robb sighed said, “It’s far from enough.”

“However, all parties have not found progress in finding new ore.”

The queen’s expression became serious: “If there has been no progress, we may have to rely on Twenty sets of evil steel armor, cooperate with the mixed troops of Titan steel essence and Saronite to fight against Black Dragon.”

Chapter 918 Go to Great Tang of the East Rabbit

Robb Said: “Well, I’m also mentally prepared, it will be a little more difficult to fight, especially the third stage of Black Dragon’s transformation, he will summon out a lot of small dragons running around, when the time comes me one It is very difficult for people to hold all these little dragons, and there will always be some missed ones. Other powerful warriors are needed to stand up and withstand these small dragons. It is still quite difficult to rely on evil steel equipment alone.”

The queen rarely heard him talk about the details of dealing with Black Dragon. At this time, when she heard him say that Black Dragon can also summon little dragons, she couldn’t help but startled: “This thing can still Summoning Technique? I have never seen it before. ?”

Robb said: “That’s because you can’t trigger the third stage at all, and you can’t even trigger the second stage.”

The queen couldn’t help but ask: “Those little ones How many dragons are there, and how strong are their battle strengths?”

Robb said: “Fifty, appear in batches, each batch of ten, each is roughly stronger than a hero wearing Thorium armor. Wang Qiang should go up several times.”

The queen: “…”

This is a bit unreasonable, it sounds hairy, and the queen can only say: “It seems, still I really have to step up and find better equipment, 20 sets of Demonsteel equipment are not enough.”

“Well, not enough. “

The two were talking about this when suddenly, Robb’s cell phone rang. In the past, the cell phone only had the function of light-emitting reminders, but now it has a sound, and you can also set different cell phone ringtones, such as now , Robb’s cell phone played a strange song: “The author of the hedgehog cat, flew over a group of pigeons, come and count, two, four, six, seven, eight, gu gu gu gu, all of them are bad pigeons, too many to count. How many pigeons, I can’t count how many pigeons…”

The queen felt a big dick at the maddening ringtone of her mobile phone, glared at Robb and said, “Quick pick up, why didn’t you pick it up on purpose? “

“I’m taking the opportunity to listen to this song! “

The queen flipped the table: “Hurry up and answer the phone for me.” “

Robb answered the phone slowly: “Huh? It was actually Conte who called, what happened? “

“Godafather, you may need to make a trip back to West Wind City.” “


“Shangyang said that a rare ore appeared in the Great Tang of the East Rabbit. “

Robb is overjoyed: “Very good! Wait, I’ll be right back. “

These days, mobile phones are all amplified by default, so the female Young Lady Wang also heard it clearly next to her, and she couldn’t help but be overjoyed: “Very good, I’ll go take a look too.” . “

“Hey, don’t use my Transmission Gate to run around the world.” “Robb said: “I’ve said it countless times, not as a last resort, don’t use the Transmission Gate to cheat, give me the transportation like a normal person. “

The Queen ignored him, lifted her foot and got into the Transmission Gate leading to West Wind City.

Robb had to spread his hands: “It’s hard to support only women and villains.” , the farther is resentment, the nearer is not inferior. “

After ranting, he still got into the door.

A few minutes later, Robb and the Queen quietly listened to Conte, George, and Shang Yang. According to the description of the person, I basically understand what happened.

The queen turned to Shangyang: “You mean that the knights of the Great Tang of the East Rabbit are fighting for a kind of iron called ‘Xuanyuan Xuan iron’. ore? “

“Yes! “Shang Yang respectfully saluted: “I heard them say, that thing is like a meteorite from the sky.” In our Great Tang, the four words extraterrestrial meteorite are usually used to describe all the stones that have not been studied and understood, and their performance is unclear. “

Robb said with a smile: “Yes, this is a bad habit of the East Rabbit Great Tang. I don’t specifically distinguish those stones that I can’t understand. Anyway, when I encounter metals that I don’t understand, they are collectively referred to as Tianwai meteorites.” Iron is right. “

The Queen said: “Maybe it’s just a piece of Thorium, because Great Tang of the East Rabbit has not figured out the Thorium thing, and their understanding of metal seems to be only gold, silver , copper, iron steel, yes, and lead. “

“Yeah, probably just a piece of Thorium.” Robb said: “However, there is a saying that it is better to kill a thousand by mistake than to let one go. Since the ore that may be a good thing has appeared in the Great Tang of the East Rabbit, I have to go and see it anyway. “

Shang Yang hurriedly said: “I am willing to lead the way for Godafather, through the ancient tea-horse road, to the East Rabbit Great Tang. “

“Don’t walk. “Robb was a little upset.

Shang Yang then remembered that Godafather is very lazy, and he must be unhappy if he asked him to climb the mountain and the ancient tea-horse road.

Shangyang The sheep hurriedly said: “Then I will immediately return to the Great Tang of the East Rabbit, when I arrive in the big city, I will open a Transmission Gate for you. “

Robb shook his head: “If you run back to the East Rabbit Great Tang and go to the open for me gate, I don’t know how long you will have to go. It will be annoying to wait. Forget it, I have decided to go there by sea.” “

Everyone was slightly stunned: “Sea road? “

“Yes! “Robb said with a smile: “Ironclads can’t go to the Great Tang of East Rabbit yet, so I’ll go there in a big sailboat, I’ll be lazy on the deck, wear a yellow straw hat, and occasionally say I want to eat meat… that’s all. You can go to the Great Tang of the East Rabbit without moving your legs. “

Everyone thought about it carefully, eh? It seems to be the case! So far, among the ways to get to the Great Tang of the East Rabbit, the most suitable way for lazy people is to go by boat, anyway, sit on the boat If you don’t move, it’s like Godafather sitting on the stone chair at the entrance of the church, and he can travel thousands of miles easily.

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